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10 Best RV Toilets for Campers and Adventurers: Buying Guide

RV is short for recreational vehicle otherwise called a camper or trailer. In the US, it is sometimes referred to as a Winnebago. It is not so tough to figure out that an RVs toilet function s somewhat contrary to a traditional john. It is also vital that as a camper owner or operator you are familiar with the various parts and the workings.

RVing is an uplifting experience. It is great to be gadding about the countryside or take a vacation at some idyllic spot. There you are chilling by Lake Walker, sipping on a latte and the toilet goes bust. And you are clueless about how to fix it. Disaster. Hence you need to fit in a dependable toilet as well as know how to fix it.

In this guide, we have picked some of the best RV toilets, trusted and verified. You can zero in on the one that best suits your needs. There is a buyer guide along with some maintenance tips included. This will go a long way to ensure trouble-free service.

Our 10 Picks on the Best RV Toilets: In-Depth Review

01 Dometic 310 Series Standard Height Toilet (Editor’s Choice)

Dometic 310 Series Standard Height Toilet

The thing that all RVers dread is a toilet that hangs up on you spoiling your till now fabulous trip. What you need is a dependable toilet that won’t put you through the wringer. A cheap toilet will do that exactly. The Dometic 310 is a standard height of 18 inches, full-sized ceramic toilet which works like a charm. You won’t mind the extra bucks you will be shelling out once you see its impeccable performance.

The ceramic bowl is 100% vitreous with a gravity flush system. A powerful cleaning action by a swirl jet is induced by a vortex flush pattern that rotates 360°. The water line connection is easily accessible. The installation involves just two bolts and an optional hand spray is available.

The warranty is for two years.

Our observations:

  • This ceramic toilet is pleasant on the eye and as expected, the cleaning is excellent
  • It is pretty compact and takes up less space. If your toilet is on the smaller side, this is the one for you
  • Though the base is plastic and the toilet lightweight, it sits solidly with any wobble or play.
  • The seat takes away from the sturdiness of the toilet. It is suitable for people of smaller stature. Big guys would cuss at the lack of comfort. Also, the seat made of enameled wood is prone to cracking.
  • The pedal flush is well designed. Just a toe touch is enough to fill the bowl with water.


  • Weight: 22.75 lbs
  • Flushing System: Gravity
  • Size: 20 x 19 x 15 in.
  • Material: Vitreous ceramic, wooden seat.
  • Warranty: 2 years.


  • Tall seat
  • Durable structure
  • Elegant looks
  • Easy installation
  • Great price


  • Small seat

Our Verdict

The Dometic 310 Ceramic RV Toilet is the finest of all worlds. It is a toilet that is value priced. The 310 has PowerFlush technology which keeps your toilet bowl clean and hygienic. The full-sized ceramic bowl provides the comfort of a residential toilet. No wonder that it is a great hit with motor home owners. The price is a great deal; You will love the 310 for everything it has to offer.

02 Dometic 302320081 320 Series Standard Height Toilet (Also Great)

Dometic 302320081 320 Series Standard Height Toilet

The Dometic 320 is a ceramic toilet of standard size that gives you the feel and comfort of a home toilet. It derives its sturdiness as it of vitreous ceramic and will last for ages. Ceramic is also stain-free. The enameled wooden seat is elongated and wide. The adequate depth of the bowl contributes to the matchless comfort you get as you go about your business.

While seated on the toilet, you will not feel awkward or cramped. The elongated bowl is trumps. There is provision for a spray faucet to clean the bowl thoroughly. It comes with a wall mount bracket. Another noteworthy feature is the ergonomic flush pedal. It is economical in that a pint of water is good enough for proper flushing.

You can install the unit in just 10 minutes actually. The design is superb and its function ality is way up there.

Our findings:

  • The Dometic 320 has a rounded base which looks out of place
  • The color mismatch grates. The bowl is bone colored whereas everything else is white
  • The comfort level of this toilet is peerless. All the more for the elderly who will encounter no problems when using it.
  • We liked the anti-splash built-in rim guard, a hallmark of innovative design.
  • It is pretty space economical which is a bonus
  • The foot pedal is a bit noisy and a bit sticky using in small spaces

In comparing the two models, the Dometic 310 and the 320, the latter being the newer version, there is not much difference that includes the asking tag. The 310 has the advanced PowerFlush system but a bowl size that compromises comfort. The 320 has a spray faucet and a pretty comfortable size that suits all sizes.


