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Best Shower Chairs: Review with Definitive Guide (2021)

The human body has complex structures of bones and joints that form its skeleton. Usually, the level of synovial fluid that provides lubrication for these joints diminishes with age. When there’s low lubrication, the condition might trigger pain and immobility. Many elderly people often require assistance to walk, climb stairs, take a shower or perform regular daily tasks. However, shower chairs can give these senior citizens some level of independence at home.

My experience of working in a nursing facility brought the opportunity to assist seniors (individuals that are above 65 years) with shower chairs. This piece of furniture provides stability for seniors when they use wet bathroom floors. Normally, it’s difficult for seniors with mobility issues due to old age, injury, weak bone mass or chronic joint conditions to maintain their balance when they shower. So, it’s kind of imperative to consider shower stools when you live with such elderly people. However, if you can manage to buy the best shower chair out there, they’ll do more than just providing sitting aids.

In the following sections, I’ll guide you through the fundamentals of these medical tools before coming up with their top deals on the market. Let’s get started.

Top Rated Chair For the Shower: Comparison Chart

Pick NameThumbnailProduct NamePrice
Overall Top ChoiceNova Shower ChairNova Shower ChairCheck Price
Top Shower StoolDr Kay’s Adjustable Height StoolDr Kay’s Adjustable Height StoolCheck Price
Top Shower Transfer BenchCarousel Sliding Transfer BenchCarousel Sliding Transfer BenchCheck Price
Top Choice for ComfortPlatinum Health DeluxePlatinum Health DeluxeCheck Price
Top Corner BenchAquaTeak The Original Kai 15.5″ Corner BenchAquaTeak The Original Kai 15.5″ Corner BenchCheck Price
6thTop Wooden ChoiceTop Wooden ChoiceCheck Price
7thCarex Bath Seat And Shower ChairCarex Bath Seat And Shower ChairCheck Price
8thDrive Medical Plastic Tub Transfer BenchDrive Medical Plastic Tub Transfer BenchCheck Price
9thMoen DN7105 Transfer BenchMoen DN7105 Transfer BenchCheck Price
10thVive Shower Chair with BackVive Shower Chair with BackCheck Price
11thDuro-Med Tub Transfer BenchDuro-Med Tub Transfer BenchCheck Price
12thOasisSpace Shower ChairOasisSpace Shower ChairCheck Price
13thEssential Medical Supply Shower BenchEssential Medical Supply Shower BenchCheck Price
14thCarex Shower Chair FGB65100Carex Shower Chair FGB65100Check Price
15thVive Bariatric Tub Transfer BenchVive Bariatric Tub Transfer BenchCheck Price

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How did we pick these products?

The shower chairs under our review are top-of-the-line products. However, our team of physiotherapists chose ten of these top-rated products after some rigorous tests.

First, we did 30 hours of extensive online research to find out high quality 25 shower chairs with the highest number of positive consumer reviews.

Then we hired a group of volunteers who had valuable experience from working in nursing facilities. This set of aid workers and our team members ran a field-test session on each of our initially listed models. During the tests, we carefully monitored the following points:

  • Weight and portability
  • The strength and quality of build-material
  • Ergonomics
  • Adjustability
  • Usability

Based on the above points we narrowed our final list down to 10. Then we reached out to some of the celebrated plumbing engineers and leading industry experts of the country to get their valuable insights. They helped us rank the models of the final list according to certain categories which you’ll see in our list below.

Usually, the process of choosing quality products is painstaking because customers rely on our judgment before they spend their money. So, we did our homework, and we did it well. Now it’s your time to choose for yourself.

Best Shower Chair Reviews – Our Top 15 List

So, what is the best shower chair for elderly? Choose your one from the list below. Regardless of some minor flaws that we saw in our final list of top 15 models, they are unquestionably dealbreakers and the best rated models! Don’t forget that our team of furniture experts and physiotherapists left no stone unturned to select our top-of-the-line models. However, many of our preferred products have superior features and different prices. You will agree that high-end models cost more than regular products in the market.

The difference is because ours’ have more quality, features, and durability. Consequently, we are offering you products that will make your choice for a shower seat easy. It’s the reason for highlighting the specifications, pros, and cons respectively. Let’s share these features that make our shower seat models must-haves for the elderly and disabled people.

01 Nova Shower Chair (Overall Top Choice)

Nova Shower Chair

You can travel with this NOVA medical-grade chair because it’s adjustable, and made from lightweight materials. You’ll see four highly-functional, large suction cups under this bathroom aid. Also, users don’t have to worry about the tedious process of installation because it took our team less than ten minutes to set up this tool-free model. Let’s discuss other amazing features that make this product a must-have for nursing facilities, home-care, and hospitals.

Adjustable seat height: The knob that adjusts the height of NOVA shower seat was designed to make tall and short users comfortable. We also observed that as a user-friendly feature, the adjustable seat enhances the shower chair’s functionality.

Ease of installation: Any bath chair that doesn’t require much effort to set up is ideal for people with low mobility strength. This product was designed as a tool-free assembly chair. As we did, you’ll find it quick and easy ways to install this lightweight chair. We also installed it without tools in less than ten minutes. to couple the components, push and snap the buttons.

Durable and lightweight design: Normally, aluminum is used to make crafts because the metal has lightweight. NOVA uses high-quality materials like plastic made with blow molding for the seat, and aluminum frames that are resistant to rust. These building materials often ensure durability, and this model will not be an exception.

Ultra-safe and secure: Well-made bath chairs provide safety and security for users. As a medical-grade shower seat, this travel shower chair has a design of drainage holes that prevent any accumulation of bacteria from the residual bathwater. Also, the four anti-skid rubber tips at the base of this chair ensure even distribution of the user’s weight over a wide area.


  • Item’s Weight: 7 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Seat’s Material: Blow-molded plastic
  • Frame’s Material: Aluminum
  • Brand: NOVA


  • Large suction cups that are sturdy
  • Well-textured seats that have non-slip design
  • Precisely cut drain holes that promote hygiene
  • The seat doesn’t cause skin tear or irritation
  • It’s quick to install and easy to maintain


  • The height-adjustment slide and click buttons are not sturdy enough like bolts and nuts.

