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10 Best LED Shower Heads: Top Picks Reviewed

When my wife and I wanted to buy a new shower head for the first time we moved into our new house, she was excited about the idea of getting an LED shower head. However, I was concerned as I didn’t know much about these products back then. I was also skeptical about the reliability of a device that handled electricity and water (a good conductor) simultaneously.

Luckily, I found out that most of the shower heads with LEDs were operated by running water! So, there was no danger in that regard. This amazing fixture is commonly engineered with water turbine technology where the rotation creates electricity that powers the LEDs. If you get one with a temperature sensor, the lights will change according to the heat levels. That’s a smart thing that I always loved about this amazing bathing accessory.

We bought the one rated as one of the best LED shower heads on the market, and after years of use, we still enjoy its useful features e.g. massage mode, rain mode, and water temperature reader. I strongly recommend you to read the fundamentals of this bathroom fixture discussed in the following paragraphs before you buy one. Let’s get started with this detailed led shower head review!

10 Best LED Shower Heads Ranked and Reviewed

01 DreamSpa All Chrome Water LED (Editor’s Choice)

DreamSpa All Chrome Water LED

We chose the DreamSpa All Chrome model as the overall top color-changing LED showerheads on the market. It features 5 different light settings and designed both for wall-mounting and handheld use.

Depending on the water temperature, the color of the LED lights changes. It varies from blue to flashing red for very hot water. The light color changes automatically.

A great feature is that it does not require batteries. It is operated by the running water. It has 5 settings. Those include the Power Rain mode, Hydro-Mist option, Pulsating Massage feature, Economy Rain mode, and Water-Saving mode.

The Dreamspa model measures four inches in diameter. It is designed for comfortable use. It is also an angle-adjustable model. The hose is made from stainless steel making it durable and the flexibility is second to none.

Similarly, the installation process is very easy. You don’t need any special tools. It takes only 2 or 3 minutes for installation.

The manufacturer offers a 1-year limited warranty that covers factory, material, and workmanship defects, as well as malfunction within 1 year of use.

Now, let’s tell you more about the colors and the way they change. There are four different color gradations. Those include blue, which is activated by running water under 95F, green, activated by running water from 95 to 108F, red from 109 to 122F, and finally flashing red which is activated by running water that is too hot, i.e. over 122F.

We chose this product as our top pick because of its high-quality building materials, including chrome and stainless steel, its wall mounting options, 5 separate setting options. This illuminated shower head can produce 4 different LED light colors.

What do you get in the package? You get the main unit (with built-in LED lights with hose), the adjustable bracket, the warranty, and the User’s Manual.


  • 6 x 9 x 4 inches
  • 1.45 pounds
  • 4-inch head diameter
  • 5 water settings
  • 4 color modes
  • 1-year warranty
  • 2.5 GPM flow rate.


  • Batteries are not required for this product
  • There are 4 different color options according to the water temperature
  • There are 5 water running modes, including the massage mode
  • It is made from durable materials


  • Some users have reported that the model makes sounds after some time

Final Verdict

This product is peculiar for 4 color modes (three colors and a flashing mode), as well as 5 different water flow modes. You can also benefit from the massage option. It is affordable, durable, and reliable. It can be mounted to a wall or can be used hand-held. The installation process is very easy and you get the full package, including a 1-year warranty. We just can’t recommend this one more!

02 Luminex by Powerspa (Also Great)

Luminex by Powerspa

This model features 24 water-flow pattern settings! It features 7 different colors and the air jet turbo massage feature.

The colors change automatically. They’re not related to the water temperature, but they change every few seconds. The batteries are not required. The LED colors are activated by running water provided by your shower panel.

The peculiarities of this product include the hydro LED turbines, jet design, and 24 different water settings. The diameter measures 4 inches. We found that the hose was made from stainless steel. The pressure boost nozzle feature ensures a comfortable showering experience.

Moreover, you can use each showerhead separately or combined. Both are easy to install and the angles are adjustable. Also, you can use one of them for wall-mounted and hand-held maneuvering.

