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Best Low Flow Toilets You Can Get: Eco-Friendly Toilets 101

When remodeling your bathroom, you’re faced with the choice of standard and low flow toilet. Both types have their own set of pros and cons, but if you’re interested in water conservation and saving money on your water bill, a low flush toilet is the right option.

When looking for a low-flush toilet, be sure to keep 3 vital factors in mind – the flushing method, the performance specs, and the number of pieces. To help you, we prepared an in-depth buying guide and reviewed some of the best low flow toilets the market has to offer.

We Tested and Reviewed These 10 Low Flow Toilets for You

01 American Standard 2887.216.020 H2 Option (Best Overall)

American Standard 2887.216.020 H2 Option

American Standard H2Option is genuinely the best water-saving toilet today, and you’ll soon see why. First, the superb siphonic action mechanism eliminates waste with less water. Its quiet operation allows you to use the bathroom without alerting others.

With the flush lever found on the tank’s top, you can always use less water per flush. In other words, you have options for heavy or light cleaning. Here, you use 1.6gpf for solid waste and 1.1gpf for liquid waste. Interestingly, H2Option uses 25% less water than the regular water-saving toilets; so, you can count on it for reliable one-flush performance.

You’ll be amazed at H2Option toilet rim’s design. The tank water enters the rim chamber, traps air to build-up pressure. Thus, during the flush, the high-pressure water jets out through the specialized rim holes to clean the bowl.

Moreover, this H2Option model has a siphon jet that discharges water directly to evacuate the bowl’s contents. Here, the siphon jet system maintains the water level during the flush for better cleaning.

The toilet’s height is about 17 inches, and as such, it’s suitable for everyone. The compact design makes it perfect for congested toilets. We noticed the seat’s quality was good, such that sitting felt comfortable and safe. Installation was also easy for us because of the toilet’s construction.

This toilet features an EverClean surface that prevents the sticking of dirt and the growth of harmful bacteria. You’ll appreciate the surface’s ease of cleaning and attractive look.

However, we found that H2Option needs at least 20psi to function ; and as such, you might have problems if your water pressure is too low. Despite this, we didn’t have issues with the flush operation; so, we highly recommend this toilet.


  • Weight: 91 pounds
  • Size: 29.5 x 15 x 29.5 inches
  • Shape: Elongated
  • Finish: White
  • Installation: Floor-mounted
  • Flow rate: 1.6gpf
  • Certification: WaterSense
  • Warranty: 2-years


  • Consistent performance
  • EverClean finish
  • Removes waste in a single flush
  • Lower water consumption
  • Easy to install
  • Quiet operation
  • High-quality seat


  • Occasional problems with flush-button

Our Verdict

This toilet has many exciting features despite being low priced. It has a dual flush and siphonic action mechanism; as a result, we guarantee it will save water and clean your bowl thoroughly. This is a great value for money unit that deserves your attention.

02 Woodbridge T-0001 (Dual flush choice)

Woodbridge T-0001

Established in 2005, Woodbridge is one of the trendiest low flow toilet makers today, and the T-0001 model is merely exceptional. This unit offers the perfect solution between aesthetics and water conservation. It has a sleek look that complements all bathroom styles. The toilet has a single-piece design that not only enhances its look but makes installing less hard. Unlike most brands on this list, this unit has smooth sides, making it easy to clean.

The T-0001 unit features two flushing options, each at 1.0gpf and 1.6gpf, making it suitable for areas with low water pressure. The siphon jet flow mechanism provides a powerful flush at any time. We saw the dual flush worked pretty well. Besides, the operation was quiet, and we didn’t experience clogging after several months of use.

The toilet also features a soft closing seat with a quick-release latch for easy cleaning. On a side note, this unit weighs around 120 pounds, so you’ll need help when installing.


