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10 Best Acrylic Bathtubs: Adding Style & Comfort in Your Shower

Acrylic bathtubs are commonly used in so many US homes today for good reason. These tubs are made from vacuum-molded acrylic sheets that’re reinforced with fiberglass.

Acrylic is cheaper, lighter, and easier to repair than other materials used in manufacturing tubs. It can also be molded into any shape or size and manufactured in a wide variety of colors.

With so many different styles to choose from, how will you find the best acrylic bathtub? We’re here to help! We shortlisted today’s most popular units and carefully reviewed them with our volunteers.

See which acrylic tub please your eyes and suits your budget.

10 of the Best Acrylic Bathtubs Reviewed

01 Empava 67 inch EMPV-FT1518 (Top Choice)

Empava 67 inch EMPV-FT1518

We placed it on top of our choice list for a number of reasons. First, the very classic yet ergonomic design of the tub simply change the interior of your bathroom.

Apart from the physical appeal, you will get a serene, noiseless and nourishing experience from the FT1518 model by Empava. It’s stylish yet majestic and in a sense, brilliantly designed to shroud you with an all-encompassing sensation, thanks to its 77 inches depth.

What’s more, the ergonomic shape of the unit will easily hold your body, so you can enjoy the experience in solitude keeping the world locked out of your bathroom. In terms of quality and cost balance, it turns out to be an awesome bang for the buck.

When testing in a simulated bathroom setting, we were amazed that it could be installed in almost any place. Empava uses 100% white polished acrylic (never any paint) fortified with fiberglass in its body to guarantee that the coating is steady all through and never fades or loses its brightness even after a long period of time.

Made of acrylic and insulated with fiberglass that guarantees solidness, it offers enough room for two individuals to fit in snugly. It can effectively capacitate 58.11 gallons of water.

The waterproof surface that is simple to clean, should be considered a great feature we know harmful bacteria thrive on wet surfaces. We found an overflow drain in the right place of the unit that keeps the water from spilling out of it in the event that you forget to switch it off.

The adjustable metal feet underneath the unit promises better cleaning as you have space to reach all the area. It meets all the ASME code norms for quality checks.


  • 89 pounds weight
  • 66.9 x 31.5 x 26.8 inches dimension
  • White color
  • Fiberglass material
  • 2 handles
  • 58.11 gallons capacity
  • 77 inches deep


  • Easy to clean
  • Has a capacity of 58.11 gallons
  • Has an anti-bacterial surface for fast cleaning
  • Reinforced with fiberglass
  • Has adjustable feet that adds to its steadiness


  • Quite expensive


Despite the fact that it is not the least expensive alternative out there, considering the tough, sturdy build, excellent structure, ergonomic and stylish design, it is safe to recommend it. If you have the budget, this should be an ideal choice as you will get both look and efficiency in one package.

02 KINGSTON BRASS VTDE603122R (Top Choice for Alcoves)


Having a solid acrylic construction and a smooth external finishing, this bathtub from Kingston Brass is phenomenal for alcove installation. It is a 60-inch model, placing it precisely at 5 feet wide bathroom with the right length should offer a totally incredible visual.

This amazing drop-in model comes with a plastic cover. Its 2-4 millimeter acrylic thick surface keeps the water hot for a long time just like a hot tub.

Although acrylic is not as hard as compound materials, it is hard enough to do the job as long as you are not dropping bowling balls in there. Additionally, both left and right water drain models are available, depending on how you need to set things up, choose one.

If you are looking for an anteroom tub, have a look at this one before jumping to other models. It is slightly bigger than 60 x 30 models but should be a nice fit for most homes, and can enhance the look of the restroom if installed right.

This nice white acrylic drop in bathtub has a storage capacity of 64 gallons of water which is enough for a long satisfying shower. There is also a limited 10-year warranty.


