WoodBridge Modern Freestanding Tub Review

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WoodBridge Modern Freestanding Tub

    A freestanding bathtub provides spa-inspired baths which can replace your outdoor spa or the Jacuzzis. We have written this WoodBridge Modern Freestanding Tub review to let you know about a tricky fit in your bathroom.

    If you are looking for a long-lasting, deep soaking acrylic freestanding bathtub, the WoodBridge modern bathtub might fulfill your all desire and requirements. Made of fiberglass with acrylic, this bathtub is durable and shiny as well as attracting looking bathtub. The best part of this product as we discussed in the WoodBridge Modern Freestanding Tub Review is that it is easy to clean, install, and drain.

    The manufacturer, WoodBridge, is committed to designing and selling high-quality products since the founded in 2005. Their well-engineered design tends to ensure fullest customer satisfaction.

    Read our entire WoodBridge Modern Freestanding Tub review so that you can enjoy a feeling of Spa and luxury with the sophisticated WoodBridge modern bathtub.

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    01 WoodBridge Modern Freestanding Tub Overview

    This WoodBridge modern freestanding tub is made of full fiberglass with acrylic outer layer to make it more durable and glossy bathtub. Its materials enhance the shiny look and which is why it looks very luxurious. The length of this bathtub is 67 inches to boost its 60 gallons capacity. Overall, this bathtub is very spacious and convenient for all your family members.

    The drainage system makes it different from other. Like the most popular freestanding bath tubs, it comes with a built-in drain tube and overflow. The flexible drain tube ensures an easy installation without any medications. Moreover, the drain is placed at the center position.

    WoodBridge Modern Freestanding Tub has two layers of acrylic which prevent escaping of heats and maintain your desired temperature. You can keep the temperature for a long time. This spacious bath allows to fully immerse in the water. There is a slope at the bottom which give the perfect position while bathing in it.

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    03 Feature Analysis

    04 Pros & Cons

    05 Final Verdict

    We are at the end of our WoodBridge Modern Freestanding Tub review. Before concluding we want to say that this freestanding bathtub has those features what a bathroom needs. We loved this product because it is easy to install, maintain and clean. Its overflow drain does not flood our bathroom. Most importantly, we can have a long hot bath as it holds the temperature for an hour.

    You might have thought about the negative point we have stated in this WoodBridge Modern Freestanding Tub review. We were not unhappy as a faucet was always in place. If you already own a shower head or faucet, you need not bother about this limitation. In fine, we highly recommend that you get WoodBridge Freestanding Tub if you are serious about making a difference in your bathing habit.

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