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10 Best Shower Water Filters to Fight Hard Water

Water quality might be affected by chlorine and other contaminants. You’ll often notice a pungent smell or discoloration of your bath water. These are a few of the negative signs of hard water. Also, it may cause skin irritation, poor hair growth, nails discoloration, and dry scalp.

Another effect of hard water is the corrosion it causes in steel water pipes. The damage could worsen when homeowners fail to replace the pipe and install shower head filters promptly.

Unfiltered water comes from underground and goes to the city’s municipal treatment facility. Usually, this public facility pumps treated water through high-pressure pipes. When it gets to your bathroom, the water becomes hard and unfiltered because of harsh chemicals and hard metals.

In the past, my experience with unfiltered tap water was very embarrassing. My hair and skin looked dull after every shower and I began to look older than my age. That’s when I decided to look for shower water filters. I found mine after extensive research, which I’m going to share with you today.

Many people are having the same issues that I had. This article is dedicated to those who are facing similar problems. With some professional help, I’ve crafted a list of the best shower water filters that can solve the hard water issue with ease.

Thanks to these amazing water filtration systems, now my hair look thicker and skin healthier than ever before.  If you’re going through the same issue, the ToiletsGuide team can help you with our top shower water filter reviews and buying guide.

We Tested and Reviewed These 10 Shower Water Filters

01 AquaBliss Multi Stage Filter(SF220) (Best Overall)

AquaBliss Multi Stage Filter(SF220)

AquaBliss SF220 is a multi-stage, easy-to-install filtration system. Are you looking for an in-line shower filter with consistent water pressure? AquaBliss SF220 comes with built-in cartridges. Apart from the fact that it’s a great model for the money, you’ll enjoy these features with it.


With a three-stage filtration system, it allows your shampoo lathers better and eliminates chlorine smell.  It removes harmful metals and function s well for hard water and comes with a replaceable cartridge. This model is an anti hair fall shower filter. You will see your sensitive skin, scalp, nail, and hair looking pleasant after bathing with AquaBliss SF220.

Build material

The chrome construction is appealing, tough, and durable. This chrome shower can retain its glow with six months before replacement. It’s the material’s sturdiness and low cost that makes it a must-have for bathrooms.

Promotes hygiene

AquaBliss SF220 reduces chlorine levels quite effectively. Most homeowners will be affected when they use unfiltered hot water. At high temperatures, your skin pores are open and sensitive to chlorine, hard metals or organic substances. However, you can ensure proper personal hygiene and a chlorine-odorless bathroom by installing the SF220 in-line filter for showers.

Easy replacement & installation

You can install AquaBliss SF220 yourself without tools. It’s cartridge is replaceable and performs optimally. Usually, it can handle up to 12,000 gallons of water before replacement.


  • Weight: 15.2 ounces
  • Color: Chrome
  • Brand: AquaBliss


  • It comes with the multi-stage combination filter system for both cold and hot water
  • It uses a blend of Active Carbon, Redox Media, and Calcium Sulfite for water filtration
  • You don’t require any tools for installation


  • It tends to leak around the joint when don’t use good quality seals like Teflon tape during installation

Final Verdict

AquaBliss SF220 is an affordable product for all. It uses a multi-stage filtration system to remove chemicals and pathogens in hard water. It also works great for well water but you need to install an extra water softener to deal with the high mineral level of well water. Also, it’s cartridge is replaceable and easy to maintain. You can prevent skin irritations, dryness, eczema, or dandruff with it. Overall, you will have an amazing experience with this filter.

02 Culligan WSH-C125 (Top Filtered Showerhead)

Culligan WSH-C125

Culligan WSH-C125 is wall-mounted and helps to reduce the chlorine levels in hard water. It comes with a chrome accent, and five spray settings to refresh you. This shower filter is compatible with any regular 1/2-inch threaded pipe or shower arm. Read more to find some other exciting features of the WSH-C125 filter.