  • 95 pounds weight
  • 60 x 31 x 22.5 inches dimensions
  • Color: White
  • 60 or more gallons capacity
  • Alcove tub with apron
  • 60 inches to 65 inches length


  • Large capacity
  • Acrylic structure
  • Standard dimensions
  • Gorgeous design
  • Has enough depth to soak comfortably


  • Document with the bathtub is not useful
  • Not as profound as it looks at initial peek


Why squander tons of money on visiting health resorts when you could have the spa at home! This modern acrylic bathtub from Kingston is the ideal model to turn your washroom into a serene and relaxing place after a long exhausting day. Once bought, stop worrying about maintenance as this one will keep you going for a long time.

03 AKDY F210 (Top Freestanding Model)


The length of the AKDY Freestanding Acrylic bathtub is 67 inches, but the level of satisfaction you’re gonna get from this is way bigger! When we set it up, we found that it took a while for installation and O boy! This spotless piece of art elevated the overall restroom atmosphere within the second of its installation.

Its storage capacity is 79 gallons with an overflow depth 13 ½”. It houses twofold wall construction for keeping the warmth of the water intact for a long period of time. We were able to lean back on its reclined backrest with ease, thanks to its ergonomic design. It can be placed on all types of restroom floors.

The thermoplastic polymer which is another name for acrylic is makes it easy to clean it up in an instant, making it a great choice for households.

It packs curved contours on both ends creating an ideal sitting position for long tub soaking sessions. You are going to get all the fittings required for the installation, including the drainpipe packed inside the case to ensure a short time to install the excellent freestanding bathtub.

The manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty for the tub. A few reviewers revealed issues with the discharge hose that required broad pipes, while others complained that the unit has a small drenching space than expected. We, however, faced no such issues.


  • Arched contour for relieve
  • 101 pounds weight
  • 66.9 x 30.5 x 30.5 inches dimensions
  • Fashionable style
  • Acrylic material
  • 79-gallon capacity


  • High capacity
  • Easy to use
  • Very durable
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to move around


  • The installation gets tricky some time
  • Quite heavy


With a 1-year warranty, it can be an ideal model for your modern bathroom. Having a twofold wall construction, this bathtub can offer long sessions of tub soaking. Obviously, as AKDY kept its promise in coming up with a quality product, and the vast majority of families in the United States are happily enjoying its service.

04 MAYKKE Gibson 67 inch

MAYKKE Gibson 67 inch

Clawfoot bathtubs used to be luxurious fixtures with high price tags as the very design of their claw-like foot-stands captured the majestic essence of royalty. After the invention of cheap materials like fiberglass and acrylic the price of the clawfoot bathtub went down.

The MAYKKE Gibson traditional oval acrylic model blended tradition and modernity in an amazing collaboration. It is a solid build with exceptional finishing, the color dazzles even in dim light. This is a truly huge tub with 29.5-inch depth and 31-inch wide and 67-inch length, which is enough for full body soaking and relaxation.

The tub has artistically crafted adjustable clawfoot with chrome finish. This aesthetically pleasing Gibson model has a smooth exterior and interior finish that helps to keep it warm for over a long period of time. It comes with an overflow and a drain trim. MAYKKE provides 1-year warranty for this model.


  • 99.2 pounds of weight
  • 66.9 x 33.3 x 33.7 inches dimensions
  • Oval shape
  • 67 inches size
  • Smooth white finish
  • Acrylic material
  • 44 gallons capacity


  • Good heat retention
  • Easy to move around
  • Very stylish look
  • Traditional construction


  • It is quite expensive
  • It is heavy


By and large, this is the top clawfoot bathtub we could find on the market. Although it’s price is on the higher end, it brilliantly encapsulates the vintage spirit in a very modern way. If you have the budget, we couldn’t recommend it more!

05 Duravit D-Code

Duravit D-Code

Are you searching for the finest acrylic drop-in tub that stands out with its exceptional drop-in features? Well, we have the Duravit D-Code Drop-In model for you then. It is a drop-in tub with durable acrylic covering.

