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ALHAKIN Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror Review

ALHAKIN Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror

The decoration of a house largely depends on the furniture of the room. All people demand a durable and quality designed furniture in their bathroom. And the mirror must intensify the beauty of a wall. The wall mirror must incorporate all the nice design of a bathroom mirrors to make your bathroom unique. The decorative wall mirrors are made with the perfect and faultless design that all love and appreciate. The light up mirror is durable and stable to use, and they are the perfect ideal of a mirror on the wall. The product comes with the supreme features and durable, stylish design that all the housewives demand. The full length wall mirror is able to provide the supreme magnification.

The Bathroom Mirrors are offering the true dimensions of 12.5 x 1.2 x 16.8 inches and the weight of the makeup vanity mirror is 2.6 pounds. The product is reliable as it is the innovation of the Alhakin company. It includes the magnification of 1x and 10x.

ALHAKIN Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror Explained

The mirror should be in the exact and solid position. The Bathroom mirrors must incorporate innovative and lucrative designs. It does not matter whether it is circle mirror or round mirror, all the beveled mirrors are nice to attach and look at. The arch mirror offers the movable positioning and adjustment by which you can attach your mirrors to the right position. The makeup mirror must integrate the facility of magnifying correctly. This floor length mirror occupies all the users having a large view of portraying oneself. The vanity mirror with lights will provide you the superior and ultra-feelings of living in the elegance mode.

The makeup vanity with lights deliver the users ideal magnification and durability. This silver mirror occupies the houses excellent furnishing. This long mirror is able to provide you the longer happiness and stability. This large mirror is offering the users the durable and tough finishing that makes the illuminated mirrors different from others. The framed bathroom mirrors are also nicely designed and decorated. The led mirror lights are easy to remove and set up that it doesn’t require any mechanic.


  • Dimensions: 12.5 x 1.2 x 16.8 inches
  • Weight of item: 2.6 pounds
  • Finishing: nickel finishing
  • Magnification: 1x and 10x
  • Distance: 2 inches
  • Manufacturer info: ALHAKIN


  • The mirror is available at the lower ranges and prices
  • This set offers durable and solid construction
  • The item is incorporating several unique designs
  • The product is included the strong and stable furnishing
  • The mirror intensifies the beauty of your room
  • It is easily attachable and removable
  • This mirror set gives the replacement or refund guarantee
  • The mirror delivers the superior magnifications


  • The mirror sometimes comes with broken features, but you can rely on this item as we offer a replacement guarantee

Whom is this product for?

This item is regarded as useful and handy for all the household users. The item is perfect for a smoother workout. You will love the bathroom vanity mirrors as they are sufficient to beautify your bathroom. The decorative mirrors are stylish and designed with extreme superiority.

Our Remarks

The Bathroom mirrors are available at the lower ranges and higher features. It is necessary for every house, and this product occupies a great mean to make your room and home perfect. The Bathroom mirrors are useful to make you perfect and stylish enough for a party or room. It is solid and stable enough to make and keep your room trendy. The bathroom mirror is affordable to purchase, and it offers the right designed dimension. The product is allowing the users having reliable features all along. The item is finished with perfect chrome finishing and furnishing.


Question : Is this item easy to attach?
Answer : Yes, this mirror is easily attachable.

Question : Are both sides of the mirror extravagant?
Answer : No, this item is magnified truly.

Question : Is it nickel finished?
Answer : Yes, this item is nickel covered.

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