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20 Best Bathroom Wall Cabinet Ideas for Bathroom’s Interior

bathroom wall cabinet ideas
Written by Elizabeth Fincher
Last Update: August 10, 2023

As cabinets are designed to save space of the bedroom or other parts of your home, a bathroom wall cabinet can save the valuable space of your bathroom’s interior while making it look both gorgeous and romantic. There’re numerous ideas to choose from as you’re planning to add a wall cabinet for the bathroom. Let’s explore the best bathroom wall cabinet ideas to make your bathroom spectacular and convenient as well.

Smart Bathroom Wall Cabinet Ideas

Get a Modern Appeal

Bring a modern appeal in your bathroom wall cabinet with patterned brown-and-white wallpaper. This wallpaper will create a stunning backdrop for a modern vanity in your bathroom. You can also paint the vanity to make it crisp white to ensure it doesn’t puzzle the tiny space.

Bathroom wall cabinet ideas - Bring a modern appeal in bathroom wall cabinet

Bring Creativity with Color

You can make your wall cabinet for bathroom look astonishing by bringing colorful creativity to it.  Add turquoise vanity and window trim to create a bold statement in your bathroom. The painted wall cabinetry and trim express blue tincture in the weathered wooden paneling. The blue hue illustrates the creative look of your cabinet.

Bathroom wall cabinet ideas - Make bathroom wall cabinet by bringing colorful creativity

Charm with Storage

Salvaged pieces can add vintage charm to your bathroom. Besides, old shutters save more space than a conventional door on the cabinet. The shutters are generally held together at the center of the cabinet. This feature adds more storage to your cabinet than the traditional cabinet doors.

Charm with storage

Build Cabinet Inside the Wall

If you want to save all your space to decorate your bathroom with bathroom furniture sets, you should opt for a built-in wall cabinet. It will save all the floor space you need to set up the bathtub you want. These cabinets have so little depth that only a roll of toilet paper fits in it. The ribbed-glass inserted into the cabinet makes it look natural with the bathroom wall.

Bathroom wall cabinet ideas - Build Cabinet Inside the Wall

X Mark the Inside

This wall cabinet contains a mix of open and closed storage, and it provides you with plenty of space to store the towels or linens. A standard vertical-and-horizontal design needs several partitions, but it just creates an X shape partition. Cabinets on both of the sides of it provide closed storage for the bathroom items that you don’t want to show to other people.

Bathroom wall cabinet ideas - X Mark the Inside

Pick the Affordable Solution

Stock kitchen cabinetry can be a good example of an affordable solution to your bathroom wall cabinet. It generally comes with a combination of three base-cabinets and two narrow upper cabinets. It creates a big space for storage in your bathroom at the average cost of a traditional vanity.  The frosted-glass makes the upper cabinet look distinctive and stylish.

Bathroom wall cabinet ideas - Stock kitchen cabinetry

Set up Storage Shelves into the Space Between Studs

There might be a space between wall-studs in your bathroom. It is 16 inches on average. You can always build a small recessed cabinet at this for bonus bathroom storage. It might not look so gorgeous or creative, but it’s mighty effective if you have a small bathroom.

Bring Traditional Charm

This walnut vanity brings a classic and traditional style in your bathroom. The lower part of the cabinet of this style features a plain diamond pattern. It gives the wall cabinet an ingenious manly appearance. Mirrors of small upper cabinets mirror the light from the windows of the opposite wall.

Bathroom wall cabinet ideas - Walnut vanity brings a classic and traditional style in bathroom wall

Create a Perfect Balance

A custom-designed vanity and wall cabinets can bring a perfect balance in your bathroom with plenty of storage. It is constructed with a plywood countertop that offers space to stuff everything from towels and linens to cleaning products. The cabinets above the toilet can be designed to hang both vertically and horizontally to create a unique style and perfect balance.

Bathroom wall cabinet ideas - Custom-designed vanity and wall cabinets

Make It Float in the Space

It is a combination of the modern wall cabinet for the bathroom and the traditional vanity. This combination helps you create more visual space your bathroom. The cabinets’ simple hardware and straight lines present a contemporary vibe that makes it look floating.