  • Weight: 37.5 lbs
  • Flushing System: Gravity, 1 pint/flush
  • Size: 22 x 20 x 15 in.
  • Material: Ceramic bowl vitreous, wood seat
  • Warranty: 2-year manufacturer, 10-year on bowl


  • Tall seat
  • An elongated, wide bowl
  • Ergonomic foot pedal flush
  • Provided with a spray faucet
  • Easy to install


  • Unappealing rounded base
  • Color mismatch jarring

Our Verdict

Life on the road in an RV is sometimes not what it’s cracked up to be. One of the key considerations is the choice of the toilet. You need to consider available space, water consumption, comfort, sturdiness, and much more. The Dometic 320 fits the bill to the T as it has been designed ergonomically keeping these parameters in view making it a hassle-free choice that has a long life. To boot, it is inexpensive. We recommend that you have a look over at it before you settle on a toilet for your RV.

03 Porta Potti White Thetford Corp (Best Portable Toilet)

Porta Potti White Thetford Corp

The Porta Potti Curve portable RV toilet is a champ and a great favorite among RVers be it a greenhorn or a veteran. The setting up can take a bit of figuring out. But once it is set and cantering along, The Curve will zap you at how flawlessly it operates.

The flushing mechanism is mighty economical. The Porta Potti uses a minimal amount of water and is battery powered. The freshwater holding jug is large enough to store water enough to pull through many days.

The craftsmanship of this toilet is darn good. Compared to other potty toilets, the depth of the Curve is ample. The thoughtful provision of a built-in holder for toilet paper is handy. It is both leak-proof and odor-free taking out the yuck factor. A sealed valve blocks odors from escaping.

You can avoid the backsplash when emptying the tank through a rotating pour-out spout. An optional add-on is a hold down kit to secure the toilet can to the floor.

What we found:

  • We especially liked the elegant slick design, a far cry from the cheap plastic stuff pedaled in the market. In fact, it hardly looks like a portable toilet.
  • The buzzword here is the comfort factor. It is a match for your comfortable home toilet. It is taller than most other portable toilets littering the market and the oval-shaped seat is strong enough for even heavy people.
  • It may be a bit of a pain in the neck for persons with back problems to empty a portable toilet. This is taken care of by the ergonomic carrying handle. This makes voiding the 5-gallon waste tank a breeze.
  • The circuitry we discovered was rather complicated


  • Weight: 4.54 kgs
  • Flushing System: Gravity
  • Size: 44.8 x 45 x 38.8 cm
  • Freshwater capacity: 4 gall.
  • Flush type: Flush type


  • Sleek design
  • Leakproof
  • Free of odors
  • Minimal water usage
  • Comfortable to use


  • Complicated circuitry that may fail suddenly

Our Verdict

The assembly of the water tank and the waste tank is completely leakproof and level indicators tip you off well in advance for refilling or emptying. With its drop-dead good looks and a barnful of features, this humble portable RV toilet easily takes the first place. The price too is affordable. The Porta Potti Curve opinion is a sound investment that delivers durability and function ality.

04 Self Contained Composting Toilet by Nature’s Head (Best Composting RV Toilet)

Self Contained Composting Toilet by Nature's Head

The Nature’s Head Self Contained Composting toilet will give you the comfort of your domestic home toilet. It is somewhat on the heavier side. Being self-contained it is highly reliable. The Nature’s Head is a dry toilet that separates urine from solids. It deservedly brags as the most user-friendly RV toilet that beats all others in the market.

It does not need any electricity or plumbing. Unlike other holding tank systems, the expulsion of foul odors is through the vent pipe. Built into the head is an air circulation fan of low volume that recycles the air in your bathroom. This can be a life-saver when the wiggle room in the toilet is lacking.

The original design was for use on boats. Crafted with stainless hardware materials, it touts a rugged design, and is the last word in durability. The comfort level with the elongated seat is extraordinary. Dissembling for emptying takes mere seconds.

The design is optimal for compact size and shape. With this in focus, there is the provision of two types of handles – A standard handle with 5 in. clearance on the side and a spider handle with 2 in. This gives you an idea about how adaptable the Nature’s Head is.