  • Weight: 119 pounds
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Dimensions: 28.5 x 14.5 x 27.5 inches
  • Color: White
  • Shape: Elongated
  • Installation Method: Floor Mounted
  • Water consumption: 1.28gpf
  • Warranty: 5 years


  • Soft closing seat
  • Dual flush
  • Quiet operation
  • Jet flush
  • Sleek design
  • Easy to clean


  • Heavy

Our Verdict

Overall, this unit is fantastic. The clean look and siphon jet flush makes it an ideal option for any modern apartment. So, it’s worth the investment for the consistent water savings.

03 TOTO CST744#01 Drake (Single flush choice)

TOTO CST744#01 Drake

Highly rated for performance and significant water savings, the TOTO Drake version is one of the best options. It’s affordable, durable, and efficient. So, this toilet deserves the top spot on our review, and the relatively low price makes it perfect for people who’re on a tight budget.

The Toto Drake features a single flush that flows at 1.6gpf. It has a durable construction and robust design that makes it suitable for private and commercial use. The G-max flush system provides a forceful and reliable operation. Still, you’ll appreciate its cleaning ability as it smoothly evacuates waste with one push of the lever.

This toilet is available in 5 different colors to match your bathroom décor. It’s also ADA compliant; as a result, every member of your household will find it easy to use. The chrome lever on the tank’s left side is easy to access besides giving the toilet a beautiful look.

However, this TOTO Drake toilet doesn’t have the Sonogloss finish, so you’ll spend more time cleaning the surface.


  • Weight: 17.64 pounds
  • Item Size: 28 x 19.5 x 30.5 inches
  • Shape: Elongated
  • Material: Vitreous China
  • Flow rate: 1.6gpf
  • Finish: Chrome
  • Installation Method: Floor-mounted


  • GMAX flush system
  • Suitable for everyone
  • ADA compliant
  • Available in different colors
  • Fully glazed trapway
  • Powerful cleaning flush


  • Seat sold separately
  • Sticky surface

Our Verdict

If you’re searching for a durable and high-performance unit, the TOTO Drake toilet is the ideal option for you. The G-max flush system ensures it cleans entirely with a single flush. You’ll use this toilet for long and you won’t experience clogging; hence we recommend it for every home.

04 Convenient Height 20 Inch Extra Tall Toilet

Convenient Height 20 Inch Extra Tall Toilet

Convenient height is one of the best toilet makers, and this Extra Tall version is an excellent remark of their series. What separates this unit from our previous choices is its comfort height that makes it comfy for disabled adults. So, they’ve designed it to make sitting and standing more comfortable and prevent falls in the bathroom.

With two flush valves, this Extra Tall toilet takes 0.9gpf for liquid waste and 1.28gpf for solid waste. You raise the knob for full flush or down for the light. Thus, it’ll save both water and energy without lowering performance. The flush handle lever is of plastic for extra durability.

Another exciting feature of this toilet is the compact size. It measures at 27 x 15 x 36 inches, making it suitable for installing in tight corners. Interestingly, many physically challenged people found it reliable as they reported that this toilet’s height gave them more independence.


  • Water consumption: 1.28 / 0.9gpf
  • Weight: 120 pounds
  • Shape: Elongated
  • Size: 20 – 21 inches
  • Installation Method: Floor-mounted
  • Color: White


  • Comfort height
  • Dual flush valve
  • Slow-closing seat
  • Three-year warranty
  • Corrosion-resistant handle


  • Heavy

Our Verdict

This extra Tall model is the perfect choice if you’re searching for a low-flow toilet to help manage people with mobility issues. You won’t have cases of bathroom falls and again, you’ll always have a positive experience with it.

05 Saniflo 023 Sanicompact Self-Contained Toilet

Saniflo 023 Sanicompact Self-Contained Toilet

The Saniflo 023 toilet is small and perfect for ending water wastage. What sets this toilet apart is its no tank design, attractiveness, and efficiency. Since it’s without a tank, you can install in places like under stairway, small bathroom, garage, etc. We were pleased with the toilet’s performance, fit, and looked.

The waste evacuation starts once you press the button on the bowl’s top. Luckily, the pump has a digital circuit to maintain water flow at one gallon per flush. Hence, many reviewers reported that it was quite reliable at reducing water consumption.