The hose that comes with it measures 5 feet. You’ll get a 1-year limited warranty from the manufacturer.

What do you get in the package? You get the main unit, a hand sprayer, a 5-ft long hose, a 3-way diverter, a warranty, and the manual. Let’s see the full specs, pros, and cons list for this illuminated shower head.


  • 1.5 pounds
  • 24 settings
  • 5-feet long hose
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • 2.5 GPM flow rate
  • 6 x 9 x 4 inches
  • 7 colors


  • There are 24 different water settings
  • The package includes 2 showerheads
  • It features 7 different vibrant colors
  • It can be both wall-mounted and hand-held


  • Even though the head is made from stainless steel and chrome, the body is made from plastic

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a budget model that comes with many options and lots of different colors that change automatically, at an affordable price, Luminex by PowerSpa is the right choice for you.  It is easy to install and can be used both as a wall-mounted and hand-held.

03 LED Shower Head by Pission (Top Handheld Choice)

LED Shower Head by Pission

This product by PISSION is one of their best-selling shower heads. It is a fun and attractive fixture with 7 different bright colors. Colors change automatically, every few seconds. The transitions are smooth, so you can see them blend one into another.

Moreover, it has two water settings. You don’t need any batteries, nor wiring. The installation is a piece of cake. You don’t need any tools.

In addition, this handheld showerhead does not make annoying noises, we found it quiet even after heavy use. This is a great solution if you are having trouble with making your kids taking a bath. We bet they will adore this one with vibrant lights!

The manufacturer provided a 1-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the product.

It is made from ABS. It is a type of high quality, engineering plastics. The finished surface has plating. It weighs 10.4 ounces.


  • 10.4 ounces
  • 10.2 x 4.4 x 3 inches
  • 7 different colors
  • 2 water settings
  • 20-mm shower


  • It does not require batteries, nor wiring
  • Seven different colors blend one into another
  • Fits most standard installations
  • Easy to install and use


  • It comes without the hose

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a quality and fun shower head that is easy to install, try the PISSION LED with 7 different colors. It is a durable unit made from ABS. The only drawback is the fact that you will have to buy the hose separately.

04 CNASA LED Shower Head (Bang for the Buck)

CNASA LED Shower Head

This showerhead by CNASA is truly peculiar in so many ways. First of all, if you take a look at its style, colors, materials, and general appearance, it is unique on the market.

Moreover, it has some high-tech features that cannot be seen in its peers. Namely, the stem of this shower head is see-through and it contains Anion beads. Why is this important? Anion beads add some negative ions to your water, make it better for your hair and skin, and also neutralize the negative effects of water chlorination. Moreover, this model saves water by regulating the pressure and water flow.

In addition, it offers three different colors. Interestingly, the colors do not change automatically every few seconds, but they are activated by the water temperature.

If your water is cooler than 86°F, the light becomes blue. If it varies between 87.5°F and 102.2°F, a green light indicates that the water is warm. If the water becomes hot, i.e. between 104°F and 122°F, you will see red light.

Another positive feature is this model comes with a very long wand. We all know that short hoses are annoying and often break or get damaged as we try to pull them. You will not experience such problems with this one. The hose is 1.5 meters long! In addition, it operates on running water, not on batteries. Therefore, it is also safe.

Both installation and dismantling are very simple. You can install this showerhead in minutes. Similarly, you can easily set it apart in order to clean it.

This is a durable product made from engineering plastic, i.e. ABS. In addition, it is a versatile and flexible fixture in the sense that you can use it mounting on the wall or holding in hand.


  • 15.5 ounces
  • 2 GPM water flow rate
  • 1.5 m extension length
  • 7.9 x 2 x 1.6 inches


  • It contains Anion beads that improve water quality
  • The hose is 150 cm long
  • There are 3 colors activated by the water temperature
  • It is operated by running water, no batteries
  • The product is easy to install and dismantle


  • Its style might not fit every bathroom in terms of aesthetics

Final Verdict

This unique model by CNASA is peculiar for Anion beads, a 1.5-m long hose, and colors that change according to the water temperature. If you want to enjoy a spa-like experience, with high-quality water, this is the right choice for you.