Final Verdict

This model is a complete package from NOVA as it comes with adjustable seats, backrest, and armrests that enhance the comfort of its users. It is quick and easy to assemble without special tools. Also, this bath chair can serve its owners for many years because it was designed with high-quality materials. After purchase, you’ll be impressed with the anodized aluminum frames, and water-resistant seat.

02 Dr Kay’s Adjustable Height Stool (Top Shower Stool)

Dr Kay's Adjustable Height Stool

With Dr. Kay’s Adjustable Bath Stool, the elderly can enjoy comfortable showering and maximum comfort. With the analysis of our comparison chart, this model was 2 inches higher than similar products. So, this adjustable and versatile stool fits the height of any user. These are some features that impressed us after testing Dr. Kay’s shower stool.

A Tool-free Assembly: Apart from the ease of installation, Dr. Kay’s shower stool doesn’t need any tools to adjust its screws. Also, the manufacturer makes it easy to set up every component of this shower stool by merely using your fingers.

Built-in Side Handles: Dr. Kay’s model is one of our well-designed stools with ergonomic handles. Its lightweight design allows for easy lifting and transportation. As every elderly user with mobility conditions deserve comfortable shower stools, these built-in side handles will enhance the stool’s ease of use.

Fits Small Bathrooms and Tubs: With a dimension of 17 x 10 x 12.5 inches and adjustable height, we didn’t have difficulties of using Dr. Kay’s shower stool in a small bathtub. Instead, this stool’s wide anti-slip platform provided maximum stability and a personalized fit while testing it in a small tub.

Adjustable Fit: The adjustability range of Dr. Kay’s shower stool is between 12.5 to 18.5 inches. Regardless of the height, we used during the test, this stool’s anti-slip plastic feet held our wet bathtub firmly.


  • Adjustable Height Range: 12.5 to 18.5 inches
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 250 lbs
  • Item’s Weight: 4 lbs
  • Frame’s Material: Anodized Aluminum
  • Brand: Dr. Kay’s


  • Commercially-tough anodized aluminum frame
  • Water-resistant plastic seats
  • Easy to assemble and uncouple
  • Space-saving design that makes it fit small bathrooms with ease
  • Anti-slip plastic suction feet that distribute weights evenly


  • The legs often fail (buckle) from when the stool holds more than 220kg weights

Final Verdict

One feature of Dr. Kay’s shower stool that both the elderly and physically-challenged people like is its adjustment range. Also, this lightweight stool is an amazing shower seat from advanced engineering. This senior shower chair is stable and strong for short or tall users. It comes with an anti-slip, perforated seat that has side handles, and aluminum frames. Still wondering about what is the best shower stool? Choose this one. Generally, the ergonomic design of Dr. Kay’s Adjustable Height Shower Stool makes it a must-have for seniors.

03 Carousel Sliding Transfer Bench (Top Shower Transfer Bench)

Carousel Sliding Transfer Bench

Do you need a transfer bench that offers effortless sliding and comes with a space-saving design for bathtubs? This premium padded swivel shower chair is designed for the elderly, and individuals with mobility challenges. Featuring easy-to-use pivoting armrests and a backrest that enhances lumbar support, this model is one of the best bath chairs for disabled adults. We were not surprised to experience optimum performance while testing this well-engineered transfer bench because Platinum Health is a reliable brand. Here is a list of the interesting features that you can expect from this amazing product.

Easy-to-use pivoting arms: This shower transfer bench’s pivoting armrests allow for a full 360-degree rotating. Without coming down from the bench, individuals with mobility conditions can be moved in and out of the tub. We conducted several tests to examine the swiftness of the robust armrests, and the carousel worked seamlessly.

Impressive design: These adjustable armrests are well padded, and they can be locked to prevent incidences of bathroom falls. The appearance of this transfer bench makes life easy with the psychological and physical support levels that we analyzed. Also, its well-thought design can reduce the potential fear factor of patients slipping off the molded polyurethane platform.

Space-saving design: Apart from our experience of seamless transfer and safe bathing of patients, we noticed a considerable amount of space while using this product in small bathrooms. Unlike standard fixed seats, the combination of swiveling seat and height adjustment features help this carousel to fit into small bathtubs.

Medical grade: Health workers like physiotherapists and orderlies in nursing homes prefer this sliding transfer bench to regular products. When asked for their reason, they said this Platinum Health model’s anti-slip pads provide warmth, and comfort to patients with mobility issues. So, this model of transfer bench is recommended by medical experts for the effortless sliding of patients into bathtubs.


  • Seat’s Material: Molded polyurethane
  • Item’s Weight: 20 lbs
  • Frame’s Material: Anodized Aluminum
  • Brand: Platinum Health


  • Well-padded seat, backrest, and armrests included
  • The polyurethane pads are soft and prevent skin tears
  • Efficient carousel system that supports the easy transfer of patients in and out of bathtubs
  • Uses a tool-free height adjustment feature that’s user-friendly
  • Its lock mechanism is an essential safety feature


  • It’s not a very portable model

Final Verdict

The Platinum Health transfer bench is a premium safety aid that hospitals and nursing homes caregivers enjoy using. I’ll recommend this sliding transfer bench for buyers that need space-saving models. As a medical-grade transfer bench, its polyurethane pad doesn’t retain bathwater or allow the growth of bacteria. Instead, it’s easy to disinfect after use and maintain to serve longer use.

04 Platinum Health Deluxe

Platinum Health Deluxe

A striking feature of this model is its stain-proof color of white and gray. While bathing, it’s very easy to clear soap lather and other stains that might stick onto the seat. This Platinum Health Group’s medical-grade bath chair comes with padded armrests, backrest, and seat. Let’s share other amazing features of this product that impressed us when we tested it.

Stain-Proof polyurethane pads: The Polyurethane padding on the armrests, seat, and backrest covers more surface areas of all Platinum Health Deluxe Shower Chair’s components. However, you’ll find it easy to clean because the material doesn’t retain water. Also, this soft surface prevents individuals with poor range of mobility from slipping off the chair’s surface.

Height adjustable seat: Apart from its maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs, our team of physiotherapists was pleased with the user-friendly adjustable seat. With the seat’s height adjustment knob, the user can enjoy more comfort and optimal safety.

