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Best Wall Hung Toilets for a Modern Outlook in Your Bathroom

Moving to the city was the biggest decision of my life as I had to leave my old country house for a smaller apartment. I could either get a shower cubicle or a great toilet seat for my small bathroom. Hard choice, isn’t it? Not really! It was clear in my head that I needed a shower cubicle.

So, I got my elegant cubicle and now the trouble was the toilet seat. My colleague suggested that I should install a wall hung toilet. Why didn’t that idea strike me? It is classy and contemporary. If you have a small bathroom and wish to save space in the restricted area, a wall hung toilet is the wisest option.

Here’s a complete buying guide! Since I did thorough research before buying a wall-hung model for my bathroom, it felt like I did a Ph.D. in this subject. Later, I insisted on my team at the ToiletsGuide on doing an all-encompassing review on the category.

I own two toilets and got two different brands just because I liked their features and aesthetic appeal. Hopefully, this review will help you get a clear picture of the best wall hung toilets available on the market, and help you choose the right one. Let’s get started!

10 Best Wall Hung Toilets Reviewed

TOTO CT418F Aquia (Top Choice)

TOTO CT418F Aquia

TOTO CT418F wall hung toilet is a much-loved water closet for its strength, it can hold up to 700 lbs. Majority of the buyers are concerned whether the toilet seat will be able to bear their weight or not. This durable product can hold a hefty weight, and the height is universal as well.

It comes with a direction manual which has all the instructions that are easy to follow. This elegant piece is designed for perfection! It looks supremely beautiful in your toilet and is a total space-saver as well.

You can pair this commode with an in-wall tank. This saves you from seeing a tank on the wall! The tank will be concealed inside the wall which gives you a graceful and clean look. The product has a skirted design which makes it easy to clean and maintain.

This model was originally made for saving space in the bathroom. The mounting height could be 15-19 inches. However, you would need to buy a seat for this. The actual drawback that we found was that there was little water in the bowl which becomes irksome for the user to clean it frequently. Other than this, there are no major drawbacks of this popular wall hung toilet.


  • Universal height
  • Certification – CalGreen compliant
  • Material – Ceramic
  • Flush type – Gravity
  • Max weight – 700 lb
  • Brand – Toto


  • Has a dual max system (flushing)
  • Can bear up to 700 lb weight
  • CalGreen compliant
  • Offers universal height
  • Flush type is Gravity


  • Needs to be cleaned thoroughly and frequently after every use
  • Expensive

Our Verdict

The TOTO wall mount toilet has been a popular choice for years. The existing users have given rave reviews for the same. However, after using the product personally, I can tell you that it has a very sleek and modern wall mount toilet design. It has an elongated bowl and the highlight has to be the weight it can hold. Universal height and CalGreen compliant features are icing on the cake. It is expensive but is certainly worth buying.

Toto CT418FGNo.01 (Budget Choice)

Toto CT418FGNo.01

Looking for durability and affordability? This TOTO variant has become a popular choice because of its affordable price and excellent design. It has a dual flushing system and the water-consumption is low as well. With people wasting water every single day, this could really help you to save water. Most people have trouble with water consumption in smaller apartments and this could help you save it! The GPS is 1.6/6 LPF and 0.9 GPS and 3 LPF. It has a universal height, which makes it simpler for you to use this product.

The buyers can pair this commode with an in-wall tank system offered by TOTO. The seat is sold separately which you can easily buy from nearby stores or sites like Amazon (which makes life simpler). The in-wall tank system has to be bought separately too.

There is a SanaGloss glaze that helps in preventing debris and keeps the ceramic surface clean. Also, you would require less water to clean the wall-hung toilet. This is one catchy feature as per our experience! This is precisely how you can save water with this wall hung toilet.


  • Weight – 66.5 lbs
  • The material used – Vitreous China
  • Shape – Elongated
  • Color – Cotton white
  • Water consumption – 1.6 GPF
  • Brand – Toto


  • Has a universal height
  • SanaGloss glaze helps in making cleaning easier and prevents debris as well
  • Has a dual-flushing system
  • Helps in less water consumption
  • Looks sleek and stylish


  • In-wall tank system and toilet seat need to be bought separately

Our Verdict

The product gets full points for the way it looks as it is super stylish and sleek. The water consumption is low and has a dual flushing system. The only trouble with this model is that you would need to buy an in-wall tank system and a seat separately. Although these additional parts are available easily, most buyers would have liked it to be inclusive.

