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10 Best Shower Room Ideas – Drenched With Style

Shower room ideas
Written by Elizabeth Fincher
Last Update: August 10, 2023

Shower rooms are getting more popular, and a stylish well-designed shower room can be a great value. There is nothing as refreshing as a pleasant shower. Whether it is a refreshing early wake-up shower, a cold midday shower or relaxing hot bath after a long tiring day, a shower is highly refreshing and reenergizing. So, isn’t our beloved shower room needs little more attention to make it more perfect and attractive to look at? Definitely, they do, but what happens if you are out of your ideas. Do not worry! In this article, we are going to share the 10 best shower room ideas so that you can make your shower room more function al and elegant to look at.

10 Shower Room Ideas

Do you want to save some space in your small bathroom? A fantastic way to do this is to make a separate shower room. A comfortable shower enclosure will provide you enough space to move around and enjoy the stream of flowing water in your body. You can easily transfer your bathroom into a nice looking, quite function al shower room. Whether you are disgusted or fed up with the dull design or squeezed size of your bathroom.

Glass-Enclosed Shower Room

Transparent glass made shower room is the perfect solution if you want to make a seamless transition among the shower room and rest of the bathroom. You can encase the shower on the glass panel which goes from ceiling to floor to make an attractive impression. In these kinds of the shower room, an oversized showerhead can be an amazing element of art and design. Put one or two small benches inside, which not only beautify your shower room but also you can keep towels and other necessary elements there.

With a glass-enclosed shower room, you can achieve the elegant spa looking feeling. Add some colorful lighting to make a bright and airy impression. The benefit of glass is that it can remove the barriers among spaces, yet provides heat insulation properties. A glass made corner shower can also save your space with the less invasive feel and look.

Light Filled (Windowed) Shower

Whether your shower is small or big, made of glass or concrete, a window can make a significant difference. A windowed shower is a cost-effective yet excellent addition for a shower room. The natural light will provide the amazing and unique sensation if you embrace it and definitely, the skylight is even better. The decoration of these types of the shower can also be different than other showers. You can also design your shower room window to be served as a ventilator also.

Shower Room Ideas - Light Filled Windowed Shower Room

Small Shower Room

If you have a comparatively smaller bathroom, you can still make small walk-in shower room without sacrificing much of its space. A small shower room is a great choice over bathtubs for the comparatively small bathroom. These types of shower rooms are also the great alternative to locker room showers.  However, the design needs to be changed a bit. In order to make it feel more open, opt out unnecessary design materials. For example, instead of choosing a full door, add a frameless shower door. Moreover, you can add glass materials and simple lines to make it less invasive and cramped. You can also add subway tiles to make it more elegant to look at.

Shower Room Ideas - Small Shower Room

Modern Private Spa

If there is enough space to make a modern shower room, why not making it something more, like a personal spa? With the right materials, you can have all the features of a modern spa from your bathroom. However, to make spa-like feel, use light materials and texture. Instead of making separate steam room combine it with your shower room. A steam generator can do the job for you. Add one or two benches for more comfort. You can also fix a spot nearby for installing a sauna.

For these types of shower rooms chandelier can be a perfect choice. This single piece of element can enhance the beauty of a shower room more than ever. For flooring purposes, you can choose either wooden floor or mosaic tiles for added style.

Round Shower Room

For an elegant look and space-saving options, a round shower room can be an ideal pick. A round shower room will be more glamorous if it is encased in transparent glass. Frameless glass door, top on the shower head and some hanging fixture can be ideal for these types of shower rooms.

For the larger bathroom, make this shower room at the center point to make it a focal point and let it shine on its own.

Shower Room Ideas - Round Shower Room

Nature Inspired Shower Room

Nature inspired shower room can bring the nature inside in your bathroom while showing the organic beauty. If you need to get closer to nature, a shower room made of stone and wood can provide you the natural feeling than ever. To make your own design, you can choose materials on your own. You can also use a different combination of materials while making your nature-inspired shower room. Use the ocean stones or river stones for flooring and wood for decoration purposes. Put some small pots with real small trees. Some bonsai trees can make ideal choices.

Shower Room Ideas - Nature Inspired Shower Room

Wet Room Shower

Wet room shower is basically a shower room without all the shower trays and shower screens. The idea of a wet room shower is to opt out most equipment and to have a fully tiled and open shower area. You can have a shower screen though if your bathroom is comparatively small to prevent the water from getting sprayed all over. For water draining purposes you need to channel the water through the small drain on the floor as the entire room needs to be waterproof. Wet room showers are great for ensuite bathrooms as it removes the loads a lot of showering stuff. These types of showering rooms are also much easier to clean compare to some other shower rooms.

Shower Room Ideas - Wet Shower Room

Clockroom Shower

A clockroom shower uses the same design technique for a wet room shower but uses every small space. There will be no shower tray and shower screen; hence, it can be the perfect alternative for ensuite bathroom. For clockroom showers, you can include some recessed shelf and space-saving basin for keeping all the necessary potions close to your hand. Space-saving Moen bathroom faucets can be ideal to use for these types of shower rooms. To make an elegant looking clockroom shower, use ceramic tiles for floor and wooden boards to decorate the wall.

Shower Room Ideas - Clockroom Shower

Stylish en Suite Shower Room

The en suite shower room has generously proportioned benefits over an ensuite bathroom. With its entire component, a bathroom needs more space to fit in. So, in most cases you might unable to fit your precious bathtub, Moen bathroom faucets set and the large bathroom mirror. For these kinds of places, you might consider having a compact sized en suit shower room.

With the opening shower door near the enclosure, many people may consider that it is quite impossible to have a spacious and stylish shower room in s small corner. Well, it is absolutely possible if you know the technique. To make space, you can use a pocket door instead of pull in/push the offside door. If your shower doesn’t provide much space while facing in one way, try to point it in another direction. Also, remove those unnecessary shower trays and put some space saving faucets.

For these types of the shower room, light or white color design and ceramic tiles flooring are ideal combinations. You can put some curtains to prevent water droplets from getting outside the room as it is in front of your living room.

Shower Room Ideas - Stylish en Suite Shower Room

Fully Outfitted Shower Room

If you have got enough space and you are not fully satisfied with your bathroom, it is time to make a fully outfitted shower room. A spacious shower along with its bathroom faucets and bathtub can make it fully elegant to look at. With a large bathroom mirror, a beautiful chandelier, and a full-size basin can make it more stylish and useful than ever. With this enough space, you can have two different shower heads, steam bath options and even a bench or two for the ultimate showering experience. Add some mixed tiles or stone mosaics for the flooring to make it more stylish.

Shower Room Ideas - Fully Outfitted Shower Room

Final Words

A shower room is a place where you can refresh yourself after a long tiring day, or you can enjoy a morning wake-up shower to make yourself more active for the rest of the day. Whatever it is, a nicely designed shower room can make it more cool and exciting. With hundreds of designs and materials, it is really hard to choose the right one.

After reading this article, we believe you have got the sufficient idea to make an elegant shower room for you and your family. If you have any questions, feel free to write us back. Finally, have a nice showering experience!

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