Medical-Grade chair: Every health worker and caregivers at senior living facilities are quick to give positive reviews after using this shower chair model. We heard their impressive remarks on the high institutional quality of this chair’s aluminum frame. Scientific tests confirm that Aluminum is a robust, medical-grade material that resists rust. So, we are confident that the Platinum Health model is safe for patients in home-care and hospitals.

Padded armrests, backrest, and seats: The elderly and vulnerable people that use shower seats need comfort because of their fragile nature. So, it was wise to use soft pads that are warm-to-the-touch on the seat, armrest, and backrest. We don’t see the possibility of these Polyurethane pad materials causing skin infections.


  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Seat’s Material: Molded polyurethane
  • Frame’s Material: Anodized Aluminum
  • Brand: Platinum Health


  • Soft -padded seats with poor water-retaining capacity
  • Medical-grade model prevents skin infections and tears
  • User-friendly adjustable seat height knob
  • Stain-proof Polyurethane seat and armrest covers
  • Supports users with large weights or maximum of 300 lbs


  • Slender people are not often comfortable when they use its wide seats

Final Verdict

Do you need an ideal medical shower chair of 300 lbs capacity that fits hospitals, home care or senior living facilities? This Platinum Health seat model has skin-friendly polyurethane pads that reduce the risk of bathroom falls. Also, it has one of the most user-friendly height adjustment controls that allow the seamless transfer of users to and from wheelchairs. No wonder why we consider it as one of the best shower seats on our list.

05 AquaTeak The Original Kai 15.5″ Corner Bench

AquaTeak The Original Kai 15.5" Corner Bench

What strikes anyone that appreciates well-made chairs when they see this Aqua Teak small shower chair is its space-saving design. Also, the brown polished wooden material looks original with its pleasant appeal. With a dimension of 15.5 x 15.5 x 18 inches, The Original Kai Corner Teak Shower Bench can enhance bathrooms’ interior decoration,  and assist users. These are some features that made our team to include this wooden craft as one of our top picks.

High water resistance: Naturally, wooden materials have poor resistance to water but this handmade shower bench is an exception. Without going through rigorous quality tests, we left bathwater on the surface of the teak wood for over 20 minutes and there was no retention. So, it proves that this polished teak wood has a high quality.

Double layers: Assisted living demands optimum care and the use of bathroom aid that provide high functionality. While our volunteers sat on the corner shower seat’s pie platform, it was easy for them to take small bathroom accessories from the shelf. Also, the double-layer and space-saving design enable this handmade craft to fit even the smallest bathroom.

Enhanced stability: At the base of the four-legged corner shower bench are well-balanced feet that have rubber grips. These feet provide enhanced stability and are corrosion-resistant stainless steel hardware. During the test, we adjusted these rubber-gripping feet and they provided more stability for vulnerable users.

Superior design: I understand the feeling of buying high-end products, especially when they have been rated highly. We saw the positive reviews that came with the display of Aqua Teak’s corner shower seat on the pages of Architectural Digest Magazine.


  • Item’s Weight: 13.5 lbs
  • Seat’s Material: Teak Wood
  • Frame’s Material: Teak Wood
  • Brand: Aqua Teak


  • Original and polished teak wood
  • Space-saving design makes it fit tight bathrooms, and patios perfectly
  • Its aesthetic accent improves any interior decoration
  • Impressive ratings from the Architectural Digest Magazine
  • Extra layer for bathroom accessories


  • Moist surroundings often affect the quality of wooden shower stool

Final Verdict

Enjoy the convenience of using a shower bench that comes with a built-in shelf, and space-saving design. It fits outdoor use for relaxation, and indoor use of bathing respectively. This beautiful 15.5-inch teak corner shower seat might be water-resistant, but it needs to be kept in dry surroundings always.

06 The Original Asia Teak Shower Bench

The Original Asia Teak Shower Bench

This teak bench by Aqua Teak has its raw material sourced from Asia originally. As one of the renowned manufacturers of teak furniture, we have confidence in Aqua Teak products. However, this model doesn’t come with a built-in shelf. It’s difficult not to notice this traditional Asian teak bath bench in a bathroom or patio. Without boring you, let’s disclose the results from this shower bench’s test process.

Sustainable craftsmanship: Unlike other wooden benches with plywood design, this teak is sustainably-sourced. Also, the ancient traditional design of the bench’s slant platform is eye-catching. It shows that Aqua Teak’s craftsmen paid every attention to details during this shower bench’s production. For our team, the craftsmanship behind this product is unique because it’s a blend of modern design and the originality of Asian-sourced teak wood.

Versatility: Apart from being used as a bath bench, you can place this teak shower bench in the patio. Also, it can be used at the front of your fireplace, and by the poolside during recreation. However, some of the seniors that we used in testing this stool wished it came with a small backrest. So, the versatility of this bench’s design fits modern living for the elderly and disabled people.

Superior design: As a sophisticated handmade shower bench with superior design, Aqua Teak’s produced over 100 styles and shapes of this model. This concept attracted Architectural Digest Magazine, and our 18-Inch Asia Teak Shower Bench was featured in the prestigious tabloid.

High water resistance: Naturally, Asia teak wood is durable and eye-catching when it’s polished. The water resistance level of this piece of bathroom furniture is impressive. Every part of the wooden bench repelled the water we poured on it.


  • Item’s Width: 18 Inches
  • Item’s Weight: 20 lbs
  • Seat’s Material: Teak Wood
  • Frame’s Material: Teak Wood
  • Brand: Aqua Teak


  • Durable and solid teak wood
  • This wooden bench can serve both indoor or outdoor use
  • High water resistance
  • Stunning design of both Asian tradition and modern concept
  • Enjoys high ratings from Architectural Digest Magazine


  • It’s not a tool-free assembly, and a set of ‘Allen Keys’ is need for installation

Final Verdict

When beautiful designs complement superior craftsmanship, it produces a product that’s durable and well-made. It’s the way to describe this original Asian teak wooden shower bench. This well-designed shower bench brings versatility and stability for geriatric people that have low ranges of mobility. Also, the superior design of this craft has been published on the Architectural Digest Magazine. I’ll recommend this patio accent stool for old people that are sophisticated.