Overall, this water closet does a good job at space-saving and the SanaGloss glaze that keeps it clean. It is one of the top purchases that you can make!

American Standard 2257101.020 2257.101.020

American Standard 2257101.020 2257.101.020

American Standard is one of the best-known companies that make trusted products and has dedicated users too. For this, you can expect a GPF of 1.1 to 1.6 which is ideal for reducing water consumption. When you invest in a toilet that reduces water consumption, you are also saving water in your home. Don’t forget that most of the water supply is wasted in a bathroom!

The fully glazed trap way is one of the highlights. The MAP score of this model is 1,000 grams and the jet action is super powerful. All in all, the unit is worth praising and it belongs to a trusted brand. We love the elegant look of this American Standard offering! It looks super chic and elegant in your bathroom.

You would be pleased with the function ality and overall looks of this American Standard variant. It is compatible with ADA standards as well. Usually, the seat and flusher do not come along with most models. You need to buy them separately. If you are thinking of buying this, then invest in a tanker, seat, and flush. Another highlight is that this product is not as expensive as well!


  • GPF – 1.1 – 1.6
  • ADA compatible
  • MAP score – 1000 grams
  • Trap way – 2 1/8 inches (fully glazed)
  • Powerful siphon jet action


  • Has a powerful jet action
  • Trap way is fully glazed
  • Elegant looking
  • ADA compatible
  • GPF is between 1.1 to 1.6


  • Does not come with flusher and seat

Our Verdict

This space-saving and the elegant-looking bowl is everything you need for making your bathroom look super stylish! If your bathroom does not have a lot of space, or you still wish to install a hanging toilet, then invest in this product. The bowl itself does not cost a fortune but you would need to buy different parts. This residential wall-mounted commode is worth every penny and function s well after it is fully installed. Additionally, the GPS is 1.1 – 1.6 which helps you save water. We personally love this beauty!

KOHLER K-6299-0 Veil

KOHLER K-6299-0 Veil

Kohler is a well-known brand and needs no introduction. The shape of the product is elongated yet compact. It takes up the same space as a round-bowl variant would. In addition, Kohler variant comes in white and looks very stylish!

The good news is that this model comes with a carrier system and an in-wall tank system that is completely concealed. You can set the bowl as per your convenience! It can be up to 28 1/2 inches from the floor. The choice is strictly yours!

The GPS is between 0.8 to 1.6 GPF. It is ideal for light waste as well as heavy waste. The model is well known for saving water! The only drawback is that it comes with a hefty price. If you are ready to pay the price, then this is highly durable and stylish. Plus, you can save lots of water!


  • Shape – Elongated
  • Brand – Kohler
  • Color – White
  • In-wall tank and carrier system included
  • Dual Flush


  • Has a sleek and stylish look
  • Has a comfortable elongated bowl
  • Compact
  • In-wall tank and carrier system is included
  • All installation parts will be concealed giving a modern and clean look


  • Expensive

Our Verdict

Yes, the toilet may be expensive but KOHLER, as a brand, is trusted by thousands of users across the globe. It manufactures some of the sleek and elegant bathroom fixtures. This is one of them! It is compact and has an elongated bowl. The mounting hardware will be concealed and it is very easy to clean as well. If you have the budget to buy the durable and elegant-looking KOHLER K-6299-0 Veil is the right option for purchase!



Looking for a different and unique design? Invest in the EAGO WD333 which looks stunning in your bathroom. You would be surprised to see the square-shaped design. It may seem off-beat and odd, but it looks chic in a small or big bathroom. The ultra-low flush and the off-beat design are the highlights of EAGO WD333.

The flush mechanism is simple and it is equipped with dual flush. Basically, you have two mechanisms to flush out solids and liquids. It has a GPF of 1.6 which is good for conserving water.

The inside and the exterior is fully glazed. And, to top it up, the product is ADA compliant. Since it is all about its modern looks, we must tell you that it has a European design. Last but not least, it can be installed as per your height. You might need it high or low, the height can be adjusted as per your preference.


