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Best One Piece Toilets Reviewed: Low-Maintenance Toilets 101

As we all know, our civilization progressed way ahead of the Elizabethan era when people had indoor toilets with no running water and so they had to use clumps of hay or grass for cleaning themselves. We’ve seen how innovation and creativity drove societies towards better living conditions–from the stinky backyard pit latrines to the best one piece toilets available today. Just picture the scenario from a historian’s perspective!

However, trends of modern fashion and design tend to circle around one key trait — Minimalism. The minimalist design signature is ruling our life, even to the extent of daily used accessories for maintaining hygiene, for example — toilets, shower panels, bathtubs, and fixtures. The design of modern toilets evolved the same way and the latest trends include one-piece models.

In terms of its advantages, the one-piece toilet is way ahead of the ancient two-piece models that are fast waning in popularity. If you care about aesthetics, less space consumption, and less maintenance, a single piece model should find a place in your bathroom.

Today we’ve come up with a list of the best one piece toilets on the market, so you will no longer need to do the legwork. We will present a detailed review of each unit so you get the guidance if you want to replace your old toilet for something much better.

10 Best One Piece Toilets On the Market: Expert Reviews

01 WOODBRIDGE T-0018/B0735 (Top Choice)


The sleek and edgeless Woodbridge B0735 is remarkably affordable yet superbly classy. Its beautifully curved design is easy to clean and fits in any type of bathroom. This is one of those skirted models that utilize their designs for function al and aesthetic purposes.

Economical and fairly quiet flushing is due to B0735’s siphon flushing system, and it utilizes just 1.28 gallons per flush, 20% less than the norm. The toilet seat closes slowly, and stainless steel hinges allow for easy detachment and reattachment. Sadly, we were not that impressed with the seats themselves as they feel like flimsy plastic. We also wonder if the slow closing action would still work with a heavier and more durable seat.

This model also provides a 5-year warranty on the toilet itself while a 1-year warranty on the seat and flushing mechanism is provided. Installation can be quite difficult, especially when working in an enclosed area. Spending on having a professional do it for you will not be a pain, however, as this toilet is quite moderately priced given how stylish and economical it is.

We highly recommend this toilet if you want an elegant addition to your bathroom and if you want to save up on hundreds to thousands of gallons of water per year. This will add significantly to the global movement towards water conservation. This unit will ensure a combination of class and function ality all in one package.


  • Material: Porcelain
  • Size (in inches): 28.5 x 14.5 x 23.5
  • Gallons Per Flush: 1.28
  • Seat: Elongated
  • Flushing System: Siphon Flushing
  • Flush Location: Top
  • Certification: UPC, CSA
  • Warranty: 5 years on the toilet, 1 year on flush and seat


  • It uses very little water when flushing
  • It is easy to clean
  • The flush is quiet yet powerful
  • The toilet seat can be easily removed and attached
  • It is very cheap


  • Installation can be a bit difficult
  • The seat feels cheap

Our Verdict

What really sold us to this Woodbridge’s model is its aesthetic design and premium build quality with smooth and effective flushing system all coming at an attractive price point. The whole package is amazing value for money. No wonder why it’s the best one piece toilet on our list. It is almost maintenance-free with no clogs or leaks when you flush. This is definitely a very wise investment to make if you want to buy a new worry-free toilet for your home that will also save you money in the long run.

02 KOHLER 3810-96 Santa Rosa Biscuit (Also Great)

KOHLER 3810-96 Santa Rosa Biscuit

Beautifully crafted and highly function al the Santa Rosa 1 pc Toilet by Kohler is rather a low profile model but packs quite a punch when it comes to performance. It features a highly efficient gravity flush system that flushes and cleans at the same time. What’s even better is that it does all that using only 1.28 gallons per flush, no wonder why it received a high user ratings.

Another striking feature about the Kohler Santa Rosa is that it is available in seven different colors. Due to this, matching this toilet with your bathroom’s color scheme will no longer be a problem. This is also very easy to install a toilet, although many have commented that the seat and lid that comes with the package is of poorer quality when compared to others.

Sitting on the Kohler Santa Rosa is also quite comfortable, as it was designed to be at chair height. Adults can really appreciate this especially for those with problems sitting or standing up. It is also a bit longer, but that can be attributed to its elongated shape which is preferred by others.

The Kohler Santa Rosa is moderately priced, which makes it great for families on a budget. You can definitely save not only on installation costs but also on water bills as this is an amazing water saver as well. Take note, though, that the supply line is not included in the package, but that is a minor inconvenience considering the comfort and savings that this one piece closet can bring.


