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Dangers of Infrared Saunas: The Risks of Using an Infrared Sauna

dangers of infrared saunas
Written by Kai Michel
Last Update: August 10, 2023

Are you nervous while trying to use an infrared sauna? And uncertain about its dangers? Well, there is no reason to get worried, recently, we ran a check on over ten different infrared sauna brands, and we can boldly testify which is first hand, the feature to look out for, and how to ensure safety in the sauna while using an infrared sauna.

From our past records, we have a lot of people who are terrified by marketing lines that are carried out in a fashionable way to project products that are from high infrared sauna companies; as most of the steps are designed to get you worked about chemical in bamboo heaters that are designed to cover infrared-heaters, harmful toxins that are in the lumber, and a lot of creepy crap stories.

In this article, you will learn about the dangers of infrared saunas or any heat shock therapy. Some of the most common infrared sauna dangers are heat exhaustion, dehydration, and thermal injuries. We’ll also share insights on how you can protect yourself from these potential dangers.

Often sauna therapy is related to health benefits and there is a zero chance of risk that is associated with the use of an infrared sauna. Although there a couple of health risks related to the use of saunas, it is a welcomed idea to get to know the potential dangers before your next session of sauna therapy.

There are a series of fact with scientific backups which proves saunas can lead to health complications like signs of dehydration, overheating, and a couple of health-related issues. It is advisable to know some of the adverse health issues that are associated with the use of saunas; this will help you prevent 95 percent of the complication.

Potential Hazards of Infrared Sauna Use

Nine out of ten persons using saunas may not experience any health complication. But there are some cases where you stand to experience some odd complications due to increased hotness or coldness of the sauna, which is likely to occur in certain conditions like:

  • Detoxification that leads to mobilization of toxins in the bloodstreams.
  • Body dehydration that is likely to occur due to deficiency in the intake of body fluid.
  • Overheating that lead to heat exhaustion or heat stroke.
  • Alcohol intake during a sauna therapy session.
  • A past record of a medical condition that might be triggered.

If you are physically fit and healthy, or depending on medications, the signs caused by an overdose of sauna are heating effects like dehydration and reduction of electrolytes etc. If you are experiencing any medical issues or place on medication, it is advisable to seek the attention of a medical expert before considering sauna therapy.

10 Common Dangers of Infrared Saunas

Common Dangers of Infrared Saunas

1. Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke

Regardless of how healthy you feel, an excessive exposure to high temperatures of a sauna can cause your body to overheat, beyond it recovery level. A sauna increases body temperature by using a light wave to transmit radiant heat to the body. Often, people tend to confuse the signs of overheating with the hot feeling or the warmth that they experience in the sauna.

If you spend more time than the recommended time in the sauna than its likely to get overheated, as to this effect, it is very important to be cautious regarding the time frame you are likely to spend while using the sauna. And while chilling out, and you observe your skin turning clammy or experience the feeling of dizziness, nauseous, then it’s advisable to step out of the sauna as soon as possible.

One of the most recommended ways you can avoid heat stroke or heat exhaustion is to get a thermometer that you will use to monitor the temperature to be sure you are rightly hydrated.

2. Dehydration

Dehydration is one of the common problems associated with the use of sauna; this effect is accompanied by certain symptoms that are important to understand to prevent its occurrence effectively.

You probably would recall that the last time you spent 25 -30 minutes in the sauna you tend to feel thirsty or probably experience dry skin. When enjoying your time in the sauna and you experience symptoms like dizziness, headache, dry mouth, and sleepiness then it might be experience dehydration.

It is advisable to take a quantity of water before and after spending time in the sauna. You can chill out with a bottle of water to remain rehydrated. While doing this, it is advisable not to spill the water on yourself; as doing this will make you uncomfortable by increasing the level of humidity in the sauna.

It is also advisable to rehydrate yourself for at least an hour after taking a sauna therapy. Take a full glass of water after 15 -20 minutes, this will help you stay hydrated all through. While doing this; stay away from soda and sugary drinks, and alcohol which increases your chance of overheating and dehydration.

3. Medications

The increase in blood circulation and the excessive sweating caused by sauna therapy can alter the effective of some medications. If you are placed on medication, it is advisable to seek the doctor’s attention before considering a sauna therapy. Below are some medications that are often altered by sauna:

  • Trans-dermal or skin-based medication.
  • Insulin

Sauna therapy releases body toxins that are stored within the body fat cell; as a result, a considerable portion of the medication is absorbed by the fat cell. Residues of antidepressants, anesthetics, chemotherapy drugs, sedatives, etc. that you have taken in time past that were stored in your body fat cells can emerge into the blood and lead to further health complication.

Most times, when the body detoxifies, it eliminates every form of medication in the bloodstream. Whenever you have experienced such occurrence, you must make sure that the side-effects are not hazardous.

