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How to Use a Shower Chair Safely: Absolute Beginner’s Guide!

how to use a shower chair
Written by Kai Michel
Last Update: August 10, 2023

Shower chairs are handy for the elderly and disabled people who find it hard to stand in the shower. They are specialist chairs perfect for having a bath independently. They are supportive of the users and offer comfort and steadiness that is required while taking a bath. They also permit the user to use the shower with the safety and assurance that they will not fall.

We are going to look at a few important factors you have to consider when selecting the most suitable shower chair for you. We’ll also share how to use a shower chair safely and comfortably. Let’s get started.

Shower Chair Buying Guide

Best Shower Chair Buying Guide

1. Accessibility

The accessibility of the chair is necessary for the user; it is great to ensure a safe, easy, and accessible chair for the user. One has to make sure that whoever the user is­­­—he or she may be able to have easy and safe entry into the tub while having enough space to maneuver while sitting comfortably. For the individual with those specific needs, the better option is the adapted bath.

2. Careful entry

Finding that there is enough space to get into the bath, it is also great to consider that there is an assurance of a safe entry. Consider railings around the shower chair that permits the user the necessary leverage to get themselves on and then off the seats.

3. User experience

When you are considering if a shower chair is to install to the wall, think about the experience of washing from the perspective of the user. For example, think about where the water is going to fall correctly on the user, making the user clean themselves comfortably and correctly.

4. Reach

Finally, don’t forget the basics. Whoever the user is, maybe they might be able to wash without soap once in a while; however, they can’t do that every time. The shower chairs encourage independent washing for the elderly and the disabled.

Make sure that they can have access to all of the things they are going to need while showering. Like, soap, tap, towels. Etc. This helps the user not to overstress themselves while reaching as it can lead to a fall or a slip.

5. Safety

And let us not forget about the safety of the individual. The user needs to be protected. Hence, all of the necessary have to be placed within your reach, while the user has to be educated on how best to keep their safety in the shower intact.

How to Use a Shower Chair?

To shower, put on the water and let the water run until it is warm and not too hot. Use your hand to be sure of the temperature that you are going to be bathing with is your preferred temperature.

Get under the shower and stay there till the water rinses off your body and wash your body using a loofah, or if preferable, you can use your hands. Scrub your whole body satisfactorily, and thoroughly. Rinse the soap off your body and dry your body off with a towel.

Using the shower chair…

This means a very great deal for the elderly and people with certain disabilities or temporary injuries. As an able-bodied, you can also use it for better comfort or just to maximize the ease in shaving.

To some people, the shower chair can be life-altering when one has trouble with keeping their balance in the shower; you have to overlook the design and chose the option that is safest for you.

The best and safest shower chairs are the fixed shower chairs, especially when one does not need to move the chair. Most people would also recommend getting the handled shower chairs installed also. There are more useful reasons why and how to use the shower chair correctly:

  • Relaxation: one of the most relaxing parts of the day is having showers, and a nice and comfortable chair is therapeutic in getting you way for a moment from your busy schedule storage: some chairs come with a lot of additional storage. It is not recommended to sacrifice your safety when learning to use a shower chair correctly.
  • Support: the shower chair does not provide support only for the elderly. They also provide support when shaving, and even when you’re tired.

Knowing how to use the shower chair properly makes it worth much more and save one from any form of accidents.

How to Shower with a Shower Chair?

It can be painful and unenjoyable bathing with a shower chair. However, learning to use the shower chair before using properly can give you a better experience when using the chair.

If you feel that yourself or any of your loved ones might have problems showering with a shower chair, these are the steps to follow.

  • Make sure that the fixed shower chair is standing or attached firmly. Check for any wobble or lopsidedness
  • Gather all of the essentials. I.e., the things that you are going to need, where you can reach easily and do not have to stand or overstretch during the bath
  • A bathroom or a steam shower is a slippery place. Make sure that there is a safety mat and a towel so you don’t have to step on the bare surface
  • Control your movements, one of the biggest ways of learning how to take a bath with a shower chair is to make sure that there are no sudden motions
  • If the shower chair is for a disabled person, ensure that you make them understand, and even lead them through the process while giving them the room for privacy

How to Use a Tub Transfer Bench?

How to Use a Tub Transfer Bench

The shower chairs are excellent for safety. However, they are not the best when going in or out of a bathtub. It is for this reason that the bath transfer bench was invented.

Here is how to use them properly –

  • Insert the segment with the suction cup into the bathtub, while keeping it on the end of the flat part of the tub. Also make sure that the other two legs are resting steadily on the outside of the tub
  • When the bench is solid and unmoved, sit on the bench while backing up to it. Finally, cautiously rotate your body and keep your feet in the tub

Good benches are created with great backrests, so when fixing the bench, place the bench facing the faucet.

Who Can Benefit from Using a Shower Chair?

The shower chairs are great in the bathroom for everybody. When considering a lot of factors, you find there are days when going to the shower can be a chore. With the shower chair, it seems less of a chair and can even make an already great shower more fun.

It’s hard for the elderly and disabled people to perform daily task the way young people can. They need support to perform daily function alities like walking, going to the toilet, or taking a bath. Shower chairs are designed to provide safety and comfort while you take a relaxing bath.

However, to use a specialized tool like this, you’ll have to have a basic idea about how to use a shower chair and that’s where we come in. This guide tried to provide a clear picture of what to expect and how you can safely use a shower chair. Hopefully, things will become a bit easier now.


Q. 1: How to shower a disabled person?

Ans. Showering a disabled person should be done with care and consideration of the person after getting all of the necessary things for showering, involve the person by giving the person to wash the parts he/she can reach. And clean the parts they cannot reach. Set up all that is necessary. And check the person’s skin for signs of rashes or sores. Remember, the person that you are only helping and get the person involved in their cleanliness.

Q. 2: How to clean a shower chair?

Ans. It is recommended to wash the shower chair on a monthly basis. Of course, one can shower with a walker. It is easier, however, when paired with the shower chair. As usual, with all of the needed within reach, move to the shower chair and sit and take a normal shower as you would while sitting. Using a tile cleaner will help prevent molds. With a solution of ammonia, scrub the chair without living out small spaces and be careful to avoid scratches.

Q. 3: How does a transfer shower bench work?

Ans. The transfer shower bench is used to get in and out of the bathtub. The shower transfer bench was invented for safety, ensuring ease as the user slid in and put it from the tub.

Q. 4: How to shower with a walker?

Ans. Of course, one can shower with a walker. It is easier, however, when paired with the shower chair. As usual, with all of the needed within reach, move to the shower chair and sit and take a normal shower as you would while sitting.

Q. 5: How to shower an older adult?

Ans. The elderly might need help in the shower, but they might not need the help all the time, it might be okay to give them a little privacy and stay within call distance to provide help when needed. It is a cautious and patient experience that can only be done with care.

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