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How to Set up a Hot Tub in 10 Easy Steps: Beginner’s Guide!

How to Set up a Hot Tub
Written by Elizabeth Fincher
Last Update: August 10, 2023

If you’re on a mission to set up the perfect hot tub for the upcoming winter, you’ll have to know where to look for one, where to place, and how to set up a hot tub. Despite what you may think, you can set up your hot tub yourself, whether it’s an inflatable hot tub or a regular one.

For those who are interested in learning how to set up a hot tub, this guide will provide detailed information and step-by-step procedures, We’ll also share some tips & tricks so that your job becomes a little easier. If you’re interested in learning more, follow along.

How to Set up a Hot Tub: A Step-By-Step Tutorial

hot tub set up

The process is way different than installing a freestanding tub or other bathtub types. So, you’ll find these steps to be very resourceful.

Step 1: Select the Location

You’ll pick out a suitable location to begin your hot tub setup. Make sure that the site is in order. If not, prepare it.

Besides, you might consider a deck, ground or concrete for the installation of the tub. Whatever is your choice. Ensure that the location is strong enough to support the weight of the filled hot tub and the occupants.

The ground must level enough to hold the tub in position.

If your chosen location for the hot tub is outside. Then create a proper drainage system for both pool and rainwater. Your hot tub needs electricity and it must be close to power sources.

Step 2: Install the Deck

You should know the load capacity of your deck. It is important to seek the advice of building experts if you’re placing your hot tub on a platform.

You should add the weight of occupants with the filled weight of the hot tub. This will help you to determine the capacity of the deck against the combined weight of your hot tub.

Another important thing to consider is the accessibility of your hot tub. You should get a deck design that gives you enough clearance to clean and maintain the hot tub with ease.

If you’re setting up other structures close to your hot tub. Try to make allowance for accessing the compartment panel.

Step 3: Position the Hot Tub

If the setup location of the hot tub is accessible, it can be carried to the location by two persons. If your ground is uneven, you can prepare a plywood plank to serve as a runway.

In some cases, your location may be too tight such that it’ll need a crane to position the hot tub. This may cost some money and should be the last resort.

Step 4: Rinse and Drain

You’ll need to rinse and drain your new hot tub to enhance its life and save you from infection. For example, new hot tubs come with antifreeze which protects its pipes from damages. Filling the tub with water and leaving it for some minutes will remove the antifreeze. This will help clear the plumbing system.

You’ll rinse and clean your hot tub if you’ve not used it for long. This will reduce the number of disease-causing germs in the tub.

You may repeat the draining process of the hot tub to enhance its hygienic condition.

Step 5: Turn off All Power

Try to unplug all power connections to the hot tub before commencing any cleaning work. You should never make the mistake of leaving the power connected to the socket. This is to prevent electric shock on the hot tub.

Step 6: Clean the Tub

As you wouldn’t feel comfortable in a dirty bathroom, so you’ll not in a dirty hot tub. It doesn’t cost you a fortune to keep your hot tub clean. The first stage of the cleaning process is wiping the shell and cover.

You can use a sponge or soft cloth or any non-abrasive cleaner. This is to protect the hot tub from scratch or possible damage. Wash in clean water. If your tub has not been used for a while, you’ll use a cleaning solution. Finish off by rinsing it with tap water.

Step 7: Install the Filter

You’ll need clean water in your hot tub. Thus, it’s time to clean old filters or get new ones. Note that each of the cartridges in your hot tub needs a filter.

Try to check the filters to find out their state of function ality. This is very important for a hot tub you’ve not used for sometimes.

If there’s dirt on the filter, clean it using a filter cleaner. We recommend you clean it irrespective of how clean it appears. Perhaps you don’t see the dirt yet.

Inspect all the cleaned filters again before installing them. This is to ensure that they are in good condition for the task.

Step 8: Fill Your Hot Tub

You should use a hose filter while filling your hot tub. This is to ensure that no dirt or minerals deposit is in the water. Hose filters help to save you from the problems with mineral and metal deposits.

At this point of setting up a hot tub, it’s important to connect the hose filter to the filter well. This allows for the complete circulation of water in the system. Besides, it will clear out any airlock too.

It’s possible that you may not have a hose filter at hand. Don’t worry we have a solution. All you need to do is fix the hose to your hot tub filter. Yes, you’ll get the expected results as well.

