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Galba Toilet Provides Ease & Hygiene For Your Small Bathroom

Galba Toilet Provides Ease & Hygiene For Your Small Bathroom

By the growth of population, it’s hard to cope-up with space crisis. Our necessities are increasing day by day, but the spacious accommodation is in a downward direction. So, we have to put some creativity to overcome. Do you have a bathroom space issue? Then, we got the realistic solution for you. The Galba toilet is a small one but perfect for you. Let’s check out its compact features.

The Galba toilet is the most compact toilet ever built. The compact toilets size only 24.5 x 14 x 27 inches and 90 lbs. The Galba toilets have designed the smallest toilet for the adults. So, it won’t be so impractical for you to get on it and don’t worry it is strong enough to get you on easily.

For its compact design, you can set on the floor with little effort and even in a tinny space. If you can’t by yourself, you should call for a professional than this will be better fitted. The piece has a dual flash mechanism that wastes little water and washes waste well. Though the water level could be low, it’s easy to clean because it’s enough spacious.

Don’t be in doubt about the durability because like all other pieces in the market it’s also built by vitreous China and safeguarded with plastic fittings. The piece is perfect-built and of course, will go along with you further. The Galba toilet made durable by ceramic coating, and the ceramic coating helps it to wash away waste so well. This will not lose its color or get scratches as its coating is heat treated. The compact elongated toilet has the unique white color of a toilet, so this will match your bathroom well.


  • Product Dimensions: 24.5 x 14 x 27 inches
  • Item Weight: 90 pounds
  • Color:White
  • Shape: Elongated
  • Flush Type: Dual
  • Cleaning: Self Cleaning


  • Most Compact Toilet Ever Built.
  • Smallest Toilet for The Adults
  • Dual Flash Mechanism Toilet
  • Waste Little Water and Washes Waste Well
  • Safe Guarded with Plastic Fittings
  • Coating Is Heat Treated
  • Unique White Color

Our Remarks

With the increased population, it’s hard to get over to space crisis. Demands are increasing the proportion to space. It’s impossible to place a wide toilet in bathrooms. So, the Galba toilet is the best suggestion for you. It’s tinny, shiny but still durable enough to hold you on. It compacts with the dual flash mechanism and plastic fittings. It has heat treated ceramic coating, helps to wash waste well. You must remember that never seat by feet on the toilet. The whole-body weight may break the piece and tore out your bump. You can also search for San Souci toilet.

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