Our take:

  • The urine jug will should be emptied every day
  • Emptying the tank is difficult and unwieldy for one person
  • Women will have some hurdles due to anatomical differences
  • Emptying the jug and tank is not a straightforward procedure. It can tend to be a tad messy as the toilet does not use any water. The composted waste is not free-flowing and there is a need to manually scrape it clean
  • These RV toilets are environmentally friendly, but keeping your toilet clean is a challenge


  • Weight: 28 lbs
  • Flushing System: None
  • Size: 22 x 22 x 20.5 in.
  • Capacity: 2-3 weeks for two people
  • Warranty: 5-years limited


  • Assembled with all stainless steel hardware
  • Clean and simple design that can be easily separated and emptied
  • Full-size toilet seat like a traditional home toilet
  • No water is required
  • Includes fan and vent hose
  • Long warranty
  • Low wattage/ voltage


  • Pricey but worth every penny

Our Verdict

In this age, any attempt, innovation, or design that serves the purpose of eco-conservation deserves a round of applause. The Nature’s Head Composting RV toilet is one such contrivance. It takes zero inputs such as water, electricity, and is a showpiece of efficiency. The output is organic manure. It does not come any smarter. The upkeep of this toilet is a bit demanding but you will have the satisfaction of cutting down on your carbon footprint.

05 Camco (41541) Portable Travel Toilet (Budget Buy)

Camco (41541) Portable Travel Toilet

The Camco Portable toilet, designed especially for travel, is darn handy when you need to evacuate whilst on the road or on camping trips. The holding tank has a capacity of 5.3 gallons while the flush tank is capable of 2 and a half gallons. A seat and lid come with the toilet. Made of polyethylene, it is durable and compact, yet light in weight.

As you use it more and more, you will appreciate both the design and the quality. Using and maintaining it is a cinch. Some RVers, especially those just spreading their wings, choose to travel afar. But they get cold feet at the thought of emptying a black tank. A portable tank presents no such hindrance. The simplest way of getting rid of the waste is by tipping it into a residential toilet.

The detachment of the tank is a song.

When it comes to RV toilets, we get spooked about the yarns doing the rounds. Sordid tales involving yucky smells and stuff. Not with this baby though. The slide valve seals in all odors

What we verified:

  • There were utterly no traces of any odors
  • This portable toilet is pretty kid-friendly. Kids of 6 years and below can be seated comfortably without any risk of falling into the bowl
  • Leave alone kids, full-size adults never mind their weight will be equally at ease on this toilet.
  • Water usage is quite economical
  • The Camco is decently priced
  • The irksome part is emptying the tank as it can weigh quite a bit and requires a pretty able-bodied guy to get the job done.

The competition for the Camco is the Porta Potti. The Porta has a rotating pour-out spout for thorough emptying of the tank and a hold-down arrangement for firm securing to the floor. The freshwater capacity is a lot more too. The Porta has killer looks too. The Camco is utilitarian. It comes for half the price as the Porta Potti.


  • Weight: 10.8 lbs
  • Flushing System: None
  • Size: 15.5 x 14 x 16 in.
  • Waste Tank Capacity: 5.3 gall.
  • Freshwater Tank Capacity: 2.5 gall.


  • Highly portable but still has a normal toilet feel
  • The smaller size makes it suitable for small RVs and occupies less storage space
  • Easy to clean and use
  • Easy to empty and refill
  • Pricing affordable


  • Freshwater tank capacity less. No level indicator provided. Must be checked manually
  • The short depth of the bowl

Our Verdict

Shucks. The Camco is not exactly a head-turner compared to other portable toilets in the market. It notches up points for its sturdiness and comfort. It is not restricted to an RV alone. It can fit in the boot of a car and so is ideal for camping trips. There are no batteries that include circuit boards and other complications. It is a clean, highly function al portable toilet that comes at a throwaway price.

06 Aqua-Magic V RV Toilet Thetford 31672 (Good Value for Money)

Aqua-Magic V RV Toilet Thetford 31672

The Aqua-Magic V RV is a chartbuster. If you are on the search for a classy looking, high on efficiency, lightweight, easy to install, and use, you are home. You have hit the jackpot with the Thetford 31672.