Five spray settings

After installing this filter, adjust the five spray settings to get the right massage option that you need. There’s a position for your overall water coverage; this setting is the full-spray mode. You can also enjoy warm water massage to relax your muscles with this showerhead.

Cleaner water

By removing chlorine from your bathwater, your bathroom will have fresh smells. This bath accessory has a built-in bacteriostatic filter media that sieve bacteria and other microorganisms. The owners are able to keep their water fresh for many months with it. You should try it to make a green bathroom and have clearer skin and healthier hair.

Impressive flow rate

With a flow rate of 2.0 (gallons per minute) GPM, the Culligan WSH-C125 wastes no time in giving you a chemical-free bath. It can also handle up to 10,000 gallons of water before becoming inactive.

Easy to install

The wall-mounted showerhead is easy to install within ten minutes. It comes with a built-in cartridge and rubber nozzles that minimize clogs. You don’t require tools to install this accessory and enjoy soft water.


  • Weight: 1.58 lbs
  • Color: Chrome
  • Cartridge Capacity: 10,000 gallons
  • Flow Rate: 2.0 GPM
  • Brand: Culligan


  • It comes with five spray settings that can be adjusted to suit your bath needs
  • The built-in cartridge can filter 10,000 gallons before replacement
  • You can install this device without the help of plumbers or special tools


  • It reduces your bath’s water pressure after it has been set up

Final Verdict

Do want to have cleaner skin and hair from clean bath water? The Culligan WHS-C125 comes with a patented bacteriostatic filtration system. Its media and cartridge are hygiene boosters that help to reduce sulfur, and chlorine odor in hard water. It’s an ideal showerhead filter that can help you conserve water too.

03 AquaHomeGroup AHG15 (Great for Tackling Hard Water)

AquaHomeGroup AHG15

This AquaHomeGroup in-line water filter features a 15-stage multi-filtration system, and two units of cartridges. You’ll enjoy pure and consistent water flow after installing this device. The show filter conducts some of its notable filtrations with the activated coconut carbon filter, ceramic balls, calcium sulfate,  and KDF-55, calcium sulfate, and other granules. Here are some amazing features that come with this amazing filtration system.

Consistent water flow

You’ll not notice any change in your bathroom’s water pressure after installing this high-performance inline water filter. During the production of this model, filtration layers of fine granules were arranged to allow for consistent flows of soft water through this filter.

High water clarity

The glaring effects of premature aging slows down when you use the 15-stage shower filter from AquaHomeGroup. With improved clarity, your bathtub will appear neat, and the water will be free from odor. You’ll have the confidence of a blemish-free skin, and be encouraged to use the soft water that comes from this fixture for your children and pets.

Multi-stage filtration system

Its 15-stage filtration system ensures zero tolerance for hard metals and sediment in the water. There are internal unit cover and high-density steel mesh that protect these sensitive machines. Additionally, it’s in the ultra-fine case that all forms of water-purifying processes go through after installation. This advanced filtration system ensures all the benefits you deserve from a shower filter.

Simple installation

This AquaHomeGroup AHG15 is easy to install with Teflon tapes. It is a screw-in ABS plastic shower filter with an internal diameter of 1/2 inch. When you use this device for the first time, don’t be surprised to see black water running out because of the activated carbon granules within the filter’s cartridge. Allow the water to run through the filter for about one minute to clear all its carbon dust.


  • Weight: 1.3 lbs
  • Color: Chrome
  • Diameter: 1/2 inch
  • Flow Rate: 2.0 GPM
  • Brand: AquaHomeGroup


  • It features multiple filtration layers that ensure 15 stages of water purification
  • It comes with 2 cartridges
  • The pressure of your bath water will not be altered by it


  • Its ABS plastic material is not resistant to weather effects. It’s because this chrome color is a non-fade coat that loses its shine easily

Final Verdict

If you want a shower filter that ensures consistent water flow and protection from the impurities of hard water, AquaHomeGroup AHG15 is what you need. It eliminates chlorine, chloramines, and heavy metals faster than regular in-line filters. You’ll enjoy soft water with its double filter cartridges and 15-stage filtration benefits that will help keep your skin and hair healthy and shiny.