  • Material: China
  • Size (in inches): 31 x 20.8 x 29
  • Gallons Per Flush: 1.28
  • Seat: Elongated
  • Flushing System: Gravity Flush
  • Flush Location: Left
  • Certification: EPA WaterSense
  • Warranty: 1 year


  • It thoroughly rinses the bowl after every flush
  • It saves a lot of water when flushing
  • It is easy to install
  • It is comfortable to sit on
  • There are several colors to choose from


  • The toilet cover and seat are flimsy
  • The warranty is only for one year

Our Verdict

The K 3810 is comfortable to sit on and do your business in, and it has a powerful but very efficient flushing system. One great reason to buy this toilet is that you can easily match it with your bathroom, as there is an assortment of colors that you can choose from. It can also blend with any style, making it a toilet that can pretty much work, aesthetically, in any home.

03 Toto MS992CUMFG#01 Neorest (Advanced Choice)


We would have ranked the Toto MS992CUMFG, also known as the Neorest 700H, a bit higher on the list if it wasn’t so expensive. This model is definitely a novelty for some people, but it simply cannot be beaten when it comes to features that you can rarely find anywhere.

First and foremost, the lid opens and closes automatically. Flushing is also done automatically, and the Toto Neorest 700H is even smart enough to know which flushing mode to use. Exhaust fans are automatically opened to remove odors, and you can also use the automated cleaner and heater for that extremely pampered feel.

There are also a nightlight, a heated seat, and a remote control where you can customize settings round out this luxurious package.

The Neorest 700H is an amazing piece of appliance that blows everything else out of the water in terms of additional features, and those who want full packaged comfort and luxury, as well as those with disabilities and infirmities, can definitely benefit from this. The Neorest is also inconspicuous especially with the lid closed, and the SanaGloss coating on its ceramic surface also helps in keeping the bowl clean, making maintenance a little bit easier.

If you can afford the Toto model’s high price tag, then you should definitely go for this bidet integrated model. With today’s more futuristic approach to living, this toilet can definitely make things easier for you. It’s a great water saver, too, and at the very least you can enjoy amazing guests with your toilet that seems like it has a mind of its own like an AI.


  • Material: Ceramic
  • Size (in inches): 32.5 x 15.5 x 21.5
  • Gallons Per Flush: 0.8 to 1
  • Seat: Round
  • Flushing System: Cyclone flushing jet (automatic)
  • Flush Location: N/A
  • Certification: WaterSense
  • Warranty: 3 years for residential, 1 year for commercial


  • It has a nightlight
  • It has a built-in spray and dryer
  • SanaGloss keeps the surface cleaner
  • It has a heated seat
  • An exhaust fan is included to remove odors


  • It has a very high price point
  • The sensor can be a bit sensitive

Our Verdict

This western design model by Toto is probably the most expensive one that you will find on this list. Still, it offers features and extras that no one else can offer. It may be a bit much, but a certain niche can greatly appreciate the service that the Neorest 700H is capable of providing. This is the best one piece toilet for the old and frail, as well as for those who have the budget and who prefer full service and comfort from their choice of appliances.

04 Toto CT418FGNo.01 (Top Wall Hung Model)

Toto CT418FGNo.01

The Toto Aquia CT418FG  is a nifty little space-saver of a toilet as its bulk, namely the water tank, is embedded in the wall. This saves you about six to eight inches of space, and there is nothing touching the floor. This not only opens up your bathroom, but the surroundings are pretty easy to clean, as well.

Of course, the wall-hung arrangement has some caveats, too. For one, the height of this model may compromise the comfort for larger adults when using wall-hung toilers due to lower water levels. This will translate to weaker flushes as well as remnants in the bowl.

Additionally, this is beneficial to those who already have embedded tanks and are merely replacing the bowl as starting from scratch will cost you quite a bit of cash as well as a lot of effort in installation.

If done correctly, though, then you will surely benefit from the many advantages of having a top-class wall hung toilet. Aside from space, the Toto Aquia Wall-Hung Toilet also utilizes a little water when flushing, and you can choose which mode to use as well.

SanaGlass coating on the material of the toilet allows for easy cleaning, and it also prevents mold formation. The Toto Aquia Wall mounted model would fit small bathrooms thanks to its minimalist design.