Duravit D-Code has a D shaped design with a super smooth surface. This white acrylic coated fixture is 29.5-inch wide, 16.5-inch deep, and 59-inch long. We were happy with the ergonomic design as you can lay comfortably in it with a full submersion.

The D-Code is most appropriate for soaking baths, holds 16.54 gallons of water. Mind you, the tub measurement is sufficient for not more than one individual at a time.

For easy installation, it comes with all the kits and pipes from Duravit, that’s a fantastic service from a manufacturer who has a good reputation for customer care. Duravit offers a limited 1-year warranty and their client support is satisfactory.


  • 72 pounds weight
  • 16.5 x 29.5 x 59 inches dimensions
  • Color white
  • Acrylic material
  • Rectangular shape


  • Affordable compared to others
  • Very durable
  • Long-lasting
  • Safe to use


  • Little bit small for a tall or oversized person


We were happy with the finishing and efficiency of the tub. Despite being cheap, it has a simplistic yet elegant design that is fun to use. If your restroom doesn’t have much space, this could be the best acrylic bathtub for you. Make sure all the installation kits are there when you receive the package.

06 WOODBRIDGE B-0006 +F000154″ Tub and Faucet Combo

WOODBRIDGE B-0006 +F000154" Tub and Faucet Combo

If you are looking for a freestanding tub and a faucet combo that are built for each other, here we go, the B-0006 +F000154 combo by Woodbridge is a fantastic option. In fact, many will turn away from this deal primarily because it costs over a thousand dollars. But hey, it makes sense because it’s a combo and built with quality materials that most manufacturers don’t use.

So many people out there seek after this size (54” x 28 ?” x 28 ?”) over the standard 60-inch x 60-inch for saving space! Besides, its aesthetic design makes it look like a piece of art. Here beauty is coupled with comfort, thanks to its brilliant ergonomic shape and finish.

The tub holds 55 gallons of water and they didn’t forget to put brushed nickel overflow and drain ports for safety. The build quality is super sturdy. It’s made of 100 per cent high gloss LUCITE (white) acrylic and then reinforced with resin (ASHLAND) & fiberglass. It’s a double walled design and they didn’t compromise quality here.

The v-cup 37” drain pipe is also made of high quality material and the very shape of it makes it odor, bugs and bacteria-free. The finish of the entire product is super smooth and glossy. It’s a premium quality product top to bottom and we have no major complaint about it.

But we didn’t like the installation instruction manual as it was not elaborate enough to set the thing correctly.


  • Weight: 43 lbs
  • Dimension: 54” x 28.4” x 28.4”
  • Color: White color
  • Faucet: brushed nickel
  • Material: Acrylic, fiberglass, stainless steel
  • Includes: Faucet, bathtub
  • Warranty: 5 years


  • Beautiful design
  • Durable build quality
  • Smooth finish
  • Quality drain pipe


  • Installation instruction manual isn’t that effective


We liked the product because of its design and build quality. It’s super comfy and you can sit in it for hours without any issue. The build materials are expensive. That is why its price is a bit on the higher end. However, we didn’t like the installation instruction manual.

07 American Standard 2764014M202.011

American Standard 2764014M202.011

This American Standard model is a standout amongst the detached-tub models that you can buy today. Its additional wide deck guarantees that you can keep the majority of your toiletries near hand. This is particularly significant because generally there would be fewer chances to install a rack near the tub.

You will not have to worry about buying any additional fittings, as the package comes with everything that you need. It houses a top-notch drain system and an overflow valve so you can just connect it with the existing waste pipe and forget about it. Additionally, a hand splash is included for convenient soaking, making it a complete package.

The main body of the bathtub is made from acrylic-coated tough ABS plastic heated in high temperature for extending durability. Then it is reinforced with fiberglass for hardening the entire mold.