04 AquaBliss SF100

AquaBliss SF100

Do you want to see your nails, hair/blonde hair, and skin glow after taking your bath daily? The AquaBliss SF100 runs on a 12-Stage filtration system. It’s a produces that produces hygienically-safe water. Here some other benefits that you can enjoy by installing this High Output shower filter from AquaBliss.

The 12-Stage filtration system

The blend of calcium sulfate, sediment filters, activated carbon, redox media, and ceramic balls constitutes the 12-stage filtration system. Other parts are the filter media, micro-porous PP Cotton, stainless steel mesh, and Tourmaline. It ensures maximum water filtration and delivers soft water that’s free from Chlorine, pathogens, pesticide chemicals.

High output filter

AquaBliss SF100 shoots jet streams of water faster than regular filter models. With a high output of water pressure, you’ll need less soap, shower gel or shampoo to enjoy its soft water

Quick installation time

During our testing, we noticed that it had one of the shortest installation periods. You can either install it on the hose of handheld showers or as in-line filters along with wall-mounted pipes. Also, this filter, as well as its cartridge, is easy to replace. After an installation time of fewer than ten minutes, you can expect to enjoy a clean shower like never before.


AquaBliss SF100 is a shower safe filter  that can reduce the risk of skin irritations like atopic dermatitis in children, and scaly skin in adults. Also, there will be an end to brown deposits of ions from hard water that have stained your bathroom tiles continuously.


  • Weight: 1.6 lbs
  • Filtration Process: 12 stages
  • Color: Chrome
  • Brand: AquaBliss


  • This shower filter generates soft water that ensures much lather, and less need for bath gel or shampoo when bathing
  • It uses 12 stages of filtration to sieve chlorine, algae, and harsh chemicals from contaminating your sensitive skin
  • The installation is an easy process that doesn’t require special skill


  • It’s made from a ceramic material that has low impact resistance

Final Verdict

Are you tired of scrubbing disgusting buildup of slimy water impurities from your bathtubs or shower walls? AquaBliss SF100 comes with a cartridge. These filter media work with its 12-Stage filtration process to produce cleaner and soft water. When you plan to use this filter for between 6 to 8 months, be confident that it can handle the impurities in 12,000 gallons of water safely.

05 Berkey KDFSF Shower Filter

Berkey KDFSF Shower Filter

This is a KDF shower filter that comes with a back flush attachment that prevents premature clogs. Most public water supply systems use large concentrations of chlorine to treat hard water. You’ll find the efficiency of KDF-55 granule layers in this in-line shower filter amazing after installing this product.

KDF-55 granules

Being a type of KDF filter, this accessory can lower the concentration of chlorine in your bathroom water to 5%. The filtration system is also tough on bacteria and prevents the growth of pathogen build up in your showerhead.

Improves air quality

When impurities find their way to your bathtub or shower walls, the deposits of microorganisms often affect your bathroom’s air quality. However, Berkey KDFSF inhibits the formation of limescale in your bathroom and vapor inhalation of harsh chemicals from your bath water. With the elimination of chemical absorption from these contaminants, you’ll notice the freshness of your bathroom.

Easy to maintain

The design of Berkey KDFSF allows for continuous maintenance. There’s a backflush attachment that works with the dual media KDF shower filter. It’s this attachment that helps to prevent premature clogging of lines and showerheads. However, don’t connect the device with a shut-off shower valve to ensure easy maintenance.

Tough material

Berkey KDFSF is built with a tough plastic material that can both cold and hot water effortlessly.

Unlike regular filters, this heavy-duty filter can handle impurities from 20,000 gallons of water. If you are looking for a high-powered option, the Berkey KDFSF can be one of the best shower water filters your money can buy.


