Top 5 Best Toilets Under 200 USD | Aesthetically Pleasing, Highly Functional, Budget-Friendly Units Reviewed | Buyer’s Guide Added

Finding toilets at a good price is not always easy. Deciding which unit will suit your bathroom takes some time. Also, with the advent of so many different models, you could get a bit lost in all the technical specifications and details.

Here at Toiletsguide, we reviewed today’s top toilet units from renowned brands that’re highly functional, aesthetically pleasing, and long-lasting but aren’t heavy on the pocket. With our carefully shortlisted choices that we thoroughly reviewed, you won’t have to worry about whether a budget toilet would really last long.

Top Toilets Under 200 : Comparison Chart

Pick NameThumbnailProduct NamePrice
Editor’s ChoiceAmerican Standard 2889218.020 H2OptionCheck Price
Best Two-Piece ToiletTOTO CST243EF#12 EntradaCheck Price
Best Elongated ToiletTOTO CST244EF#12 EntradaCheck Price
Best Wall Hung ToiletSwiss Madison Forever Ivy SM-WT450Check Price
Best DesignAmerican Standard 221CA.004.020 ColonyCheck Price

Our Top 5 Best Toilets Under 200

01 Editor’s Choice: American Standard 2889218.020 H2Option

Why it Stands Out to Us

The H2Option with siphonic dual flush stands tall with its attractive and functional design. With chrome-plated push buttons mounted on top of the tank, it’s wonderfully pleasant to look at. The H2Option lets you choose between a full or partial flush and the extra height is comfortable for most. The unit is very water-efficient with very good flushing. American Standard did its best to put everything in this model that’ll give you the most value for your money.

Our Experience with the H2Option

  • The H2Option uses noticeably less amount of water and there are two float valves while most have one. In fact, this is the only toilet with two valves that we came across so far.
  • The powerful flush helps prevent any possibility of clogging. We didn’t have to use the plunger even once during our extended period of use. All went down with just one flush, leaving the bowl clean as a whistle.
  • It took us less than an hour to install. Those with plumbing or DIY experience would take even less. The instructions were clearly stated for the first-timers and easy to follow that required a few tools.
  • No need to worry about waking everyone up in the middle of the night. The water swirling sound is over immediately after the flush and the tank refills quietly.
  • Even though less water is used, the siphonic flushing feature manages to rinse and clean the inside of the bowl thoroughly. The easy cleaning process will make life much easier for you.
  • The H2Option sits a little taller than standard toilets. We thought the height wouldn’t make much of a difference but it did! The elderly and people with knee, hip, or back problems might find this height comfortable.
  • The extra height isn’t inconvenient for children either – easy enough for kids to reach the top button and push it down two inches to activate the flush.
  • The unit has a reliable dual flush that lets you choose between two different flushes – partial flush for liquid and a full for solid. The button intender for liquids is powerful enough to take care of a substantial amount of solid waste.
  • After the push on the button, the flush activates almost immediately while the tank fills up quickly.
  • The H2Option is a conventional toilet with a robust mechanism that ensures durability. Being conventional also means the parts are easy to find and install.
  • Both the push buttons have braille dots on them which means the visually impaired can use them. 3 dots mark the partial flush while 9 dots marking the full. The dots are also handy in the dark.

What We Didn’t Like

  •    Like many others on this list, this unit will not come with a seat.
  •   The kit does not include wax rings.

 Our recommendation

  • Be careful with your color-matching when you buy a seat.
  • You can put a sticker marking ‘1’ and ‘2’ on top of the buttons, so it’s easy for people to know which to press.


  •  Color – White.
  •  Dimensions ( LxWxH) – 15’’ x 27.75’’ x 30’’
  •  Weight – 56.4 pounds
  •  Material – Vitreous china
  •  Method of Installation – Floor-mounted
  • Shape – Round


  • Water-efficient
  • Powerful flush
  •  Doesn’t clog
  • Easy installation
  •  Quiet
  •  Quick flush and refill
  • Dual flush
  • Braille-dotted buttons
  • Thorough cleaning
  •  Robust
  •  Higher than standard toilets


  •  No seat and wax rings

02 Best Two-Piece Toilet: TOTO CST243EF#12 Entrada

Why it Stands Out to Us

The round Entrada is a two-piece bowl and tank set offering a modern, clean, and high-profile design. This highly efficient system is reliable, durable, and produces a powerful cleansing flush using a small amount of water. The comfortable universal height is appealing to a wide range of users and comes with a beautiful chrome trip lever.