The polished Arctic White coating guarantees that this bathtub will shine bright inside your restroom. Our extended testing revealed that the smooth white finish cannot be easily discolored. So, it will look the same for a long period of time.

This is an exquisite acrylic tub model that has extra-large space designed for full-body submersion. You will feel like you are in the spa although you are just relaxing at home.


  • 120 pounds weight
  • 66 x 32 x 23 inches dimensions
  • Arctic white color
  • Acrylic material
  • 66 inches deep
  • 58-gallon capacity
  • Fiberglass reinforcement
  • Complete kit


  • Foes not stain easily
  • Easy to handle
  • Easy to install
  • Cleaning tub surface is easy


  • Heavy


This will be the ideal tub for those who seek after an in-house spa solution. It offers a complete package for those exhausted individuals who don’t have time for frequent visits to spa houses. It can also be an ideal choice for a family with little kids. The spacious deck is a real convenience for many during a relaxing soaking session.

08 FerdY 59” Acrylic Freestanding Bathtub

FerdY 59'' Acrylic Freestanding Bathtub

FerdY 522 can be a truly delightful point for your washroom because of its beautiful white acrylic finish and elegantly curved freestanding design. With 15″ soaking depth, it can perfectly submerge the entire body.

However, tall users over 59 inches found that the tub was a bit shot in length. But the lumber support is ergonomically sloped to ensure a comfortable sitting posture. For persons with regular height, this should feel adequate enough to get the best of a relaxing soaking session.

The size of this unit is ideal for small washrooms. Additionally, it comes with a toe-tap drain and a slotted overflow, so, you’ll have to match the layout of your restroom accordingly. It combines the elements of fiberglass and acrylic tub materials to an extent in its build.

This standalone model has a fiberglass reinforcement over the acrylic board adding extra strength to the overall frame. This boosts its capacity to withstand heavy-duty usage over a long period of time.

The acrylic surface provides a soaking experience that is smooth and comfy yet it is resistant to light scratching, staining, and fading. Nevertheless, the unit goes superbly well with most washroom sizes and graphics.

The 60-gallon capacity model packs adjustable foot-stands. This feature is important since the stability of the entire unit depends on the right adjustment of these foot-stands.

Installing of this one was easy for us, thanks to its lightweight structure, customizable feet for leveling it, and the adjustable drain-pipe included with the tub package. FerdY offers a 2-year warranty on this bathtub.


  • 108 pounds weight
  • 59 x 30 x 23 inches dimensions
  • Acrylic material
  • 60 gallons capacity
  • Adjustable feet for leveling


  • 2-year warranty
  • It has an overflow drain
  • It is a very good fit for small restroom
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to clean


  • Requires professional help to install
  • Heavy


FerdY 59 inches acrylic freestanding model is an amazing piece in this category, thanks to its most relevant and useful feature. It is made of quality materials based on an alluring design and you can feel that as soon as you lay your eyes on it. The solid build quality makes it scratch-proof and easy to clean.

In addition, this top-of-the-line model comes with 2 years warranty and it is likewise cUPC approved. It has a simple yet unique design. FerdY tub is very easy to install and its length and width are enough to offer superb soaking moments.

09 MAYKKE Barnet Acrylic Bathtub

MAYKKE Barnet Acrylic Bathtub

If you are looking for a premium bathtub with a high-quality construction that will not only relieve you of your exhaustion after a long tiring day but will sit in your washroom as a piece of art, then this is the best acrylic bathtub for you. It is built on an amazingly artistic design that directly speaks to the eye.

The good news is, apart from the aesthetics, it also performs! It can hold more than 50 gallons of water which makes it an extraordinary nest for your body to get nourished by extended sessions of soaking in warm water.

In addition, even if you mistakenly forget to stop the water inflow, there is an active overflow system to save you from spills. However, this would not be a decent tub for kids due to its depth, parents would find it difficult to bathe their children under 6.