What’s more, this Saniflo 023 toilet features a non-return valve in the discharge way to prevent water backflow. You can also connect your sink into the toilet’s drainage, eliminating the need for a separate drain line. Most importantly, the pump is hidden, making it maintenance-free throughout its lifespan.

After registering this product with Saniflo, the warranty will increase from two to three years. Another exciting factor is that this Saniflo 023 version uses electricity. So, besides installing an inlet pipe, you’ll need a power outlet next to it. Overall, this unit was worth the effort, but we’ll be happier if Saniflo could provide a better installation guide.


  • Size: 18.5 x 14.5 x 15.75 inches
  • Shape: Elongated
  • Water rate: 1.6gpf
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Weight: 62.2
  • Material: Porcelain
  • Color: White


  • Compact design
  • Electronically timed pump
  • Suitable for small spaces
  • Needs no tank
  • Easily connects with sink outlet
  • Doesn’t need a vent sack
  • Uses one-gallon per flush


  • A bit difficult to install
  • High price

Our Verdict

The Saniflo 023 toilet is useful in many ways, and its pros outweigh the cons. It consumes less water and it’s suitable for small bathrooms. Though it comes at a price, what you get for its performance is exceptional. We didn’t experience issues with its operation, and we would recommend it to anyone searching for a low-flush toilet that’s worth every bit of the penny.



The most unusual thing about Woodbridge toilets is their craftsmanship, and this T-0019 also leads per styling and function ality. This high-efficient toilet has WaterSense and EPA approval.

So, why do we like it?

With the dual-flush design, you can choose either 1.0 or 1.28 gallons per flush, depending on your waste. So, it enables you to save around 16500 water gallons per year, which is pretty commendable compared to regular toilets.

The T-0019 toilet’s height from the floor is 18 inches, meaning it’s about 3 inches taller than our previous T-0019 model. Hence, T-0019 is useful for everyone, including those with movement difficulties.

What’s more, the slow-closing seat comes with a stainless steel hinge and quick release latch, making it safe and durable.

This sleek toilet comes in an elongated single-piece design and have no grooves or corners. Thus, we found it more comfortable to use and clean. Thanks to its porcelain construction and super siphon flush jet system, we didn’t experience severe clogging or leakage issues.

Still, this item comes with an installation kit, wax ring, and soft-close seat.


  • Material: Porcelain
  • Dimensions: 31 x 18 x 28 inches
  • Shape: Elongated
  • Certification: WaterSense
  • Weight: 152 pounds
  • Warranty: 5 years


  • WaterSense certified
  • ADA compliant
  • One-piece design
  • Available in 5 colors
  • Good quality seat
  • Modern and easy to clean design


  • Heavy

Our Verdict

If you want a good quality toilet, but nothing too fancy; this lovely toilet, with a sleek design and dual flush mechanism, can be one of the best low flow toilets for you. Moreover, it’s a perfect fit for any modern bathroom, and the price is pretty reasonable for its specs. Though it lacks some great features like electronic timing and pump, it will still meet your daily needs.

07 KOHLER K-3609-0 Cimarron

KOHLER K-3609-0 Cimarron

Another top-rated low-flush toilet is the KOHLER K-3609-0 model. It has a 1.28gpf flush, saving 20 percent more water than regular 1.6gpf toilets. The lever is on the tank’s front for easy access. It has an elongated shape which consumes less room space, also makes sitting comfortable.

This two-piece toilet features the patented AquaPiston flush system, which delivers water into the bowl from all sides. As a result, it is quite efficient at handling waste. What’s more, the K-3609 model bowl’s height is around 18 inches (same as a regular chair); as such, adult users can stand or sit with ease.

However, it doesn’t come with a seat, so you’ll order one separately. Overall, we were impressed with the toilet’s performance as it offered significant water savings.


