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About Us

Hygiene, Comfort, Convenience

These three words inspire us to maintain Toilets GUIDE.COM

Who Are We?

We are people having an intense passion to live healthy in a house that surely boasts beaut decoration. We have created Toilets GUIDE.COM for good reasons. We love to speak to you who might be in need of the right bathroom fixtures or best toilets and components. We find interests in imparting you the essentials required to choose what works best for your home décor.

Our Story

Toilets and Bathroom components are nowadays available in an overwhelming number comprising both the quality and poor ones. We had very tough times while finding our desired bathroom items and best toilets. For a long period, we knew a little about the way we can ensure proper hygiene and address the style matters by choosing the right bathroom and toilet components. We used to spend our money and time without even knowing or being sure if they were well spent.

We could not let the things go as they were. We utilized but did not waste our efforts to figure out which toilet or bathroom components work efficiently while matching different décors. We have no regrets losing all those bucks or times because we are losing them no more plus we have the peace of mind that you do not have to suffer or get bewildered like us.

Our Mission

You want that your bathroom is hygienic enough to let you and your family stay and live healthy. Your toilet is the most critical part of your bathroom componentry. You know all these.

But, did you know the best toilets are more than just some disposal systems of human waste? Are you familiar with the idea that a toilet enhances the beauty of your bathroom? A toilet works beyond being just a means of human garbage disposal.

We aim at being your trusted companion who you can ask about the best things for your toilets. We look forward to being like buddies who you can find by your side when you need to add the required accessories, parts, fixtures, and other complementary components to your bathroom.

Kai Michel

A Certified Maintenance Specialist

This is Kai, addressing the homeowners who need some help with home renovation. Although I’m a maintenance worker, I’ve worked on numerous toilet repair projects that incorporated a wide variety of tasks, from repair to renovation and maintenance. Besides knowing the legal codes and procedures, I gathered vast insight into toilet, bathroom, and other household appliances, fixtures, units, and components. Updated knowledge about all these helps me guide my clients through their home improvement and interior development plans. Since maintenance is my area of expertise, I can assist people in all phases of the actual ‘improvement’ process. To get my messages even further, I contribute to this site through my blog posts and product articles, so you can get expert suggestions. Let’s see them now!

Elizabeth Fincher

A Purposeful Homemaker

“Elizabeth’s a homemaker.” I can’t tell how much this amuses me. Many of my acquaintances tell this oftentimes when someone asks them to help them with the search for a knowledgeable homemaker. As my head is filled with purposes, I do a lot of things inside and outside my living walls with specific goals in mind. I take care of what makes my home a sweet abode. I pick, use, troubleshoot, and maintain my kitchen fixtures, bathroom components, and everything that is essential to make my home’s kitchen and bathroom well-equipped. Thus, I learnt how these items work and what cause them not to function properly. I’m confident that you can benefit from my experience and insights. So, here on this website, you’ll find my write-ups!