Kohler Archer Tub Of 2018 For Clean & Sophisticated Style

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    Kohler Archer Tub Of 2018 For Clean & Sophisticated Style

    The city duelers have to go through utter stress in office and out as well. On this level of lifestyle, it’s important to have a healing bath. A tub; a well-accumulated bathtub with all the classic features is a must. The Kohler Archer tub gives you relief from all your stresses. Its design is taken from traditional craftsman furniture. The tubs bevel edges and curved side creates an extra effect.

    The Kohler Archer tub is one of the best classic tubs. The K-1125-96 archer 6-inch comfort depth design gives you a deep, refreshing bath. The archer tub has a low step-over height for easy and comfortable bath, as you can enter and exit easily. The water level rises on slandered from 20”-21” tall bath to the unique slotted overflow line. The soaking tub has an updated design; complements other tubs of the market.

    The deep bathtubs have its own style of biscuit features like; 72-Inch (182.9cm) X 36 Inch (91.4cm) X 19 Inch (48.3cm) slotted overflow riser for a better experience of armrest deep bath. The freestanding tub has adjustable lumbar support for comfort and ease. Kohler archer bathtub supports ADA act and has one-year Kohler warranty.

    So, remodel your bath and replace the old marble tub with the new one. We will provide you with its perfect condition and in promised time. You can add some drain components for better comfort. The shipping process is very simple; if you want by the board and of course make sure you are there to inspect in-person.

    Our Remarks

    In the city, life stress is a must in office or out. So, it’s important to have a fresh bath. A classic bathtub with all essentialities can provide you the bath. The Kohler Archer tub is perfect for you. It is a 6-foot bathtub. It has 20”-21” riser low over step bathtub for you to easily enter and exit. It has an armrest and lumbar support for your comfort and health.

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