  • Weight: 1.55 lbs
  • Filtration Process: KDF Process Media
  • Color: White
  • Brand: Berkey


  • It is a durable accessory that’s easy to maintain
  • It’s compatible with different types of showerheads and doesn’t need special installation techniques
  • It has an impressive performance of reducing at least 95% of chlorine


  • This filter comes with a high price

Final Verdict

Do you need an odorless bathroom with no trace of ion deposits and fungi in your showerhead? Choose this Berkey model that has a KDF filter and backflush attachment unit. While you prevent the contamination of chlorine by reducing its concentration to 5%, the attachment will help you avoid premature clogging of this shower filter. Also, it might take at least one year before replacing this durable model of filter.

06 Premium Shower Filter by Select Filters

Premium Shower Filter by Select Filters

Select Filter’s 18-Stage Premium Showerhead filter packs cutting edge filtration technology for giving you an incredible shower experience. Homeowners will notice a great difference in their skin texture and personal hygiene after installing this filter.  Kinetic Degradation Fluxion or KDF is a high-purity copper-zinc formulation that uses a chemical process called redox (reduction of oxidation) to remove mercury, chlorine, lead, hydrogen sulfide, and iron from your water supplies.

Water purification

18 stage purification system houses steel mesh, PP Cotton, calcium sulfite, activated carbon, maifan balls (stone), infrared, magnetic energy mineralized and alkaline ceramic balls, vitamin C germanium and micro-porous balls. All of these filters work together for a remarkably healthy output.

Replacement filter cartridge

You can maintain this shower filter by using its replacement filters. When you buy this fixture, it comes with an extra (refill) replacement cartridge. Its cartridges can handle impurities in 12,000 gallons of water or serve a maximum of six months.

Improved personal hygiene

Over-exposure to hard water triggers a premature aging process. However, it can help you notice significant changes in personal hygiene. The use of soft water for bathing can reverse the damage to your sensitive skin and hair.


You can save shampoo and bathroom gel by using this product. Hard water takes more soap lather up. However, soft water from this filter makes your soap lathered up and helps you conserve water.


  • Weight: 1.2 lbs
  • Filtration Process: 18 stages
  • Dimension: 4.8? x 3.7? x 3.7?
  • Material: Ceramic, Resin, Iron, Stone


  • It deodorizes your bathroom water and clears hard metals
  • It handles contaminants from 12,000 gallons of water and can serve for at least six months
  • This package comes with extra replacement filters


  • Its threaded ends tend to leak when you didn’t install it with high-quality seals like Teflon tapes

Final Verdict

This showerhead KDF filter impressed us with its water quality and all the advanced features it sported. As a high output device, it eliminates trace minerals and damaging chemicals from water. It’s a great product for homeowners that need an efficient shower filter that will do more than just filtering your water!

07 Aquahomegroup AHG12S

Aquahomegroup AHG12S

This AquaHomeGroup Luxury Filtered Shower Head comes in a well-designed packaging box. Its aesthetic beauty makes it more appealing and a must-have for every bathroom. Also, this high-output item works with a 15-stage filtration process. Our team of plumbing and water filtration experts has highlighted some features of this durable product.

Complete accessories

After purchasing this package, You’ll find an extra filter housing (O-Ring seals), five units of shower caps, Teflon tape, and installation instruction manual in the special packaging box.

An ideal gift idea

It comes in a gift box that has eye-catching ergonomics. Intended buyers can purchase an extra unit of this showerhead set and gift homeowners and friends on special occasions.

15-Stage high output showerhead filtration

As a high output, hard water showerhead filter, it uses 15 stages of filtration process for water purification. It takes over 90 percent of chlorine and heavy metals from unfiltered hard water. Also, this water-purifying showerhead removes rust, and sand as hard water passes through the KDF-55 filtration stage.

Easy set up

You’ll find basic accessories for installation in the AquaHomeGroup AHG12S. The kit allows for quick, hand-tighten connection with high-quality Teflon tapes. Also, it takes less than ten minutes to install or replace the filter’s housing.