05 Yoo.Mee Magic Led Thermometer Showerhead

Yoo.Mee Magic Led Thermometer Showerhead

This showerhead by Yoo Mee is a unique product when it comes to accessories that come with it and the thermometer that helps you adjust the water temperature precisely.

Namely, this high-tech model displays the Fahrenheit temperature accurately, which indicates you whether you should decrease the temperature or increase it, depending on your age and health condition.

Moreover, this amazing fixture comes with so many accessories. You will get the LCD screen attached to the fixture itself, the 79-inch hose, shower bracket, two filters, a Teflon tape, and the Manual.

This showerhead has versatile settings, so it is suitable for kids, adults, and pets. You can opt for the jet water settings or the rain mode.

It comes with a 12-month warranty. The LED lights are powered by the running water, so you don’t need any batteries. There are 3 colors, blue, green, and red. In addition, there is a flashing red LED light that is activated if the water is too hot.

It is made from antibacterial resin. Its chrome plated finish makes it an attractive, classy, and luxurious product.


  • 9.6 x 2.1 x 1.7 inches
  • 1.1 pounds
  • 6 parts in the package
  • 79-inch hose
  • 3 different colors


  • This showerhead incorporates many high-tech features
  • It comes with an integrated LED display
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty


  • The body is made of plastic

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a high-tech shower head, we strongly recommend this model by Yoo Mee. It comes with an integrated LCD display that shows water temperature degrees. Moreover, 3 colors are showing the water temperature, making your showering experience more comfortable.

06 Hotelspa 3 Colors Led Hand Shower

Hotelspa 3 Colors Led Hand Shower

This LED light shower head with 3 colors that change according to the temperature is equipped with a display that shows the exact water temperature. It is a high-tech product, with large, 4.25-inch model.

The colors include blue, green, and red, as well as the flashing red color that warns you of too hot water. You can follow the exact water temperature on the LCD display.

This handheld model can also be mounted to a wall. It does not need batteries. It is operated by running water, Moreover, there are 5 different settings of water running modes. Those are the pulsating massage mode, power rain, water-saving mode, pause mode, and the hydrating mist option.

Also, you will benefit from the rub-clean jets. The angle of the is adjustable. You will also get the overhead bracket. The package includes the hose as well. The hose is made from stainless steel.

The installation is easy. You don’t need any special tools, nor equipment. This product comes with a limited 1-year warranty. It covers workmanship defects, as well as a malfunction with the first 12 months of use.


  • 1.5 pounds
  • 4.25-inch head
  • 3 colors
  • 6 x 9 x 4 inches
  • 2.5 GPM
  • 1-year warranty


  • The exact water temperature is shown on the display
  • Three different colors inform you of the water temperature
  • Flashing red LED lights warn you of very hot water
  • Easy to install
  • 5 water running modes


  • Some users report that the switch used to turn the showerhead is somewhat stiff

Final Verdict

If you are keen on LED light color showerheads with LCD displays that show the exact water temperature, we strongly recommend this product by HotelSpa. It can be used both as hand-held and wall-mounted.

07 DreamSpa AquaFan Rainfall LED ShowerHead

DreamSpa AquaFan Rainfall LED ShowerHead

This LED colored shower head is powered by running water. You don’t need batteries. In addition, it has a built-in temperature sensor. The temperature is displayed on the LCD display.

Moreover, the display changes color depending on the temperature. For example, your LCD display will be blue if the water temperature is below 95F, it will be green if it is between 95 and 108F, and red if it is between 109 and 122F. In addition, the display flashes in red light if the water temperature reaches or is above 122F.

It allows the rub-clean jet feature. You will enjoy the power rainfall mode as well. An attractive feature is its size. This showerhead is shaped as a plate. It measures 12 inches! You will enjoy your spa-like shower experience.

