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Rain Shower Head: Pros, Cons & Buying Guide from Industry Experts

rain shower head pros and cons

Would you like to enjoy the feeling of bathing in the rain every day?

In case you didn’t know, many people believe in starting their day’s activity with a gentle bath. Have you ever tried the bathing with a rain shower head? Think about the wonderful feeling you’ll enjoy while bathing in the rain.

The rain shower head is very popular in modern homes because the water oozes like rainfall. You’ll feel relaxed and willing to spend more time in the shower.

It’s likely that you’re having intentions of getting the best rain shower head. Then it’s time we talked about the rain shower head pros and cons.

What Is Rain Shower Head?

What Is Rain Shower Head

A rain shower head is often mounted on the ceiling. It allows the water to fall gently on your body like you’re in the rain. They’re often circular in shape with numerous holes for water flow. Rain shower heads are available in both metal and plastic materials.

Rain Shower Head Pros and Cons : Are Rain Shower Heads Worth It?

Are Rain Shower Heads Worth It

As we said earlier, water flows from the rain shower head like the natural rainfall. This takes your experience in the shower to a new level as the rainfall is very realistic.

But, are rain shower heads worth it and why should you buy?

Unlike the regular shower heads, the rain shower head allows the water to reach every part of the body. Why is this so? It is because the rain shower head is mounted overhead.

You’ll bathe and clean the rest of your body with ease. This means spending little time in the shower but getting out with good results.

Let’s consider other reasons you should have the rain shower head in your home.

Advantages of Rainshower Heads

Below are the benefits of having a rain shower head in your bathroom.

Easy to install

You won’t have to call in a plumber to install or replace a rain shower head. Some of them come with threaded attachments that allow you to screw into the pipe.

Rainfall experience

Water from the rain shower head pours on your head down to other parts of the body. This is like natural rainfall. This experience energizes you in the early morning and helps you to relax after a tiring day.

Gentle and smooth flow

The water from the rain shower head flows gently and smoothly. This is different from jets heads that produce water flow that is too hard on the body.

Overhead mount

The rain shower head is mounted on your ceiling. Because of this, the water washes from your head to the sole of your feet at the same time. You do not want to waste time trying to get the water to some hard to reach parts of the body.

Variety of spray

Most of the rain shower heads come with regulators that allow you to control the water pressure. It offers you the option of a soft or hard water stream. The soft streams produce a gentle effect on the skin. The pressure from the hard stream is high and in turn, produces some massaging effects. This is one of the main advantages that surely deserves to be mentioned in rain shower head pros and cons discussion.

Easy to customize and clean

The benefit of rain shower head with a swivel joint is that you’ll focus the stream on other parts of the body. That is if you don’t want the water flowing from your head down.

Rain shower heads come with rubberized nozzles that are easy to clean. You’ll remove the dirt or debris by wiping the nozzles with your hand.

Quicker showering

You’ll spend less time in the shower since the water flows evenly on your body. Less time means less water. Also, you can save some money since you’re spending less on water.

Hands-free bathe

The rain shower head stays fixed on the ceiling to allow you to enjoy a hands-free shower. Persons with shaky or arthritis hands will prefer the rain shower head to the handheld shower head.

Aesthetic design

The rain shower head is stylish and attractive. Its chrome finishing makes it one of the most beautiful fixtures in your bathroom.

Disadvantages of Rainshower Head

The rain shower head is not without a drawback. It’s good we consider some of them.


Most rain shower heads on the market are expensive. This is a major turn off to many people. Anyways, prepare your budget to pay more if you’re going for models with top features.

Unsuitable for a rented apartment

The design of the rain shower head makes it impossible for you to install it in a rented apartment.

Rain Shower Head Pros and Cons : Shower Head Buying Guide

Shower Head Buying Guide

Here are the things you’ll have in mind while shopping for a shower head


Most shower heads are of metals or plastic. Those metals are sturdy and durable. They can withstand high water pressure. But, plastic shower heads are less expensive but less durable.

Your Local Water Supply Pressure

Shower heads are designed to suit a specific water pressure range. You may not enjoy its complete benefits if the supplied water pressure is below the average. You’ll need a shower head that can match the water pressure in your area.

Water consumption

You’ve to consider the cost of water bills since most shower heads use more water. If you love to save some bucks, go for a shower head that will not waste water.


You’ll need a shower head with a finishing that blends with your bathroom décor. Besides, you’ll want one that is eye-catchy and stylish. We recommend you to buy one with chrome or bronze finish.


As mentioned earlier, the shower heads with high-end features and quality are expensive. Your budget plays a major role in the type you’ll buy. If you have the money, go for the model you’ll enjoy for long.


If you’re looking for a rainfall experience from the comforts of your home, opt for a rain shower head. It’ll offer you a fun-filled, easy, relaxing and exciting showering experience. Your needs and budget should determine the shower head to buy. And, a good shower panel will complement this shower head.

Your knowledge of rain shower head pros and cons should help you to choose wisely.

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