  • Weight: 2.35 lbs
  • Filtration Process: 15 stages
  • Flow Rate: 2.5 GPM
  • Internal Diameter: 1/2 inch
  • Brand: Premium Shower


  • This package comes in a stylish gift box that is ergonomically enhanced
  • When the unfiltered water goes through this Luxury Showerhead’s KDF-55 filtration stage, it produces soft water that revitalizes your body
  • It uses Calcium Sulfite, activated carbon, alkaline ceramic balls, and filter media to ensure high water quality


  • The ABS plastic material can break when you use excessive force to connect its threaded parts

Final Verdict

Purification of hard water has been made very easy with the introduction of this AquaHomeGroup AHG12S. We have good reasons to call it one of the best shower water filters on our list.

However, you might find black water flowing immediately after the installation. It’s activated carbon dust that’s been put to a test for the first time. After running shower water continuously for thirty seconds, you should get a refreshing bath and see the difference.

08 Aquasana AQ-4100

Aquasana AQ-4100

The Aquasana AQ-4100 Deluxe Adjustable Showerhead comes with laser cut micro-holes that gives users the right spray setting and water pressure. If you want to enjoy clean water, this is another great option.

Two-stage filtration system

Aquasana AQ-4100 uses all-natural filter media like Coconut Shell Carbon, a KDF Copper/Zinc to reduce Chlorine levels in hard water. Also, the copper/zinc media regulates water pH balance for a refreshing bath.

Hair & skin care

Aquasana AQ-4100’s filtration process enhances these effects of your everyday skin and hair regimen. Additionally, this water softener provides effective grooming care (treatment) that helps the hair and skin shine.

Boosts air quality

Deposits of hard metals, ions, and water chemicals often make your bathroom smell bad. This pungent smell can affect air quality and your health negatively. However, the AQ-4100 Deluxe showerhead filter will boost air quality, and prevent respiratory infections in children.

Easy to set up

You only need to have the average DIY skills to install this showerhead. The installation process is simple and doesn’t require specials tools. However, we recommend the use of Teflon tapes to connect your existing shower line with it.


  • Weight: 2.3 lbs
  • Flow Rate: 2.5 GPM
  • Filtration Process: KDF copper/zinc and Coconut shell carbon media
  • Color: White
  • Brand: Aquasana


  • It has high resistance to harsh chemicals like pesticides, Chlorine, hydrogen sulfides, and lead
  • It produces soft water that improves the texture of your skin
  • It has an ergonomically-enhanced housing that makes it a premium product


  • This showerhead filter’s two-stage filtration process is not designed to handle Chloramines, but Chlorine

Final Verdict

With Aquasana AQ-4100’s multiple settings, you’ll see a boost in personal hygiene and water conservation. When unfiltered water goes through the AQ-4100 Deluxe’s two-stage filtration process, the soft water you get will be free from impurities. This premium massaging showerhead is well-designed with a coconut shell carbon media and the KDF copper/zinc oxidation filters.

09 PureAction SH225

PureAction SH225

PureAction SH225 is compatible with most wall-mounted bathroom showers is a great buy. It can handle at least 10, 000 gallons of unfiltered municipal water within six months. With a very easy installation process, this shower faucet can be replaced and maintained with without hassles. Here are some exciting features of this filter model suitable for the high-end rain shower heads.

Healthy showers

This metallic showerhead comes with a built-in filter cartridge that can serve for at least 8 months. It’s an effective tool that sifts hard metals and chemicals from unfiltered water. You will have cleaner baths, and improved personal grooming after installing this filter.

Aesthetically enhanced

The high-quality design of our sleek wall-mounted showerhead ensures the material’s durability. This accessory is made from Aluminum and stainless steel materials. It’s a well-designed 5-inch showerhead that adds beauty to your bathroom.

Filtration technology

PureAction SH225 uses Vitamin C water filtration technology and an inline filter cartridge. It reduces the level of concentration of heavy metals, chlorine, fluoride, chloramines, ammonia, and sulfur in unfiltered water. By using this showerhead filter, your household and pet will enjoy the best grooming accessory that prevents skin irritations and itchy scalp.

