TOTO Drake Toilet Review

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TOTO Drake Toilet

    Toilets are an essential component of your bathroom, and you should not compromise on anything while buying such a primary. It may not be a perfect toilet by the standards, but it has to be able to meet your demands. In this TOTO Drake Toilet review, you will get acquainted with a standard product that may work for your convenience.

    TOTO Drake Elongated Toilet excels when it comes to comfortability. Its elongated seat is just long and wide enough for you to nestle snugly as you attempt to relieve yourself. The seat is also at an adequate height above the ground, just enough for you to place your feet comfortably.

    Additionally, it has a very efficient flush that can get rid of the waste very quickly. Plus, the toilet will not get clogged very easily. The trap way is wide enough to let even tissue flow through smoothly.

    Let us now speak about the toilet’s features in a bit more details in the later sections of this TOTO Drake Toilet review.

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    01 TOTO CST744SL Toilet Overview

    This section of our TOTO Drake Toilet review shall focus on the technicalities of what makes the toilet effective, even though it looks like any other average toilet. We will simplify the technicalities as much as possible for your convenience.

    To begin with, the TOTO Drake Elongated Toilet’s seat is 18.5 inches long and up to 14 inches wide. So, you have plenty of room to use the toilet comfortably. The seat is also placed 17.5 inches above the ground. This will make sure that your legs will have no problem to settle themselves into a comfortable position.

    Moreover, the toilet’s 3-inch G-Max flush valve also makes it flush out 1.6 gallons of water very quickly. At that speed and amount of water that would be washed down into the toilet, impurities are less likely to stick to its Vitreous China ceramic (a top-notch, corrosion-resistant ceramic) build.

    Let us now take a deeper look into this toilet’s features in our feature analysis section of the TOTO Drake Toilet review. This will help you understand what makes this toilet so special.

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    As seen in our TOTO Drake Toilet review, the TOTO Drake Elongated Toilet has minor drawbacks that you can overcome with a little extra maintenance effort. We consider it as a modern, durable toilet that requires very little maintenance yet performs well.

    We hope that we have managed to give you a vivid image of the features that make this toilet stand out from the ordinary toilets. For those who expect to own a quality toilet that requires a little maintenance to stay functional, this is a befitting choice.

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