  • Material: China
  • Size (in inches): 23.5 x 15.75 x 17.5
  • Gallons Per Flush: 0.9 to 1.6
  • Seat: Elongated
  • Flushing System: Gravity Flush
  • Flush Location: Wall
  • Certification: N/A
  • Warranty: 1 year


  • It is very space-saving
  • The SanaGloss coating helps it stay clean
  • Cleaning around the toilet is very easy
  • You can adjust the height upon installation
  • The unit is very cheap


  • Installation can be difficult
  • There have been complaints about low water levels

Our Verdict

When installed right, this wall-hung model saves a lot of space in your bathroom. It is very neat looking and you can really reach all the nooks and crannies of your crannies without obstructing water tanks and floor attachments. While you may need to buy separate systems if you want to build from scratch, this toilet will definitely be a welcome addition to a petite home where space is more highly valued than cash.

05 GALBA Small Toilet (Compact Choice)

GALBA Small Toilet

Another candidate for the space saver model is the Galba Small Toilet. It is suitable for those who have a small bathroom and would like to get as much clearance as they can. With the GALBA, that is very much attainable.

Measuring at 24.5 x 14 x 27 inches, the Galba can easily clear two to three inches off space either way. That also means that there are fewer surfaces to clean. On the other hand, the toilet itself is glazed which means that not only is cleaning a cinch, but it is also guaranteed to retain its color and be resistant to rust and scratches.

What’s also great about this toilet is that it comes with a higher quality lid and seat. The Galba has a durable soft closing lid and seat that is made up of hard plastic, as compared to others that provide more flimsy ones. This adds to the comfort of using this particular toilet, even when sitting down for long periods of time.

Of course, the smaller size or lowboy design means that larger people may have a harder time using it. Logic would also dictate that a smaller size would mean a lower price tag. However, this is not the case for the Galba model. Retailing at over 500 dollars, you may be put off by the price. Still, this is a great buy for those who are willing to spend a little extra just to keep a little more space back from a cramped bathroom.


  • Material: Ceramic
  • Size (in inches): 24.5 x 14 x 27
  • Gallons Per Flush: 0.8 to 1.6
  • Seat: Elongated
  • Flushing System: Vortex Spiral
  • Flush Location: Top
  • Certification: cUPC
  • Warranty: 1 year


  • It is great for small bathrooms
  • The toilet seat is more durable than most
  • It retains its color well
  • The flush is very powerful
  • The lid and the seat are soft closings


  • It is quite expensive for its size
  • Bigger adults may have a hard time using it

Our Verdict

The Galba compact toilet would look great in a small bathroom. It can make an excellent RV toilet as well. Every inch of space matters and you can certainly get a lot with this product. While not that recommended for larger people, this toilet makes it worth your money through its durability and powerful flushing capabilities, making this perfect in cramped apartments or smaller homes. It is also more comfortable to sit on than it looks, making this a good buy despite being a bit pricier for our tastes.

06 TOTO MS604114CEFG#01 UltraMax II


The Toto UltraMax II is a beautifully designed one-piece toilet that is designed not only with comfort in mind, but your convenience, as well. A large gap under the water tank allows you to clean those difficult to reach areas. It is also glazed to prevent sticking, so you can effortlessly clean messes without abrasives or harmful chemicals.

This Toto model has a powerful flushing system, and we’ve never had to flush twice. This is due to the powerful double cyclone flushing system and a big concealed trapway that ensures that all waste goes down on the first flush. This is done by using only an average of 1.28 gallons of water.

However, some have complained that the flushing and filling up the tank is a bit noisier than others. Still, this is a minor inconvenience unless you’re afraid of waking somebody up at night or if you don’t want others to be aware of your business in the bathroom.

When it comes to comfort, the UltraMax 2 has a height that is comfortable enough to sit in even for extended periods. The lid and seat are soft close, so you would not have any problems with noise in that department. A simple tap and these would close softly and quietly.


  • Material: Ceramic
  • Size (in inches): 35 x 33 x 23
  • Gallons Per Flush: 1.28
  • Seat: Elongated
  • Flushing System: Tornado flush
  • Flush Location: Right
  • Certification: ADA, WaterSense, CALGreen, CEC
  • Warranty: 1 year


  • There is less adherence of particles in the bowl
  • The shape allows ample space for cleaning
  • The height of the seat is perfect for regular adults
  • It flushes powerfully and efficiently
  • The trap way is larger than usual


  • It is a bit long
  • Flushing is a bit loud

Our Verdict

UltraMax II is an efficient system. With 1.28 GPF, it stands among the top low-flow toilet models and also has secured its place among the best one piece toilets you can get your hands on. Cleaning in and around the bowl is very convenient, and it is also very comfortable to sit on.