Similarly, it is not a tub for bigger individuals too. So, you must know your size before you buy one. The installation process may be a bit challenging particularly because of its weight.

In the event that you need to get this thing up the stairs, make sure you have an assistant.


  • 82.7 pounds of weight
  • 61 x 30.7 x 21.6 inches dimensions
  • 61 inches size
  • Glossy white color
  • Oval shape
  • Acrylic material
  • 53 gallons capacity


  • Exquisite design
  • High capacity
  • The USA and Canada UPC/cUPC certified
  • Leveling feet for uneven floors
  • It includes overflow


  • It is quite narrow
  • It is quite heavy


We think this freestanding tub by Barnet is a nice piece of fixture  that packs all the standard features. The smooth outside and inside dividers make it easy to lose yourself in its comfy  arms. Its brilliant acrylic construction is both solid and light. It will remain hotter longer than the models from other building materials. The built-in water drain does its job fast and smooth.

10 Woodbridge B-0010

Woodbridge B-0010

This superbly tough bathtub from Woodbridge is an ideal model for long soaking and spa sessions because it has a strong two-fold acrylic structure.

The two-fold divider traps heat better than other single folded models, keeping your shower hotter for an extended period of time which is an ideal feature for individuals needing long spa sessions at home. The drawback, however, is that this bathtub is fundamentally heavier than most comparatively estimated acrylic bathtubs.

The manufacturer claims that the body is made from LUCITE acrylic which has a high gloss property. Then it is reinforced with ASHLAND resin and fiberglass.

The brilliant white surface and curves together make it look like a gorgeous Pearl lying in silence in the washroom. The adjustable feet for level adjustments remain hidden at the bottom of the tub, so they stay out of view.

The tub has a drain system that comes pre-installed for simple setup just like the attached overflow drain. With a 60-gallon capacity, this tub is not the biggest on our list.

This tub is extraordinarily simple to clean and supports almost all types of cleaning chemicals. We liked it for its fantastic warmth maintenance capacity, glossy surface, and build quality.

Inside the package, you will find a metal brushed drain hose, stainless steel brushed nickel overflow, instruction manual for easy and fast installation.


  • 150.5 pounds weight
  • 67 x 32 x 28 inches dimensions
  • 60 gallons capacity
  • Acrylic material
  • Full fiberglass
  • Center drain location


  • Double-walled acrylic
  • Overflow drain is attached
  • Hidden adjustable legs
  • UPC and CSA certified
  • 6 gallons capacity


  • It is very heavy
  • The drain hose can be strained easily


Like most other products in this category manufactured by Woodbridge, this one is constructed from acrylic and fiberglass amalgamation, so it should last for a decade without any visible deterioration. The glossy acrylic finish makes it simple to clean. Additionally, it is resistant to stains and scratches.

Quick Acrylic Bathtub Buying Guide

Best Acrylic Bathtub Buying Guide

1. Types

Looking back in time you know that each washroom is unique, and so are the tubs inside these washrooms. Accordingly, when choosing an acrylic tube, make sure that you get the right one for your washroom.

Primarily these tubs are of two different types: Western and Eastern. The Western models are shallower and usually elongated for stretching legs fully. On the other hand Easterns ones are usually round and deep.

Most of the traditional Japanese tubs are round shaped. However, Western models are more popular in the US and Europe.

Consider the following types for Western models:

a) Left & Right-handed

According to the placement of the water drain, you ought to pick from a right-handed or a left-handed model. If you mix up the drain, it would be difficult to install it correctly in our washroom. Make sure to look closely for marking the placement of the drain drawn on the package.

b) Corner

In the event that you have a good amount of space in your washroom, and you want to put the tub at a corner, then you might consider obtaining a corner model. A corner model comes in a square form and fits the restroom corner snugly.

For the most part, you might need a stool to climb up as these are sufficiently large enough for two individuals.

c) Freestanding

The freestanding bathtub is the kind that will not be fixed to the wall. If you have a bigger washroom with a huge amount of space on the inside, you may easily introduce a freestanding bathtub.