4. Medical Conditions

We recommend total abstinence from the use of sauna if you have or experiencing certain health issues. If you must, then it should be with the direction of a medical professional or a therapist. If you have suffered from the below-listed health challenges then its best to take caution before getting a head start:

  • Aortic stenosis
  • Brain tumors
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Stroke (that has been caused due to bleeding in the brain)
  • Lupus erythematosus
  • Heart attack
  • Angina pectoris

If you are diabetic, have a pacemaker or implant, then we strongly recommend seeking the attention of a doctor or a professional before engaging in sauna therapy. While the process is on; and you experience any form of discomfort, call the attention of your therapist or your medical doctor before getting engaged again.

5. Drug Use in the Past

If you have been on psychedelic drugs e.g., LSD in time past; then you have a higher chance of experiencing the effect of the drugs once more; as most of the drug residue will be release into the blood due to the detoxification effects of an infrared sauna. This reaction can be both psychologically and physiologically dangerous, so if you have abuse, misuse or use strong drugs in time past then, it best to stay honest with your therapist and have them direct you when you are on a sauna session.

6. Depletion of Nutrition

A prolonged infrared sauna usage can lead to the reduction of the body nutrient in some cases. Although, this can be rightly maintained if you are on a diet and well hydrated before and after a sauna session; this act will dramatically reduce it’s a series of health risk.

It’s very important to ensure you have the right nutritional intake to support the entire detox process rightly; if you intend to engage in sauna therapy for a protracted period or start a sauna detox program. Seek the concept of a professional nutritionist to tailor a diet that suits your requirements.

7. EMF or Electromagnetic Radiation

Infrared saunas are designed to use heaters that produce electro-magnetic field radiation. Electrical appliances like microwave ovens, WIFI, mobile phones, produce electro-magnetic radiation.  Constant exposure to high electro-magnetic radiation has been proven to increase the risk of health complications and cause health issues like cancer. It is very vital to limit the degree of your exposure to electro-magnetic radiation the best way you can.

Although infrared heaters produce an electro-magnetic radiation that is low when compared to other forms of electrical gadgets. Though the level of electro-magnetic radiation emitted by an infrared heater can differ relating to the brand and the quality of the manufactured products. The best guide to this is to check out the label and read out the electro-magnetic radiation rating before making a purchase. If you intend visiting a sauna therapy, then check out the electro-magnetic radiation before diving into it. If you intend to use an electro-magnetic radiation for a protracted period, we suggest you determine the level of electro-magnetic radiation –to reduce the risk of any health complication that might likely occur in future time.

8. May Damage Silicone Implants

Is silicone implants affected by infrared sauna? This topic has been a bone of contention for a long time now. There have been series of scientifically proven researches that shows that sauna therapy has no effect on breast implants, but the decision of using this for a protracted time can lead to series of health issues especially if you have poor quality silicone implants. A poor quality silicone implant can get deformed or melted; this can lead to permanent damage in the silicon by causing it to get ruptured.

Although, most silicon has a high melting point degree that exceed 392 degrees. But it best to consider the attention of your manufactures or doctor before taking the decision of a silicone implant, to be on a safer side and ensure that silicone can withstand the temperature produced by the sauna.

9. May Cause Thermal Injury

The heat that produced from infrared radiation can lead to thermal injuries; this is in accordance with a proven research work carried out by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP). Hyperpigmentation can result from excess exposure of the body to radiation. Although most infrared light barely leads to skin deformation or cancer. So, we recommend checking out sauna facility to see if it allies with ICNIRP. This will aid decrease the 85% of thermal injuries. Like it is for steam showers, make sure you know the right duration of taking sauna. If you feel anything unusual, stop taking it immediately.

10. Children and Infrared Saunas

Children are sensitive than adults, and they are more susceptible to the dangers of infrared saunas. It is advisable to protect them from high temperatures. Although, it was recently discovered that infrared saunas are safer for children than the conventional saunas; this is due to the comfort provided. This feature set the infrared sauna apart from a regular sauna. However, if you want to ensure safety while using saunas for children, then it best you:

  • Reduce the time spent to a maximum of 10- 15 minutes.
  • Ensure they stay hydrated before and after the section.
  • Provide adequate support and guidance for maximum safety.

Using infrared saunas are hundred percent safe in as much as you consult the attention of an expert therapist or doctor if you had experience health challenges in the time past, and stick closely to the rules.

Moderate usage of the sauna can be a wise decision as most of the potential infrared sauna dangers are results of excess heat exposure. When enjoying the moment, it’s advisable to keep a watch on your body, and if you observe any form of abnormality, step out immediately and seek the attention of a medical expert. The infrared sauna can be one of the best ways to relax detox and recreate yourself –if used and not abused.

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