The additional length also serves its purpose, especially for males as they have more space for liquid waste. It flushes powerfully, albeit a bit louder than most, and flaunts a stylish look that can fit a classic or modern bathroom fairly well. All in all, it is a great purchase. Get this toilet if you want an easy-to-clean toilet that can easily complement the style and look of your bathroom.

07 American Standard 2004314.020

American Standard 2004314.020

The American Standard Champion 4 is a pretty basic model on the outside. Inside it houses some of the top-end features. Featuring a siphon action jet flushing system, this model promises that larger wastes will not be a problem. Many have even commented that this toilet is virtually clogged free, which makes this a must-have if you do not want messy cleanup and plunging on a regular basis.

A powerful flushing system as well as and Everclean surface keeps the toilet clean after every flush. When it comes to water consumption, an average of 1.6 gallons is consumed, which is pretty normal nowadays. The flushing and filling are a bit loud, but it is brief enough that you wouldn’t notice it by much.

The Champion 4 also allows for a comfortable sitting experience, but it is recommended that you replace the lid as many have reported dissatisfaction with its quality. You can pretty much splurge on this minor replacement as the Champion 4 comes at a pretty moderate price, considering that it comes from a very reputable brand.

The toilet is backed by a 10-year warranty, which is one of the longest guarantees that you can get. The warranty alone is enough for us to make us decide to get this model, simply because you are assured that you will have a toilet that can work and function as needed for a decade or even more.


  • Material: China
  • Size (in inches): 17.8 x 29.8 x 28.5
  • Gallons Per Flush: 1.6
  • Seat: Elongated
  • Flushing System: Siphon
  • Flush Location: Right
  • Certification: WaterSense
  • Warranty: 10 years


  • It flushes very well
  • It is easy to sit on
  • It does not clog
  • It includes a soft closing lid
  • It has a ten-year warranty


  • The seat is of poor quality
  • Flushing is loud but brief

Our Verdict

The Champion 4 by American Standard is a great compact toilet to purchase if you want a long term purchase as well as an investment that is well worth the money. No one can touch this product’s 10-year warranty, and it is virtually clogged free, so you can definitely enjoy years of satisfactory performance should you choose to purchase this product. It’s also available in three different colors so you can choose one matching your bathroom’s color scheme.

08 Woodbridge T-0020

Woodbridge T-0020

The Woodbridge T-0020 one-piece system carries a post-modern rectangular design signature by the famous brand. The very look of the system will take your bathroom years ahead of its time. With a dual flush system like that of a dual flush toilet, you can use either 1 to 1.6 gallons when flushing, making it one of the more water-efficient models around. The flushing system is good, and it is quieter than the other toilets that we have tested.

On the exterior, you might be a little uncomfortable in seeing a square toilet as you would be more familiar with round or elongated ones. However, sitting on it is quite comfortable, in fact. The seat hinges are made of stainless steel which makes it very durable, and the lid and seat are soft-closing and can be removed quite easily should you need to replace it.

The trapways are pretty easy to clean, and the shape of the toilet makes cleaning more convenient. However, our main concerns are the corners of the toilet, which look quite sharp and hard. This can be a problem, especially for those with toddlers running around.

The T-0020 one-piece model comes with a 5-year warranty on the toilet itself, with a 1-year warranty on the flush as well as on the lid and seat. It is certified by the UPC and CSA and meets ANSI standards. The price is pretty low, too, and it brings such a unique look to your bathroom due to its elegantly modern look that you can’t help but stare at and appreciate.


  • Material: China
  • Size (in inches): 29 x 15 x 28
  • Gallons Per Flush: 1 to 1.6 gallons
  • Seat: Square
  • Flushing System: Siphon Flushing
  • Flush Location: Top
  • Certification: UPC, CSA, WaterSense
  • Warranty: 5 years on the toilet, 1 year on flush and seat


  • It has a very modern design
  • The seat hinge is made of stainless steel
  • It is easy to install
  • The flush is quiet yet powerful
  • It is not that expensive


  • Some people may not be used to sitting on a square seat
  • The design can be a safety hazard

Our Verdict

The T-0020 one-piece toilet is appreciated for its unique looks, but it performs quite satisfactorily as well. Not only is this priced just right, but the 5-year warranty is also a great selling point. For these reasons, this modern one piece toilet is one of our favorites, especially because of its eye-catching design and next-level style. Just be careful on the edges of the toilet as hitting them will definitely hurt.

