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9 Easy Inflatable Hot Tub Hacks to Try!

Inflatable hot tub hacks
Written by Elizabeth Fincher
Last Update: August 10, 2023

A hot tub inflatable is a perfect choice for people who love to soak in a spa but don’t have the space for a permanent one.

Here are some hacks to get you set up at home, indoors, or outside.

Inflatable Hot Tub Hacks

Things you need

  • Disk or mat for insulation
  • Hose filter
  • Immersion heater
  • Nylon tights
  • Hose with jet setting
  • Spare hosepipe

Hack 1: Avoid cloudy water

Using a hose filter while filling your tub will prevent problems that cause cloudiness. Metals are commonly found in household water supplies.

Although it doesn’t pose a problem when it comes to basic tasks like laundry and cooking, a hot tub can be affected by it.

A tub’s water chemistry can be drastically altered by water containing trace metals, which can stain its surfaces and change the color of the water.

Hack 2: Use an inflatable hot tub in the winter cold

Step 1: Add insulation beneath the tub

A disk or mat is placed between the spa and the ground to create thermal barrier.

Step 2: Hook up propane tank

Connect the propane tank to the Ecotank L5 tankless water heater. Place the tank inside the housing and install the Ecotank L5 on the outside of the propane tank housing for a clean look.

Step 3: Attach pump and hoses

The pump should be connected to your Ecotank, and all hoses should be attached (hose clamps may be needed).

Next, insert both lengths of hose into the spa. Eco tanks heat water quickly and inexpensively by circulating the water as the pump runs.

Step 4: Wire up the 12V switch to connect the pump to the adapter

This is a complicated step for some but you can check this video for a detailed explanation on how to do this.

Hack 3: Use the system in below-freezing temperatures

Inflatable hot tubs become more susceptible to main heater problems.

If the weather gets too cold and water is left inside the spa when its off the water can freeze in the pipe and the pump can freeze which can damage the heater system.

There are several options to combat this issue. Quite simply, after using the hot tub water, empty out all of it entirely before storing it.

In case of a freezing period, it won’t damage the system, and after that, it can keep working.

You can also run the spa heater while the pump on the Ecotemp is off. This means the system will run continuously without having to run the full propane heater all the time.

Hack 4: Things you need to use your tub in all 4 seasons

a) A Hot Tub Propane Heater

A tankless water heater we recommend is the EcoTemp L5. By using a second heating system, more heat will be supplied as you cannot use the default heating system and blower jet at the same time

The heater on the pump will likely be much more affordable than the heater on the system, depending on electricity and propane prices in your area.

Additionally, your tub will heat up much faster with the Ecotemp.

b) A Water Pump

It doesn’t take much energy to move your water around with Flojet’s Automatic Water System 2.9 GPM 12 v DC. It pushes hot water back into your hot tub but also pulls cold water out.

Other pumps with similar strength will also work.

c) A 12v AC Adapter

Converters that are designed similar can be used. This allows the power to go to the pump via a regular plug, making it easier to run power to the spa.

d) 12v DC Timer/Switch

You can connect the pump to the AC adapter using the timer switch and program some of the process if you want to.

We encourage those who are unfamiliar with wiring to contact a professional for assistance on this portion of the project.

e) Two Hose Lengths

To connect the pump, you’ll need approximately 20 feet of 1/2-inch hose. If you have one, the garden hose can be connected to the pump with an adapter.

Cut a length of 1/2-inch ID hose in half if you want to make your own hose. This hose should be attached to the pump.

There is no need to purchase clear hoses, and you may already have spares around so you can use them instead. Be sure to grab the appropriate adapter if you use a hose you already have.

f) Propane Tank

The hot tub propane heater design requires a standard 20 gal propane tank.

The items can be found at most home improvement stores and hardware stores. Propane gas grills use the same type. You will need one if you don’t own a spare propane tank hose for your grill or fire pit.

g) Propane tank hideaway cover

A propane tank cover is a good idea to protect the tank. You can buy hardwood ones that can double as a side table or ones that can match in with the surrounding settings.