Easy installation

Our showerhead’s compatibility with 1/2-inch pipes ensures that buyers can fix the filter in their bathrooms within minutes. With a simple DIY approach, you don’t need special tools for installation. Instead, PureAction SH225 connects with any regular wall-mounted, fixed and rainfall showers.


  • Weight: 12.3 ounces
  • Plug Profile: Wall-Mount
  • Flow Rate: 2.8 GPM
  • Internal Diameter: 1/2 inch
  • Brand: PureAction


  • The set comes in a luxury gift box with complete accessories like the replacement cartridge, and Teflon tape
  • This showerhead filtration system has three segments of Seoul stones, an ion box, and filter sponge
  • It’s filtration technique ensure the removal of 99.9% of sulfur, and chloride from hard water


  • It’s easy to cut your fingers during installation or replacement because this metallic showerhead is sturdy, and has sharp edges

Final Verdict

PureAction SH225 is a surefire way of reducing the concentration of Chlorine in hard water. It’s easy to install and maintain this bathroom accessory because you don’t need special tools. Instead, the manufacturer includes two units of easy-to-replaceable filter cartridges that can handle water temperatures of between 2C to 45C. It’s the right wall-mounted, water showerhead purifier for both fixed and rainfall showers.

10 Nepwiz 15 Stage Shower Filter

Nepwiz 15 Stage Shower Filter

This is a high-end Vitamin C filter that’s great for reducing hard water in an effective manner. It uses 15 filtration stages to reduce the concentrations of Flouride and Chloramine in shower water. It’s a durable product that comes with two units of replacement cartridges. Let’s discuss the features that put this model in our top picks.

Universal design

Nepwiz 15-stage in-line filter attaches with any type of regular showerhead pipes and handheld shower heads. Also, homeowners can use it for rain collection systems and 1/2-inch in-line faucet. It’s a versatile device that comes with a kit of installation accessories.

Easy to maintain

Regardless of the volume of water that passed through this filter, the cartridge must be replaced between 4 to 6 months after its initial installation. You’ll find the necessary accessories for installation inside the new kit.

Consistent water flow

With a flow rate of 2.5 GPM, you’ll enjoy a continuous flow of filtered water when you turn the tap. Also, it doesn’t alter the pressure of your bath water, and you’ll notice this easily.

15 Stages of filtration

The effect of unpleasant odors and harsh chemicals like chlorine and chloramine can be reversed by using this in-line filter. When unfiltered water goes through the PP cotton, Vitamin C and KDF-55 filtration stages; it changes to soft water, and helps to protect your dry skin.


  • Weight: 1.4 lbs
  • Filtration Process: 15 stages
  • Flow Rate: 2.5 GPM
  • Internal Diameter: 1/2 inch
  • Brand: Nepwiz


  • The Kit comes with two units of replacement cartridges
  • You’ll find complete accessories like two units of O-ring seals, Teflon tapes, and installation instruction manual
  • It can handle impurities in 10,000 gallons of water within six months


  • There is a likelihood of leaking problems at the base of this ABS plastic material when a low-quality tape is used during installation

Final Verdict

Nepwiz in-Line Shower Filter is a toughie that contains active components like Vitamin C, and KDF-55 filter media. Apart from removing high concentrations of chloramines, it reduces the deposit of hard metals on your sensitive skin. It’s an ideal product for infants and adults that need maximum protection from hard water.

Shower Water Filter Buying Guide: What to Look For

Shower Water Filter Buying Guide

It’s not 100% possible for your city’s municipality water line not to contain hard water. Usually, the smartest thing is to make use of such a filtration system. Hopefully, our shower water filter reviews would help you choose the right model for your home. In the meanwhile, let’s see what you should keep in mind when you’re out looking for this fixture.