  • Shape – Square shape design
  • ADA compliant
  • Dual Flush
  • GPF – 1.6
  • Fully Glazed


  • Has a European design
  • Features dual flush
  • ADA-compliant
  • Can hold weight up to 300 lbs
  • Height can be adjusted as per your convenience


  • Heavy

Our Verdict

The highlight of this product has to be its unique design. It is fully glazed – both inside and out. Most buyers would have questions about the height, but this one can be adjusted as per your convenient height. Don’t indulge in the debate single vs dual flush as it comes with a dual flush that flushes out solids and liquid separately. The only possible issue with this product is that it is heavy! But, that is not a drawback because once it is installed, the weight will not be a problem.

American Standard 3351.101.020

American Standard 3351.101.020

The American Standard 3402.2016.020 has an elongated shape. There are several benefits of investing in this wall hung-toilet. Although the seat, carrier, and tank is not included the bowl itself function s well and looks supremely beautiful.

The jet action is pressure-assisted and the trap way is fully glazed. It comes in a classic white color which looks elegant and chic in your bathroom. Besides, it sports an EverClean surface that inhibits the growth of microbes and at the same time, super durable. So, you wouldn’t need to worry about mold, mildew and bacteria that cause odor. The unit also houses a condensation channel for maintaining hygiene.

The water surface area is 10 x 12 inches. Also, the flush rate of this high efficiency toilet (HET) is 1,1 and 1.6 GPF with a maximum performance score of one thousand grams. This helps you reduce the water bill. The siphon jet function is direct-fed, hence, more effective.

In a nutshell, the product gets a thumbs up from us. As for the drawbacks, the bowl does not clear out after one flush. It would require two rounds of flushing to clear out completely! This could be irksome for many users.


  • Weight: 52 lbs
  • Dimensions (inche): 26 x 14 x 15
  • Flush type: Siphon Jet
  • Shape – Elongated
  • Toilet – Back outlet
  • Trap-way – Fully Glazed
  • Color – White
  • Inclusions – Bowl only


  • Has an elongated and sleek shape
  • Trap way is fully glazed
  • Water saving
  • Back outlet wall mounted toilet
  • Has a siphon pressure-assisted jet action


  • Seat, carrier, and tank not included

Our Verdict

The product has received a lot of phrases, and the existing users liked it, especially because of the elongated shape and the classic white color. Other than the looks, the commode has a siphon pressure-assisted jet action and function s supremely well. Overall, it is a decent product but the only trouble is that you need to flush every single time to clear out. It does not get cleared out in one go!

Duravit 2226090092

Duravit 2226090092

Space-saving becomes easier when you fit a wall-mounted water closet in your small bathroom. For your small apartment with a cramped bathroom Duravit’s wall mount toilet is the right choice. This is a wash-down model and Durafix is included with the product.

The all-new feature is that there is concealed hardware. You can opt for the WonderGliss coating (optional) that keeps the ceramic sparkling clean and beautiful for years with the help of nanotechnology. As for the looks, it comes in white and after the optional WonderGliss coating, you get a shiny and good-looking wall mounted toilet.

The installation is clean, and it has an elongated design. Overall, it has a beautiful design and function s smoothly. The only drawback of the product is that one has to clean it thoroughly after every use. This could be a hassle for the users! There is a solution for this which is to invest in the optional WonderGliss coating.


  • Type – Wash-Down model
  • WonderGliss coating (optional)
  • Collection – Starck 3
  • Bowl – Elongated
  • Inclusive of the seat – No
  • Certification (if any) – ADA compliant


  • Has an elongated bowl design
  • Looks modern and sleek
  • Wash-down type toilet
  • Inclusive of Durafix
  • Easy to install


  • Needs cleaning after every use

Our Verdict

The product has a great look for its gently designed frame, but it comes with a price. If you are able to put extra money into it, then it would be wise to take the optional WonderGliss coating. The highlighted features include the inclusion of Durafix, the elongated modern design and even the easy installation. Should you invest in it? There is no shade of doubt about it.