Pretty good at hiding the tank away, they come in metal, plastic, wood, and basic material covers.

h) Make a wrap with radiator silver bubble wrap and folding gym mats

Use some radiator silver bubble wrap along with a couple of 2-inch thick foldable gym mats and secure around the tub with nylon straps. This will help insulate and protect.

Hack 5: Fill your tub quickly with a hosepipe

You can connect your hosepipe to your sink’s hot water supply. This is where the cold water for your washing machine is sourced.

There should be a spare one that is capped. It’s easy – just unscrew the cap and attach the hosepipe, and no more need to leave the pool for hot water!!

Hack 6: Keep the tub clean by covering the filter with nylon tights

All you need to do for this is to grab a pair of nylon tights and place them over the filter.

You may need to use a rubber band to strap to hold them in place. All the dirt and debris sticks to the tights and collects there.

Hack 7: The hose on jet setting

Grab your hose and put it on the jet setting, which can help to clean between all the gaps. Some people just give it a good soak but the jet hose works a lot better as it forces muck out.

Hack 8: Clean your filter in the washing machine

Just throw the filter in the wash on its own and run a normal hot cycle, and the filter will come out like new.

Hack 9: In case of a burned-out heating element, use a bucket heater

A bucket heater will work perfectly if your inflatable hot tub works with the 110 sockets. A hot tub has a similar heating power as the immersion heaters.

In a 4×6 tub, you can use two, which will triple the heat output. You must use three different circuits, one circuit per load (15amp).

Money-saving tips for inflatable hot tubs

  • Keep your inflatable hot tub running all the time if you use it frequently as it takes energy, time, and money to start over from cold water each time you need to use your hot tub.
  • Keep the tub covered when you are not using it or even taking a short break to trap the heat inside the tub.
  • Use windbreaks around your tub as wind cools the water down and reduces the amount of water by evaporating it. For this reason, you may need to add water frequently and reheat it, which leads to the loss of money and energy.
  • Use an insulating ground mat under your hot tub to stop heat from going into the ground. It will help the heat of the water to remain more stable over time and save you money.
  • Add pre-heated water to your tub instead of cold water as heating water in the household supplies is more energy efficient than heating it in the tub. Remember to not add boiling water or water that has a temperature of more than 104? as it can damage the liner.
  • Lower your target temperature to 1 or 2 degrees. You will be surprised when checking your electricity bill as It can save a lot of energy.
  • Keep your tub clean and it can also save money by reducing the amount of water cleaner needed for maintenance.
  • You can buy chemicals in bundles rather than buying them bottle by bottle as larger amounts come at reduced prices.

Can a Hot Tub in Winter Make You Sick?

They are safe to use in winter and can actually be good for you. The warm water is good in conjunction with the colder weather since it can soothe aching muscles.

As long as you rug up as soon as you leave the spa and keep warm, you will be fine.

Inflatable Hot Tub: Safety Tips

  • Avoid staying in the tub too long as your body can overheat
  • The hot water can heighten the effect of alcohol, so be careful when in the hot tub drinking and be aware of how much you are drinking
  • Those with breathing problems should avoid the hot tub
  • Always use a cover over the spa when you are done
  • If using indoors ensure the area is well ventilated
  • Hot tubs can be slippery take caution when getting in or out


Q. Is it possible to plug an inflatable hot tub into a standard home outlet?

Plug and play hot tubs are some of the less expensive types that are simply plugged into an electrical outlet. Inflatable spas can also be plugged into an electrical outlet. Nevertheless, they require a wired disconnect box to be installed by an electrician to receive electricity.

Q. Do Inflatable hot tubs take a long time to heat up?

For the first time, an inflatable hot tub will need to be heated between 12 and 24 hours. But the time will depend on the hot tub size.

Q. Are inflatable hot tubs suitable for indoor use?

Providing you have an accessible water supply and proper drainage, you can place your inflatable hot tub indoors. Pick a place where the floor won’t become wet so it won’t ruin your indoor space.

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