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10 Best Inflatable Hot Tubs for Your Backyard: Winter Is Coming!!!

The experience of sitting in a hot tub and letting the water gently wash away the exhaustion of the day is something we relish so dearly. History traces it back to the ancient Egyptians who used to enjoy that heavenly feeling. The joy of hot water caressing your tired body feels as if you are letting go of the world and escaping into a sublime serenity.

However, installing a regular hot bathtub could be a hassle and an indoor one puts a leash to all outdoor fun. You might want to find a recluse somewhere close to nature, somewhere far from home. For that, an inflatable or blow up hot tub is a great solution for its amazing portability. You can enjoy the sun while taking a hot bath near a creek or on top of a green hill if you can carry the water.

Today, the ToiletsGuide team will help you learn the basics of hot tubs while simultaneously providing a list of the best inflatable hot tubs on the market. Keep reading about our recommendations and see which one gives you that amazing feeling of having your own spa right at your home.

10 Best Inflatable Hot Tubs You Can Buy: In-depth Reviews

01 Top Choice: Intex 77in PureSpa

Intex 77in PureSpa

The top-notch features and general affordability of the Intex 28403E 77 inches make this heads and shoulders high above the rest.

It has an inbuilt hard water treatment system that sanitizes water and makes it gentle on the skin, clothes and Spa system. If hard water is a concern for you, this is exactly what you need.  Impurities from hard water can clog the system dramatically increasing maintenance cost.

By agitating calcium, which is one of the main impurities in hard water, an advanced technology system generates an EMF that creates suspended crystals from calcium and other impurities. The suspended crystals are then filtered by an efficient filtration system via a filter cartridge.

For durability, comfort and strong support, the Intex hot tub is fitted with a FiberTech construction and puncture resistant design. Be rest assured that what you get, is a tub that is sturdy and strong enough to survive the harshest of weather.


  • Seating Capacity: 4
  • Water Capacity: 210 gallons
  • Jet number: 120 bubble jets
  • Heater power: 1,300
  • Flow rate: 460 gal/hour
  • Bubble air blower: 1.1 hp – 110V – 120V
  • Shape: Round


  • Intex 77in hot tub is great for hard water treatment.
  •  It has an impeccable design that can beautify your yard or patio
  •  The filtration system is easy to replace
  •  Durable insulation covers and hard ground clothe
  • Control panel can be operated while in the hot tub


  • It has a basic set of features

Final Verdict

For the money, Intex 28403E has to be the first choice. The built-in hard water treatment system is the underlying feature that places it at the summit of our list.

Additionally, it has a rigid insulated lock and cover that provides extra security and prevents heat loss. Coupled with the low maintenance cost, and 30-day return policy, Intex delivered the goods on this product. Over 1,000 positive verified customer reviews can’t be all wrong.

02 Great for Winter: Coleman SaluSpa 54131E

Coleman SaluSpa 54131E

Next on our top list is the Coleman SaluSpa 54131E. We hold Coleman products in high esteem because of the brand’s track record of consistently delivering quality products to us. The Coleman SaluSpa hot tub is no exception to their heritage of consistency.

Our team picked this product as the finest choice for winter because of its superior strength and durability. It blends the use of a TriTech 3-ply reinforced material with a polyester mesh core to produce an exterior material which is superior in strength and insulation than most products of comparable price range.

Potential customers will be thrilled to know that Coleman’s hot tub control panel has a superior design than the average hot tub out there. It features a stop/start timer for heat control. Effortlessly adjust the temperature at the tip of your fingers for a relaxing and comfortable spa experience.

To help minimize the loss of heat during winter, the Coleman 54131E is fitted with a cushioned air pad floor that sits underneath the spa. With improved insulating abilities at the base of the spa, Coleman excels were other products failed.