09 Nature’s Head Self Contained Composting Toilet

Nature's Head Self Contained Composting Toilet

Nature’s Head Self Contained Composting Toilet is your choice if you are an eco-warrior, or if you are someone that moves around in places without a built-in toilet such as cabins, RVs, or yachts. This model does not require any water, and waste can be collected and used for other purposes such as for compost or watering plants. In other cases, it can also serve as a temporary storage of waste until such time that it can be disposed of properly.

As is the main concern for portable toilets, Nature’s Head Composting Toilet does not smell if you use it correctly. You can opt to connect it to a power source or use a solar vent to air out any odors. It is also very light at less than 30 pounds, so you can carry it around wherever you go. Stainless steel construction ensures that it is heavy-duty enough for constant travel and rough terrain.

A common complaint about the Composting model is its price which is almost a thousand dollars. While a bucket can provide a similar output at a fraction of the cost, Nature’s Head Toilet definitely beats any other natural methods when it comes to storage and transport. Others have also complained about water and solid waste mixing. However, with careful aim, this issue can be easily mitigated.

Having a quality Composting Toilet around can really be beneficial for travelers and outdoorsmen. Not only can you relieve yourself any time you want, but you will also definitely have a lesser carbon footprint when compared to other conventional means.


  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Size (in inches): 22 x 20.5 x 21.7
  • Gallons Per Flush: N/A
  • Seat: Elongated
  • Flushing System: N/A
  • Flush Location: N/A
  • Certification: N/A
  • Warranty: 5 years


  • No water is needed
  • It is very eco-friendly
  • It does not let smells escape
  • It can be taken anywhere
  • It is very sturdy


  • The price is too high
  • Solid and liquid wastes may mix

Our Verdict

Nature’s Head brought us a fantastic eco-friendly choice when it comes to toilets. Use this when you are out camping, or where toilets are few and far between. You can even use the wastes collected for gardening, making this an ecological toilet that can provide you tons of convenience wherever you may be. If anything else, this beats going in a bucket or in the woods, and it helps in saving the environment in more ways than one.

10 TOTO MW6042044CUFG#01 WASHLET+ UltraMax II


The Toto Washlet+ UltraMax II is one of the pinnacles of luxury and comfort for one piece toilets. It provides pampering unlike any other due to the various features that make it deserving to be on this list.

Features for this toilet include a pre-mist function to make the bowl easier to clean, an automatic washer and deodorizer, and an automatic dryer. Settings can be customized based on preferences using wireless remote control. It’s like having a butler service your every need, and it does not stop there.

The UltraMax II also has a very efficient flushing system that utilizes only a gallon of water per flush. This will translate to great savings, and if you’re willing to spend over a thousand dollars for this toilet, you will not only be rewarded  with toilet convenience but with water savings as well.

While the unique shape of this Toto toilet model has a very unique look that provides it with an odd charm, some have complained that sitting on it can be a bit uncomfortable as the seat is angled a bit too sharply for their tastes. For the elderly, this can pose as a problem that cannot be compensated by the automated features that this model can provide.

For others, though, this is a wonderful toilet that provides tons of features that is technically at a decent enough price point considering that other toilets with automated features can and will cost a couple of thousand dollars more.


  • Material: China
  • Size (in inches): 28.3 x 16.3 x 28.8
  • Gallons Per Flush: 1
  • Seat: Elongated
  • Flushing System: Tornado Flush
  • Flush Location: Right
  • Certification: WaterSense
  • Warranty: 1 year


  • The pre-mist function s help in keeping waste from sticking to the bowl
  • It has an automatic water washing with temperature control
  • It has a built-in dryer and exhaust
  • It uses only 1 gallon of water per flush
  • Settings can be changed via wireless remote


  • Sitting on it can be a bit uncomfortable
  • The price can be a factor

Our Verdict

If you want an automated toilet that will not break the bank, then the Toto UltraMax II may be right for you. While still expensive when compared to regular toilets, other automated models can cost much more, and you will be paid off in the long run by its very water efficient flushing system. It’s also a great looking unit due to its unique design. At the very least, it can be an enjoyable addition for toilet users that want a little more pampering when doing their business.

One Piece Toilet Buying Guide for Beginners

One Piece Toilets buying guide

Like any other plumbing fixture, you must have basic idea on a flushing toilet before spending money on it. As such, certain metrics must be considered in order to determine which model suits you the most. Here are the factors that we considered for selecting model for our one piece toilet reviews.