Our Experience with the Round Toto Entrada

  • Uses less water, 1.28 gallons to be precise. The technology associated with this model uses a small amount of water efficiently by using a power flush to get the job done perfectly.
  • It has a WaterSense label which means it’s water-efficient and this is certified by concerned authorities. The Entrada is beneficial both to you and the environment.
  • The powerful flush means it clogs less often. Don’t be fooled by the small tank, the powerful flush will certainly get the job done.
  • Installation was a breeze. The toilet came with the installation mechanism pre-assembled. The instructions were stated clearly and we had no problem understanding them.
  • Round bowl seats are more compact than elongated ones. Every inch matters in a small toilet and this round Entrada will fit well – sometimes even leaving space for a wastebasket. The small tank makes your bathroom look big and spacious.
  • The partial flush of the Entrada can be operated by a quick press-and-release of the trip lever. Hold the lever down for a full flush. A partial flush can be used with liquid and a full flush for solids.
  • We were misled when we found a small tank after unboxing. We thought it would not be able to get rid of bulk solid waste, but to our surprise, the Entrada surpassed our expectations with its powerful flush.
  • The tank might be small and tiny but it is a powerhouse. It flushes better than the expensive one we replaced.
  • The toilet sits at a comfortable universal height which short people can use easily with both feet flat on the floor. The elderly and tall people can use this comfortably as well.
  • Has a quick flush and refill-time. The entrada uses a siphonic jet that flushes with minimal noise. Since the Entrada has a small tank it fills up fairly quickly cutting your waiting time short.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The stock connector that connects the toilet to the water supply was a little short. We had to get a longer one from a hardware store. However, this may work fine in your case because every toilet has a different plumbing setup.
  • There was no seat in the package.

 Our recommendation

  • Get the round Entrada if your place is small and congested.
  • Try fitting the old toilet seat to save a few dollars. The seat will probably fit the Entrada if you’re replacing a round bowl.


  •  Color – Sedona Beige, White.
  •  Dimensions ( LxWxH) – 26.3’’ x 14.3’’ x 30’’
  •  Weight – 102 pounds
  • Shape – Round
  •  Method of installation – Floor-mounted
  •  Material – Vitreous china


  •  Water-efficient
  •  Doesn’t clog
  •  Quiet Flush
  • Quick flush and refill
  •  Compact design
  • Easy installation
  •  Partial and full flush option
  • Small tank to save space
  • Comfortable universal height


  • Short water connector line
  • Doesn’t come with a seat

03 Best Elongated Toilet: TOTO CST244EF#12 Entrada

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Entrada is a beautifully designed two-piece elongated compact toilet that offers powerful flushes and efficient water saving. With exceptional features and specifications, it is Toto’s one of the most impressive toilets. The modern design, great appearance and  chrome trim lever give it an overall cozy and smooth look. The Universal height offers more comfort to a wider range of individuals.

Our Experience with the Toto Entrada

  • You can enjoy incredibly quiet flushing with this unit. Toto has done a great job at making this much quieter than its previous models.
  • The Entrada has a powerful flush which means saying goodbye to double flushing. The powerful flush means you can go away after pushing the lever without having to worry if the bowl is cleared.
  •  Even though it’s water-efficient with a WaterSense label attached, the Entrada uses only 1.2 gallons of water, it will miraculously clear the bowl every time with one flush, unlike the Forever Ivy. They maintain the same precise cleaning while using less water.
  • Due to the powerful flush, it will hardly ever clog no matter how much paper you are using. We haven’t come across a single complaint of the Entrada clogging even after years of use. This means you can put down the plunger for good. However, don’t try to flush anything other than human waste.
  • The elongated bowl is longer than standard ones that offer more sitting area yet, has a compact overall design. The tank is smaller in size than its predecessors and has a minimalist small look which makes the bathroom look bigger.
  • The tank fills up quickly after a flush. So the waiting time for a second or third flush is not much.
  • The toilet came with wax seal flange bolts and a seat. We got everything we needed to install the toilet, unlike the Colony where you had to salvage the seat from elsewhere.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The plastic flush trip lever that may eventually break after a few years and you’ve to buy a metal replacement for the handle from Toto.
  • Even though the toilet is simple and good to look at, it can come off as a bit retro when compared with the Forever Ivy.

What Could be Improved:

Toto can include a sturdier flush trip lever. Rather than using plastic levers, they can use metal ones for durability. A few more colors can also be introduced which will give people options to choose from.