  • Weight: 65.3 pounds
  • Size: 28.75 x 17.62 x 30.75 inches
  • Color: White
  • Material: Vitreous China
  • Flush Type: Gravity
  • Certification: WaterSense
  • Warranty: One-year


  • Aquapiston flush technology
  • Powerful flush
  • Chair height
  • Easy to use
  • Fantastic water savings
  • Neat and beautiful


  • Seat sold separately

Our Verdict

Excellent toilet with a powerful flush mechanism, extra height, and low water consumption. Overall, this is a smart option for your home, and you’ll get more than you pay.

08 Niagara 77001WHCO1 Stealth 0.8 GPF Toilet

Niagara 77001WHCO1 Stealth 0.8 GPF Toilet

The Niagara Stealth is the best water-saving toilet in their line. It does the job well without clogging or leakage. What’s most outstanding about this model is that you only use 0.8 gallons of water in one flush. Of course, that’s almost half the amount of water a standard toilet would use. So, you’ll spend less on energy bills.

The Stealth toilet has a pressure-assisted flush mechanism that pushes away solid waste in one attempt, making the bowl cleaner. It also sits higher, making it much convenient to use in comparison with ordinary toilets.

Most importantly, it’s operation was quiet and powerful, and we never had a reason to flush twice.


  • Weight: 102.8 pounds
  • Size: 28.88 x 18.75 x 31 inches
  • Shape: Elongated
  • Finish: White
  • Installation Method: Floor
  • Water consumption: 0.8gpf
  • Material: Vitreous China
  • Certification: WaterSense


  • Less expensive
  • Offers reliable performance
  • Fast and powerful
  • Quiet operation
  • Efficient water usage
  • WaterSense certified


  • No seat

Our Verdict

If affordability is what you’re after, this is one of the best low flow toilets you can get. We had no issues with its performance. Although it’s not high and mighty in comparison, it does its job well. Overall, the price is good for the toilet’s quality, and we’re confident that you’ll get more than expected.

09 KOHLER K-3589-O Cimarron

KOHLER K-3589-O Cimarron

Another one from KOHLER’s line of high-efficient units, the K-3589-0 ticks all boxes for a top-rated water-saving toilet. The classic two-piece style offers a perfect blend for modern and traditional décor. Still, this toilet features a patented flush engine (Aqua piston) that improves flush performance. Here, this aqua piston unit comes in a universal gasket that fits all Kohler toilet canister valves, providing a stress-free replacement.

The differences between the K-3589-0 and K-3609-0 models are in their water consumption rate and height. The K-3589-0 toilet height measures at 16.5 inches from the floor, meaning it’s a bit shorter than our K-3609-0 choice. Meanwhile, the K-3589-0 unit runs at 1.6gpf as opposed to K-3609-0 with a 1.28gpf flow rate.

Many users liked the toilet’s design and ease of installation. We also found that this toilet has no bolt holes through the tank. It instead has a bracket at the tank’s bottom for secure attachment to the bowl. Moreover, this design made it easier to install while preventing water leaks.

Once installed, we noticed the tank was stable, and cleaning/waste disposal was perfect.


  • Size: 28.75 x 17.63 x 30.75 inches
  • Material: China
  • Finish: White
  • Hand lever position: Left
  • Shape: Oval
  • Flow rate: 1.6gpf
  • Warranty: one year


  • Less clogging
  • No leakage
  • Uses less water
  • Highly efficient
  • Easy to install
  • Convenient and stable


  • No seat

Our Verdict

In conclusion, this toilet is a plus for its price tag. We liked the comfort height, unique style, and high-efficient operation. It never required repeated flush, and we are sure you won’t be let down by its performance.

10 HOROW HWMT-8733 Small Toilet

HOROW HWMT-8733 Small Toilet

With an average flush of 1.28gpf, the Horow HWMT-8733 one-piece toilet is another great offer that deserves to be on our list. This unit has a compact shape that makes it perfect for small spaces. It also has a dual-flush design that allows users to save water by choosing either light or heavy flush. Luckily, the toilet provides a silent operation; again, with its soft-close seat, you won’t alert other household members when visiting the bathroom at night.