American Standard 2257101.020

American Standard 2257101.020

The American Standard 2257101.020 is a stylish and elegant wall-mounted water closet model. The elongated design and the classic white color tone gives it an elegant look. The consumption of water range stands at 1.1 to 1.6 GPF with a similar flow rate. It easily hits a Maximum Performance Score (MaP) of 1000 gm. It also sports a strong siphon jet function which is direct-fed. The trapway is 2-? inches (fully glazed)

The item weighs only 15.52 pounds and comes with a 1-year limited warranty. When you buy it online, the shipping is extremely fast and will be packed efficiently. If you are buying it from a store near you, you might need to do your research beforehand. However, if you are buying it online, you can compare it with other models. The assembly tools are included with the product. It takes less than an hour to install this super stylish and function al wall hung toilet. Overall, we give it a thumbs up.

Should you invest in it or not? Let us find that out through our pros and cons list.


  • Color – White
  • Material– Vitreous China
  • Finish- White
  • Bowl – Elongated
  • Flush type – Siphon jet
  • Flow rate – 1.1 to 1.6 GPM
  • Consumption of water – 1.6 GPF
  • Size: 15.00” wide x 14.00” tall x 26” deep


  • Consumption and flow rate is 1.1-1.6 GPF
  • Has an elongated and modern shape
  • Strong and efficient flushing capacity
  • Ergonomic design


  • You need to purchase a seat and flusher separately

Our Verdict

The product is praiseworthy, but there was a drawback that we found. It didn’t come with the seat and flusher. However, most commodes in this category do not come with a seat or the cover. So, one has to invest in those extras apart from buying this main wall hung toilet.

KOHLER K-4325-L-0 Kingston(TM)

KOHLER K-4325-L-0 Kingston(TM)

The Kohler K-4325-L-0 Kingston reduces water consumption. It delivers fantastic performance at a GPG of 1.6 or 1.28. When we talk about the top brands in the market that offer excellent home and bathroom fixtures, Kohler is considered as a fabulous option. This qualifies as a high-efficiency toilet, which can help you to obtain LEED credits.

There is a 1 1/2 inch top spud and a siphon jet. The construction is solid and is made of Vitreous China. Vitreous China is easy to clean and maintain which saves you from a lot of trouble. The elongated bowl gives a sleek and modern look.

If you ask us, this product is ideal for space-saving and makes your bathroom look super chic! However, you would need to buy a seat for this model. This is a classic white wall mounted toilet. It not only looks great but is easy to install. Professional help would be recommended for installation, and maintaining/caring is fairly simple.


  • Height: 13 1/4 inches
  • Width: 16 1/2 inches
  • Depth: 26 1/2 inches
  • Size of spud: 1 1/2 inches
  • Depth of water: 5 1/4?
  • Passageway measures: 2 1/8 inches
  • Surface Area of water: 10 1/2in x 9in


  • Comes with 1-year limited warranty
  • Reduces water consumption by approx 20%
  • Bowl improves the aesthetics of the bathroom
  • Inclusive of bedpan lugs
  • ADA-compliant


  • Seat cover needs to be purchased separately

Our Verdict

Overall, the product has received good ratings and reviews. The highlight features have to be the lesser water consumption and the easy to clean feature. Also, it will enhance the look of your bathroom. It does not take up a lot of space. Although you would need to buy a seat cover separately it doesn’t come with one like their Patio model, it is worth the purchase.

Duravit 25350900922

Duravit 25350900922

Duravit is a well-known brand for its durable and fashionable toilet lineup. Buyers will get attracted to the simple yet contemporary look of this modern water closet. The next thing you would notice is the 5-year limited warranty that you get. This is truly a solid product, and thousands of buyers would choose a Duravit toilet over others.

The Duravit 25350900922 D-Code is a wash-down toilet with dual flush. This one-piece toilet is easy to install, and the tank is concealed inside the wall. You would require a professional to install the tank inside the wall.

This product is constructed with a durable vitreous China, which is also very easy to clean. As a buyer, you would like to invest in a model that is easy to maintain and clean. This fits the bill, and offers you a space-saving solution in the bathroom!

The cover and seat is not included. As for the look of this Duravit variant, you will find that it has an elongated and sleek look that is pleasing to the eyes. If you want simplicity yet style, then this product fits the bill.