  • Sitting capacity: 4-6 adults
  • Water Capacity: 254 gallons
  • Power rating: 110-120 V
  • Flow Rate: 320 gal/h
  • Heat Capacity: 40 Degree Celsius
  • Dimensions: 32.2 x 24 x 21.2 inches


  • Recommended product with the strongest insulation capacity
  • The heating system reaches its maximum capacity quickly
  • Superior strength and durability make this product a must-have
  • A stylishly designed control panel
  • In-built pool cover to keep water extra warm and protected


  • The aluminum foal cover doesn’t provide much insulation
  • Slow heating process that might be expensive to run on electricity

Final Verdict

If you want to keep enjoying the hot tub spa deep into the winter months, we highly recommend you pick the Coleman SulSpa 54131E because of its improved insulating abilities. Also, a sturdy I-Beam construction fortifies the walls of the Spa allowing users to rest at the sides without bending or buckling.

As we have reiterated, Coleman is a brand with a track record of consistency. For the price, this is an absolute steal for everyday use in winter.

03 Bestway SaluSpa Palm Springs 54130E

Bestway SaluSpa Palm Springs 54130E

SaluSpa Palm Springs comes prebuilt with a lot of features not found in many other inflatables. It’s no wonder our consulted team of experts recommend it for those on a strict budget regime. First and foremost the control panel makes operating the Spa an effortless experience. With its digital control buttons, Spa relaxation and comfort is seamlessly automated.

For strength superiority over other Spas, SulSpa 54130 employs the use of a TriTech 3-ply reinforced technology to its leatheroid and puncture-resistant exterior. No other budget-friendly spa goes this far in terms of strength and durability. Additional strength is brought about by a polyester mesh enclosed between two layers of PVC.

Quite similar to the Coleman hot tub discussed above, it also comes equipped with a cushioned air pad floor that improves insulation at the base.  The cushioned air pad sits underneath the spa, just at the base for improved feet comfort.

I-Beam wall construction seems to be common for most quality spas. SaluSpa 54130 is not left out on this, the constructed walls offer a reliable base unto which users can rest on without it blending over or bucking under the intense weight.


  • Sitting capacity: 4-6 Adults
  • Water Capacity: 254 gallons
  • Power Rating: 110-120V
  • Flow rate: 320 gallons/h
  • Dimensions: 77 x 77 x 28 inches


  • Its design features offers great value for money well spent
  • An impressive display of LED lights with inter-changing colors
  • Sturdy I-beam construction with cushioned air pads
  • An Improved insulating capacity


  • Its large capacity might result in slow heating process
  • The LED lighting system can attract bugs and insects

Final Verdict

Our team recommends this reasonably priced model to those who still need the luxury features of high-end spas. Lay-Z-Spa Palm spring is the perfect choice with premium leather looks, leather texture, and high tech luxurious specs.

Finally, this hot tub utilizes bubble jets, engineered by Bestway’s AirJet technology. Although SaluSpa has 87 bubble jets, this should be enough for most users. Try out higher spas within SaluSpa’s line for more robust function s.

04 Bestway SaluSpa Miami 54124E

Bestway SaluSpa Miami 54124E

Bestway claims that the SaluSpa Miami 54124 is the first premium inflatable spa for good reasons. For those who are short on space and in need of a compact choice, the SaluSpa Maimi is a great option. It comes with over 10 years of innovative advancement in the industry of spas.

If you love compact tubs or are running low on space, this can be one of the best inflatable hot tubs for both indoor and outdoor uses.

It has the ability to accommodate 4 persons in euphoria of comfort and relaxation.  The control panel has digital buttons allowing you the luxury of setting temperature of the rapid heating system.  In minutes heated water can be ready. The massaging system has 120 bubble jets, perfect for soaking sore muscles of athletes and those who have just undergone strenuous exercises.

As we said earlier, we considered spas with digital control systems that allow users to operate them even while they are in the hot tub. Without exiting the hot tub, you can automate all settings in a convenient manner.

