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10 Different Types of Toilets & Their Features: Know Your Toilet

10 Types of Toilets You Should Be Familiar With
Written by Kai Michel
Last Update: August 10, 2023

The toilet is something most of us take for granted. A toilet is a bathroom fixture used for the disposal of human urine and feces politely. It may not seem like it, but toilets do save lives by stopping deadly diseases from spreading in the environment.

With the advancement of technology, toilets have evolved too. It has transcended from just a disposal system to a part of our daily comfort and relaxation. However, not all toilets can be used everywhere. There are different types of toilets, depending on the available space, water flow, mechanism, and many other aspects.

Today’s article aims to talk about the different types of toilets and their features so that you can choose the perfect fit for you.

Nowadays, there are various kinds of toilets are available in the market. They are different from each other in design, color, and features. People install the toilet as per their demand and necessity. A toilet is an obligation, though it demands comfort.

10 Types of Toilets Available in the Market

Now, many toilets are being used by millions of people over the world, different in size, design, material and sitting position. Although hundreds of variations are available, we will demonstrate 10 types of toilets that will blow your mind.

1. WC  Health

Types of Toilets - WC health

WC health toilet is uniquely designed one kind of flushing toilet by a turkey company named Turkey sanitary ware. This is a water-closet type toilet, though you have to squat in this toilet. WC health is also a one piece toilet. Apart from its good design; it’s also weight less than its predecessors. It weighs only 40kg. Its height is only 22mm to 25 mm. The design of this toilet won the Red Dot Design Award 2012. Sitting on a toilet like this will be a pleasant sensation.

2. European Toilet or Western Style Toilet

Types of Toilets - European toilet/Western Style Toilet

This type of toilet comes with a sit and a cover. It is a one piece toilet. Attached to the flask tank for flashing after use, is a unique feature of a western toilet. The Western toilet is also called European toilet because it has been widely used in the European region. It’s easy to use feature makes it bold in design. Flash tank may be either ceramic or plastic, depends on the price of the design you wish to have.

People in western world use another type of toilet. This is called water closet. This type of toilet is more hygienic. Comfort height toilets for elderly and disabled folks are usually designed from this category. Moreover, toilet tanks are placed high in position. So, they offer effective flushing. The weight of the toilet is not more than 12kg to 20kg. A little water will be trapped seal inside the toilet to block the dirt and odor.

3. One-Piece Toilets

Types of Toilets - One piece toilet

This type of toilet is called a one-piece toilet, because of its molded design. The flash tank and the body molded together in one piece to decline the leaking problem. The body is built with ceramic and molded together.

It takes up less space in your bathroom, on the contrary to other similar models. One piece model has less variation, and only floor mount design is available in the trade. A one-piece toilet weighs around 100 lbs. A one-piece model is a bit more expensive than a two-piece model.

4. Two-Piece Model

Types of Toilets - Two piece Toilet

This model is named after its design. It has two parts, one is the lower body ore sitter, and the other one is the flash tank. Two sections are linked with a pipe. Sometimes, it can be installed by placing one over another. Two-piece toilets are also built with ceramic and weigh 25kg to 45kg. Apart from the one-piece models, this type is common for handicap toilet models.

5. Squatting Pan

Types of Toilets - Squatting Pan

This is the predecessor of toilet design. It is an early century’s classic model, which is now replaced by modern water closet toilet. Squatting pan is also called the “Asian toilet,” because of its massive use in the Asian region.  The squatting pan is an old model, though it is proven that this type of toilet is much healthier than water closet. This type of shower is comparatively cheaper than the water closet type toilet.

6. Anglo – Indian Type Toilet

Anglo - Indian Type Toilet

The name of these toilets says it all. It is a combination of an Asian toilet and a European toilet. If you are in a situation where you are confused about which one to use, his Anglo – Indian type toilet might be the best choice for you.

If you or your family members have some compatibility issues, this type of toilet can make everyone happy. These can be good for people who can’t use an Asian toilet. This type of toilet is also cheaper than most other models.

7. Smart Toilet

Types of Toilets - Smart Toilet

A smart toilet is the technological illustration of the new era. A touchpad with a menu is set to operate the toilet temperature, water jet, and flashing system according to your need. These types of smart toilets first introduced in Japan than other countries become interested and build similar models for public use. A dual flash option is also a new feature of this type of toilet.

8. Tornado Toilet

Types of Toilets - Tornado toilet

This is a new kind of toilet, introduced in 2018. This type of toilets has a distinctive feature, which is the new flash system that can provide flashing and cleaning at the same flash. It can be possible for round shaped toilets that can shower a tabulate force of water into the toilet. A toilet like this is easy to maintain.

9. Vault Toilet

Types of Toilets - Vault Toilet

A vault toilet is a solution for remote area or sideways of a long road for the advantage of the travelers. Waste is stored either in a tank or in a vault. The vault is set up below the ground in this type of toilet. There is no water supply in this toilet, but it has a big vault or storage that can store water as much as 13,000 liters. That’s why; it’s called a vault toilet. Popular vaults are manufactured from robust, heavily built polyethylene So, less chances of leaking or cracking exist.

10. Floating Toilet

Types of Toilets - Floating Toilet

Floating toilet is also called a wall-hung toilet, because of its distinctive feature. Like its name, mounted on the wall and saving the toilet space are its key features. It’s easy to clean, while other toilets require big space and making a mess for the owner. If you have small space in your bathroom and little time for cleaning, you should buy this one. It will cost you around 300$ – 400$.

All types of toilets in this list are pretty unique in design and material, though some of them are way beyond imagination and cool in feature. Now it’s your turn to make the right decision and set a new toilet for your bathroom. For more information, you can choose our contact link and talk to our experts. Hope! You will have your solution.

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