07 Carex Bath Seat And Shower Chair

Carex Bath Seat And Shower Chair

Have you had hips replacement surgery, or do you need support while bathing? Carex Health Brands unveil a special bath seat that has a maximum weight capacity of 400lbs. We tested this universal model and can confirm that it meets the requirement of medical-grade shower chairs. Also, it’s an ideal product for the elderly, handicap and persons recovering from injury. Let’s share some amazing features that this chair offers.

Comfort and stability: This model’s design ensures the backrest fits any shower or bathtubs and enhances stability. Unlike other medical-grade chairs we tested, this Carex model is a special type of bariatric shower chair. During the test, our team of physiotherapists doubled the weight of volunteers by asking them to sit in twos. It was amazing to see this handicap bath chair holding up a maximum weight of 400 lbs.

Universal bath seat: With its user-friendly height adjustable legs, you can extend the chair from between 16 to 21 inches conveniently. Usually, universal bath seats have side knobs for adjusting their seats, but this model uses an innovative design. Simply rotate the rounded knobs at the bottom of each leg in a clockwise direction, and the chair elevates. However, your risk of a bathroom fall is very high when you fail to keep each leg at the same level.

Extra wide seats: It seems the manufacturer’s intended this chair to hold more weight (400 lbs max), and designed it with extra-large seats accordingly. There’s no doubt that we enjoyed more comfort and stability than other models with regular seats.

Portability: Apart from the comfort and stability, we found this model of Carex universal Bath Chair easy to transport. It comes with built-in, ergonomically-designed side handles. They are attached to both sides of the plastic seats.


  • Weight Capacity: 400 lbs
  • Height Adjustability: 16 to 21 inches
  • Product Weight:9.0 lbs
  • Material: Plastic
  • Brand: Carex


  • Universal model provide high stability
  • Supports maximum weight capacity of 400 lbs
  • Built-in notch for holding handheld shower sprays
  • Space-saving design that makes it fit small bathtubs
  • Installation and maintenance are easy


  • Lack of armrests reduces stability levels for users

Final Verdict

The Carex Universal Shower seat supports a quick installation process. It means you’ll have the convenience of setting it up without special tools. We were fascinated by the innovative design of seat level and height adjustments. Also, the notch by its left-hand side is a great addition that helps to hold your shower head.

08 Drive Medical Plastic Tub Transfer Bench

Drive Medical Plastic Tub Transfer Bench

This transfer bench with plastic seats and the aluminum frame was designed by Drive Medical to assist persons with injuries and other forms of disabilities. Usually, we see handicap patients using wheelchairs, but don’t often remember that transfer benches can help them get into bathtubs. However, Drive Medical is known for innovations that improve life’s quality for the elderly, and disabled people. I’ll share some features that impressed me while testing the uniqueness of this product.

Height-adjustable legs: What fascinated our team of physiotherapists more while testing the adjustability of this bench was the exact incremental value of 0.5 inches. As the seat’s height is adjusted, it extends the dual-column legs respectively.

Reversible back support: This premium transfer bench for bathing has a reversible design that allows for the transfer of its user in and out of showers or bathtubs. This over the tub shower chair gives users high levels of stability and independence. We also tested this reversible design; it’s back support that allows the transfer bench to use either right or left tub entry.

Ease of installation: This is another transfer bench that’s supported by a tool-free assembly design. You’ll see a user-friendly pinch-free lever that releases some push pins when an adjustment is needed. These components don’t need special tools before you can enjoy the seamless bath installation as we experienced.

Extra safety: The impact of fatal bathroom falls might lead to paralysis or death. So, we tested the strength of the large, anti-slip suction cups that come with this Drive Medical model of transfer bench. They could hold up the wet base of bathtubs and floors of showers firmly. This is one of the safest shower chairs out there. You’ll also enjoy unparalleled stability when after purchasing this product.


  • Weight Capacity: 400 lbs
  • Product Weight: 10 lbs
  • Materials: Aluminum frames and Blow-molded plastic
  • Brand: Drive Medical


  • Height-adjustable legs
  • Reversible back support design
  • Transfers users from wheelchairs and bathtubs with ease
  • Extra-large suction cups
  • Doesn’t need special tools for installation


  • The four legs wobble with large weights because the chair doesn’t have built-in bolts and nuts

Final Verdict

The adjustable legs of this Drive Medical transfer bench offer customized comfort for the elderly and disabled people. Usually, patients with poor mobility conditions are scared of using shower seats with low-quality suction cups. However, you can lock the extra-large suction cups of this transfer bench model on the wet floors of bathrooms and bathtubs.

09 Moen DN7105 Transfer Bench

Moen DN7105 Transfer Bench

The Moen DN7105 model of transfer bench is ergonomically enhanced with loads of safety features. Also, this homecare transfer bench comes with an installation manual, back support, anti-slip surface, screws, and washers. With these components, Moen provides bathroom support for seniors in nursing facilities, and physically-challenged people. These are some interesting features that come with the Moen DN7105 model.

Easy to Install: It’s easy to set up this transfer bench by attaching its components, screws, and washers with a head screwdriver. Our team spent less than 15 minutes to put every part together. However, you might not get the needed stability from this product when the screws are loose.

Anti-slip Seat: Apart from the back support and leg system that provides stability, the non-slip seat is ultra-safe. At first, we didn’t understand the manufacturer’s choice of a white glacier finish. However, our test results show it’s an improved surface that prevents accidental slips and bathroom falls. It also enhances the interior décor of bathrooms.

Adjustable Design: It was easy for us to adjust the height of this transfer bench. We measured the height range, and it was between 16.5 inches and 21 inches. Also, users can install this transfer bench in either left-facing or right-facing orientations.

Extra-Weight Capacity: Usually, transfer benches of this size don’t have maximum weight capacities of 400 lbs. However, the Moen DN7105 has a unique style and supports a maximum weight of 400 lbs. We tested this weight capacity on a range of shower and tub floors; this transfer bench held up impressively.


  • Weight Capacity: 400 lbs
  • Product Weight: 15.8 lbs
  • Height Adjustability: 16.5 to 21 inches
  • Brand: Moen


  • Comes with a wide, and comfortable seat
  • A basket organizer for holding toiletries
  • Non-slip seat that prevents bathroom falls
  • covered with easy-to-clean, pure glacier coat
  • Sturdy backrest and handles for extra support


  • The short knob for height adjustment could slide the chair’s legs accidentally

Final Verdict

Do you need a reliable transfer bench that has a maximum weight capacity of 400 lbs? During showers, you can enjoy extra stability and support after purchasing this Moen DN7105 model of transfer bench. Its non-slip seat is adjustable and comfortable. Also, this transfer bench is ergonomically-enhanced with a white glacier coat that’s easy to clean.

