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About Us

“If I want to be alone, some place I can write, I can read, I can pray, I can cry, I can do whatever I want – I go to the bathroom.”— Alicia Keys

As an artist, Alicia finds her freedom in her bathroom and many other creative minds will attest to this statement. The bathroom ensures a solitary space that relieves us of stress and all kinds of troubles that life throws at us. It reinvigorates and re-energizes us, offering the much-needed calmness and seclusion we crave for in between life’s roller coaster rides day in day out. It’s always important to pick the right bathroomware since you don’t get to change them frequently. This is where we come in with our expertise to help you make the right buying decision.

Who Are We?

Toiletsguide is an incubator for a group of visionary interior design artists, plumbing engineers, industry analysts, bathroom fixtures and toilet researchers. We don’t work here for financial benefits, we do it as part of our research work and bathroomware development projects. Our decade-long experience in this field has endowed us with the right kind of knowledge and skills to determine the right fixtures, fittings and interior designs in order to suit different types of household and plumbing systems.

We also took part in the U.S. Department of State’s nationwide bathroom remodelling programs. That gave us the access to investigate the scale of bathroom diversity around the country. In short, Toiletsguide is an expression of our commitment to offer the best solutions to bathroomware.

Our Mission

We’ve two major missions here – call them ‘micro’ and ‘macro’ – with the former involving quick solutions to select the right fixtures, fittings, appliances, and interior decorative settings; while the latter covers the hygiene and planning of the interiors. In other words, we want to come up with complete solutions to everything about your bathroom.

As you know, toilets are more than just a disposal system of human waste. They enhance the beauty of your bathroom and functionally they are the most used fixtures that directly ensures quality and comfort of living. From kids to elderly and especially abled family members, toilets can be a big issue if not chosen correctly. That’s the reason we take extra care to ensure you never end up with the wrong purchase.

We aim to be your trusted companion whom you can ask about the best things for your toilets. Trust doesn’t come easy. We earn it the hard way. We maintain our integrity and objectivity when coming up with recommendations. That sets us ahead in the game. Every week we’re showered with hundreds of emails from our audience with cordial notes – the most amazing part of the job.

What to Expect From Toiletsguide

  • Toiletsguide explores the diverse spectrum of bathroomware industries in a bid to track down the ultimate deals. Our fields of research cover all types of bathtubs and hot tubes, showers, saunas, toilets, toilet accessories, and shower accessories.
  • Expect fact-checked and authentic information on the design, ergonomics, features, build quality, corrosion resistance, and operations on the units we review.
  • Our detailed blogs and product reviews discuss every essential feature of a product. We also add video reviews for better understanding.
  • We’ve crafted an effective research framework to evaluate certain features and traits and filter out the wrong ones. Any time-conscious buyer finds that helpful.
  • We’re grounded on two major pillars – originality and authenticity. We’ve zero tolerance for overpricing, inconsistent specs, and poor price-to-value ratio of any product.

How We Do IT

Market Research: Our entire selection process is led by initial market research. A group of in-house trained market analysts and bathroomware experts do the job for us. We keep track of the latest updates on bathroom showers, bathtubs, saunas, toilets, and fittings.

A team of celebrated plumbing engineers and industry experts direct our in-house research facility. Apart from that, we carry out our own research on design and development projects at the facility simultaneously.

Independent Testing: We put impetus to testing because this is an integral part of any scientific investigation. Physical testing is essential to gain practical data on real-time performance of a product. We collect every single testing unit from our end and put it to test. We’ve a dedicated lab where we arrange simulated bathroom settings for testing every item. We closely examine the building materials, ergonomics, smoothness of performance, technology, advanced features, corrosion resistance, durability and all other vital parts of the components depending on what type item is being tested.

Experts’ Insight: Bathroom is one of the highest researched fields for home interior designers and toilet engineers around the world. Tons of studies are going on and huge investments are being made on performance improvements of flushing toilets and how to make them use less and less water without losing their full bowl cleaning capacity. The build materials are improving for manufacturing more durable structures. The infusion of digital technology is another field that’s brimming to the full. That’s why we have to reach out to the core researchers for adding newer expectations and insights to the list. We gain better understanding of our reviewing units that way and are able to come up with even better reviews.

Our Team

Kai Michel

Kai Michel

Certified Plumber

Hello, this is Kai, addressing homeowners in need of some help with their home renovation projects. I’ve worked on numerous toilet repair projects over the years that incorporated a wide variety of tasks, from repair to renovation and maintenance. Besides acquiring a degree on the legal codes and procedures, I gathered vast insights into bathroom settings, toilets, showers, fittings, and other household appliances, fixtures, and components. This helps me guide my clients through their home improvement and interior development plans. Since maintenance is my area of expertise, I can assist people in all phases of the actual ‘improvement’ process. To get my messages even further, I contribute to this site through my blog posts. Check my content here for expert suggestions!


Joe Richter

Joe Richter

Market Researcher

Academically brilliant, technically flawless and professionally successful, Joe Richter is Toiletsguide’s head of the market research team. He studied Business Studies from the University of Houston and started his professional career as a Market Data Compliance Analyst in the stock market. He’s been following the updates on the bathroomware industries for a long time now and his elaborate studies have profoundly enriched his knowledge on the newer trends of toilets, showers, and related fittings. Apart from that, Joe goes around the street with his Leica Q2 taking pictures of people and buildings. He does most of the photography of the site.


Elizabeth Fincher

Elizabeth Fincher

Interior Design Artist

Elizabeth started her career as an interior design artist at a multinational interior design farm. She completed her masters degree from the University of North Texas back in 2010. She was also a Spelling Bee runner-up when she was 14. She took interest in bathroom interior designing after joining her first job. Later she started her own firm as an independent artist. She’s been one of the founding members of Toiletsguide. She examines the design and ergonomics of the units we review and directs the interior decoration team of our in-house research facility. Elizabeth plays piano masterfully and always finds time to entertain us in between our busy schedules.


David Stern

David Stern

Plumbing Engineer

Despite a humble beginning at a childcare facility, David sored to success due to his inextinguishable desire for learning and a rare self-motivational disposition. The day he received his appointment letter from LANE ENGINEERING CONSULTING, P.C. was the happiest day of his life. He was trained in plumbing and fire protection systems. The firm taught him the fundamentals of waterproofing, facade restoration, mechanical and structural plumbing. His profound and innovative plumbing knowledge sets our research guidelines. He’s currently working on his new book titled “Plumbing Essentials.”