These tubs do not have to incline towards a wall and hence they are easy to install, so you could utilize your wall space for organizers and dressers since you have the room.

d) 1 & 2 Person Tubs

Who wouldn’t want to share a tub with a beloved or a lover? The moments of showering together after private moments are something that gets stuck in our brain forever.

Looking back in time, the only thing we remember about a special someone turn out to be these moments. For this, you can buy a 2-person bathtub.

They are far bigger than the standard one-person units, and you must be aware that they’ll come with considerable weight and will require professional aid for installation.

e) Clawfoot

Clawfoot bathtubs have paw-like feet (mostly 4) on which the entire unit rests. You’ll be needing special modifications done to the washroom floor before installation. Also, there are pedestal tub designs where they use an extended pedestal or plinth to raise the body of the tub from the floor.

f) Drop-in

Drop-in tubs ensure a fashionable look for your washroom. This model requires a ‘surround’ to be installed. This self-rimming boundary gives strength to the system, so if you want a lifelong solution, this is an ideal option.

g) Soaking SPA Tub

You know how it feels to soak yourself in a handcrafted acrylic and enjoy a fabulous water spa SPA. These kinds of acrylic tubs provide adequate room for extended SPA sessions and keep the water fragrant during aroma massage.

2. Size & Positioning

Thinking of what size of a bathtub to buy? Well, the size of your bathtub is subject to two things. The first is, obviously, the extent of your restroom and where your tub needs to fit in. In the event that you have a bigger restroom, it shouldn’t be much of a problem.

If your restroom is small in size, you should get a smaller unit. Then comes the issue of slipper choice. If you want long soaking session you would need double slipper models for comfortable resting of head and neck.

Double slipper models have elongated curve on one side of the tub, unlike the single slipper model that has an  even curve line.

3. Installation & Configuration

If you want to install your tub, it is important that you have the right tools to work with. Most models come with specific directions as to how and where it should be positioned. You will also have necessary fitting kits along with the package.

Once the right model, design, and size is selected matching your washroom interior, get a professional plumber to install the unit for you.

The water drain line and electric connections need to reach the tub through a secure panel. If you expect a prolonged service period, make sure you use high-quality wiring and fittings along with proper panels.

A well-made rough-in panel will help you fix any future issues.

4. Floor-type

There are different types of restroom floor and resting a tub requires stable and sturdy ones. Whatever floor-type you own, make sure it can hold the weight of the tub.  In the event of rough use, hard floors are always preferable.

5. Durability

One of the good reasons people go for an acrylic tub is their strength, as these units are tough and superbly resist most kinds of scratch and deterioration effectively. The thin layer of acrylic covering can’t endure heavy weight, so they reinforce the mold with liquid fiberglass.

When dried, this material is super hard. Ofthe urethane resin coating is used for a prolonged longevity.

So, these tubs are durable and strong. Once you have one, you don’t need to worry about their longevity in a lifetime unless something really bad happens.

6. Accessories

If you are thinking about whether your tub is a good value for money, it would be wise to consider the accessories that you will get with it. A few models might appear to be expensive on paper compared to other alternatives, but there must be a reason for it.

There are a hundred ways a tub can go wrong if not properly made. To ensure quality and comfortable installation, fittings and other accessories should be of a higher grade.

On the other hand, a low-cost model would only provide a poor quality body, in most cases, don’t come with any accessories. Expensive models offer more than just the body, so you wouldn’t need to spend a lot on buying a whole range of bathtub accessories.

7. Extra Features

Again, depending on the type of bathing you are looking for, find models that offer extra features e. g. smooth floor, seating facility, headrests, ergonomic inclines for resting your back when you lean back, textured floor and, obviously, the widely adored water jets with whirlpools. Again, there are walk in models ideal for aged people.