This toilet is made of plastic and is taller than the majority of RV toilets. This is a pull for customers as most RV toilets are low profiled. Sitting on them is fiddly and uncomfortable. This toilet is especially suited for elderly folks. The textured lid makes it scruff-resistant and water does not accumulate on it.

The operation of the flushing system is by a foot pedal. The Aqua-Magic V is a featherweight tipping the scales at a laughable 9.4 pounds. But hold your horses, it is extremely durable and robust in spite of its lightweight. The installation of this toilet is as easy as it gets.

  • We liked the flushing system. The flush is easily operable and cleans the entire bowl. You get to call the shots. Partial depression of the pedal is a partial flush and all the way down is a full flush.
  • The toilet bowl gets our disapproval; it is a bit shallow and can lead to spray issues.
  • Although tall enough, it is not sufficiently so as some other toilets. People with bad knees and long gams will have to rough it out.
  • We noticed the plastic lid was flimsy.
  • We appreciate that there is no rocket science involved when it comes to installation. The gasket and required thingummies are provided in the package.


  • Weight: 9.9 lbs
  • Flushing System: Electric
  • Size: (LWH) 17.8 x 15.1 x 17.5 in.
  • Material: Plastic
  • Warranty: 1-year limited


  • High seat
  • Simple to install
  • Scruff-resistant textured lid
  • Flushing is easy
  • Lightweight


  • May pose problem for long-legged people or those with knee problems
  • Shallow bowl may cause spray issues

Our Verdict

All the RV owners we spoke to who owned the Aqua-Magic V RV installed concurred that this toilet was a bonanza. The tag is unbelievably low for the jaw-dropping number of features you get. The looks are pretty aesthetic and the flushing system, a prime consideration for a well-function ing RV toilet, passes muster with flying colors. If you are in the market for an RV toilet, you will want to have a look at this one.

07 Thetford 42058 Aqua-Magic Style II RV Toilet

Thetford 42058 Aqua-Magic Style II RV Toilet

The Aqua-Magic Style II RV toilet is a knockout toilet with an unbeaten track record. It is as comfortable as your home toilet and your family will be mighty pleased. Its enchanting and chic looks will complement any color scheme of your RV bathroom.

This toilet has a zippy flushing system that makes certain of full and complete coverage of the bowl. This keeps in check water consumption which is a great bonus. The Aqua-Magic Style II has a unique ball valve mechanism. This operates smartly with each flush by wiping clean. Having said that, it is handy and simple to use. This ups the game in maintaining sanitary conditions. The flushing is not only thorough but operates quietly too.

The bowl is made of smooth china and is light in weight. The flushing action is by an adjustable power pedal which minimizes water consumption. The seat is anti-microbial for improved sanitization.

Installation and maintenance are a cinch. The toilet comes supplied with everything needed for installation – 10 minutes is all it takes.

Our take –

  • We think the flushing system is revolutionary, especially the ball mechanism cleansing with every flushing.
  • This is a solidly constructed toilet with a high profile that makes use comfortable
  • We found that the seat is somewhat deficient in that it does not fully cover the bowl. The seat is hollow with fins provided for rigidity as the plastic is thin. This makes cleaning it a real hassle.
  • Cleans well and does a thorough job of the entire bowl. We recommend you keep a clearance of about 10 inches from the flange center.


  • Weight: 33.9 lbs
  • Flushing System: Full Bowl Flush
  • Size: (LWH) 23.25 x 18 x 17.25 in..
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Warranty: 1-year limited


  • Lightweight tall seat
  • Anti-microbial seat
  • Groovy modern look
  • Deep bowl
  • Easy cleaning with full-bowl flush
  • Powerful pedal flush
  • Swift and easy installation


  • Available only in white
  • Prone to stains

Our Verdict

Thetford the brand is one of the most distinguished names in the industry. They have been at the forefront where RV camping toilets are concerned. The Aqua-Magic Style II is of a sensational design and construction. Installation and maintenance are totally hassle-free. We love it that this toilet is shipped with all the components needed for installation and use straightaway. Check this RV toilet out.

08 Dometic 300 Series Standard Height Toilet

Dometic 300 Series Standard Height Toilet

For RVers who dig traditional home-sized toilets, the Dometic 300 offers the best bang for the buck. There are oodles of good reasons to buy this inexpensive gravity flush toilet. What blew us away was the triple jet action that cleanses the bowl spotlessly. This includes the removal of wastes that adhere to the sides.