The finish material is chrome. This is an elegant, durable model that is easy to install. You don’t need any special tools. The installation lasts only several minutes. It comes with a 1-year limited warranty.


  • 1.25 pounds
  • 10 x 10 x 5 inches
  • 3 colors
  • 12-inch shower head
  • 1-year warranty
  • 2.5 GPM


  • It has a very large shower head
  • The LCD display is combined with LED lights
  • It offers the rub-clean jet mode
  • It is easy to install


  • It is a bit more expensive than the average shower head price on the market

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a high-end showerhead with an LCD display and LED lights, as well as a chrome finish for an elegant impression and added value for your showerhead, this model by DreamSpa is the right choice for you.

There are 3 different color codes that respond to the water temperature. You can easily check the water temperature on the screen and adjust it accordingly. If you are looking for an easy-to-use product, DreamSpa can provide the best LED shower heads for you.

08 LightInTheBox Rainfall LED Shower Head

LightInTheBox Rainfall LED Shower Head

This is one of the coolest and aesthetically pleasing LED showerheads on the market. It is worthy of its name – “rainfall”. You will have a feeling that you are under the sky, experiencing a rainfall on your skin, and its 20-inch square-shape makes that happen easy!

It will provide an unforgettable showering experience thanks to several water spray modes and colors that change according to the water temperature. This is a ceiling-mounted showerhead.

The installation is easy and effortless. In addition, the facets of this showerhead are manufactured with a minimal amount of lead. The material of this shower head is stainless steel. Therefore, it is a durable product.

The faucets are resistant to high temperatures. The body is also abrasion-resistant, rustproof, and scratch-proof. Let’s see the full pros, cons, and specification list.


  • 19.4 pounds
  • 23 x 5 x 23.4 inches
  • 20-inch shower head


  • This is large
  • Three colors change depending on the temperature
  • This is an elegant and attractive
  • It is made from stainless steel


  • Some users reported that this model is a bit noisy

Final Verdict

This ceiling-mounted 20-inch showerhead is a great fixture by LightInTheBox. It is one of the most beautiful models on the market. It features three different colors activated by the water temperature change.

We strongly recommend it if you want to add glamour to your bathroom with bright and beautiful LED lighting. This particular model is one of the best-selling light in the box models.

09 Ana Bath LSS5430CCP

Ana Bath LSS5430CCP

Ana Bath is a reputable bathroom accessory brand. Its showerhead model LSS5430CCP is designed with blue LED light and 5 different water function s. This model can be used both as a handheld or wall-mounted fixture.

Experts appreciate this shower head as it has brass ball joints. Also, the connectors are made from brass. It is chrome-plated.

This Ana Bath Handheld Combo measures 4 inches and features a set of dual shower heads. Therefore, it is not smaller than the regular, standard models. The nozzles are designed with anti-clog technology. They’re easy to maintain and clean.

The color feature does not require batteries. It is operated by running water. In addition, one of the strongest features of this fixture is the self-clean option.

Its five water settings include bubbling spray, massage spray, rain spray, bubbling, and massage, and mix spray. The angles are adjustable. The hose comes with two connectors. It is 60 inches long. The product comes with a 3-way diverter.


  • 2.75 pounds
  • 7.6 x 3.9 x 11.8 inches
  • 4 inches
  • 5 options
  • 60-inch hose
  • 1 color


  • It comes with a self-clean option
  • This shower head has 5 water running modes
  • It comes with a 3-way diverter


  • There is only one color (blue)

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a LED light shower head, but you are not keen on color changes, this is the perfect product for you. It features only one color – blue. As it is a disadvantage for some users, it is an advantage for the others. In addition, it comes with a 6-inch long hose and a 3-way diverter.

10 Hiendure Stainless Steel Rain Shower Head

Hiendure Stainless Steel Rain Shower Head

This beautiful rectangular shower head by Hiendure is made from 304 grade stainless steel. It is a durable, rustproof product. Moreover, it measures 12 inches but houses 196 nozzles offering a spot on shower experience.

