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Why Are Toilets White – The Reasons Might Surprise You!

Why are Toilets White
Written by Elizabeth Fincher
Last Update: August 10, 2023

Toilets are usually white and there are quite a few reasons why. But the main reason is porcelain is naturally white, which is why toilets are commonly found to be white.

Colored toilets are harder to keep clean and expensive to manufacture. White is also associated with a sterile and clean environment such as bathrooms.

We are here to answer your question in detail!

Why Are Toilets White

1. Sense of space

You can use white to make an area appear bigger than what it is. White doesn’t stand out and tends to blend it with everything else in the room. Having a white toilet can make people think the room is big and spacious.

2. Associates with purity and cleanliness

Most bacteria and germs are naked to the eye. We are used to associating white with clean environments like hospitals and doctor’s rooms. People prefer white toilets as they are automatically considered sterile.

3. Easy to find spots

When your toilet is white and bright, it makes it easy to see discoloration and dirt. As soon as you can see marks, it will be cleaned before anybody uses the toilet.

A dark-colored toilet makes it harder to see marks and spots sitting on the sides or bowl.

4. Clean and modern

White toilets appear clean, so they are widely accepted. The good thing about white is they fit into all types of bathroom styles, including modern designs. They also look good in small or big bathrooms, and the white gives off a brand-new look.

As long as the toilet is maintained often, it will possess a clean and modern look.

5. Attracts minimalists

White is a love for those who prefer the minimalist style. The color blends in well but can stand out when you need it to. White represents function ality and practicality, which is suited to bathrooms.

6. White illuminates the room

White toilets brighten the room as they reflect light. This will make your room feel cleaner and brighter with the illumination effect the white toilet will give.

7. Match with bathroom elements

Having a white toilet makes it easier to match it with the other elements in your bathroom. White can work with different colored tiles and bathroom tapware.

8. Resale value of the house

Having a different colored toilet can lower the value of your home. A white toilet has been the norm for so long. Adding in a different color can put people off buying when they have been accustomed to white.

Some people don’t like change and sticking to a white toilet is safer for them.

9. Ease of manufacturing and cost

White toilets are cheap to produce. However, to make different colors, you need to add extra dyes. This adds to the material cost and the timeframe.

10. Toilets are Porcelain made

95% Toilets are made of porcelain, which is naturally white in color. So the toilets are also white. The color of toilets can be different, but it needs an additional dying agent and process which can increase the cost. So the manufacturers keep the color unchanged to keep production cost lower.

Why Are Most Toilets Made of Porcelain?

1. Hygiene

Porcelain and ceramic are non-porous, clean materials. This means your toilet is in a sanitary condition where germs are not going to breed.

It also makes the cleaning process easier as porcelain and ceramic are smooth.

2. Accommodates the weight

A basic porcelain toilet can handle a weight of 1,000 pounds. They are the number one toilet type that has the highest weight capacity.

3. Easy to clean

Porcelain toilets are easy to clean. First of all, flush the toilet to start with clean water. Next, pour a quarter cup of borax into the toilet bowl and mix with your brush.

Let it sit for a minute, add one cup of white vinegar, letting it sit in the bowl for 30 minutes. Now scrub with a brush to remove grime, then flush. If you have stubborn stains, you can repeat the process.

How to Keep the Toilet Sparkling White

1. Spray with lemon juice

Lemon juice or citric acid works by binding minerals to the bowl. This way, they are easier to clean and eliminate. This method also works for hard water stains in the bottom of the bowl.

2. Baking soda

Baking soda is a safe and eco-friendly toilet cleaner. It not only deodorizes but scours the toilet bowl naturally. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have germ-fighting agents, but it will keep the bowl sparkling clean.

Use a germ-fighting disinfectant after cleaning with the baking soda

3. Scrub with a toilet brush or a hand scrubber

Toilet brushes are not the best things to clean toilets with. Keep in mind that the brush has bacteria from the water, and it can trap fecal matter in the bristles.

Once the toilet is clean, put the brush back without actually washing it. Cleaning a toilet with a brush is just adding more germs.

4. Apply bleach or bleach-based cleaning products

You can use bleach to clean your white toilet in a few easy steps. First, flush the toilet, then pour 1/3 bleach into the toilet bowl.

Next, scrub the bowl and ensure you clean under the rim where people tend to miss. Wait for 6 mins to allow for disinfecting to work, then flush.

5. Wipe down the seat and the exterior

Wiping the seat and exterior is a good idea in between cleans. Use disinfecting wipes to easily and quickly disinfect the seat and rim. Just wipe over and let it dry naturally.  This will also help to keep things clean and healthy in between big washes.

6. Shut the lid when you flush

Water and human waste can be spread to the outside of the toilet when you flush. Closing the lid before you flush will keep the germy toilet water and waste inside the toilet.

7. Try home cleaning services

Home cleaning services will clean your toilet for you, so you don’t have to deal with germs and mess. In addition, professional cleaners have access to better quality cleaners and disinfectants than we do.

FAQs :

Q. What percentage of toilets are white?

Up to 90% of the toilets that are sold within the US are white.

Q. Do they make colored toilets anymore?

The modern toilet comes in off-white or bright white. You can purchase other color options, but they are mostly special custom orders. Most shops do not stock different colored toilets.

Q. How do I find out what color my toilet is?

You can find the color and brand of toilet you have by looking under the water tank lid on the bowl. Also, check where the bolts attach to the seat or on the inside walls.

Q. Is porcelain a ceramic?

Porcelain is a special type of ceramic. Porcelain has a higher density and is cooked at a higher temperature and for longer than what ceramic is.

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