1. Types

  • Showerhead filters

Typically, a showerhead filter is like your bathroom’s shower head; but it’s larger than the regulars. These models have built-in materials for extracting harmful particles from your water. Usually, they come with a high water pressure.

  • In-line

Unlike showerhead filters, the in-line filter doesn’t have a special showerhead. Instead, they are attached along the water line and before the showerhead. It doesn’t matter if you had unfiltered tap water from your existing showerhead before installing an in-line filter. You can also use the old showerhead with a new in-line filter.

  • In-line and showerhead filters

Most people think that multi-stage filtration processes have more benefits than single filtration systems. However, this dual-filtration method is done by installing the in-line type on your water line. Then the showerhead filter should replace your old showerhead.

2. Filtration measure

Most showerhead filters come with the traditional filter technologies like PP and carbon filtration that help remove chlorine from water. However, the more expensive models feature the ultra-filtration and reverse osmosis technologies to remove harmful substances like herbicides, pesticides, sediments, heavy metals, viruses, and bacteria.

3. Water pressure

The water pressure level often varies with filter models, while the high-end ones feature the low-pressure, up-flow filtering process. The low-pressure design ensures effective filtration at all times. It also saves water and increases cost-saving from utility bills like a low flow shower head. So, this is a good factor to consider when choosing showerhead filters.

4. Handheld vs wall mounted

Most wall-mounted water softener for showers are easy to replace. Unlike the fanciful handheld shower filter that requires owners to replace other parts near the detachable wand. However, handheld showers off more ease of use, and comfort. You might have more reasons to settle with your budget if none of these styling of mounting appeals to you.

5. Spray settings

Cold filtered shower water triggers your nerves and keeps you alert. As the last point of your water line, the spray pattern of laser cut micro-holes on the shower head is round. They help to maintain balance and increase the strength of water pressure rating that comes with this accessory. Some higher-end models have adjustable spray settings. These settings work with swivel ball joints that allow for the adjustments of angles smoothly.

6. Longevity & usability

Durability is an important factor to consider to get your money’s worth. Usually, their longevity doesn’t exist beyond six months for regular users. However, many prefer to buy replacement shower filters before the sixth month.

7. Replacement availability

The frequency of your use and the water quality determine how soon you need a replacement. Sometimes people forget to replace these filters and expect better water quality. You should try the same rating quality as your old model if you don’t see it during replacement.

8. Certification & brand reputation

Your preferred model should be WQA or NSF certified, which means it adheres to the Public Health and Safety Department’s requirements for chlorine reduction, structural integrity, and material safety.

Why Do You Need a Shower Water Filter?

A water purifier for the shower is a plumbing accessory with a built in filtration unit. It works by being attached to a showerhead. Some models are attached to arms of any shower setup. When you bathe in hard water, it’s easy for impurities to clog the pores of your skin and cause irritations. A milder effect of hard water is the transfer of fluoride that’s used in water treatment plants to your body.

However, the high-end models are designed to trap every contaminant and keep you healthy. They also help maintain the pH level of water and remove odor-causing chlorine, sulfur, heavy metals, and impurities. Several factors lead to the formation of hard water, and it’s unhealthy to bathe with it.

Naturally, home filtering systems like these help boost the cleanliness of the water. It helps you enjoy fresh baths if your town municipal water is unhygienic. So, shower water filters are basic sanitation improvement tools that ensure personal hygiene.

How Do Shower Filters Work?

How Do Shower Filters Work

Do shower filters work? Yes,  a water filter reduces unwanted particles and makes the water contamination free. This filtration system works using a chemical process, biological process, or physical barrier. The common mechanisms are adsorption, sieving and ion exchanges.

You need to know how such a filtration system work so you can easily pick the best shower water filter that suits your needs.

  • Multi-level carbon filters

The multi-level carbon filter has internal layers of activated carbon materials, and it uses chemical adsorption to remove contaminants from water. Usually, the hard water passes through a dozen of different mediums in this multi-level carbon filter. Firstly, the mechanical filtration occurs by using tightly-woven cotton to sieve between 0.1 – 0.3 microns of sediment, and rust particles. Then, chemical filtrations soften hard water by pushing it through an activated carbon filter. This stage of filtration blocks calcium, chlorine and magnesium molecules.

