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How to Jack up a Hot Tub? – Safest & Most Efficient Way!

how to jack up a hot tub
Written by Elizabeth Fincher
Last Update: August 10, 2023

No matter if you’re moving or storing your hot tub, you’ll need to lift it first the right way so the integrity of the structure is not compromised. This is not really an easy task and you need to be guided well so it doesn’t end in disaster.

Follow our guide and do it like a pro!

How to Jack up a Hot Tub? – The Safest Way!

Step 1: Gather your tools

  • Four people to help
  • Measuring tape
  • Garden hose
  • Towel
  • Two furniture dollies
  • Two pressure-treated 4×4 timber
  • Moving straps
  • Moving blankets
  • Tie down straps
  • Ratchet straps

Step 2: Prepare and plan the best way to move the tub

How to Jack up a Hot Tub

Take the time to plan. Think about how far the move is, what path you’ll need to take, and what obstacles you may face.

Plan if you need to move your hot tub on its side or you can wheel the tub out just the way it is. Determine the route by measuring up the width of the pathway. See if you need to remove or disassemble anything to make way for the tub.

You should know how much your tub weighs. You can figure this out by calculating the size and shape. A large empty hot tub will weigh between 500lb to 1000lb.

Step 3: Drain the tub for 24 hours before you start jacking it up

How to Jack up a Hot Tub

Disconnect the tub from the power source. Collect the power cord and put it in a safe place.

Find your hot tub drainage spout and unscrew it to attach the garden hose. You may take a look at the hot tub’s owner manual to get the drainage instructions.

Make sure to put the other end of the hose where you choose for the water to drain. Open the valve to drain the water.

Remove the garden hose and seal the drainage spout once all the water has been drained completely.

Step 4: Remove the cover and excess water

How to Jack up a Hot Tub

Move the cover separately and don’t forget to keep the screws in a safe place. Use a big towel to get rid of the remaining water in the tub.

Step 5: Lift the tub onto the dollies

How to Jack up a Hot Tub

How to Jack up a Hot Tub

Use help from friends or family to lift the tub off the ground and place two 4×4 boards underneath. Lift one side at a time and place the board. Place two dollies at the front and back under the tub in between the two boards.

Use tie-down straps to secure the tub to the dollies. Then slide the boards out from underneath and set your tub flat on the dollies.

Step 6: Bring the tub to the moving truck

How to Jack up a Hot Tub

Make sure to have a person secure the tub on each side and roll the tub to the moving van carefully. In case you need to move it downstairs, you may want to move it on its side.

Step 7: Load the tub onto the moving van

How to Jack up a Hot Tub

Make the dolly wheels well aligned with the truck ramp and push the tub onto the ramp. Get moving blankets and cover the tub down from the top to the bottom. This will help you tie your hot tub to the inside of the van with a ratchet strap well.

Step 8:How to Jack up a Hot Tub

Prepare the pathway beforehand, making sure no obstructions are on the way. Undo the straps and remove the covering. Slowly and gently roll the tub down the truck ramp with a helper on all four sides.

Roll the tub onto the 4×4 boards again when the tub is in its new location. Raise your tub from the corners and have a person slide the dollies out from underneath.

Now slowly place the tub onto the boards. Lift the tub off the ground from one side with the help of others and slide out the boards once both the dollies are removed.

Some Other Hot Tub Lifting Methods and Tools

1. Roller crowbar

Hot Tub Lifting Methods

You can use a good-sized roller crowbar if you are looking to install a cover lifter on your hot tub or you need to jack up the tub only a little bit for a very similar undertaking.

Since crowbars can come in various head shapes and sizes, you need to get a crowbar that is super large and has grippy flat heads.

Roller crowbars not only let you jack up your hot tub but also move and shift it a little on flat surfaces. But you’ll need at least 2-4 roller crowbars and the same number of skilled people to do just that.

Try and practice working using the roller crowbar with other elements rather than a hot tub in case the tool is new to your hands.

Note: Feel free to do a bit of research on the type of crowbars that will be easily available to you and what features in the crowbar will empower you to lift your hot tub. Use some extra reinforcement and support when you need to.

2. Spa jack

Hot Tub Lifting Methods

The hot tub jack makes it easy for a single person to tip a hot tub off of the base to a good extent. Get a spa jack and carefully slip its tip under the hot tub. Try to lower the handle with a consistent effort to jack up the hot tub.

You can place a dolly or a spa caster under the tub to move it all by yourself with a spa jack. But we do not recommend this when it’s filled with water.

3. Spa wedge

Hot Tub Lifting Methods

The wedge is the most cost-effective solution when you need to jack up a hot tub. You may only use it when you need a small amount of lift on a side of your tub such as when you need to adjust and support under the tub to get the tub level or when installing a cover lifter.

First, you try to slip one end of the spa wedge under a corner of the tub, then stand up and place your boot onto the other end of the spa wedge and keep pushing down to lift the hot tub a few inches.

4. Spa lift bag (inflatable wedge bag)

Hot Tub Lifting Methods

Get help from your friends or family and place some wood or Styrofoam blocks in the corners under the tub to lift your hot tub just high enough to slip the deflated spa lift airbag underneath.

Once the bag is placed under the tub, make sure to have your slider in place (on the opposite side of the bag) because your tub will be on its side when it goes up.

Inflate the bag using a vacuum to lift the tub. Simply open the air hose valve to deflate the bag once you’re done.

5. Use a hot tub transportation company

Hot Tub Lifting Methods

It seems to be the easiest way to have your hot tub jacked up and put into somewhere new by a dedicated hot tub transportation company near you. But it costs you a lot, starting from $200 and up to $1000 depending on the distance between locations and other conditions.

They’ll tie up the hot tub to their Crain, lift it off the ground, place it onto the back of the truck, and transport it to the place you want it moved.


1. How do I lift a hot tub by myself?

Ans. You may not want to try to lift a hot tub all by yourself because your attempt can damage the fiberglass structure of the tub. Ask help from friends and family to lift your hot tub.

2. How do I move my hot tub a few inches?

Ans. You may use a spa wedge or a spa jack to lift and move your hot tub a few inches. Make sure you use the tools when the tub is empty.

3. How much does an 8-person hot tub weigh?

Ans. It’ll weigh around 800-1000lbs when empty and about a little more than 4000lbs when filled with water and people.

4. How much does a 4-person hot tub weigh empty?

Ans. About 550 to 700lbs.

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