You should pay attention to the instructions of the manufacturer on the level of water. Don’t add more water than recommended. Don’t forget that the water level rises as you’re inside the hot tub.

More water will create more spills. More spilling implies more mess especially if your tub is indoor.

Likewise, you wouldn’t want to face the problems that result from the low water level. Yes, the pump and heater will malfunction if the water level is too low. Moreover, your pipes may freeze because of poor water circulation; especially if you’re living in cold regions.

Step 9: Heat the Hot Tub

You shouldn’t expect to enjoy the hot tub immediately. This is because it’ll take at least 8 hours to heat up. Besides, the size of your tub, weather, and size of heater determines how soon the water gets hot.

Step 10: Maintain the Water Balance and Sanitize the Tub

One of the ways to promote a health bathe is balancing the water and sanitizing your hot tub always. Use the chemicals for tubs only. Try to measure the chemicals by comparing with the volume of water in the hot tub.

How to Set Up a Portable Hot Tub?

How to Set Up a Portable Hot Tub

These are easy steps on how to set up a portable hot tub in your home.

  • Select the location

Check to see the hot tub is not under an overhead power line. Besides, it must be close to a power outlet and on level ground.

  • Prepare the site.

You should make your hot tub accessible by clearing the path. Trim the trees, remove any barrier, and weed the surrounding. Also, try to level the surface you’re to place the hot tub.

  • Make a suitable base.

A good option is to make a concrete base or get a large slab. You may opt for a wooden frame platform. Besides, you may use fine gravel as your base. The good thing with gravel is that it allows water to disappear from your tub which in turn prevents it from damage.

  • Set the needed electrical installation.

If your portable hot tub is installed near a socket outlet, then your task is easy. Yet, you’ll need the services of a professional electrician. He’ll make the necessary electrical installation for the hot tub. Especially if its located away from a power outlet.

  • Fill your hot tub

Remember to adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions on the volume of water in your hot tub. Don’t make it higher or lesser than what is acceptable.

How to Set up Your Spa Tub (Inflatable Hot Tub)

Inflatable Hot Tub Set Up

Here is how to set up an inflatable hot tub.

  • Read the manufacturer’s manual

Every instruction on setting up an inflatable hot tub is found in your manual. Make sure you didn’t miss out on even the slightest detail.

  • Choose the best site

Be sure that your hot tub is located near a power outlet. You shouldn’t use an extension cable since it could create some hazardous risks.

  • Check the surface to weigh its level

An unleveled surface could damage your hot tub. So, avoid it.

  • Remove any sharp object from the ground

It can puncture it and spill the water.

  • Be conscious of the largest filled weight

Make sure the mounting surface is strong enough for your filled hot tub. Most inflatable hot tub models can weigh above 2000 pounds. Be sure that the floor can take this weight and the users too.

  • Bear windbreak in mind

You’ll save some bucks by placing your hot tub closer to windbreaks. Build a small wall or fence to create an artificial windbreak. Especially where the natural windbreak isn’t available. A windbreak will reduce the rate of cooling of the water. So, you’ll avoid the cost of heating the water too often.

  • Inflate your hot tub

It’s cool if you inflate your hot top in an open place. Then, convey it to the prepared location. Avoid lifting the inflated hot tub yourself. Get someone to assist you to carry the motor unit.

  • Don’t over-inflate or over-fill your hot tub

The truth is you’ll be increasing the pressure on the seams of the hot tub by over-inflating it. Moreover, too much weight will change its shape and it’ll leak with time. If you’re filling your hot tub for the first time, stop at the least fill-line. This will prevent water spills while using your hot tub.

  • Keep your water balanced and sanitized

Add the right measure of chemicals to balance your water. Keep it clean always to protect the health and wellbeing of the users.


You’ve always wished to have a hot tub in your home, right? Now that you know how to set up a hot tub, you are now one step closer to getting that long cherished dream of enjoying a hot bath after a cold, tiring day. However, going through the manufacturer’s instructions and following them should be your utmost priority.

Hope our today’s guide proves to be helpful for those who want to learn how to set up a hot tub and to do the work themselves. If you follow the instructions mentioned above, the job weill become a lot easier and safer for all around you.

Now that your hot tub has been successfully set up, nobody’s going to stop you from getting the relaxing hot bath you’ve wanted. Please do share your experiences with setting up a hot tub with us in the comment section below. Thanks for reading the far and happy soaking to you.

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