This 3 color LED Backlit model is aesthetically pleasing and takes showering experience to the next level. The colors change according to the water temperature. There are three different colors, red, green, and blue.

Blue color shows the temperature between 0 and 30 degrees Centigrade. Green shows the lukewarm water between 31 and 41 degrees Centigrade. Red color shows temperature between 41 and 50 degrees Centigrade, while red flashing light is activated by running water with a temperature between 51 and 100 degrees Centigrade.

When comes to thickness, it’s an uletra thin design. The large model that must be mounted to a ceiling or a wall.The finish material is brushed bronze.

It also comes with a limited lifetime warranty by the manufacturer. Let’s see the full specs, pros, and cons list for this beautiful rain shower head.


  • 3.55 pounds
  • 13.1? x 12.6? x 2.8?
  • 12-inch shower head
  • 3 different colors


  • It is aesthetically pleasing and large
  • It can be mounted to a ceiling or a wall
  • It features three different colors
  • Colors change according to the temperature
  • This showerhead is made from stainless steel


  • International shipping is limited
  • Shower arm does not come with the package

Final Verdict

We found the feature that makes it mountable on a wall or a ceiling is a positive one. It measures 12 inches and is rectangular in shape. It is made from stainless steel. If you are looking for a quality and good-looking shower head with 3 different colors that are activated depending on the water temperature, we recommend the Hiendure Rain model.

Why use LED shower heads?

You might wonder: “Why should I buy an LED shower head and how does it work?” Many people believe that these are designed only for fun. That’s not true! There are many reasons people fall for this fancy fixture.

One of them is definitely the fun part. Isn’t it great to enjoy a colorful shower with bright light spewing out of water in your private space? We think it is! However, you should use a color-changing LED model if you want to make your kids love showering. Also, it will ensure their safety if you are trying to teach them how to take a shower by themselves. Namely, kids will easily remember that they should enter the shower only when the lights are green. This increases their safety.

The most useful feature of this thing is the temperature indicator. You can learn the exact water temperature without touching it even when you are using a top-notch steam shower. This feature increases both your safety and comfort level.

Also, colorful lights have a mood-altering property that you can’t deny. This should have a positive psychological effect on your mind every time you are using it. A cool shower headlight can fill you with energy at the beginning of your day.

In addition, light-emitting shower heads are useful in cases when your electricity goes off. Even though these LED lights are usually not strong enough to illuminate the whole bathroom, they will provide a significant amount of light required for you to complete your bath in a safe and comfortable way.

Moreover, if you want to get a classy look for your bathroom, colorful lights always help. You can enjoy a cozy atmosphere created by the lights.

However, there are some drawbacks to this concept as well. First of all, the leading showerhead manufacturers still don’t produce integrated LED models. Secondly, these fixtures are sensitive to hard water and usually start making noise after a build-up of lime in the inside.

Therefore, we strongly recommend you to stay with us and learn more about the advanced models of the market.

LED Shower Head Buying Guide: Things to Look For

LED Shower Head Buying Guide

We want you to pay attention to the following points to consider when buying. These are also the factors that helped us pick the top-of-the-line models.

1. Durability & Material

Durability is one of the crucial factors to analyze when buying any bathroom accessory, especially shower fixtures, fittings, and the likes. This is also true when it comes to LED showerheads as well.

One of the things that will tell you a lot about durability is the material of the product. Namely, it must be heat-resistant, durable, and rust-proof materials.

We strongly recommend the models that are made from stainless-steel or ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), one kind of thermoplastic polymer. However, stainless steel should always be your choice No. 1. ABS is a kind of material that stands for an engineering plastic that is our choice No. 2.

2. Power source

The power source is another important feature to keep in mind. Why? Simply, you don’t want to mess with changing the batteries all the time and you want to increase your safety to the highest possible level.

Therefore, we strongly recommend you to always pick water-operated models. They are safe, easy to use, and free-of-charge.