The strength and durability of SaluSpa Miami 54124 come from the TriTech material, reinforced with polyester mesh in-between layers of laminated PVC not found in many other inflatables. It might not be as strong as an acrylic bathtub, but it can withstand stress for sure. The walls, like other quality spas, are constructed from puncture resistant I-beams capable of resisting bends under intense weight.


  • Sitting capacity: 4
  • Water Capacity: 190 gallons
  • Heating Capacity: 104F
  • Flow Rate: 320 gallons/h


  • Lay -Z Miami SaluSpa is very easy to set up and install
  • For its compact size, the water flow is above average
  • A rapid heating system helps heat up water in no time
  • Automatic timer system for seamless settings


  • Its compact nature might just be the biggest drawback

Final Verdict

Bestway is renowned for producing quality products and the SaluSpa Miami 54124 is no exception.  It’s very compact and can fit into small spaces. We highly recommend this spa for those who are short on space or who require the company of single or two persons within the tub.

Finally, it has a very strong flow rate system that is above the industrial average. Pick this recommended Spa if you’d rather enjoy the pleasures of relaxation than wasting time to set it up.

05 Intex Pure Spa 28409E

Intex Pure Spa 28409E

Intex Pure Spa 28409E is a large capacity product for users with the luxury of space. This is one of the largest models on our list with a water capacity of 290 gallons. To minimize the onset of heat loss, Intex has included an insulated cover.

The tub is not left out of the trademark hard water treatment of Intex. This helps soften the water and reduce the build-up of calcium at delicate parts of the spa. For a refreshing massage therapy, the spa utilizes an easy-to-use control panel to activate 170 high-powered bubble jets. The maintenance cost comes in low with two replaceable filter cartridges for refreshing and clean spa water.

This spa has some special features that have ranked up its price. It comes with two pillows for users who want the added comfort and relaxation that come with resting your back and head. It also has LED lights that are programmed in a phasing manner. It’s lots of fun both indoors and outdoors.

The bubble jets of the Intex 28409E are many and intense. If you are an adult who likes to get submerged in hot water over your shoulder, then you definitely need this.


  • Sitting capacity: 6 adults
  • Water capacity: 290 gallons
  • Heat capacity: 104F
  • Flow rate: 460 GPH
  • Dimensions:34.3 x 23.8 x 20.2 inches


  • Has up to 170 air powered bubble jets
  • Large space to accommodate more water
  • Hard water treatment system to help cleanse water from impurities
  • Sturdy inflatable cover
  • Includes some special features: Additional inflatable pillows and LED lights


  • Replaceable filters are had to locate inside the hot tub

Final Verdict

We highly recommend the Intex Pure Spa 28409E for family use because of the large capacity, and spacious interiors. It can confidently accommodate 6 adults, immersed in 290-gallon water. Fun time together with family and loved ones couldn’t be better.

Additional features of twin inflatable pillows and LED light display increase the comfort and excitement in this tub. Lastly, 107 dedicated air bubble jets is above the industrial average and can give you the massage experience of a lifetime. This is the best inflatable hot tub for small to medium families.

06 Coleman SaluSpa AirJet 4 Person

Coleman SaluSpa AirJet 4 Person

Coleman surely delivered the goods on this hot tub that is sure to leave users in awe. Pamper yourself in this gray takeaway of the SaluSpa lines with heated water surrounded by soothing jets of water. Its square-shaped design stands it out from the crowd of regular round shaped tubs by proving more space for your legs.

With a delicate soft touch control panel, the heat and pump jet settings can effortlessly be programmed by users. Worry no more if you are an athlete or you partake in regular strenuous exercises, the 114 air jets will provide you with the massage your muscles need to recuperate.

Other features include a repair kit, safety lock clips, two filtration cartridges, pool liner, pool cover, chemical floater, and a dedicated pump. This spa tub is one of the nicest square shaped option around for starters and professionals alike. Although it is a little pricier than most spa tubs on this list, the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks.