The foot pedal flush arrangement of the Dometic 300 is adjustable. So you don’t get to use more water than necessary. This and the triple jet action result in a powerful flush that blasts away waste every single time. What’s better, the consumption is only one pint per flush. The height is perfect and does not need any extra mounts. It is ideal for large-sized people and the elderly. It is easy on the legs, knees, and back. It is surprisingly light given its size.

Installation is simple and the unit comes with a supply of all the components to get the job done. It has some common hang-ups that we might look at.

  • The body is sturdy and solid. But we were disappointed with the seat. It is flimsy. For a toilet of this caliber, one would have expected something more durable from the makers. It moves around and is pretty thin.
  • The toilet is somewhat noisy with squeaks and squawks when a person sits on the toilet
  • The foot pedal we observed had its share of glitches. It gets stuck not closing fully with the result that vile odors escape. Also, we feel the pedal could have been a bit larger.
  • Overall this is an excellent normal-sized toilet. In fact, it is larger than the traditional toilets in older RVs. Children could face a hurdle clambering on as a result.


  • Weight: 8 lbs
  • Flushing System: Gravity, Full Bowl Flush
  • Size: (LWH) 20.25 x 16.5 x 20.38 in…
  • Material: Ceramic, base plastic
  • Warranty: Two-year Protection Plus Warranty


  • Gravity type flush
  • Regular height toilet
  • Robust with an elongated bowl
  • Cleaning is easy
  • Lightweight
  • Quick, effortless installation
  • Compact


  • Expensive option
  • The base is plastic

Our Verdict

The Dometic 300 is one tailor-made RV toilet for all sizes without having to cut corners where comfort is concerned. The flushing system is a grand deal with its triple jet action and the water consumption is also kept to a minimum. It has its share of minor niggles but they take away nothing from the function ality of the unit.

09 Aqua-Magic Style II RV Thetford 42062

Aqua-Magic Style II RV Thetford 42062

Nowadays, people’s preference leans toward a portable toilet. Not only is it suited for RVs but also for camping and other recreational activities; a double whammy. The Aqua-Magic Style II is a money-saver that uses a single pedal flushing system. You can install this unit or just keep it portable.

Cut down on water consumption if you feel it is on the higher side by deploying the optional hand spray. The single pedal flushing system also gives 100% bowl coverage. This keeps the bowl 100% spick and span. It also provides closely the comfort of a home toilet. The design is contemporary and it looks swell.

Of an attractive bone color, the Aqua-Magic Style II RV is lightweight. It is also readily transportable. The seat is made of anti-microbial materials and is easy to clean. Moreover, people with sensitive skin benefit greatly. This seat inhibits mold and bacteria.

The design of the 42062 is pretty innovative. Complete installation takes a jiffy, 10 minutes max. Also, the rounded and smooth structure of the body makes for thorough cleaning

  • We are completely bowled over by this modern, efficient and highly function al RV toilet
  • We also like the fact that a lot of care has gone into the hygienic aspect of the toilet.
  • The toilet cover is not up to the mark. It has grooves and crevices that are difficult to clean.
  • Excellent service support system
  • The seat width is ample for big sized folks and the bowl is deep enough to avert splashback.


  • Weight: 35 lbs
  • Flushing System: Pedal Flush
  • Size: (LWH) 22.75 x 23.25 x 18.0 in.
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Color: Bone


  • It does not leak
  • Toilet flush powerful
  • Comfortable seat
  • Ideal for small spaces
  • Longevity is good


  • High water consumption comparatively
  • Not child-friendly

Our Verdict

This modern and affordable portable toilet from Thetford and can be used wherever you so wish. It’s good for RVs, camping sites, boats and what have you. The installation of this toilet is child’s play when compared to other toilets. The materials used in its construction are of high quality that adds up to many years of service.

This toilet befits everyone. Children, however, run the risk of falling into the bowl. The highlight is the anti-microbial seat which negates the accumulation of harmful bacteria.

10 Thetford Parchment Aqua-Magic V RV Toilet 31668

Thetford Parchment Aqua-Magic V RV Toilet 31668

The Thetford Parchment is an ace. This is a class act. We have already reviewed its cousins but this RV toilet holds its ground with its own identity. This is a high profile toilet such as that in your home. It also has ample bowl depth to avoid splashback keeping things clean and tidy.