1. Height & size

The height of the commode depends on your preference. If you are short, go for a low height model. The size depends on the size of the people who will be using it as much as on the size of your bathroom. Make sure that the unit you will buy is of the optimum height and size for the users.

2. Water consumption

Unlike dry toilets, the flushing ones use up a lot of water when getting rid of the waste. This is actually necessary to channel wastewater but can translate to additional costs when it comes to water bills. In order to become economical as well as eco-friendly, you should find a one-piece toilet that balances both of these factors out. Toilets that use one to two gallons are considered as highly efficient.

3. Elongated vs. round bowl

Men typically prefer elongated bowls for personal reasons. Still, it is a matter of personal taste depending on how comfortable you will be when sitting on it. Of course, take into consideration your current space as well since these two types of bowls will have different dimensions that, albeit differing only by a couple of inches, may affect your space allowances.

4. Flush system

A single unit toilet can either be gravity fed or pressure-assisted. Gravity-fed models rely on water fed from the top of the system while pressure-assisted flushing toilets tend to use air to force the water down when flushing. Gravity-fed models typically use up more water while pressure-assisted are noisier. The latter is also more expensive and may require more maintenance but savings in terms of water consumption should be considered as well.

All other types of flushing systems, like a dual cyclone, are derivatives of either of these two systems.

5. Compatibility with your bathroom

When it comes to compatibility, your one-piece toilet should fit your bathroom. Whether it be classical or contemporary, your toilet must go with the look and design of the other fixtures in there. They should be able to complete all equipment as well as the fixtures so that it would not stick out. A fitting model should blend into the surroundings when it comes to color and design. If you are a minimalist, you’d pick a one-piece from all different types of toilets. Also color plays a vital part in the aesthetic department. The dominating colors in this sector are cotton white, cream, paste, blue and black.

6. Comfort

Comfort is a very subjective term when it comes to seating. This is why toilet designs incorporate ‘comfort height’ seat levels. Different sizes and sitting styles ensures comfort for different users. The shape of the seat, the materials used, the design, and the facilities installed with technical tweaks collectively work together for providing amazing toilet times. Lastly, space considerations will also play a factor as bumping your knees on the wall or other objects in the bathroom will not translate to overall comfort.

7. Maintenance

Maintenance means cleaning and repairing. For toilets, they be easy to clean and resistant to stains or scratches. They should also be easy to take apart and repair if need be. Spare parts must be readily available and minor repairs and replacements must be doable on your own.

8. Material & build quality

Most one-piece toilets are made out of materials such as ceramic or China. Coatings are often added for increased durability, resistance, as well as to add anti-bacterial properties. The materials used as well as the build will determine how long your one-piece toilet will last, how long they will be able to retain their color, and how durable they would be.

9. Budget

1 piece toilets will cost a lot, and these are considered as investments that should last for decades. As such, consider price against quality and other features. It would be okay to shell out a couple of dollars more for a high-quality model as compared to saving on a cheap one that may break after just a couple of years.

One-Piece vs. Two-Piece Toilets

One-Piece vs. Two-Piece Toilets

Both one-piece and two-piece models work pretty much in the same way. Flushing mechanisms are similar, and one pc models are fast becoming at par with their counterparts when it comes to water consumption.

However, one-piece toilets gain the advantage on several fronts. They consume less space and are easier to clean. They are also easier to install, although two-piece toilets are easier to haul around. Two-piece toilets are less expensive than one-piece toilets, but not by much. When it comes to quality, however, they are pretty evenly matched.

With those being said, choosing between these two types is pretty much a matter of personal preference. There are lots of quality toilets out there, and all you need to do is find one that meets your expectations when it comes to performance and durability and would look great in the bathroom as well.

Final Words

With this, we’re at the end of our today’s top list of the best one piece toilets you can buy.

We tried our best to provide you with the most comprehensive reviews that we could do, and hopefully, you will be able to find the best one piece toilets that fit both your needs and budget.

Our personal favorites on this list were the Toto UltraMax II due to its wide range of features as well as the Woodbridge T-0020 due to its very unique look and appeal. All in all, though, we were very satisfied with all of the entries of the list and can recommend them all.

While we may disagree on some items on this list, we can agree that finding the best one piece toilets should be a priority as this is a long-term fixture in your home. As such, they should be comfortable, function al, easy to clean, and can serve you well for many years to come.

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