  • Sitting capacity: 4
  • Water capacity: 210 gallons
  • Heat capacity:
  • Flow rate:
  • Dimensions: 24.2 x 21.4 x 32.1 inches


  • It has 114 powerful bubble jets which is more than the industrial average
  • Two filter cartridges for easy maintenance
  •  it will rapidly get to its heat capacity in a matter of minutes
  •  The square-shaped spa provides more space for your legs
  • Soft touch control panel close to the tub for users to automate settings


  • Cannot be used below weather conditions of 40F

Final Verdict

Pick this top rated portable spa if you want something far removed from the regular round shaped spa. The square shape provides more space for your legs underneath the water.  Pay close attention to the number of air bubble jets in this tub.

We highly recommend this Spa for starters and those in need of something compact, affordable and with the basic features that make for a good hot tub.

07 Bestway SaluSpa Palm Springs HydroJet 54145E

Bestway SaluSpa Palm Springs HydroJet 54145E

This is another great product from Bestway that offers genuine premium spa luxury of exceptional value. It is one of our top products listed in this section that has a hydro jet as opposed to the air jet bubble in regular spa tubs.  It looks perfect if set up in your lawn or on a wooden deck.

The high-end luxurious features of an advanced shower panel are encapsulated in the leather-like texture of its exterior and the earth tone color palette. Round in shape, it can accommodate 4-6 persons. Like most spas discussed earlier, the walls are made of Tritech materials and puncture resistant i-beam tubings, providing ultimate comfort and durability.

What’s so special about this hot tub?

The hydro jets are the major take away of this product. Hydrojets are common in conventional built-in spas but are uncommon in inflatable tubs. They provide a unique massage experience by propelling water as bubbles from the nozzles rather than air from air jets.

Palm Springs HydroJet is easy to set up and inflate so allowing you to spend more time relaxing at your Spa rather than in setting up the tub.


  • Sitting capacity: 4-6 persons
  • Water capacity: 210 gallons
  • Heat capacity: 104F
  • Flow rate: 350 gallons/hour
  • Dimensions: 77.2 x 27.9 x 77.2 inches
  • Shape: Round


  • The use of Hydrojets to provide the ultimate massaging experience
  •  Hard water treatment can a chemical floater to ensure the water stays fresh and clean
  •  Has a  solid design features
  •  Rapid heating system.


  • Limited space for adults

Final Verdict

We highly recommend this spa for those who want the comfort of a hydro jet rather than the massaging experience from an air jet. If you are an athlete, or you partake in strenuous exercises, you will be better off with this spa tub than with any other on this list. Don’t be carried away by the fact that this model didn’t make the top of the list because hydro-jets are a class of their own.

08 Bestway SaluSpa Hawaii AirJet 54155E

Bestway SaluSpa Hawaii AirJet 54155E

If you’re looking for a long list of features, then the Bestway SaluSpa Hawaii air jet is a good investment to make. It is quite comfortable and relaxing, providing you with the extra support of lumbar. With this Spa, you can invite your family and friends over for a great time at your backyard or at the lawn. It’s capable of sitting 4 to 6 persons.

The built-in pump makes it easy to quickly deflate and inflate the spa in seconds, for easy transportation and storage. The control panel is fitted with touch-sensitive monitors to help you customize your relaxation experience. Set the temperature, spa jets, timer and heat in your own terms.

Notable design features include a quick drain valve, inflatable leather cover, efficient digital control system, and 114 air jet massage bubble nozzles. With the reliable I-beam internal design system, Bestway SaluSpa Hawaii hot tub remains comfortable and durable.


