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    Simplehuman Shower Mirror

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    The multi-dimensional pivoting system of this shower mirror allows its movement in all directions for an easy angle adjustment. Clean shave every day is many people’s morning ritual. But very few men today rarely shave in the shower because there is no mirror in there to see what you are doing. Even if there was one, it would swiftly fog up, rendering it useless. So how do you get the best shave and keep your mirror clear so you can see what you are doing?

    Particularly mirror steam is a problem for clean shaving. Simplehuman fogless shower mirror in your bathroom is a good solution to this problem. Anti-fog coating feature of this Shower mirror provides a clear reflection in the shower. This shower shaving mirror is lightweight and plastic. It makes it simpler to stay on your shower wall. If it were heavy, it would fall off, as all the heavy ones do. So, it is a great fogless mirror to buy that is light and will not fall off from your shower wall.

    The fogless mirror is super easy to install. Mounting it on your wall is another interesting DIY project for you. You do not need to call a professional for installation. No drilling into your shower wall is required. The mounting assembly is pretty straightforward, and the shower mirrors come with a small tube of silicon glue to affix it to the wall. Before installing it, be sure the exact spot you want to place it. Because once it is on, tweaking its position before the glue sets are not easy.

    However, if you are attempting to uninstall the fogless shower mirror pour mineral spirits around the wall plate to help dissolve the adhesive and pull it away from your wall using a flat surface. This anti fog mirror features convenient storage hook. You can keep razors and other accessories in it. During shaving, you do not need to look around for shaving kits.

    However, this fogless shower mirror may tend to stay fog-free for the first couple of weeks and then fog again. So, you may aware of the fact before purchasing it. Solution to this problem is simply pulling the mirror off of the wall-mount and hold it under the hot shower water for 15-20 seconds while getting ready to shave. This is the trick, and it will work.

    Our Remarks

    This Shower mirror is simple in design and great in functionality. It is highly reflective and has a crisp, clear image with no glare. It can be adjusted up and down to certain requirements according to your height.

    The Shower mirror manufactured by simplehuman is a great shaving mirror.  It is big enough and does not fog up. It is super easy to install and comes with convenient shower razor holder to keep shaving razors or other accessories. Purchasing this product will save you from buying suction mirror bathroom. Finally, you need not use the best shower squeegee to keep this shower mirror free from depositing water droplets.

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