The unit is made of ABS plastic that doesn’t stain easily and you can easily wipe it down for cleaning. It. The durable textured lid repels water. Installing the toilet is a breeze too. A couple of bolts, a flange seal and a water connection is all it takes to get going. All required components come with the kit.

Operationally, this unit rules. The flush is pretty forceful. Operation by means of the single handle is user-friendly. Saving on the water with the 31668 is one of its main standings. It consumes 0.25 to 0.5 gallons per flush which are environmentally sound. The high profile imparts great comfort.

There are two options you can choose from; hand flush or pedal flush.

  • We were wondering about long-term sturdiness. We don’t mean holding up to yank and slam, but general normal use. We concluded that the Parchment is a brawny item within bounds.
  • We found that the foam gasket is intentionally made thicker for proper sealing and retaining water in the bowl to keep out odors. This gasket needs to be compressed when installing for that perfect fit.
  • The gap between the bowl and the floor inlet has no pipe so there is a certain splashback on the inside of the toilet base.
  • The comfort level is relaxed and you can spend some time on it without getting into knots.


  • Weight: 9.37 lbs
  • Flushing System: Full Bowl Flush
  • Size: (LWH) 17.8 x 15.13 x 18.5 in.
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Parchment white


  • The flush mechanism is single-handed
  • Elegant style
  • Light in weight
  • Tall seat for maximum comfort
  • Toilet construction is sturdy


  • Appears flimsy at first

Our Verdict

Coming from the Thetford stable, Aqua-Magic 31668 is a safe, sure bet. You’ll enjoy the comfort and the flushing system is not only function al but economical as well. The durability is beyond good and the unit won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

RV Toilets Buying Guide: What to Expect

RV Toilets Buying Guide

1. Types

a) Macerating Flush RV Toilet

The waste is macerated into a viscous slurry by motor-powered blades, the waste going into a large holding tank. This system allows the toilet and the holding tank to be located apart from each other. The maceration renders the effluent more fluid and makes the discharge from the tank efficient and thorough.

b) Gravity Flush RV Toilet

For decades, this type has been tried and tested. It is by far the most traditional RV toilet. Its operation is simple. The contents of the bowl drop directly into the holding tank necessitating the tank to be situated directly under the bowl.

c) Vacuum Flush RV toilet

This consists of a macerating vacuum pump and a vacuum vessel. The contents of the bowl are sucked out powerfully and consequently pumped into the holding tank. Here too, the toilet and holding tank can be located away from each other.

Types of RV Toilets - Vacuum Flush RV toilet

d) Portable RV Toilet

These toilets are meant for tent camping and small campers. Portable toilets consist of a lightweight plastic toilet bowl and a small, removable waste tank integral with the bowl. Once full, the tank is detached and the contents disposed into a toilet or a waste disposal station. It is reattached the bowl again.

e) Cassette or Cartridge RV Toilet

The design is a compact toilet bowl permanently installed above a ‘cassette-style’ effluent tank that is small and detachable. Flushing delivers the contents straight into the tank, which when full can be removed through a service door. The contents are disposed into a toilet bowl or through a waste disposal station and the tank repositioned.

f) Composting RV Toilet

Waste disposal through the composting process is effective, odorless, and environmentally friendly. A composting toilet does not need water, plumbing, flushing nor the addition of any chemicals. Liquids and solids are separated and the solids, by aerobic degeneration are converted to humus. The humus is returned to the soil, an ecological benefit.

Types of RV Toilets - Composting RV Toilets

2. Size

Some RVs are so small that even a little bit of space matters a lot. Your options for a toilet will be limited in such a case. For instance, a smaller RV would require a cassette toilet. Another important factor is that the toilet should be able to swivel 360° to enable use in any position. For narrow spaces, low profile toilets may be considered.

3. Ease of Installation

A standard, full-size RV toilet or a portable unit should be simple and should not consume a lot of time for installation. A toilet is vital for camper traveling and should come with clear and concise instructions, Instructions for repair should be uncomplicated. The best RV should be easy to clean and maintain.

4. Built to Last

Plastic is the most commonly used material for RV toilets. The grade of plastic can vary. It is not as durable as porcelain but can still function well. A porcelain commode is a sure bet as far as longevity is concerned.