  • Sitting capacity: 4-6 adults
  • Water capacity:210 gallons
  • Heat capacity: 104 F
  • Flow rate:
  • Dimensions:32.1 x 22.2 x 24.2 inches
  • Shape: Rectangular


  • Can be set up within seconds for easy use and storage
  • It’s equipped with 114 air-jet massaging system
  •  It has an energy saving timer to keep electricity bills down


  • More expensive than the average models

Final Verdict

Bestway SaluSpa Hawaii AirJet is at the zenith when it comes to the basic features needed in a reliable Spa tub. If you have knowledge about the mechanism of a hot tub you will understand that this tub has most features found in any modern spa, with digitized control panel, moderate water capacity, good filtration system, energy-saving ability and a host of other features.

Pamper your skin in this hot tub after a hectic workday or just have fun with friends and family. We are certain, this hot tub will provide good value for money well spent.

09 Bestway SaluSpa Paris AirJet

Bestway SaluSpa Paris AirJet

While this Bestway choice doesn’t make it to the top of our list, it is still an impressive model that deserves your attention. Bestway has made a good account of themselves. It’s no wonder some of their products made it to this list. Although it’s not as budget-friendly as some of the hot tubs discussed above, the special features make up for the increased price tag.

The LED lights are an awesome feature that sets the SaluSpa Paris form the rest of the pack. It has a cushioned mat floor that allows you to set this tub on the appropriate flat surface to prevent piercing the inflatable walls.

Not only is the mat floor function al at protection, but also serves as a means of insulation.

SaluSpa Paris also called Lay-Z-Spa, comes equipped with a leatheroid cover and double safety lock clips that serves as a safety mechanism, and preventive barrier against debris.


  • Sitting capacity: 4-6 Adults
  • Water capacity: 250 gallons
  • Heat capacity: 104F
  • Flow rate: 350 gallon/hour
  • Product dimension: 77 x 77 x 26 inches
  • Shape: Round


  • Additional special LED features offers great value for money
  • Improve mat floor for insulation, support, and protection
  • LED lights with interchanging colors
  • Thick and outer liner tubing


  • LED lights could attract bugs and insects

Final Verdict

SaluSpa Paris AirJet  is an amazing choice. LED lights are increasingly getting more popular by the day in Spas because of the fun and beautiful displays. However, you need to use the Spa tub at night to appreciate the special interchanging LED light feature.

Be mindful of bugs and insects because they are easily attracted to bright lights. Buy this product if it appeals to you. We can guarantee that it’s a decent product.

10 Coleman 71″ x 26″ Inflatable Spa

Coleman 71

With this inflatable spa of moderate size dimensions, you can carry it along with you on vacations or to your next home. Capable of fitting 4 persons, it has 120 massage jets and a cushioned floor to improve relaxation and comfort experience. A rapid heating system quickly gets the hot tub to its heating capacity within minutes.

Allow the hot bubble from this spa massage your sore muscles after strenuous exercises or just unwind after a hectic work day. Without having to get out of the tub, a digital control panel allows you the luxury of setting the temperature to suit your needs.

Like most of the other choices listed here, this particular Coleman tub is made with a durable 3-ply PVC and study I-beam construction, keeping it strong on all sides without buckling over intense weight.  For easy transportation, Coleman has innovatively constructed two handles on the sides.

Included within the package are a chemical floater, two filter cartridges, an inflatable cover to help keep the spa clean, run on low maintenance and keep water warm respectively. Go ahead and have a romantic treat with your partner, friends or relatives in high-performance Coleman SaluSpa.


  • Sitting capacity: 4 adults
  • Water capacity: 170 gallons
  • Heat capacity: 104F
  • Flow rate:
  • Dimensions: 34.5 x 18.7 x 24 inches
  • Shape: Round


  • It comes with an above average 120 massage jets
  • A rapid heating system gets the temperature to the maximum heat capacity in no time
  • It has a well-integrated filtration system


  • Very compact, not suitable for many adults

Final Verdict

This Coleman spa passed the basic tests conducted by our team with flying colors. We recommend it to those who need something moderate in size. Not too big, neither is it too small. Enjoy all that the spa relaxation offers with innovative designs and features of a modern-day hot tub.