The HWMT-8733 powerful siphon flush cleans the bowl and prevents frequent clogging. The elongated bowl’s design gives users more sitting space for comfort. We found this toilet quite easy to install, especially if using the ¾ inch water inlet connector.

What’s more, the self-cleaning glaze surface prevents the sticking of dirt, making it attractive and easy to maintain. The five-year warranty covers stains and material fading. You’ll also appreciate the three-year warranty for seat and flushing mechanism. However, this toilet isn’t suitable for commercial use.


  • Small size
  • Comfortable to use
  • Suitable for small bathrooms
  • Easy to install
  • Operation is quiet, fast, and powerful
  • Low price
  • Replacement parts available


  • For private use

Our Verdict

The dual flush function and compact size make this toilet a good contender on this list. Most importantly, this unit was cheap and was highly rated, showing that it had great value. So, once you’ve completed its installation, be ready to use it for many years.

Low Flow Toilet Buying Guide for Absolute Beginners

Low Flow Toilet Buying Guide

1. Construction

Toilets’ construction is either one or double pieces. One-piece toilets have a more straightforward design but are too heavy, making them hard for one person to install. On the other hand, two-piece types are easy to install but cleaning the surface is difficult because of their hard to reach areas.

2. Water Consumption

Another vital factor to consider is the toilet’s water consumption rating. Again, high-efficient toilets use around 0.8gpf to 1.6gpf. Of course, federal regulations require toilets to use at most 1.6gpf, and those that are WaterSense certified take 1.28gpf. The best thing about our toilet choices is that they offer excellent performance with less water. For instance, the Niagara Stealth model uses only 0.8 gallons per flush and still performs well.

3. Standard Ratings

Every manufacturer will claim to have the best products or services. But how can you tell if this is true? For the best low-flush toilets, you should look at the product’s performance ratings from regulatory agencies, consumer reports, and reviews. In other words, choose models with WaterSense or EPA certification.

4. Size and Shape

Toilet bowls have different shapes and sizes; so, check your bathroom’s capacity to determine the perfect toilet’s dimensions to buy. The elongated shape is around 18 to 19 inches and fits any standard bathroom. Yet, the round shape is compact and has a height of 16 to 17 inches. Hence, it is suitable for small restrooms.

5. Type of flush

You’ll notice that our high-efficient toilet choices feature single or dual flush options. So, let’s discuss them.

  • Single flush – This flush option uses 1.6 gallons per flush irrespective of the waste type. Thus, it sometimes consumes more water than a dual flush type.
  • Dual flush – Here, you have two flush options depending on the toilet’s design. For example, if you’re removing solid waste, you can use between 1.28 to 1.6 gallons of water at once. But if you want to flush liquid, you’ll need about 0.8 to 1.1 gallons of water.

6. Flushing Mechanism

Water-saving toilets use siphonic or wash-down flush mechanisms. The downside with siphonic systems is that they clog too often and, as such, require regular maintenance. Wash-down flush types, on the other hand, have broad trap ways for easy waste passage. But they’re a bit hard to clean.

7. Installation Type

You can have floor-mounted or wall-mounted toilets. The wall-hung types are easily adjustable, takes less room space but are more challenging to install. Therefore, for the most comfortable installation work, we recommend the two-piece floor- mount units.

8. Height

Your toilet’s height plays a significant role in your convenience. So, if you’re living with an elderly or someone with arthritis or movement difficulties, pick a model between 16 and 20 inches high. Still, many of our reviewed units are ADA compliant, but the best for comfort is the Convenient Height 20 Inch toilet.

9. Aesthetics

There’s also a need to choose a toilet that’s beautiful and blends well with your wall décor. For this buying guide, the Saniflo 023 series leads in terms of aesthetics because they’re tankless and have a concealed trapway.

10. Budget

High efficient toilets cost between $200 to $1000 depending on the brand and specs.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Having Low Flow Toilets


The usual benefits of using low flow toilets are:

  • Outstanding Efficiency – These toilets use less water per flush, saving thousands of gallons per year.
  • Costs saving – High efficient toilets can reduce the amount you spend on energy by up to 40 percent.
  • Conserves space – Since low flow toilets use less water, their tanks are small. Hence they can fit in tight spaces.


