TOTO MS952CUMG#01 Bowl Set

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    TOTO MS952CUMG#01 Bowl Set

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    This Toto toilette is powered by the industry-leading Toto tornado flush technology. Basic principle of this technology is two powerful nozzles create a centrifugal, cyclonic rinsing action which reduces waste buildup and keeps the bowl cleaner. This technology saves a lot of water compared to flushing system of other toilets. It uses only 1.28 gallons per flush. Tornado flush technology also offers powerful flush to make the bowl cleaner.

    Almost all features of this Toto washlet are amazing. For example, its auto lid opening and closing. Whenever you approach, it will raise its seat to greet you. Its auto flush functionality means no manual intervention is required. It has embedded night light to use in darkness. Its optimal heated seat is meant for adding more comfort.

    This elegant Toto washlet has a remote control self- cleaning wand. It provides three wash modes: rear cleanse, soft rear cleanse and wide front cleanse. Each of this cleansing mode can be set two different types of cleansing. One is oscillating cleansing in which water washes your body in a rhythmic motion. And the other is pulsating cleansing in which water creates a throbbing sensation when it washes your body.

    So, you can enjoy a pleasurable cleaning just pressing remote control button. The self-cleaning wand can be adjusted to position any of the three wash modes. Besides self-cleaning wand, it features two other amazing things. One is dryer, and the other is deodorizer. The first one is for drying up your body, and the other is for blowing out bad odor to smell fresh in your restroom.

    One unique feature of this Toto tornado flush toilet is the premist. Using the external water supply, Premist wets the toilet bowl surface before use. It aids in the elimination of waste almost 80-percent better than a dry bowl. Benefits of the premist are it eliminates waster 80% better and easy cleaning of the toilet.

    Our Remarks

    It is a great toilet with so many elegant features. It has a night light, auto flush, deodorizer, three different wash modes to name only a few. It flushes strongly and has premist feature to clean and keep toilet more hygiene. Users will love every feature of this Toto tornado flush toilet. WC Toto for efficient features and adding more comfort.

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