10 Vive Shower Chair with Back

Vive Shower Chair with Back

For seniors and the elderly that can’t stand up for long in the bathroom, this VIVE bath chair model can assist them brilliantly. It has perforations on its Spa seat, and pads on both handles. These are the features that impressed us after testing the VIVE unit.

A Tool-free Assembly: Any shower chair that has specifications of a tool-free assembly is easy to install. This lightweight shower seat doesn’t need any tool to set it up within ten minutes. It was a seamless process while we installed the armrests, legs, and backrest before the product was tested.

Adjustable Seat: Adjusting the seat’s height was convenient because we could set it at any level between 14 to 19.5 inches. So, you are right to think that both tall and short users can enjoy stability on floors with uneven surfaces. Our team of bath aid experts also took off the backrest from the chair-body when they wanted to use it as a stool.

Comfortable Anti-Slip Seat: Usually, patients with paralysis or spinal stenosis often need models with dual armrests. However, VIVE added a non-slip material on the lightly-textured seat to reduce the risk of bathroom falls. Additionally, VIVE provided drainage holes on the non-slip seats to prevent the accumulation of pooled water.

Durability: The use of sturdy materials for constructing shower chairs ensures durability, safety, and security. While the legs of this chair are capped with anti-slip suction cups, the anodized aluminum frames maintain high resistance to corrosion.


  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Height Adjustability: 14 to 19.5 inches
  • Brand: VIVE


  • Padded handles for more comfort
  • User-friendly height adjustment knob
  • Sustainable stability on the surface of uneven floors
  • Adjustable legs that distribute the user’s weight evenly
  • Anti-skid, and corrosion-resistant materials


  • It doesn’t come with extra-large suction cups that have locking mechanisms

Final Verdict

Every user of bath chairs needs stability and safety to enjoy their respective product. VIVE seems to understand the basic user requirements of an adjustable shower seat. This construction is unique because it makes vulnerable users secure, and comfortable. However, the four suction cups don’t have knobs that lock them to bathtub floors firmly. They only have anti-skid tips, and distribute a maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs across uneven and even surfaces.

11 Duro-Med Tub Transfer Bench

Duro-Med Tub Transfer Bench

There are a number of stools for small showers, but Duro-Med Tub and Transfer Bench offers more. This product is a special sliding shower chair for injured and elderly persons that enjoy assisted living services. Let’s share some features that make it one of our well-designed transfer benches.

Extra safety components: Check the functions of each safety component before you buy. Bathroom falls or slips could either be fatal or non-fatal. However, either of these conditions arises from poor safety measures. The safety tests that we conducted showed the toughness of Duro-Med’s safety belt. While showering, this product uses its nylon strap to locks its user to the seat firmly. So, there’s a low risk of bathroom falls.

Ease of use: Usually, hospital aid workers and caregivers prefer sliding shower benches that are easy to use. The ease of use of shower tubs make their jobs easy and allows to transfer of patients from walkers or wheelchairs to bathtubs. During the test, it was easy for our team to use the sliding mechanism. Also, we hope that other users will not experience any physical strain when they use this product.

The tool-free assembly: Assembling and dismantling this model is seamless, and doesn’t require special tools. Simply follow all the instruction for installation. Being a tool-free assembly, we didn’t need any set of mounting hardware before installing this bathroom aid. Additionally, this product can be installed either with right-hand or left-hand orientation.

A Sturdy Construction: Other components improve its functionality. An easy-to-use metal handle, wand holder, and perineal access are made of anodized aluminum rust-resistant frames. These high-quality materials show the Duro-Med’s sturdy construction and durability.


  • Weight Capacity: 400 lbs
  • Overall Weight: 14.5 lbs
  • Height Adjustability: 19 to 23.5 inches
  • Brand: Duro-Med


  • Variable settings for adjusting the seat and legs’ height
  • Padded backrest that enhances comfort
  • Blow-molded plastic seat that promotes hygiene
  • Extra safety feature of nylon straps like seat belts
  • Sturdy components that enhance durability


  • A poor construction (plastic material) of the point of attachment for the aluminum frame and seat

Final Verdict

To avoid returning this product after purchase, buyers should ensure to use the transfer bench’s dimensions to plan for adequate space in their bathrooms. All parts of this transfer bench can e installed easily. Also, we believe that shower benches that are made from rust-proof aluminum frames and blow-molded plastic seats are durable. So, this Duro-Med sliding model will serve for a long time, and maintain its premium quality.

12 OasisSpace Shower Chair

OasisSpace Shower Chair

Are you a mom-to-be or an elderly person needing assisted living accessories that cost less? Then consider looking for a cheap shower chair that comes with a free grab bar. A grab bar is mounted on bathroom walls to support people with poor range of motion. Thankfully this impressive feature comes with OasisSpace Bathtub Stool which is also affordable. This bathtub stool model can bring a sense of security and peace of mind to its users.

Impressive design: This bathtub stool has an anti-skid seat with well-designed handles on both sides. We are impressed with the four angled legs because they distribute weight across large surface areas. While providing stability for users, this stool’s non-slip surface can prevent sliding or fatal bathroom falls.

Free gift of grab bar: After paying for this product, you’ll receive a grab bar (shower handle) as a complimentary gift from OasisSpace. This customer loyalty reward is easy to install on bathroom walls or bathtubs.

An extra protection: Medical-grade shower stools with extra safety features are dealbreakers. The extra protection comes from anti-skid rubber suction cups at the base of all four legs. However, the only flaw with the suction cups is that OasisSpace didn’t make extra-large sizes in this model.

Exceptional stability: Generally, OasisSpace makes healthcare aids that have exceptional stability and quality. You can’t expect their suction cups to fail even in wet conditions. Instead, pregnant women, seniors, and disabled people will enjoy high levels of security, and customized experience with this bath stool model.