8. Price & Warranty

Obviously, when you are buying a tub, you’d want to make sure that it lasts for years justifying the price. When buying an acrylic tub, you should calculate the pros and cons of such fixtures.

Learn what things are at stake and what are the benefits. The models that you find in our acrylic bathtub reviews offer the highest value for the money. We also advise you to verify the warranty coverage offered with the model you purchased.

Read the paperwork containing warranty clauses and terms so you know precisely what is written.

Why Choose an Acrylic Bathtub

When you’re set to buy a bathtub, questions arise as to which kind of tub you want to get and why? Do a little market research and you’ll be littered with cast iron, stone, wood, cultured marble, and ceramic tile tubs.

In contrast to the cast iron, marble, and ceramic tile tubs, the acrylic tub is lighter and they are cheaper too.

Acrylic tubs are made from acrylic sheet (also known as plexiglass) that is softened under 200 degree centigrade and fitted on a mold predesigned with the help of computer software. When the mold cools down, it is strengthened with fiberglass enhancing the sturdiness.

Since acrylic is intrinsically delicate and lithe when heated, it has become the ideal material for producing different tub sizes and shapes.

Here are some solid reasons you’d prefer an acrylic tub:

  • Easy and fast cleaning can be done with relative ease. You can remove any stain without any hassle.
  • These tubs are mostly scratch-resistant and even it gets a scratch on it, it’s quite easy to get rid of the scratch
  • Designs are done on a computer first. So, innovative and elegant designs are available that not only goes with the latest fashion trends but also focus on comfort by introducing advanced showering features
  • The color will not change over a long period of time
  • Different sizes and shapes are available for all types of bathroom sizes
  • Tub’s body temperature is no different than the room temperature unlike the metal and stone models
  • You can find a wide range of colors of these fixtures for matching your bathroom interior. Most preferred colors are: Pearl white, white, cyan, rose white, black, emerald green, and clear or transparent.

Cleaning & Maintenance Tips

Nothing is compared to a long relaxing soaking bath at a slipper tub. It is designed for comfort and built with tough materials for lasting a lifetime.  But No matter how good your acrylic bathtub is, if you do not take care of it very well it will not last long and you will be left with a lot of mess.

It doesn’t matter whether you have an inflatable hot tub, a freestanding tub or an acrylic bathtub, maintenance activities are required to enhance the longevity. To maximize the lifespan of your tub and to avoid the mess, follow these simple and easy tips on cleaning and maintaining your acrylic bathtub.

Remove the soap shampoo container then fill your acrylic bathtub with balmy water and add some squirts of liquid soap. Leave it for 20- 30 minutes, let the bathtub drain then use your sponge to clean the scum.

You cannot just clean the inside of your acrylic bathtub and forget about the outside, it is imperative to clean the outside also because without cleaning the outside, the maintenance procedure is not complete.

You may have a few stains from items with colors, for example, bubble shower or cleanser.  Flush and wipe the whole surface with dish fluid connected on a wet wipe. At that point utilize the toothbrush to clean around the apparatuses, along the divider, and in the corners.

If there is any hard filth, splash cleaner to soften it first then apply a brush to clean off.

To keep your acrylic bathtub sparkling clean, you should consider cleaning and polishing it at least once every week.

Wrapping it Up

A bathtub is an important fixture in our restrooms. It can not only give you amazing long soaking sessions and private moments with your loved ones, but it is also like a piece of jewelry that needs to be taken care of occasionally. If you want to get the right model, make sure you make good use of our all-encompassing buying guide before you make a decision.

We’ve also come up with our 10 best acrylic bathtubs reviews, so you wouldn’t have to get confused when bombarded with so many different options available on the market.

As a matter of fact, we aim to provide you with all the authentic information regarding our recommended models that are categorically ranked to match different requirements of the potential buyers. The size of the restroom, the interior, the graphical design, and color scheme need to be considered before choosing the right model.

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