Our recommendation

  • The flange bolts are prone to rust. Instead of using these get a heavy steel replacement ring from your local hardware store.


  • Color – Sedona Beige, cotton white.
  • Dimensions ( LxWxH) – 23” x 15” x 30”
  • Weight – 102 pounds
  • Shape – Elongated
  • Method of Installation  – Floor-mounted
  • Material – Vitreous china


  • Water-efficient
  • Quiet
  • Powerful flush
  • Doesn’t clog
  • Small tank
  • Quick refill
  • Attractive design


  • Plastic trip lever
  • A bit retro

04 Best Wall Hung Toilet: Swiss Madison Forever Ivy SM-WT450

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Swiss Madison’s elegant seamless design is so adorable while you get to enjoy plenty of access to the plumbing system despite the unit being completely concealed. This means you’ve the opportunity to add style to your bathroom and save precious space as an added bonus.

Our Experience with the Forever Ivy 

  • When installed we were doubtful about its sturdiness since wall mounted toilets require extraordinary strength to serve well. To our surprise, it was able to hold users over 200 lbs. firmly and was so comfortable to sit on.
  • The tank is completely concealed so the overall structure looks great. It makes your bathroom look modern and elegant and gives it a luxurious appearance within budget.
  • The adjustable height allows you to set it up at your convenience if you’ve problem with the standard size. Sitting on a standard toilet can be a herculean task for some.
  • Some manufacturers offer only a limited number of heights and it’s hard to come across a toilet that’s not standard. The Forever Ivy can be of help if typical toilets give you a tough time.
  • The Forever Ivy with its modern, seamless, and sleek design probably looks the best amongst all the toilets we have reviewed so far. This bathroom throne will give you a different experience as most of us are not used to toilets that don’t have tanks attached.
  • Has a dual flush with high-performance gravity. It lets you choose between 1.1/1.6 gallons per flush. Use a partial flush with 1.1 gallons for liquid waste and a full flush for solid to keep the water bill low.
  • Comes with a soft-close and quick-release seat that closes quietly and gently.  Just a little push on your lid and it comes down slowly and quietly. You no longer have to worry about accidentally slamming the toilet seat again.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Installation was tricky as the connections had to be of proper length. Cutting them short may lead to leaks and we recommend that you seek professional help to be on the safe side. However, we believe homeowners with some plumbing knowledge might get the job done without much hassle.
  •  Not the best drainage but still functions great.
  • The flushes were a bit noisy.

What could be improved

  • The instruction manual could be more detailed so people with little plumbing knowledge could go DIY and handle the installation themselves easily
  • The flush could be more powerful.

Our recommendation

  • If you are most concerned with your bathroom looking good this is the toilet for you.
  • Short people with problems sitting on a standard one may find this toilet comfortable as it can be adjusted at your comfort height.


  • Color – Glossy white.
  •  Weight – 48 pounds
  •  Material – Ceramic
  •  Dimensions ( LxWxH) –20.68’’x 14.75’’ x 13.37’’
  •  Shape – Oblong
  • Installation method – Wall-mounted


  • Dual-flush
  • Saves space
  • Good customer service
  • Adjustable height
  • Sleek design
  • Soft-close quick-release seat


  • Tricky installation
  •  Weak flush
  •  Noisy

05 Best Design: American Standard 221CA.004.020 Colony

Why it Stands Out to Us

The build quality and the durability that you get with this toilet under 200 dollars is quite unbelievable. This gives you the ideal combination of form, function, and flexibility. The power wash rim will scrub the toilet with each flush and its compact size means it can be fitted in small bathrooms. This expertly crafted piece comes with an elongated bowl and will perform well for years if maintained properly.

Our Experience with the American Standard 221CA.004.020 Colony

  • This unit was easy to assemble and installation was straightforward as well, unlike the Ivy. People with little or no DIY experience can install this unit. We all know seeking professional help can be quite expensive.
  • Flushing a loud toilet can be annoying. We certainly don’t want the world to know we just took a dump. The powerful flush of the Colony does its job quietly and discreetly.
  • The toilet flushes immediately after pushing the lever. We also found the tank refill time to be quick. You will not have to wait long if you ever have to flush twice.
  • Unlike most ancient toilet tanks which almost create an earthquake every time you flush, the tank of this American Standard model didn’t rock while flushing or during refills.
  • It is compact and doesn’t eat up a lot of space. This will be perfect if you are working with a  small or a half bathroom.
  • This unit gives a powerful flush using less water. It does the job well while saving bills – helps both the environment and your pocket.
  • Comes with a nice elongated bowl which means you get a longer toilet. This is considerably more modern and stylish when compared with round-bowl ones. Elongated shape makes this unit easier to clean as it’s simpler to see the front interior of the toilet bowl.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The toilet didn’t come with a seat. We had to buy one that matches this toilet.
  • You will also need a wax ring to finish the installation.