5. Sanitation

Hygiene rules when it comes to picking the best RV toilet arrangement. Foremost, flushing should work flawlessly. The valve seals should be airtight, well-fitting, and leak-proof. Ingress of bacteria into your motor home cannot be allowed as it is a closed space and the spread of infections is to be avoided. Another crucial area is that the toilet should not emit a foul smell.

6. Comfort

Owing to the fact that there are several types of RV toilets, it follows that the comfort level of the toilets is also pretty variable. For instance, a high profile toilet which is easy to perch on may be your preference. Seats that slowly close or made of wood are options. Other fancy choices are remote flushing control, backlit toilets, and so on.

7. Material

Depending on your budget, RV toilets can be of plastic or ceramic. Pricier models may be of china or porcelain. Seat covers are usually plastic or wood.

8. Flushing Type

There are two kinds of flushing systems: the foot-pedal flush and the hand flush. The foot pedal flush can be a bit tricky. Some units require the user to fully depress the pedal to flush and then raise it halfway to fill the bowl with water. Another system calls for depressing the pedal halfway to fill and step on it all the way down to flush.

The hand flush works in a similar manner: halfway to fill and all the way down to flush. The major difference between the two is the placement.

In recent times, electric flushing models operated by a remote switch or an electric flush handle have gained popularity.

9. Type of User

Toilets that are high profile are favored as they are the same as household toilets. More so for the elderly. A low profile toilet may be used but it should be mounted on a raised platform. An electric toilet with a customary flush handle or wall switch is an apt option for senior citizens.

10. Waste Capacity

The larger the tank capacity, the longer you can spend on the road without having to discharge the waste. The flip side is that the longer the waste is retained in the tank, the higher the chances of smells leaking out from the toilet.

So a tank with greater capacity will add to the comfort of your trip and you don’t have to stopover at waste disposal stations often. If your tank size is restricted, consider installing a secondary tank.

11. Space

Space is always at a premium on RVs. The available space will determine what sort of a toilet you should opt for. If you have small space, you will want to go in for a low profile gravity flush and a standard (not elongated) commode. If space is a deal-breaker, then go in for a portable toilet.

12. Budget

$100-$150 will fetch you a decent RV toilet. You’ll have shell out in excess of $150 for a premium toilet but you can sleep easy knowing that it is designed to give you ultimate comfort.

Why Do You Need an RV Toilet?

It is of paramount importance that your RV is spick and span. RV toilets let you do your business at your convenience and in total privacy as at home. Hunting for camping sites to use communal toilets where hygiene can be dicey. It takes the juice out of your cherished road trip. Or those untimely ‘gotta go’ moments. Squirmy, right? You would be gnashing your teeth; if only I had installed that toilet.

RV toilets are full-sized, comfortable and whether you are on the road or camping, the whole family can have the time of their lives totally stress-free, especially if you have kids around.

RV Toilet Cleaning & Maintenance Tips

Neglecting the maintenance of your RV toilet and the septic system could cause you untold misery. Here are some tips and solutions to a hassle-free RV toilet.

RV Toilets Clean and Maintenance Tips

1. Repair the toilet seal

The RV toilet seal holds water in the toilet barring black tank odors. When the seal hardens or dries out, the water can leak into the holding tank letting lose all those yucky black tank smells out. The fix for this is to lubricate the seal with plumber’s grease and that should do the trick. Make sure you wear gloves while carrying out this procedure.

2. Clearing the holding tank sensor

Sensors are sensitive. The sensor in the holding tank is vulnerable to give errors if any gunk is on it. The reading might show full even after you’ve emptied the tank.

A nifty way to clean the sensor is by dunking ice cubes inside your toilet. The ice cubes move around in the tank and clean stuff lodged in the tank and also the sensor.

3. Tank treatment

An RV washroom needs to be treated regularly to break-up wastes and toilet paper allowing a thorough rinse when pumping out. Patent deodorizers and treatments are available off the shelf and come in both liquid and drop-in form.

4. Ensure your toilet bowl is clean

These days a number of RV toilets come with a connected spray when the flush is weak. Older models do not have this feature. You can fill a glass and empty it all around when flushing. A clever trick adopted by RVers is to keep a plastic water gun handy to clean the bowl.