  • Weight Capacity: 250 lbs
  • Height Adjustability: 14 to 19 inches
  • Brand: OasisSpace


  • 6 options of height adjustment/settings
  • Tool-free assembly that makes installation easy
  • Comes with the grab bar as a complimentary gift
  • Affordable


  • The four legs tend to buckle when they hold weights of 250 lbs.

Final Verdict

Do you want a shower stool is ergonomically-designed with small drain holes? This OasisSpace stool’s design prevents pooled water that may cause skin infections and damage to the stool itself. However, its suction cups can stand firm on flat surfaces, wet tiles, and fragile fiberglass floors. As one of the high-end bath stools, this OasisSpace model is a superb affordable choice.

13 Essential Medical Supply Shower Bench

Essential Medical Supply Shower Bench

You need a shower seat when you are recovering after a knee replacement surgery, or groaning from the pains of degenerative arthritis. We have simplified the process by bringing you this product from Essential Medical. Not all bath seats come with armrests, but we are happy with the functionality of the components of this high back shower chair model. Let’s share results from the material test we had on this model.

Padded and removable armrests: The arms of such ADA shower chairs make it very easy for people with disabilities or poor range of to get down into their bathtubs. Apart from the removable design of the arms, our team of health aid experts confirmed the pads to be very thick. So, seniors with problems of leg strength can get the comfort that they desire when they use the armrests of this chair. Also, we saw how Essential Medical used a vertical design of padded a sturdy armrests to provide stability and security for the users.

Removable back: What’s a shower chair without back support? The back support of this model can be removed when you don’t need to use it. It is the compactness of the sturdy aluminum frame behind this backrest that gives users high levels of lumbar support. Also, they can adjust the height (16 to 20 inches) of the aluminum frame, and padded armrests in increments of 1 inch.

The sturdy construction: Usually, the strength of any shower chairs is tied to the quality of its materials. This one from Essential Medical Supply has anodized Aluminum frames that don’t corrode, and fine-textured seat that holds a maximum weight of 300 lbs.

The tool-free assembly: It’s often easy for us to assemble any model that come with a tool-free assembly specification. This product from Essential Medical didn’t take more than 5 minutes to assemble. You’ll not need any tools to set up or adjust the height level too.


  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Height Adjustability: 16 to 20 inches
  • Seat Dimension: 13 x 16 inches
  • Brand: Essential Medical


  • Medical grade build with drain holes
  • Poor water-retention capacity that promotes hygiene
  • Removable backrest that transforms this chair into a stool with armrests
  • Anodized aluminum frame with high resistance to corrosion
  • Height adjustment in increments of 1 inch


  • The absence of bolts and nuts make this chair’s legs buckle when they hold weights of 250 lbs

Final Verdict

Shower chairs with removable back supports are often useful, but this model form Essential Medical has high functionality. This waterproof shower chair comes with large-texturized seats (13 x 16 inches), anti-rust aluminum frames, and padded armrests. Also, the seat has drain holes to prevents pooled water and accumulation of bacteria. Usually, small chairs are not designed to hold large weights, but this product has a sturdy construction that holds a maximum of 300 lbs.

14 Carex Shower Chair FGB65100

Carex Shower Chair FGB65100

The Carex FGB65100 model is easy to install, and it’s a reliable model for individuals that face high fall-risk. However, our team of experts was not impressed with the absence of armrests for proper lumbar support. Well, the advantage of being a tool-free assembly model will make its installation easy. Also, we like the suction cups at the base of this medical-grade bathtub seat’s legs. Let’s share some other features that found worth mentioning.

Portable and Lightweight: Generally, lightweight shower chairs can be lifted with a single arm. It was easy to lift a couple of these mobile shower chairs from the retail shop to the nursing facility where we tested them. Additionally, I shouldn’t forget to inform you that this Carex chair has ergonomically designed backrest and grab ports for easy transportation.

Safe for Use: Safety is a prominent desire for the elderly and vulnerable users of these chairs. With the high rate of non-fatal and fatal bathroom falls, manufacturers are serious with increasing the safety features. With this ultra-safe Carex model, we saw how the manufacturer used a special design of adjustable angled legs to distribute the user’s weight over a large surface area. This safety feature is a high selling point for this shower seat.

Durability: Durability depends on the building and joining materials. There is a generous use of high grade anodized aluminum in the non-plastic component of this chair. Scientific studies show that heavy-duty anodized corrosive-resistant aluminum is a metal with high tensile strength. So, we were not surprised that the Carex model could hold a maximum weight of 350lbs. Additionally, the high-quality aluminum frames and non-skid, fiber chair of this product will serve long use.

Medical Grade: This adjustable model is a medical-grade of bathroom aid with small holes in the seat that improves the hygiene of users. After five minutes of bathing with this chair, we were impressed by how the holes drained residual water. It’s a design that reduces any risk of slipping or retaining soap lather that promotes bacteria. Also, the wide anti-bacterial polyethylene seat is very dense and has special contour designs.


  • Weight: 5.46 lbs
  • Dimension: 18” x 20.5” x 13.5”
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 350 lbs
  • Seat’s Material: Polyethylene
  • Frame’s Material: Anti-corrosive Aluminum
  • Brand: Carex


  • Adjustable height
  • Lightweight aluminum build
  • Anti-slip feet ensuring safety
  • Tool free assembly


  • The screws might loosen occasionally if not tightly bolted

Final Verdict

What you get for the price you pay for the product is satisfactory. That’s why we put it on our list. It packs all the standard features. We liked how stable it felt when taking heavy weights. The build materials are corrosion-free, so it should last longer than you expect.

15 Vive Bariatric Tub Transfer Bench

Vive Bariatric Tub Transfer Bench

This Adjustable Handicap Heavy Duty Shower Chair by VIVE is a superb bathroom aid for the elderly and people with physical disabilities. Let’s share some amazing features that you’ll enjoy after purchasing this product.

Hygienically safe: Being a medical-grade transfer bench with little drain holes, disabled persons and seniors will not suffer skin infections and disorders when they use this product. Our tests show that residual bathwater doesn’t accumulate on the platform of this transfer bench. So, there’s no chance of soap lather forming molds or bacteria on any parts of this product after use.