  • Height – 13-3/8 inch
  • Depth – 21-1/4? (measured from the back of the tank to front of rim)
  • Width – 14 inches
  • Height of bowl – 15-3/4 inches
  • Flow Rate – 1.6 / 0.8 gallon per flush
  • Distance Between the Installation Holes and Toilet Seat – 6-3/4 inches


  • Has an in-wall tank
  • Gravity flush is wash down type
  • 5-year limited warranty
  • Simple to install
  • Looks modern and chic97


  • Cover and seat not included
  • May seem expensive for some prospective buyers

Our Verdict

Overall the product is praiseworthy, and Duravit is a brand that is trusted by thousands of users! It’s an excellent wall-hung water closet for sale. If you want a wash-down wall hung toilet that is durable and easy to install, then this is the best bet for you. Some prospective buyers may find the price to be high, but it is worth the investment.

A Beginner’s Guide on Choosing the Best Wall Hung Toilets

I will say this again to the prospective buyers or mere readers – always do thorough research before you invest in a product. Fortunately, all the models listed in our Top 10 list are available on Amazon. It just makes life easy for you because you can buy them online, and there is the benefit of easy returns and exchange. Please read this carefully before you launch you hunt for the best wall hung toilet.

1. Water consumption

If it requires you to flush the toilet several times to clean up the bowl then you are simply wasting a lot of water. How much water does the toilet consume? It is calculated in GPF. The older toilets use up 3.5 gallons per flush which is high. The ideal GPF would be 1.6 gallons. The main source of water is in the bathroom, and that’s precisely why you need a toilet, which helps in conserving water and not wasting a lot of it. Your daily usage of water will be increased due to the constant flushing as the flush valve will deteriorate over time. That’s precisely why you need a product which uses 1.6 gallons per flush.

2. Seat height

The majority of the buyers will opt for a model that has a universal height. Are you a short person or taller? This could help you to get one that can be placed as per the height that is comfortable for you. It should not be too high or too short and it all depends on your height. If you are short, get a short projection model. In fact, you can set the height as low as you want and you have the freedom to do that with a wall mounting model.

You could choose from the standard height, universal height and comfort height. A standard wall hung corner toilet will measure 14 1/2 inches off the floor. The comfort ones are 16 inches. Compact models are typically available in universal height.

3. Wash down or wash up

In a wash down the toilet, the water washes down the remnants by pouring water in the bowl. The tank basically pours the water down to clean the bowl. You would find that most of the European toilets are wash-down type. Most of the wash-down pans are equipped with a dual flushing system.  In a wash-up system, water is siphoned or sucked up from the roof to clean out the bowl. Basically, the water rises up and cleans the bowl.

The most common type you would find is the wash-down toilet. In the end, you would need to choose what suits you the most.

4. Installation

How easy is the installation? Would you require professional help to install the product? All these factors need to be considered before you can finalize your choice. Some manufacturers give you the tools to make installation easy. Does it support an in-wall tank or will be installed outside? You can also find the tankless models for a smarter solution. In most cases wall hung toilets come with an in-wall tank that requires professional installation. You can also easily install safety rails alongside the toilet for disabled individuals.

For the installation, you would need to take measures and see whether the tank is an in-built one or will be placed outside. Based on all these factors, you would be able to see how much work needs to be put for installation.

5. Maintenance

Everyone needs a product that can be maintained with ease. Most people prefer models constructed with Vitreous China. This is because they are easy to clean! It would be wise to invest in a toilet that has a Glaze or protects the ceramic. This can be easily maintained and does not need frequent cleaning.

6. Round or elongated

The residential wall mount water closets are usually available in an elongated shape. They add more comfort and look stylish! However, there is not much difference in the space-saving feature. Both are offering you a space-saving solution.

Users may find the former one much comfier, but there is a common belief that round ones are more space-saving. We think that they take up similar space, but the elongated variants are better. The elongated bowls are 31 inches from the bowl and the round ones are a maximum of 28 inches. The round shaped bowl is certainly more compact, but we would prefer elongated ones. Round models appear to be more space saving than the elongated ones.