Maintenance cost for this tub is reduced to the barest minimum because it has 6  filter cartridges rather than 2. Take that into consideration if regular maintenance is an issue for you. In short, it’s a superb stylish inflatable model for sale and would be consistent in performance.

Inflatable Hot Tub Buying Guide: What to Expect

Inflatable Hot Tub Buying Guide

While the inflatable type is not a replacement for a permanent hot tub or a Jacuzzi, it offers good value for money and when it comes to installation, it is superbly simple than that of a regular hot tub. In all honesty, if you’re looking for a good hot tub for excellent Hydrotherapy sessions and relaxations, there is no one-size-fits-all formula; rather there are features you need to look out for to get a good bargain.

1. Type

If you are considering buying a therapeutic hot tub, pay special attention to the type of jet. While some models have 200 jets or more, others come with as few as 100 air jets.  However, the number of jet holes is not as important as the type of jet. There are two major types of jets:

  • HydroJets
  • AirJets

Air jets are more popular because they are cheaper to manufacture yet provide amazing massage. It’s not surprising that you will find the cheapest inflatable whirlpool hottub fitted with air jets which reuses the same blower that inflates the spa.

Hydro-jets, on the other hand, are much more expensive to manufacture because they work in unison with powerful water pumps and high-quality piping systems. Only high-end inbuilt inflatable hot spa makes use of hydro-jets.

2. Size & Design

The size and design you choose will be in direct relationship with the space available on your yard and personal preferences. While portability is a huge feature, consider the size of the inflatable before you make a purchase. Most come in adequate sizes to fit in 4 adults (smaller sizes) or 6 persons or seaters (larger size). Some tall models would include adequate steps for easy climbing.

Make sure you buy one that can fit in close to a power source (socket). Also, choose a soft sided one if you want a squishy feel every time you are using it. Hard sided models would be less prone to leakage and the firmness would offer a realistic indoor tub feel. Hard shelling also ensures better insulation.

In terms of color scheme, the camo designs are unique and trendy. There are all sorts of solid colors available too, but make sure the design matches the surrounding of the tub.

3. Temperature restrictions

Consider the temperature restrictions in the user manual on the product specs before making an investment. Good products will provide a means of automatically adjusting the heating system to suit your temperature preferences and not go above it even in slight environmental temperature changes. The weather sealing build of a tub can set you worry-free throughout all 4 seasons.

4. Water capacity

Capacity wise, most inflatables range from about 150 gallons to about 350 gallons of water. However, be careful about the place you plan to put them because high capacity inflatables can weigh close to 2.5k lbs. when they are filled with water.

5. Control panel

I’m yet to find an inflatable spa without a control panel. The control panel is needed to help regulate water temperature, control the heater, activate the jet, and perform other useful function s as the case may be.

Intricate designs, accessibility, and proper handling are some of the features within the control panel you should be on the lookout for.

6. Filtration system

As we pointed out earlier, the filtration system is a unique aspect of an inflatable hot tub that needs special consideration. Be on the lookout for quality products with a hard water filtration system. Hard water causes calcium build-up on delicate parts which in turn makes maintenance costly.

7. Quality of cover & ground cloth

All inflatable spas include a gazebo or a quality cover (also known as ‘ground cloth’) for safety reasons. While some use the cover to insulate the tub and speed-up the heating processes other models make use of covers to fit into the top of the tub like a stopper in a bottle.

To get the most, opt for inflatable spas with quality covers that serve as a fitted piece of fabric and as an insulator.

8. Foundation

For stability, you must create a strong ground for the tub. The most common foundations include crushed rocks or gravel, concrete, wood partition or stone substitutes.