Quick and easy assembly: Most regular bathroom accessibility aids are not easy to install, but this high-end transfer bench has been pre-assembled partially. Unlike the other medical transfer benches we reviewed, this VIVE model has more ease of installation. It took our team less than ten minutes to set up the remaining components. Also, we expect the installation process to be quicker for DIY enthusiasts.

Enhanced stability: During the test, two components of this adjustable Bariatric transfer bench that amazed us. The built-in anti-slip feet and adjustable height of the legs components are perfect for this heavy-duty bath transfer bench. They enhance the stability of users that have poor leg strength. Also, the push pins that control this bench’s height adjustment feature are very responsive.

Reversible design: Regardless of the outline of any bathroom, we are confident the compatibility with this long transfer bench’s reversible design. The backrest and armrest are reversible; they can be installed with either right or left-hand orientation. This feature brings the ease of access for the transfer bench into any bathtub or shower.


  • Width of Bench: 30.5 inches
  • Materials: Plastic seats and Aluminum frames
  • Brand: VIVE


  • Reversible design that supports either left or right-hand orientations
  • Ultra-safe molded-plastic seat
  • 30 precision-cut drainage holes that promote hygiene
  • Non-skid rubber suction feet that prevent bathroom falls
  •  Pre-assembled components that comes with an easy-to-read instruction manual


  • The absence of a carousel or swivel seat reduces its functionality

Final Verdict

This adjustable transfer bench for handicaps, injured persons, the elderly, and patients that have fresh from surgical theatres. With this bathroom access aid, users can get in and out of any tub or shower safely. You don’t have to worry about the standard of this product. It’s a medical-grade transfer bench with 30 drain holes that promote hygiene.

Best Shower Chair : A Complete Buying Guide

chair for the shower

There are hundreds of models for sale, but we only listed the best shower chairs in terms of price to quality ratio. While testing our listed bathroom seat models, our team noticed some of them offered unique features. So, buyers that need high-quality seats must consider these basic features.

1. Type

Every brand tries to introduce a unique design that can accommodate different body types. These are a few types currently available on the market.

  • Standard Chair

The standard chair for bathing is a stool with two armrests and a backrest for convenience. Usually, a standard chair has pads on the areas that support the user’s limbs and backbone. You can choose between wall mounted shower seats or moveable standard chairs and sliding or non-sliding chairs. However, the high-end models of standard chairs are lightweight and have anti-slip materials over their frames. These types are ideal for people with mobility problems.

  • Transfer Bench

A transfer bench is an extended version of a standard shower chair, but it comes with an armrest, a wide/long seat, and a backrest. It’s an ideal bathroom aid for handicap or elderly persons that use wheelchairs. Usually, the height of a transfer shower chair from the ground ranges between 17 – 19 inches. With this mobility device, patients can move out and into the tub with ease. Many high-quality transfer benches come with folding shower seats and have multiple holes to drain residual bathwater and soap lather. Ideally, transfer benches are built with aluminum frames to prevent corrosion. However, buyers should know the dimension of their shower area before buying any transfer bench model.

  • Shower Stool

The shower stool has a simple design without arm and back supports for users. They fit any size of bathroom bathtubs and steam showers readily. Usually, stools have small holes (self-draining seat) that prevent pooling, and adjustable legs to make users comfortable.

2. Construction & quality

An important feature to consider before buying shower seats is the quality of the construction. A compact model should be lightweight, but it should have sturdy frames, anti-slip body, and legs. These features ensure that most well-made seats can guarantee the safety of their users. Also, their seats should be roomy to allow for convenient use, and self-draining to prevent the growth of molds and bacteria.

3. Weight capacity

All shower seats are not designed to handle the same weight as users. Usually, the risk of sliding is high when people use models that can’t accommodate their weights in wet conditions. The ideal weight benchmark of these seats is between 250 to  400 lbs. With this range, you wouldn’t have to worry about changing the seat even when your weight increases.

4. Back & armrests support

The armrests of bath chairs provide lumbar support, and their backrests give balance to the neck and waist of users. Without these features, it would be very difficult for users with limited movement to use a seat for bathing. Unlike the stools, the seats with armrests and back support give the elderly high levels of comfort, stability, and support.

5. Portability

Generally, shower chairs that are not mounted on bathroom walls are portable. Many models of these special chairs come with foldable legs and frames. The frames of their interior legs often allow for easy stacking and adjustments. Also, you’ll see the weight limit on the body or instruction manual of every product. Using shower stools or chairs that are not suitable for your weight might increase the risk of bathroom falls.

6. Seat, compartments, and legs

Generally, most of the shower seat models that we reviewed had crack-proof seats, and leg frames that are resistant to stains or corrosion. Normally, wet hands or floors increase the chances of going off-balance. These legs, handles, and seats of premium shower chairs have special (non-slippery) textures that reduce the risk of bathroom falls. However, some legs are mounted with large suction cups for more stability on wet bath floor or tubs. Also, transfer benches are compartmentalized to ease the transport of disabled users to and from bathrooms. It’s this seat compartment that gives them extra assistance.

7. Installation

The installation process might not be easy for the elderly or physically-challenged people. It’s better to buy a pre-assembled models when you are not sure of getting any assistance for installation. However, most premium brands of bathroom seats for the elderly come with easy-to-understand installation manual.

8. Ease of use

The shower seat is designed to assist individuals with mobility or physical disability problems when they need to shower. Except when they are confined to wheelchairs, these chairs offer ease of use during bathing to be independent of the caregiver. Usually, these types are collapsible or wall-mounted so that users can use them with ease.

9. Safety

Bath seats, benches, and stools are often designed with anti-slip materials to enhance the user’s stability. Normally, the bathroom is a wet place and lather from soaps often increases the risk of tripping down accidentally. So, shower chairs are designed with comfortable grip handles, and legs to withstand any wet condition. This safety feature shouldn’t be ignored when you want to buy any models.

10. Budget

The ideal shower seat should not cut a hole in your pocket. Ideally, a lightweight shower seat that can be adjusted and lifted with ease come with a lower price point. You’ll get a decent wall-mounted model for between $50-150. However, customized seats are more expensive than regular models, and they are above $250. If you want to save some money by applying DIY methods to make your own shower bench, you can do that too.

Why Buy a Shower Chair

The practice of using of light-carriage shower chair is as old as the 19th century. At that time, there was much difference between a transfer bench and the bath chair. Early designs of these medical aids have three wheels like the tricycle. While being used by disabled persons, the inventor of bath chairs (James Heath) improved the design with a steering device.