5. Ensure toilet paper used is RV friendly

Using the wrong grade of toilet paper can seriously threaten the smooth function ing of your septic system by clogging it. By not fully dissolving, they cling to the sensor resulting in erroneous readings. RV-friendly toilet paper is available. Go for it.

RV Toilet Using Tips

  • Only waste and toilet paper, as minimal as possible should go into the toilet. That means no butts, bugs, sweepings, and so on.
  • Conserving water is of extreme importance, especially if you are boondocking.
  • Take short baths
  • Harvest rainwater whenever you get the chance
  • Place toilet paper in the shape of a ‘T’ before you use the toilet. This ensures that the solid matter goes into the tank easily so you don’t need to use a lot of water for flushing.
  • Use the ‘fast flush’ technique. Depress the flush pedal and release it quickly.
  • Turn off the vent fan before flushing.

It’s Time to Wrap Up

The fact that your RV toilet is the one single piece of equipment can be a deal-breaker. All is hunky-dory when it is humming along. When it fails, you are up to your neck in something foul. Seating comfort and an efficient flushing system are the driving forces for a fully function al RV toilet.

Most people, therefore, prefer a high-profile, full-size toilet. If budget is not a constraint, go premium and choose among the best RV toilets. A vacuum toilet with a high profile, full-ceramic, and slow-closing seat is a good choice.

Your reward: a powerful odor-free toilet that consumes little electricity and power. The resulting free-flowing effluent can be pumped out easily. You can gloat while other RVers throw killer looks at you.


1. How does a toilet work in an RV?

Ans. The principle is no different from your domestic toilet. Water from your flushing tank or the freshwater tank flows in and flushes. The waste is retained in the holding tank for pumping to a waste reception facility or the tank can be emptied into a household toilet.

2. How do you flush an RV loo?

Ans. With a pedal flush, you press down halfway to admit water and press down again fully to flush. The same is true for a hand flush too. In an electric system, you just have to press on the button for flushing to be carried out.

3. My RV toilet stinks. Why?

Ans. A camper toilet will start smelling if the seal is leaking, it is clogged, the tank has sustained damage or it has not been cleaned in a while. It can be done away with by unclogging or sanitizing.

4. Can an RV washroom be replaced with a house toilet?

Ans. A home toilet is not recommended. Specially designed for motorhomes are replacement type toilets. The water consumption of an RV toilet is minimal, unlike a home toilet. Home toilets don’t have a flush tank and would cause spills. Furthermore, RV toilets can withstand road travel which involves turn, twists and bumps.

5. How do I add water to my RV toilet?

Ans. Depressing the pedal or turning the handle halfway allows water to run into the bowl. Full depression results in the flushing operation.

6. Can I use bleach to clean my RV toilet?

Ans. Yes. It is one of the best ways to clean and sanitize the holding tank. Mix a quarter cup of bleach with a gallon of water and fill the tank up. This way the liquid can slosh around in the tank breaking up any residue.

7. Fixing an RV toilet that is clogged. How?

Ans. Turn off the water connection. This is important. Boil some water and pour the boiling water into the bowl. This should do the trick. Then there are toilet plungers, augers, and chemicals for this purpose. But the boiling water trick has shown to be pretty foolproof in unclogging your RV toilet.

8. What is the distinction between a Thetford and a Dometic RV toilet?

Ans. Replacing the ball seal is very easy with the Dometic models. It can be accomplished from inside the bowl. For RV toilets by Thetford, the bowl has to be taken apart, that is, the bowl should be removed from the stand to replace the seal.

9. Which of the two is better – the Dometic 310 or 320?

Ans. The difference between the two is minimal. The 310 in our opinion has a slight edge because of its PowerFlush system but overall the 320 is more function al.

10. How to make an RV toilet smell better?

Ans. The process is called sweetening the tank. The tank has to be first cleaned and scoured. Add a patent tank sweetener such as Spic and Span or Pine Sol.

11. How to use RV toilet chemicals?

Ans. Chemicals for RV toilets are enzyme compositions. These are added to the black water tank and work in breaking down tissue and waste. This enables the tank to be emptied more readily and also eliminates black tank odors.

12. How to replace an RV toilet?

Ans. Turn off and disconnect the waterline. Unscrew mounting bolts. Remove the old bowl. Clean the flange. Put new bowl in place and tighten mounting bolts. Connect up the waterline. Done.

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