What could be improved –

  • Including a seat and wax ring with the toilet. Even if it’s easy to get your hands on a seat that matches your toilet some may find it to be inconvenient.

Our recommendation –

  • If you order one for your bathroom make sure you know a place to get the seat from.


  • Color – White, Linen, bone
  •  Dimensions ( LxWxH ) – 29.75 x 19.19 x 29.38 inches
  • Weight – 77 pounds
  • Shape – Oblong


  • Water-efficient
  • Powerful flush
  • Quick flush and refill
  • Easy Installation
  • Good looking
  • Compact size
  • Quiet


  • No seat in the package
  • No wax ring

10 Different Types of Budget Toilets

1. Two-Piece

This is the most commonly used type in the USA. The tank  and the bowl are two separate pieces and are put together with gaskets and bolts during installation. Shipping a two-piece toilet is cheap and simple, and can be packed into small parcels.

2. One-Piece

In a one-piece, the tank and the bowl are fused. It is also called a single-piece toilet. They are heavier than two-piece ones and are therefore more expensive to ship and also have a higher production cost. Hence, it usually costs more than two-piece ones. Even though it’s heavy, most find it easy to install since two parts do not have to be joined.

3. Wall Mounted

These toilets cost much more than their standard alternatives. The tank is placed inside the wall of the bathroom. It requires professional installation because the wall behind the toilet has to be opened and the waste pipes have to be rerouted.

These toilets, however, save your bathroom a lot of space and have a sleek and elegant look with the absence of the unsightly tank. This can be installed at a height that works best for you. The bowl floats over the floor so it is easy to keep the area around it clean.

4. Round Bowl

As the name suggests, a round bowl toilet is shaped to look close to a true circle. This is usually used in old baths with a small room as it does not extend much into the room due to its circular shape.

5. Elongated Bowl

This toilet is oval-shaped, which means that it extends a few inches into the room. With bathrooms becoming larger in modern homes elongated bowls are used widely. Because of its larger bowl size, many find it comfortable to sit on. These big-sized toilets come with a big price tag as well.

6. Gravity-Feed

This is the most common toilet type and the flushing system works by a lever. Once the lever is activated a flushing valve is lifted which allows water to enter and flush the waste. This operates using the force of gravity and has no mechanical support of any sort. The repairs are easy and inexpensive as it only has a few moving parts.

7. Pressure-Assisted

These are efficient in terms of water conservation. The main tank of this toilet has a secondary tank in it to create additional air pressure which aids flushing whilst maintaining water in the bowl. They create stronger flushes which help keep the toilet bowl clean and clear more waste with less water. The pressure flushes also mean fewer chances of clogging.

Some complain about them being loud. Since it is a relatively newer technology parts are hard to come by and hence extensive.

8. Dual-Flush

These flush also use water efficiently and that can save your water bill significantly. The button that operates the flush may require a greater amount of force when compared with the lever and some, mostly elders find this to use. As of now, they are less common so finding the parts can be a bit tricky and expensive.

9. Waterless

Waterless toilets don’t use water to treat the waste. These will bring you a reduced water bill and keep pollutants out of waterways and the environment. They can be used in water-scarce or environmentally fragile areas.

Composting toilets are the most commonly used waterless toilet. If maintained and used properly they don’t smell bad. They require an elevated platform or a pit to be constructed. They work best when planted in the sunny part of the house. These toilets can also be used to produce fertilizer but you will need to go through a complex biological process of the correct pH, temperature digestion, and desiccation by invertebrates, taking place over an extended period.

10. Smart

These futuristic designs use sensors that flush themselves without the press of a button. These toilets will stop you from flushing if it’s clogged hence preventing overflowing. They save water but require electricity to operate. So if you are saving on your water bills you may have to pay extra for electricity.

The basic smart toilets will come with water sensors and automatic flushes. You can get a lot more features like massaging bidet wash, heated seating, air dryer, a nightlight, emergency flushes during power cuts, and many more with a hefty price tag. The more features you want to be incorporated into your toilet the heavier it’s going to be on your wallet.

Toilets Under 200 – Buying Guide

1. Size

The shapes and sizes of toilets will vary with the type. You will also have to look out for how much room you have in your bathroom before installing a new unit.