  • KDF filters

The KDF filter has copper and zinc formulations. These opposing metals create electrical-chemical charges that affect water elements by altering their electrons. With this electrochemical process, KDF filters can remove mercury, chlorine, lead, and hydrogen sulfide from hard water safely. This filter can work alone, or with activated carbon block of filters.

  • Vitamin C filters

Vitamin C filters might be expensive, but they are designed to remove chloramines and sediments from hard water. Vitamin C filters can eliminate over 90% of chlorine impurities, though they are not good at removing other water contaminants.

What Does Your Shower Water Contain?

The shower head contains habitat of pathogens, minerals, and water sediments. It’s necessary to install a filtration system and improve personal and bathroom hygiene. Generally, chemicals from chlorinated water are released into the atmosphere when the shower is on.

Apart from developing unpleasant skin conditions after bathing with hard water, the quality of air in the bathroom can trigger allergies or asthma. In shower water, you’ll also find trace amounts of Perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). Perfluoroalkyl acid can affect unborn fetuses of moms-to-be that expose themselves to this water chemical. Additionally, shower water might contain hard metals, rust particles, ions, and other harmful chemicals.

Benefits of a Shower Head Filter

Benefits of a Shower-Head Filter

Regardless of how you enjoy the cold or warm water that runs from your shower, you can enjoy other benefits with a shower filter. Children are more susceptible to skin reactions like atopic dermatitis, and eczema when they bathe with hard water. Also, adults might experience quick aging effects on their skin, nails, and hair when they use hard water. Your bathroom’s shower filter can prevent these unpleasant conditions, and reduce over-exposure to chlorine.

Usually, human respiratory threats like asthma, and cancer; uneven pH levels of water, pesticides, and pathogens are caused by harmful chemicals in the water. However, an efficient hard water shower filter will eliminate these negative conditions and improve hygiene.

Final Thoughts

One of the simplest ways of improving personal hygiene (skin, nails, and hair) is by bathing with clean water. We believe our reviews gave useful information on the factors that buyers need to consider when they are looking for the best shower water filter from a myriad of options. We also hope that by now you know what to do to get rid of hard water and take showers with clean water.

Some of these models are suited for deodorization, dechlorinating, hair loss prevention, skin beautification or removal of ions from the bathwater. Generally, a good water filter for the shower helps to soften hard water.  We will recommend the Aquasana AQ-4100 for any small-sized family with children and teenagers. These people have very sensitive skin that needs higher protection than mature skin. Also, it uses a two-stage filtration system of Coconut Shell Carbon and the KDF Copper/Zinc media. This shower accessory improves the aesthetic beauty of any modern bathroom because of the stylish design of its housing.

Additionally, our AquaHomeGroup AHG12S is ideal for homeowners with large family members. With the use of its 15-stage filtration technique, it is tough on impurities and ensures water clarity. It’s an ideal filter model for people that need consistent water flow and easy-to-install shower filters.

Apart from the mentioned models, we also reached out for other models from different reputed brands like Hotelspa, Propur, 3m Aqua-Pure, Royal Prestige, New Wave Enviro, Waterchef, Multipure, Waters Therapy Shower, Blu, Pelican, t3, Santevia, Raindrops, Body Vita, Nikken, Paragon, Ge, Winarrow, Waterpik, Dr. Mercola, Brita, Kent, Captain Eco, Jonathan Product, Omica Organics, Hahn, Miniwell, Sakaika, Mira`S, Zero Water, Jetery, Moen, Purepro, Sante, Triton, Carico, H20, CasaFlow, Kohler. No model from any of these made it to our final list since we followed a rigid selection process that allowed us only to list the deserving products.

Make your choice today and don’t forget to share your own experience with the ToiletsGuide team. Good luck!

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