Bathroom wall cabinet ideas - Make It Float in the Space

Get an Asian Appeal

You can get an Asian appeal in your bathroom by building a custom-designed wood vanity cabinet that features sleek lines, brass hardware, and frosted glass. These features blend with the rest of your bathroom’s aesthetic with an Asian appeal. The central cabinets are decorated with round pulls that are implicative of a traditional Chinese wedding cabinet. Its outer cabinets feature a diagonal design highlighted by frosted-glass inserts.

Bathroom wall cabinet ideas - Get an Asian Appeal

Save Some Money

You may use a vacant wall for setting up a freestanding closet. These closets provide you storage options for keeping a lot of bathing accessories for example towels, soaps, and toilet paper roll. Freestanding cabinets are inexpensive compared to the built-in cabinets or wall mounted bathroom cabinets. Though they are inexpensive, they are very good for a small bathroom and bathroom storages.

Bathroom wall cabinet ideas - Use a vacant wall for setting up a freestanding closet

Open up the Cabinet Door

Open up the cabinet doors to make a small bath look larger. Removing the cabinet doors on your vanity will make it feel larger and open. Customize the shelves to keep the cabinet interiors neat and organized. Store the shelves with beautiful baskets, colorful towels or linens to give the door-less cabinetry a pleasant look.

Open up the cabinet door

Innovate Design

You can always create a new design for your bathroom cabinets. There is no fixed category that you cannot change into your desired design. You can design your bathroom wall cabinet which is reminiscent of a dining room hutch. A dining room hutch contains some open cubbies on the top and a closed cabinet below. You can also add a fresh coat of green paint and a splash of color that helps warm up white walls and black wood flooring.

Bathroom wall cabinet ideas - Innovate design

Get a Spa Feeling

Get a spa-feeling by adding a handcrafted, eco-friendly bamboo bathroom wall cabinet to your bathroom. It will make you feel like a spa in your bathroom. It also saves space and works as a storage solution for your bathroom. You can keep your towels and other items neatly organized by using this cabinet. The open slat door with steel-coated handle provides you with an extra concealed storage with inside adjustable shelf. This cabinet is both decorative and function al.

Get a spa feeling

Discover Elegance

The barge wall cabinet can help you to discover elegance in your bathroom. It does not only add room for linens and toiletries; this piece brings an elegant accent to your bathroom. Its clean lines and the understated color will bring out the elegance and timelessness of your bathroom design.

Discover elegance

Mix Tradition with Modernity

A perfectly assembled  Hawthorne wall mounted bathroom cabinets generate an array of possibilities for classic style bathrooms of every size and shape. It blends traditional design with modern pragmatism for a design that is both operational and gorgeous. Its drawer with decorative fronts, panel doors, and archaic brass knobs brings a classic charm to your bathroom.

Mix tradition with modernity

Be American

The Emerson white bathroom wall cabinets are the perfect storage solution in any American bathroom. If you have a white bathroom, it’s one of your best choices. It is composed of two drawers with hardware providing an easy way to store your toiletries and spare towels.

Be american

Use the Vertical Space

If you lack ground space in your bathroom, you can always use the vertical space by adding the tower cabinets. The shuttered accents, with contemporary woodwork design of this cabinet make your bathroom look gorgeous. It has louvered doors, decorative moldings, and arched skirt above its legs. It also features a slender frame that contains five shelves to provide you with more space.

Bathroom wall cabinet ideas - Use the Vertical Space

Become eco-Friendly

This cabinet is ideal for bringing modern pragmatism to your free space. A pair of sliding doors of this model keep the interior section hidden, and the three shelves inside the cabinet provide enough storage for keeping all of your toilet essentials. Most importantly, it’s eco-friendly and manufactured from sturdy bamboo but does not compromise durability and style.

Bathroom wall cabinet ideas - Eco Friendly Wall Cabinet

These 20 ideas for your bathroom wall cabinets can change the look of your bathroom to bring elegance, modernity, and storage solution to your bathrooms. However, when you are taking one of these ideas, consider the fact that every idea cannot compliment your bathroom. You have to choose your bathroom wall cabinet idea according to the geography and design of the bathroom and your needs.

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