7. Style & durability

Firstly, you need to check whether your water closet looks good in the bathroom. Your bathroom may have certain color tiles and designs on the wall. Check the images or see the commode in real to get a good look and then decide whether it will look good in your bathroom or not. You may also find western rimless designs that are sleek and superbly function al. Depending on the color scheme of your bathroom, choose from white, pearl white, cream, paste, cyan, black or any WC model.

Lastly, the pan of your toilet should be able to hold your weight. Most of them can handle weight up to 300 lbs, but there are some which can take up 700 lbs as well. Make sure it is durable! The stainless steel models can hold the highest amount of load. Even if you have light-weighted individuals in your home, you will have guests in the future.

8. Dual or single flush

The dual flush is a new invention and there are two mechanisms here. One is for flushing liquids and the other is for flushing solids. The single flush mechanism flushes out everything. Most buyers are preferring the dual flush toilets over the single flush ones. They are great for your pockets and for the environment as well. The water bills get reduced and will hardly use 1.6 GPF of water. The flush on the extended models uses built in tanks just like standard models.

9. Price & warranty

Thanks to the new technology and trendy innovations catalyzing faster commercial productions of these fixtures, you can now get cheap wall-hung water closets. Everyone has a different budget, and that’s precisely why manufacturers make expensive as well as cheaper variants.

Since there is a tough competition, you would find commodes that come at a decent price range. Always opt for one which comes with a warranty. Most of the manufacturers will offer you a limited warranty. If you are buying it from a site like Amazon, there will be easier returns and exchange!

Why Use Wall-Hung Toilets

You need a solid reason for investing in a wall hung toilet suite. Don’t go by what I say or what your neighbor tells you because it is your hard-earned money, and you know what you should be doing with it!

Here are the quick pointers that will help you to understand the reasons to invest in a wall hung toilet:

  • Easy to clean – Unlike that of a floor mount toilet, the bowl of a wall hung model does not reach your floor, which means it gets easier to clean the areas near the plumbing fixture. Plus, nobody likes to clean the toilet and this is perfect for people with OCD or those who do not like to do toilet cleaning!
  • The height is adjustable – You might be short or tall, but the wall-mounted toilet bowl is adjustable. This way you can install it where it is easy for you to sit or aim! It makes life easier, and you do not have to worry about the height of the bowl.
  • Saves space – Bingo! That’s why I invested in a suspended water closet (wc). I needed a shower cubicle and everyone knows how much space it can take up in a small bathroom. Even if you do not want a bathtub, you could save space and make your bathroom look bigger with a wall-mount toilet. Getting a bidet combo will also save you space while adding convenience.
  • Contemporary Look – Your bathroom gets a contemporary look with a wall-mounted toilet if you can fit it along with an infrared sauna and a freestanding tub. When I installed my wall hung toilet, my bathroom started looking so chic and jazzy! Don’t you think it gives a floating look?

These were some of the compelling reasons for you to buy a wall-mounted model.

The question is – why should you be reading this buying guide? Why should you opt for the products that we have listed for you?  Keep reading!

Wall-Hung Toilet Installation Tips

The amateurs will tell you that it is complicated and requires a lot of effort and an expert will speak otherwise. For starters, you can hire an efficient plumber, who is used to installing wall hung toilets as well as high-end flushing toilets.

A wall hung toilet will come with an instruction manual, but in case you have called a plumber, life becomes easy.

The majority of the people have few concerns in their head. One of them is whether the toilet will be able to hold their weight. Most of the products that I have mentioned can support 200 kg of weight. Your size or weight does not matter here! You will be comfortable, and the product will be able to handle your weight.

