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Bath Planet vs Bath Fitter – What’s Your Go-To Brand?

bath planet vs bath fitter
Written by Elizabeth Fincher
Last Update: August 10, 2023

Bath Planet and Bath Fitter are both very popular brands in the bathroom industry.

Both options have their pros and cons and each come with their own set of differences. If you are confused as to which one might be best for you, we’ve done a simple comparison here to help you decide!

Bath Planet: Who are they?

Bath Planet was founded in 1999 and is relatively new. The brand came into existence when they found that people needed solutions for remodeling their bathrooms.

Among Bath Planet’s most famous services is conversion, where they turn showers into tubs. Their remodeling services also include turning baths into showers.

Bath Fitter: Who are they?

In Springfield, Tennessee, there is a popular company called Bath Fitter. Since their founding in 1984, with vast experience in showers, bathtubs, and bathroom renovation, Bath Fitter is your go-to brand if you’re looking to install an acrylic tub or anything else related to acrylic for your bathroom.

Bath Planet vs Bath Fitter – A Quick Look

Comparing factors  Bath Planet  Bath Fitter 
Wall surrounds Many different types available Only a few types available
Wall surround cost Cheaper Expensive
Shower remodeling quality Lower Higher
Shower remodeling packages and services Walk-in showers, bathtubs, and shower stalls Steam showers, whirlpools, and saunas
Shower remodeling cost Easily affordable Expensive
Tub-to-shower conversion Focuses on aesthetics of the bathtub Focuses more on function ality
Shower-to-tub conversion design Many designs available Very few designs available
Tub design Modern Less modern look
Tub material Acrylic or fiberglass Cast iron or fiberglass
Reputation Excellent Not so famous

Bath liner materials

Acrylic bath liners from both companies are the most popular choice because of their high durability.

The affordability and durability of acrylic make it a better choice than other bath liners.

Cleaning it is also incredibly simple. PVC is another material that is popular. Compared to acrylic, PVC is less expensive and not as durable.

Wall surrounds

The wall surround is the part of the bath that surrounds the bath and is usually made out of a material like plastic, fiberglass, or wood.

Bath Planet wall surrounds usually cheaper than Bath Fitter wall surrounds.

In fact, Bath Planet has many different types of wall surrounds to choose from, while Bath Fitters only have a few.

Shower remodeling services

The shower remodeling services of Bath Planet are an affordable option for those who are looking to do a small remodel. The company offers a variety of packages and services, including walk-in showers, bathtubs, and shower stalls.

Shower remodeling services of Bath Fitter are more expensive than than that of Bath Planet but worth it because they offer more quality products like steam showers, whirlpools, and saunas.

Conversion services

a) Tub-to-shower conversion

The tub to shower conversion service of Bath Planet is more focused on the aesthetics of the bathtub. They do not focus on the function ality of the tub and instead use an acrylic tub that is easier to clean.

Bath Fitter, on the other hand, focuses more on function ality and provides a wide range of options for different budgets. They also offer a lifetime warranty for their work.

b) Shower-to-tub conversion

The Bath Planet is the most popular one because it has a more modern design. The tub is usually made of acrylic or fiberglass, and it can be made to look like marble, granite, or other materials.

A Bath Fitter is also an option for converting your shower to a tub because it can be installed in an existing shower stall without having to remove any tilework.

This type of conversion tub is usually made out of cast iron or fiberglass, but it does not have as many design options as the Bath Planet.


Bath Fitters are remodeling specialists and offer accessories like shelving to go with the bathtub. Bath Planet can also offer remodeling accessories as well like bathroom nooks, shelving, and wall panels.


Your bathtub surround may shine like new with things you have in your kitchen! Diluted vinegar mild household cleaners such as dishwashing liquids and pastes can clean both brands.

Do not use any harsh cleaners like bleach, ammonia, or rough scrubber, which can damage the surface.


The term “bathtub reglazing” has become so ingrained that it is used by so many people. This is a much cheaper alternative to installing bathtub liners. Installation costs from both companies are usually not more than $300, including labor.

You can expect to pay anywhere from $1,400 to $1,800 for the liner alone. Cheaper variants are available starting at $800.

Single-day installation

An experienced bathtub liner installer from Bath Fitter can install a tub liner in 24 hours or less.

Basic items from Bath Planet can also be installed in one day. However, a more complex remodel can take longer.

Bath Planet: Pros and cons


  • All products are backed by a lifetime warranty
  • Customer service is friendly and helpful
  • Fast remodeling and installation – usually within one day
  • You can see how your liners will look online by individual choosing
  • In addition to a warranty of 2 years for defective products, Bath Planet is also the recipient of the Good Housekeeping Seal


  • From start to finish, the process can be lengthy
  • As local dealers install the systems, quality control may be an issue
  • You can’t find an estimate of your project cost on the website. You must call for a consultation

Bath Fitter: Pros and cons


  • Can convert your shower into a tub or vice versa
  • No need for a complete remodel to add a shower
  • Great customer service
  • Has accessories to make your tub more attractive and efficient.
  • Complete remodels are done by an experienced contractor


  • Plumbing work is not included
  • Wall tiling is not made with real tiles
  • Local franchisee so quality won’t be the same in all cities

Bathtub Liners vs Refinishing: What’s better?

You can find low-priced tubs for a fraction of the cost – the reason so many homeowners replace their tubs entirely.

The only downside is that this will require you to demolish an old bathtub and replace it with a new unit which will cost you a bit of money.

It’s for this reason that most people either install a tub liner or refinish their bathtub.

As part of tub refinish prep, contractors usually sand it down to get rid of the old coating.

The surface is cleaned of all imperfections, contaminants, and scratches. A new coating is then sprayed.

In this way, the tub will be glossy, looking like new. Refinishing might be a better option if you are working with a tight budget. Liners are more expensive.

Which One Should You Choose between Bath Planet vs Bath Fitter?

Overall, Bath Planet has a great reputation and a wide variety of services. It’s definitely worth the time it takes to call and get a free quote for your renovation options.

Bath Fitter doesn’t have as good rating for their overall service as Bath Planet. Both rank similar to pricing, accessories, cleaning, and same-day service.

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