3. Installation

Ease of installation is usually a concern when it comes to bathroom fixtures. However, most of the LED light shower heads on the market come with tool-free installation requirements. But make sure your shower room planning has been done before the installation.

Look for a model that is easy to install and dismantle as you will probably have to clean your showerhead once in a while (especially if you are dealing with hard water). You can also install a shower filter before installing the shower head.

4. LED light function s

There’s nothing complicated about how a LED shower head works. Namely, some models are designed only to deliver a light show, i.e. the colors change every few seconds.

Other, more advanced and usually more expensive models combine water temperature with colors. For example, blue color denotes cold water, green color shows when the water temperature is optimal for a human, or a child, or a pet, while red color shows hot water. Most models have the red color flashing mode to show when the water temperature reaches critical, i.e. a very hot level.

5. Spray patterns

Different models of shower head offer different spray patterns and you can easily control an adjustable showerhead. What does this imply? This means that more advanced models offer 3, 5, or more water running modes. Those usually include the rain mode, massage spray mode, strong spray mode, gentle spray mode, combination models or intermittent pulse mode, intensive rain mode, spray jets, water-saving mode, etc.

It is always good to have several different options to choose from. You should choose a WaterSense labeled model that can spray different patterns as per your demand and save water simultaneously.

6. Bathroom décor

Before choosing your model you should think of your bathroom interior decoration.

Some units are square-shaped, others are circular-shaped, while most of them are the standard 4-inch. Choose the appropriate shape and size with respect to the size and design of your shower and bathroom.

7. Warranty

Warranty always plays an important role when buying a product. A warranty usually shows the level of quality expected by the manufacturer itself. If a product has absolutely no warranty, stay away from it.

The average warranty for LED showerheads is 1 year. This is a relatively good warranty offer, but if you find one with bigger warranty coverage, buy that one without a doubt.

8. Price

We are all used to the idea that more expensive items last longer. Also, we think that high price guarantees quality. However, it is not always the case. Remember that large and well-known brands still don’t have a production line of LED showerheads. Therefore, don’t fall into the trap of overpaying for average quality. On the other hand, don’t buy a cheap one, as you can never expect quality from it. Balancing the quality and price ratio is always important.

LED Showerhead Installation Guide

Installing a showerhead used to be difficult in the past. Luckily, most manufacturers design very simple connections today. You usually don’t need special tools. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Prepare a wrench, steel wool, cleaning cloth, Teflon tape, and O-ring rubber
  2. Remove the old fitting
  3. Clean the base threads of the old shower attachment place with steel wool and cleaning cloth
  4. Wrap the cleaned threads with Teflon tape
  5. Install the O-ring rubber to prevent leakage
  6. Install the new main unit
  7. Tighten the connections with a wrench
  8. Make leakage tests

Final Words

Finally, we hope you are satisfied with our guide on buying the best LED shower head for your needs. We have tried to discuss all the important aspects of analyzing, choosing, installing, and using these interesting shower heads.

Don’t forget that there are many good products on the market, and some may carry equally great exclusive features. That means that there are different winners in different categories.

For us, we picked the DreamSpa All Chrome Water LED as the overall top model. It houses pretty much everything that an ideal LED showerhead product should have.

We recommend the CNASA model as the top budget choice for its amazing price and quality ratio. It is also one of the most innovative and unique models coming at a surprisingly low price point.

PISSION’s PSH-A3 model turned out to be our choice for handheld use. It is designed ergonomically to ensure a quality shower time with the superb raining light output.

Much to our surprise, we noticed that no model from reputed brands like Moen, Hotel Spa, Miomare, Glacier Bay, Delta, Kohler, Home2O, ELLO&ALLO couldn’t earn a spot on our final list. These products aren’t bad but they failed to match our benchmark since we conform to a rigid selection process. They would surely make it to the final if we ever make a top 25/30 list.

We hope that this comprehensive guide will help you fight your dilemmas and issues before making a buying decision.

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