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20 Stunning Wall Decor Ideas for Your Bathroom!

Bathroom wall decor ideas
Written by Kai Michel
Last Update: August 10, 2023

Bathroom wall decors are not important for their looks only. They also offer you to have a safe and healthy bathroom by providing a water-proof solution to wall-dampening damages. So, when you are looking for ideas to decorate your bathroom wall, you should also consider the pragmatism of the gorgeous bathroom wall decors. So, let’s go through the ideas that can bring both pragmatism and elegance to your bathroom at the same time.

Decorate Bathroom Walls Ideas

The first seven ideas will cover the types of bathroom wall decor that can guarantee a waterproof solution to your bathroom wall. The rest of the bathroom art ideas will try to make your bathroom look gorgeous and astonishing. The first things to consider are the material, color, shape, pattern, and your preferred installation process.

Single-Sheet Plastic Bathroom Wall Decor

The single-sheet plastic bathroom wall decors are available in a variety of colors and styles. This is your cheapest option of wall decor for the bathroom. It will ensure the safety of your bathroom and offer you a lot of design.

Single-Sheet Plastic Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas

Tile Bathroom Wall Decor

Tiles are the most popular and commonly used material for wall decor. They are made of some different materials including ceramic, slate, marble, porcelain, and more. You might prefer tile over single-sheet plastic for your bathroom wall because it looks elegant and expensive. However, it’s not that expensive too; it looks expensive. Tiles will offer you almost all the designs of your choice because the variety of them is limitless.

Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas - Tile Bathroom Wall

Acrylic Bathroom Wall Decor

This is the most common waterproof bathroom wall decor material for bathrooms that feature a bathtub. These acrylic-made walls have a wide range of shapes and styles, but they are usually white or off-white. If you like to install your bathroom wall decor by yourself, you might choose this option because it’s easy to install. They also feature some built-in shelves.

Bathroom wall decor Ideas - Acrylic Bathroom Wall Decor

Laminate Bathroom Wall Decor

Laminate is another type of bathroom wall decor material that you can purchase as a single sheet or as tiles. Laminate wall decors have a high-gloss (glass-like finish) which is a great option to match your waterproof walls to your entire house. They are lightweight and durable. They also have a lot of different colors and patterns so that you can choose easily.

Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas - Laminate Bathroom Wall

Stone Wall Decor for Bathroom

To establish a high-end look in your bathroom, you might prefer to install stone decors in them. Stone walls add an exotic, yet natural look in your bathroom. However, stone decors might be very expensive. With a large budget, you can choose stone bathroom wall decors for your bathroom.

Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas - Stone Wall Decor

Glass Wall Decor for Bathroom

Glass is another option for waterproof bathroom wall decor. However, glass is not always realistic. It is not a good idea if you plan to use your bathroom often. Glass is generally used as a wall decor option in the beach-house bathrooms.

Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas - Glass Wall Decor

Paint Wall Decor for Bathroom

If you want to paint your bathroom, you should use the paint that guarantees waterproof. Painting your bathroom is not regarded as a good idea nowadays. Nevertheless, if you want to be artistic and imaginative, the painting might be the best choice for you.

Paint Wall Decor for Bathroom


So, the seven ideas mentioned above are the types of materials you can use as the bathroom wall decor. Now, let’s go through some definite ideas for bathroom wall decors.

Bring Playfulness

Well, you might want to have fun with your bathroom wall decors and make something interesting. This watercolor-style induces an oceanic theme, and its vibrant colors flash out against the white walls. It brings playful attire in your bathroom.

Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas - Bring Playfulness

Add Picture Ledges

You can always add some picture ledges like house trinkets, framed postcards, and handmade artwork on the bathroom wall decors to make your bathroom look artistic. Choose the picture ledges that match the size or hue of the other decors. Arrange the ledges in odd numbers. It makes your bathroom wall decor setup look naturally appealing to the eye.

Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas - Add Picture Ledges

Enliven the Pattern

Make the pattern of your bathroom wall glow by adding some affordable gems. These gems are easy to install, and they have a variety of colors, designs, and sizes. Some of the gems are removable. Create a pattern of your choice by arranging decals in groups to harmonize the angles and shapes of the walls.

Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas - Enliven the Pattern

Play with Scale

You can always play with the scale of the wall decor. If you like a larger piece of bathroom wall art to decorate your bathroom wall, don’t hesitate to do it. An extra-large piece of artwork can create a balance between gorgeousness and safety as well.  This large piece of bathroom wall decor will shine a lot for its glossy paint-coat.

Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas - Play with Scale

Repeat a Pattern

Repeating a pattern can make a great design also. These series of green glassware pieces can make a repeated pattern. The natural hue of these decors catches a sandy tone in the bathroom.

Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas - Repeat a Pattern

Blanket the Wall

If you want your bathroom wall decor to be durable and permanent, create a tile accent. Use the basic method of installing the oversize tiles in a rich color. You can align these 4×19-inch tiles to create a crisp grid on the wall. The simplicity of the pattern brings an elegant vibe to your bathroom.

Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas - Blanket the Wall

Insert Tile Art

Be creative with bathroom wall orientation by using small tiles for a simple but elegant look. In this style, you can install these subway tiles vertically rather than horizontally like a brick pattern. The curved shape and peaceful colors of these tiles can provide your eyes with a resting point among a sea of angular tiles.

Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas - Insert Tile Art

Create a Canvas

Create a perfect wall decor for bathroom by adding this abstract artwork made from clear stretched canvas. Combine three or four shades of a single hue in a random pattern or design that you like for a contemporary look.

Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas - Create a Canvas

Look to Nature

Bring the nature inside your bathroom by adding some nature picture tiles you like. Some tiles feature different natural scenario on them. Use them among the other tiles to harmonize your bathroom wall decor with nature.

Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas - Look to Nature

Infuse Color

For an eye-soothing bathroom wall, choose a colorful artwork to infuse colors in your white bathroom wall. Consider a piece of artwork that reflects the colors of the rest of the bathroom wall decor. Choose the artworks that don’t damage by moisture or water because your bathroom is most likely be to be humid and moist.

Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas - Infuse Color

Highlight the Angles

The angled bathroom walls might you give you troubles if you want a normal design. You can use this problem to your advantage by highlighting the angles. To highlight the angles, attach a series of canvases vertically on a narrow angled wall. You can cover all the small angles of your bathroom by adding small pieces of artwork.

Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas - Highlight the Angles

Get Inspired Everyday

Set up some framed inspirational quotes on the bathroom wall decors to get inspired every morning. These framed quotes should be easy to assemble so that you can change them whenever you want.

Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas - Get Inspired Everyday

Go Bold with Style

You can make your bathroom wall decor look amazingly gorgeous by adding a mirror frame that is an artwork on its own. However, using an extravagant decorative mirror might steal all the focus from the rest of the bathroom wall decor. If you have a bathroom wall that does not shine so much or look gorgeous, you might consider this idea to decorate your bathroom wall.

So, these are the 20 best bathroom wall decor ideas that will make your bathroom look elegant without compromising the practical uses of them. However, you need to consider your choices first and then choose the perfect ideas for your bathroom wall decor.

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