Another concern is the installation. Here are some installation tips for novices:

  •  Better hire a professional to install the product instead of spoiling it by trying yourself if you don’t have prior experience.
  • Take the measurement and be sure that the wall is ready for toilet installation. The studs should protrude from your wall (approx 2 1/8 inch). Using 2×6 studs is helpful so that it is strong enough to hold the bowl.
  • There should be a supply line and a wastewater tube. Once the pipes are fine and the 2×6 studs are used, you need to move to the next step.
  • Affix the toilet bowl to the supports. Use caps nuts (most manufacturers provide these with the product) to attach the bowl to the holes drilled in the support studs. Washers and cap nuts are necessary for attaching the bowl.
  • Once the toilet bowl has been secured to the wall, you need to attach the gasket so that it gets connected to the sewer pipe and bowl. The gasket should be attached to the waste tube.
  • Once the toilet bowl is in position, you need to figure out as to where the tank goes. It can go inside the wall or can hang outside. This also depends on the product you are buying! It can either be attached to the wall or it can be inside the wall. If you are opting for a hidden tank water closet, then it will be inside the wall.
  • The bowl needs to be screwed to the tank. Make sure it is a secure and strong fitting!
    Take a bendable pipeline and fix it to the water supply. Then, fix it with the tank and tighten it. Check the flow and make sure it is tight and not leaky. If it is not leaking, your wall mounted toilet is ready to use!
  • Hold that thought! Before you can post a status on Facebook about successfully installing the toilet, you must flush it a few times and test it. Sit on the seat and check whether it is strong and secure. Once you have done these tests, your wall hung toilet is ready for use. Now, you can update!
  • Some of the wall hung toilets do require a toilet frame that’s fitted inside or onto the wall. The frame helps the toilet to stay safe and solid under heavy weight. The wall hung toilet frame can play a big role in lengthening the lifespan of your toilet.

Wall Hung Toilet Vs Regular Toilet

Comparison Factor Wall Hung Toilet Regular Toilet
1. Cleaning Easier to clean The back and underneath portions are hard to clean
2. Fitting Space Fits only if the space is available Fits into any bathroom
3. Installation Complexity Relatively complex Easy to install
4. Plumbing Access Repairing the plumbing work can be difficult Easily accessible and repairable
5. Bathroom Space Gives the impression of more space in the bathroom Covers a relatively large part of your bathroom floor


Q. Do wall hung toilets require more maintenance than standard toilets?

Ans: Not really. The amount and type of maintenance is quite similar for both toilets. Many people think maintaining wall hung toilets is hard because of the harder access to the tank.

However, wall-hung toilets provide access through the actuator, the panel that holds flash buttons. This type of toilet tends to leak or loosen over time, so regular maintenance is essential.

Q. How much does a wall hung toilet cost?

Ans: Anywhere from $200 up to $3000. Wall-hung toilets are more expensive than the standard ones. The price depends on the brand value, the design and the facilities. There might also be some hidden costs included so check the documentation thoroughly before purchasing one.

Q. How high should I install a wall hung toilet?

Ans: That’s entirely up to you. Standard toilets are 14.5” from the floor (without the seat) whereas “comfort height” toilet bowls are around 16” off of the floor. You can adjust the height as you prefer.

Q. How should I clean my wall hung toilets?

Ans: You can use a toilet brush, and your preferred disinfectant, toilet cleaner, or any other cleaning solution to clean your wall-hung toilet. You’ll only need to clean the bowl, rim, and the lid as the toilet won’t touch the floor.


Hope our elaborate wall hung toilet reviews have been substantial enough for you to learn new things. This is not just about selling products, but giving you in-depth information about how and where you should be looking for the best wall hung toilets that fit your needs and budget.

In fact, wall-mounted water closets are the perfect choice for people like me, who dream of living in the city but are not exactly thrilled about their small bathroom. I made good use of the small space, got my shower cubicle and the wall hung toilet helped me to save a lot of space.

The good part is that I do not have to worry about dirt gathering around the toilet seat. With my kind of OCD, this was a great solution! I own both the TOTO and Duravit models, and TOTO has been the most reliable product so far! It allows you to save space and looks quite elegant in the bathroom. It goes perfectly with the tiles and even the bathtub.

The mini models can be attractive too! Speaking of attractiveness, the EAGO variant is aesthetically pleasing with its beautiful square-shape.

I am ALL into aesthetics and each product that I have selected for you is not only function al but also elegant, especially the EADO variant. If you are looking for durability, opt for Kohler or Duravit variants. These brands are trusted by most of the existing buyers. This entire review is specially written for the readers to get in-depth information about each product.

So, skim through the buying guide again and compare each of the products listed by us. That way, we are sure that you will find the best wall hung toilet you are looking for.

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