  • Clogging – Energy-saving toilets are prone to clogging. Yes, heavy or solid waste can block the system, causing the bowl’s content to overflow during your flush.
  • Repeated flushing – You might flush more than once when dealing with solid waste; as a result, you end up using more water.

The solution to Common Low Flow Toilet Problems

Since clogging is the primary issue with water-saving toilets, we’ll show you how to unclog.

  • Use a plunger – Wait first until the bowl’s water is half-filled before inserting your plunger. If the blockage persists, reduce the bowl’s water, then pump again.
  • Flange plunger – If you prefer a flange plunger, put the flange into the drain trap until it’s sealed. Once you get the seal, gently stroke up and down for about 20 seconds before flushing.
  • Detect leaks – Check if there’s enough water supply from your tank. The reason is, your tank might leak, causing the flush valve’s flapper to dangle. So, if the problem is with the tank’s parts, consult a professional or replace it yourself
  • Flush more – Though flushing often increases water usage, it’ll help reduce frequent clogging, especially in homes with old sewer lines.

Final Words

We’ve offered you the top best low flow toilet models available today. So, our high-efficient toilet choices can help if you’re desirous of saving money or protecting your environment,. When picking these toilets, you should consider factors like height, ease of installation, shape, size, and construction. Most importantly, always choose models with WaterSense or EPA certification.

Our top pick for the best water-saving toilet is the American Standard H2Option because of its excellent value for the money. This unit features a powerful siphonic action technology that led to it receiving the highest Maximum Performance rating. Besides, the dual-flush function allows you to select 1.1gpf or 1.6gpf depending on your needs.

If you’re on a budget but searching for a toilet that takes less water, pick the Niagara Stealth model. It is affordable and uses only 0.8 gallons per flush.

For the best comfort height toilet with significant water savings, you can go ahead with the Convenient Height Extra Tall version.

Finally, we believe that this buying guide will help you to choose a toilet that suits your needs and budget.


1. How to determine toilet flush volume?

Ans. The toilet’s flush volume or gpf usually appears behind the bowl’s hinge. If it doesn’t, raise the tank lid and locate the model’s stamp inside.

2. What is gpf

Ans. The term gpf is short for gallons per flush. It tells the water volume your toilet uses. Low-flush toilets use less water, having ratings between 1.28gpf to 1.6gpf.

3. How does a low flow toilet work?

Ans. Water-efficient toilets use pressure-assist or gravity systems to clear waste. For gravity toilets, the flapper moves, releasing water into the bowl to remove debris. On the other hand, pressure-assist toilets store high-pressure water in the tank, which is released when the flush valve open.

4. How do you turn a regular toilet into a low flow?

Ans. To replace a regular toilet with a low flush type, you need an adjustable flapper, fill cycle diverter, toilet tank bag, and leakage detector.

First, install an adjustable flapper in your toilet, then set it to get your ideal flush rate.

Next, get a tank bag, fill it with water, and place it in your tank. The pack will reduce the refill water in the tank after you flush.

Again, install a valve diverter to divert excess water from the bowl to the tank. Finally, with the leak detection tablet, check your toilet for possible leaks. And, if you find any leakage, fix it at once.

5. Do low flow toilets clog more easily?

Ans. Modern low flush toilets have many designs that enhance their performance. However, the older types with 1.6gpf lack the needed pressure to drain bulky waste, resulting in frequent clogs. So, if you’re using any of these old units, you can either replace or stop using toilet paper.

6. What type of toilet is the best for efficient water usage?

Ans. For the best water savings, we recommend pressure-assist toilet types because their tanks can displace trapped air to create more pressure.

7. Push-button or toilet tank lever – which one is most effective and easy to use?

Ans. Both are still effective and easy to use, but push-button types look beautiful. Besides, units with buttons offer options of light or heavy flush. However, toilets with the tank lever provide a traditional experience.

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