9. Special features

Special features don’t come cheap.  It’s totally up to you to decide if you want additional features for your inflatable spa. Usually, cheap inflatable hot tubs come with fewer features. Here are the additional features to be mindful of:

10. Hard water system

We pointed this out before as a special feature that helps clean out water from impurities and prevents the build-up of calcium. Nowadays, most inflatable spa comes equipped with this feature.

11. LED-Mood lights

Led moonlights are more of an artistic design feature than function al. The lighting display makes for a more romantic scenario.

12. Saltwater system

If you have problems with the smell of chlorine, a spa that incorporates a saltwater system will be perfect for you. The Saltwater system eliminates the use of chlorine to sanitize water.

13. Plug socket

Before purchasing an inflatable spa check to see that the tube doesn’t require special wiring. You should have a good look at the plug socket that comes to the tub you intend to buy because that is where you will connect the tub to your water fixture.

14. Budget

The price range varies from $400 to $1000.  Bigger tubs with a capacity of up to 8 t0 10 persons will definitely cost more, while the smaller spa will be cheaper to acquire.  It’s obvious also; that tubs fitted with special features will cost more than those with fewer features. Expensive ones are also the quietest.

Basically, for every budget, your spa should come with a digital control panel with buttons to help you adjust a wide range of settings.  If you have the funds, pick a spa that allows access to the control panel while you are inside the tub.

Inflatable Hot Tub Benefits

Benefits of Inflatable Hot Tub

Are the inflatable hot tubs any good? Why should I invest in the best inflatable hot tub? I’m sure you’ve asked these questions to at least yourself. However, there are worthwhile reasons why you should make this choice. Here are some benefits you need to take into consideration:

Portability: Because they are inflatable, they can be deflated and moved to other locations as the need arise. Probably you found out where you placed the tub was not the right location for it,  or you have decided to expand your newly built barbeque and the tub is right on the way. Fixed regular hot tubs miss the big feature of portability.

Easy installation and setup: The next benefit of inflatables over regulars is the ease of setting up.  The design features make it very easy to determine a location that is appropriate, and easy to set up by one person. Run your imaginations wide, setting up inflatables is like a walk in the park for 2 or 3 persons.

Low maintenance and affordability: Inflatable hot tubs are more affordable than standard regular tubs and easier to maintain. The affordability also comes with low maintenance cost.  For those on a tight budget, opt for tubs with an advanced filtration system and a quick drain option.

Inflatable Hot Tub Care & Maintenance Tips

It’s a no-brainer that regular maintenance and care will improve the longevity of any type of tub you use, be it a inflatable or a freestanding tub. Here are some tips to help get the most out of your Spa tub:

  • Change the water regularly.  Changing water regularly (weekly) will prevent the build-up of bacteria and algae. Most tubs come with a drain valve; all you need do is connect a hose to the drain valve
  •  Use recommended chemicals to clean out the environment properly. Do all within your power to ensure that the hygienic conditions of your tub stay in top form. Purchase more filter cartridge if possible
  • To carry out the cleaning process, keep a bucket, hose, chlorine based disinfectant, and soft brush handy. Use the soft brush to clean the inside and outside of the tub after draining water out of it
  • After cleaning, allow to dry out in an open place before storage

Final Words

So far, we have discussed 10 portable hot tub choices, making references to their modernized features. In choosing the right tub for your needs we have given in-depth analysis in a comprehensive guide to simplify your buying decision.

Purchase the Coleman SaluSpa for winter, because of its strong insulation capacity. Opt for Intex Pure Spa 28409E if you want to enjoy the benefit of Spa relaxation with your family and friends.  Athletes and those on regular exercise routines will benefit immensely from the therapeutic massage presented by the hydro jets in SaluSpa Palm Springs.

Choose the Intex 77in PureSpa because of its general overall performance and if you are on a budget check out our recommended SaluSpa Palm Springs.

All the information you need is right before you. All you need do is focus on your preferences to pick something suitable. Thanks

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