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12 Science-Backed Steam Shower Benefits for Improved Health & Well-Being

Steam Shower Benefits

For centuries, steam has been an essential part of many treatments. For example, inhaling scented steam is a common practice to relieve nose congestion and other respiratory diseases.

Taking a warm steam shower generates many health benefits. It helps improve the appearance of your skin, accelerate blood circulation, prevent certain diseases and improve your mood. A high-quality steam shower is all you need to face a new day with renewed energy.

Installing a steam shower at home is always a good idea. The money you invest in it can’t be compared to the large amount of benefits you and your family will enjoy over the long haul. Also, taking regular steam showers can help you stay healthy and free from diseases.

If you want to know more about steam shower benefits, this is certainly your lucky day. Today we’ll show you all the pros of taking a regular steam shower.

Steam Shower Benefits & How Do Steam Showers Work?

How Do Steam Showers Work

A steam shower is a closed space, where steam is injected through special nozzles embedded in the wall. All the main functions of the steam shower are controlled with a touch panel. From there, the user can adjust the temperature, steam flow and control other additional features like ambient music and lighting.

The steam generator uses a hot coil to boil the water. Then, the generated steam travels through copper pipes and is expelled through the nozzles.

Steam showers use wet steam, while saunas use dry steam. However, that isn’t the only difference between steam shower and sauna. Steam showers can be used as a conventional shower.

Steam showers considerably reduce water consumption. A 10-minute session of warm steam only consumes 1 gallon of water. On the other hand, a conventional shower would consume 25 gallons of water or more during that same time period. So, steam showers are eco-friendly and help you save money.

Steam Shower Benefits : 12 Health Benefits of Steam Shower

Health Benefits of Steam Shower

1. Improves blood circulation

When the body is exposed to the high temperature of steam, the blood vessels dilate. When this happens, a greater blood flow travels through them, transporting a higher concentration of oxygen to organs and tissues. During this process, tissue regeneration is accelerated.

2. Strenuous exercise recovery

The metabolic waste resulting from a demanding exercise routine usually accumulates in our muscles. That’s the cause of recurrent pain and fatigue. Steam showers help eliminate these waste substances, draining these toxins through the blood to your body’s natural filters.

To achieve this, it’s recommended to immerse the body in cold water for a minute and then apply steam during the following minute. Repeat this procedure several times to drain as many toxins as possible.

Acceleration of blood pressure also helps relieve pain in joints and muscles.

3. Lowers blood pressure

Usually, blood pressure increases when the cross-sectional area of ​​veins and arteries is insufficient for a massive blood flow. As said before, when your body is exposed to warm steam, the blood vessels dilate. That means their cross-sectional area increased, lowering pressure levels.

4. Accelerates pulsations

Steam showers help increase the overall performance of your cardiovascular system, accelerating heart pulsations. They also help increase your oxygen intake because the lungs’ air passages expand.

5. Accelerates your metabolism

The increase in heart beat accelerates metabolic functions. This means your body will burn more calories and digestion will be much faster. The result is an accelerated weight loss. So, if diets and exercises aren’t enough for you, you should include recurring hot steam sessions in your health routine.

6. Stiffness and joint pain

Stiffness and joint pain is usually associated with excessive muscle tension in the surrounding areas. Hot steam helps reduce tension, relieving pain. What’s more, steam makes cartilages more flexible, helping to prevent possible injuries during training.

7. Skin care

Hot steam helps open the pores of the skin. When the pores are open, it’s easier to remove the accumulated dirt and grease residues. When steam is combined with essential oils, it helps soften the skin.

A steam shower is an excellent treatment option to prevent shaving irritation. Twenty minutes of hot steam per week is all your skin needs to look radiant and free from imperfections.

8. Detoxifies your body

The increase in body temperature stimulates sweating. During this process, the body releases water, electrolytes and toxins. Toxins are polluting substances that accumulate in the blood. If they aren’t expelled from the body, they can cause serious health problems.

9. Helps to cure colds

When you have a cold, your body generates more mucus to catch the viruses and bacteria that try to take control of your body. And that’s the main reason of nasal congestion. A steam shower scented with eucalyptus oil can help you expel the accumulated mucus.

10. Sound sleep

Commonly, steam showers are recommended as a treatment for insomnia and other similar diseases. A shower of warm steam before bed will certainly help you sleep better. In addition, it will help you to forget about the harmful sleeping pills.

In addition, hot steam will help expand your lungs’ air passages, reducing the unbearable sound of your snoring.

11. Reduces stress levels

Usually, high levels of stress are associated with muscle tension. Therefore, when muscles relax due to the effect of steam, stress levels lower. Less stress in your life means peace of mind, increased concentration and better mood.

12. Increases you home’s overall value

The popularity of steam showers is increasing and home owners seem more interested than ever in these amenities. So, installing one in your bathroom increases the attractiveness and overall value of your property.

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As you can see, steam shower benefits are many that drives people to build their own if they can’t afford one. They help you to soften and rejuvenate your skin, relieve pain, reduce stress levels and prevent other diseases. In addition, they turn your bathroom into a spa and increase the monetary value of your property.

Steam showers are friendly to the environment, consuming only 40% of the water compared to a conventional shower.

However, it isn’t recommended to use them too often because they could seriously affect your health. Also, the more the time you use them, the higher your electricity bills will be. So, if you have one of these at home, be cautious and use it sparingly.


Q. 1: Are steam showers good for your lungs?

A. Yes. Steam showers help you decongest your air passages, loosening up the accumulated mucus.

Q. 2: Do steam showers help you lose weight?

A. Yes. Steam showers speed up metabolism, helping to burn calories and fat faster. However, using steam showers isn’t a replacement for exercise.

Q. 3: How many times can we take a steam bath in a week?

A. There’s no golden rule that determines the frequency of taking steam baths. However, a total of 1-3 sessions per week are recommended to avoid dehydration.

Q. 4: Is it OK to use the steam room every day?

A. Certainly, using a steam shower every day brings many health benefits. However, it isn’t recommended to spend more than 15 minutes per session due to the risk of dehydration.

What’s more, sharing your steam shower with someone else could cause the transmission of germs. Some pathogens are heat resistant and may proliferate in the humid environment of a steam shower.

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