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How to Replace Hot Tub Jets: Easy Step-by-Step Guide

how to replace hot tub jets
Written by Joe Richter
Last Update: August 10, 2023

It’s actually quite easy to take out the old hot tub jets and replace them with new ones if you’re guided right.

We’re here to help you just with that. Follow our step-by-step guide and get it done in no time!

How to Replace Hot Tub Jets

How to Replace Hot Tub Jets

1. Preparing yourself for the replacement

  • Drain the tub

Turn off the circuit breaker and make sure your tub is disconnected from electricity completely. It’s unsafe to replace the jets while you still have water in the tub, especially if the circuit breaker isn’t turned off.

Next up, move aside the front panel and take out the hose spigot. Attach your garden hose to the spigot, turn on the valve, and let the water drain out.

Leave the tub for some time to dry.

  • Go through the owner’s manual

There are quite a few types of jets for hot tubs today. Your tub may require a replacement system that’s slightly different from another brand or another type. Look for the exact instructions to replace the existing jets for your model.

In case you can’t remember where you put the manual, it’s a good idea to look for the PDF owner’s manual for your model or call the manufacturer and request for another one.

  • Remove the old jets

It shouldn’t be hard to take the jets out of the tub shell. You’ll find two basic components in most hot tub jets – the insert and the housing.

The housing (also called jet body) permanently stays in your tub as they’re glued to the shell. The insert is a removable portion that you’ll need to place into the housing.

The insert is the piece that typically wears out and often needs a replacement. Most inserts will go in and come out with a twist.

Rotate the jet from right to left until it pops out. Use a wrench if you can’t turn it with your hands but be gentle.

Get the wrench tightened up on the jet and try to secure a good grip. Then turn the wrench counterclockwise until the jet insert is out.

  • Measure your old jets

In case you don’t already have the replacements. Measure the old jets so you get some idea about the type of replacements you need. You can use a measuring tape or a ruler.

Place a jet insert on a flat surface and measure up its length and diameter. Find out the size of more than one piece to make sure you get the correct dimensions each time.

  • Bring the new jets home

Head to your local home improvement or spa store and make sure you pick the right size, model, brand, style, and color for the replacement pieces. It’d be great if you can get the jets from the same company that manufactured your tub.

Ask for the swirl, spoke, or eclipse style and find out what’ll work best for you.

Note: Sometimes, you only need cleaning rather than a replacement for your existing jets. If not broken, maybe the original jets are in perfectly good condition but seriously clogged. Give them a good dipping in white vinegar and see if there’s any difference before you head out to the market.

2. Install your new jets

  • Read instructions

Read the instructions on or inside the packaging before you begin the installation process. There’s nothing to worry about if you don’t have the instructions ready. Our guide is here to help!

  • Insert the jet into its housing

Place the new jets into the jet and turn it clockwise until flush with the tub. With some newer models, you may just need to pop it in place.

Most jet inserts make a clicking sound when you don’t have to turn anymore. Make sure you’ve installed them properly.

  • Check if they’re working

Now refill your hot tub and turn on the new jets. Pat yourself on the back if they’re working perfectly! If not, you may need to start the replacement process again or have a pro troubleshoot your tub.

How to Replace Different Types of Hot Tub Jets

1. Replace the 3-inch & 5-inch tri-face jets

Step 1: Remove the existing jet

Use your hands and turn it counterclockwise. Pull the jet right out just when you feel a little click. Get the replacement jets identical to the size of the old units.

Step 2: Install the new jets

Find the groove in the housing of the jet. Locate the plastic tooth on the backside of the jet. Get the tooth lined up with the groove in the jet housing and pop it into place with your hand.

Note: The replacement process for the 3-inch turbo tabbed jet is identical to the 3-inch tri-face jet replacement.

2. Replace the turbo 3-inch & 5-inch threaded jets

Step 1: Take out the old jets

Rotate the old jets counterclockwise to remove them from the jet bodies embedded in your hot tub shell. When you feel the first stop, go ahead and put a little more force. This will get it to turn completely out. Get new jets that will fit your particular jet bodies.

Step 2: Install the new units

Reverse the process, insert the jet into the jet housing and turn it clockwise. When you feel that stop, give it a final twist. You’re able to turn the jet on or off that way.


Q. Do I have to drain a hot tub to replace a jet?

Yes. Replacing jets with water in the tub is not ideal and not recommended. It can be even more dangerous if the power is not disconnected.

Q. Can the jets in a jacuzzi be replaced?

Yes, they can be replaced easily! You may need a screwdriver and an adjustable wrench for this job. Set the wrench around the edges of the jets and rotate counterclockwise until removed. Unscrew if you need. To install a new one, place it in and turn clockwise. Some jets can be removed and replaced with bare hands.

Q. Are hot tub jets universal?

Generally, they are universal as long as the size and diameter are the same. Most hot tub jet types are interchangeable but some particular models may come with unique jet styles and are not universal.

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