KOHLER K-5401-0 Dual Flush Toilet

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    KOHLER K-5401-0 Dual Flush Toilet

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    This Kohler veil toilet comes in the one-piece toilet with integrated cleansing features. Its elongated bowl offers added room and comfort and includes a heated seat with adjustable temperature settings. Another unique design of this Kohler veil is its tankless design. Most toilets have a toilet tank behind the toilet seat. But this does have. So, this is a great feature for beautifying your home décor.

    Unlike other premium quality toilets, Kohler veil toilet has a dual flush system. This means you have the option of flushing either 0.8 or 1.28 gallons per flush. If you want to save water or water bill is a concern for you can flush the toilet with less water.

    Kohler veil seat cover automatically opens and closes with adjustable sensing distance. The ergonomic French curve seat is shaped for comfort. Its front wash cleanses gently with air-infused water, using 78 fine nozzles. It has two washing functions. Pulsating wash cleanses and massages and spiral spray wash effectively cleanses a broad area. Sterilized water disinfects the nozzle after each use. An automatic UV light sanitizes the nozzle every 24 hours.

    Warm air-drying maintains cleanliness and comfort and the automatic deodorizer keeps your bathroom fresh. All-round powerful flushing combines with a rimless bowl for optimal hygiene. Double jets siphon efficiently and powerfully to clean completely for a cleaner look.

    Our Remarks

    The perfect balance of art and technology has been implemented in Kohler veil. The sleek look of sophistication, tomorrow’s comfort is here today. With refined curves and a stunning form, Kohler veil is state of the art performance, designed for ultimate comfort. The one thing you have a requirement or need to be a concern is the toilet does not flush properly without extreme water pressure. So, your home must have significant water pressure to use this toilet.

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