Elongated toilets will eat up two inches in length while wall-mounted or round bowls will save you space. Manufacturers maintain a standard size but some are not offering ones that are a few inches taller.

2. Toilet style

You will also have a few styles to choose from. Wall-mounted ones will look the best, but this option is not viable for all as you have to go through a lot of hassle to install one and they take a dig on your pocket. You will also have one or two-piece to choose from. With the one-piece being the cheapest and most difficult to clean in the middle.

3. Height

Most toilets will follow the standard height of 15 inches but some manufacturers are making ones with a height varying from 17 to 19 inches. People, especially taller folks and the elderly find the higher ones more comfortable as they can be good for the back and knees. To get the height right, you may want to sit on the toilet you are considering before buying it.

4. Flushing Technology

a. Gravity Fed

This is the most commonly used flush technology. Even though they have been around for over a century, efficiency has improved over the ages. These toilets are easy to maintain and inexpensive. However, they can sometimes underperform and are also susceptible to sweating.

b. Pressure or power Assisted

The flush system here uses a pressure tank to fill up with water to maintain a certain pressure. They offer you a powerful flush and easily outperform their counterparts in terms of flushing while being less likely to sweat. However, be ready to pay some extra bucks, endure some noise, and for a difficult repair process.

c. Dual Flush

This is one of the most modern systems where you’ve to choose between a full and partial flush to save a lot of water. Some also offer you a setting for solid waste and a different one for liquid.

d. Touchless Flush Toilet

These are quite similar to regular toilets but have certain advanced systems fitted in them. The toilet will flush itself once you are done without having to push a button or a lever. The touchless flush system is a welcoming addition to maintaining better hygiene.

5. Water Usage

Every gallon of water you save helps your wallet and the environment. It’s always a good option to switch to a more modern efficient model. Old designs are known to waste a huge amount of water with every flush and often develop leaks inside the tank or around the base. A leaky toilet may waste hundreds of gallons of water without you even realizing it.

A toilet marked with a ‘WaterSense’ label will conserve water as they have to surpass or at least meet some strict plumbing standards. With the money you are saving from water bills, a water-efficient modern toilet will pay for itself while conserving water.

6. Bowl Shape

a. Compact Bowls

Round bowl toilets are usually considered the standard model and you should stick to it if you have limited space. These are either circular or square-shaped.

b. Elongated Bowls

Modern homes with large bathrooms use elongated bowls. To add comfort to these toilets, 2 inches are extended in length in the front. They are either oval or rectangular shaped.

7. Special Features

Seat warmers, motion-activated lids, bidets, air dryers, LED lighting, deodorizers, music players, feet warmers – you’re spoilt with choices but we’re afraid you won’t find many of such extravagant features in a budget unit.

Toilet Maintenance Tips

  • Clean them regularly

Cleaning your toilets regularly will keep your bathroom better smelling and hygienic. Get mild soaps, baking soda, and even vinegar to help keep them clean.

  • Check for leaks

You can use food color to check for any leaks. Drop a little food color in the tank to see if it appears in the bowl. Also, look for wet areas around the toilet and on water pipes connected to it.

  • Unclog them properly

Even though plungers are used typically by most, try using snakes and augers to clean any difficult blockages. Make sure the lines are cleared thoroughly, a partial unclogged toilet will result in weak flushes and is prone to quicker clogs.

It is best not to use chemical drain cleaners and it can damage old pipes and fixtures. They may also damage your skin if it comes in contact with it and you also don’t want harmful chemicals to enter the waterways.

  • Don’t use it as a garbage can

Use toilets only to flush waste and toilet papers, this means no feminine products, cleaning wipes, or paper towels. Teach your children the things that can and cannot be flushed. It is easiest to teach them the proper care of the toilet during potty training.

  • Consider the type of toilet paper you are using

Use papers that break down easily when flushed. Thicker papers that are difficult to break down will lead to clogs.

  •  Call in a plumber

When in doubt, don’t hesitate to seek professional help. If your toilet keeps clogging or breaks down way too often or there’s a leak you cannot fix yourself, professional repair services are just a call away.


1. What type of toilet is best for the elderly?

Ans. For elderly people or ones with mobility issues such as hip, leg, knee, back, or joint problems, it is difficult to squat down and get up again. Tall toilets with seats at a higher level off the floor can be of great help in such cases. Tall toilets mean you have to put less effort into getting on and off. You can also use accessories like raised seats or commode chairs to adjust the height.

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