Chairs made for bathrooms are safe seats that are designed as benches and stools. They help to transfer elderly and disabled people with mobility problems from their wheelchairs into bathtubs. Also, these chairs prevent the risk of falling on the shower floor or tub. It’s not enough to place a non-slip mat on the floor when the user can’t stand upright. So, a quality stool for the elderly can provide both balance, and anti-slip support when they take their bath. Apart from the risk of injury, bathroom falls often lead to sudden death. The use of a shower stall for vulnerable people is something that you cannot do without, so investment in accessories like shower seats, stools, and shower benches is inevitable.

Models that we reviewed had different designs and styles of mounting. For elderly homeowners with walk-in shower panels,  wall-mounted models are ideal. People who can’t stand for too long find the foldable shower seats or bath benches very effective. Also, we have posture support chairs with full transfer systems that can handle all bodyweights.

Do you know that high-quality shower seats for the elderly might improve the quality of their lives? Our team of experts includes administrators of nursing facilities, and they recommend the use of well-designed models with perforations. It’s these holes that prevent the growth of bacteria (Serratia marcescens) on damp show chairs.

We have tested the models that ensure easy transfer of patients from wheelchairs. Another medical benefit of using this product is the range of mobility improvement. People living with physical disabilities or joint conditions will feel more empowered by using wheel-driven bath chairs.

Who are these products for?

Usually, patients with joint, back or bone injury find difficulty in standing alone when they use the bathroom. A shower seat is an ideal support for disabled adults and elderly people. Generally, these safety aids bring many benefits to people of all ages (excepts kids) that might need support in the shower. Regardless of the bodyweight, you will see well-designed shower seats that are convenient for use. Here’s a list of people that might need this support.

  • Seniors that are in nursing facilities, and are suffering the effects of old age
  • Patients that are recovering from back injuries or living with joint pain
  • Patients that are suffering from weak bone mass, broken legs, bones or damaged joints
  • Athletes that are in casts, or use crutches
  • People that have permanent disabilities, especially with their limbs

However, we advise homeowners to remodel their bathrooms when they have shower chair users living with them. With a little modification to the wall and floor tiles, the shower seat user can attain more stability when there’s a chance of sliding off the tub or bathroom’s floor.

Safety tips for seniors and handicapped

Generally, shower seats and transfer benches provide support and stability for vulnerable people that practice assisted lifestyles. The user must ensure proper safety tips regardless of the product manufacturer’s claims of safety and ease of use. These few tips will guide any user, including a handicapped person, when they take their shower.

  • There are different shower chairs for the elderly. Read comprehensive reviews that show you how to get the top deals. Consider the user’s weight limit and the dimension of the bathroom’s outline too. Also, handicappers have various levels of physical challenges. So, it’s proper to decide whether a transfer bench with swivel seats or sliding mechanism will have more functionality.
  • When you use shower chairs in bathrooms alone, the addition of rails and grab bars to bathroom walls can give you more protection. These extra bath aids help to reduce the risk of fatal bathroom falls. In promoting hygiene, it’s proper to clean the seat with vinegar and water after use. This cleaning solution will inhibit the formation of Serratia marcescens bacteria too.
  • Don’t purchase a bath chair, stool or a transfer bench that is not designed with drain holes. Apart from draining residual bathwater from the surface of this equipment, the holes prevent moisture. Usually, its moisture from damp bathrooms that promote the growth of bacteria and molds on bath chairs. When these microorganisms fester, they can cause serious skin infections.
  • A soft polyurethane seat, padded armrests, and backrests will reduce the risk of skin tear. These components also enhance the comfort of elderly folks and mobile challenged people. To avoid strains on the body while bathing, set the seat, armrest, backrest, and aluminum frame to a suitable level before getting into the bathtub.
  • Avoid slippery surfaces even when you use bath chairs that have anti-skid bottoms. You can dry your body with a towel, and the bathroom floor with a long-handled mop stick. Remember to use bath chairs with fine-textured seats because they have poor water-retaining features.

Final Words

We did our homework so that you can choose your deal fast, provided that you go through our reviews thoroughly. We might not have a single favorite chair for the shower for everyone, but we know how choices can vary from person to person. However, we are confident that the research conducted by our team of health aid experts will help you substantially.

Regardless of their designs and brand, we have presented top-end products suitable for post-surgery patients, injured persons, the elderly, people with special needs, and moms-to-be. The Carousel Sliding Transfer Bench with Swivel Seat from Platinum Health is a premium option because of its space-saving design and technology. With this ergonomically enhanced transfer bench, any wheelchair-bound person with the worst mobility condition can find extra support and stability.

Also, seniors with slight effects of aging on their joints and muscles can be benefited by the Shower Chair with Backrest by VIVE. As a medical-grade product, it’s the best shower chair for seniors in hospitals,home-care, and nursing facilities.

We don’t intend to confuse our audience; the list of products in these reviews are not in a particular order of quality. Our recommendations for these products are backed by the results obtained from a series of rigorous field tests that were conducted over several weeks. Additionally, these 15 products have between four to five-star ratings on popular online retail shops. We hope to read your positive reviews and confirm the results of our tests after using any of these shower chairs.

During the painstaking research of finding the best models for you, we noticed that no product from many reputed brands like Flamingo, Shower Buddy, Columbia, Invacare, Freedom Showers, Charli Chair, RAZ, ActiveAid, Mobb, Lumex, Arjo, DMI, JUVO, Care Quip, KosmoCare, AquaSense, Equate, Otter, Ezee Life, Etac, Kcare, and more could make it to our final list. These brands manufacture high-quality products but failed to live up to our benchmark due to the strict selection process we followed.

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Elizabeth started her career as an interior design artist at a multinational interior design farm. She completed her masters degree from the University of North Texas back in 2010. She was also a Spelling Bee runner-up when she was 14. She took interest in bathroom interior designing after joining her first job. Later she started her own firm as an independent artist. She’s been one of the founding members of Toiletsguide. She examines the design and ergonomics of the units we review and directs the interior decoration team of our in-house research facility. Elizabeth plays piano masterfully and always finds time to entertain us in between our busy schedules.

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