Glacier Bay Kitchen Faucet

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    Glacier Bay Kitchen Faucet

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    Glacier bay kitchen faucets are the comparatively cheap brand of the The home depot is a well-reputed brand in the home improvement industry. The company offers or provides a wide range of products from the highest quality fixtures to lowest priced one. In this glacier bay faucets reviews, we will discuss particular products: The Glacier Bay Touchless Single-Handle Pull-Down Sprayer Kitchen Faucet. This is by far the most sophisticated among other Glacier bay kitchen faucets.

    This faucet with LED light in Chrome blends innovation with style. Many people are susceptible to harmful bacteria. They developed bacterial disease from contact with other things. For example, cold germs can spread from person to person from the contact of faucet handle, door knob or soap dispenser. But this glacier bay kitchen faucet comes with the intuitive sensor.

    You simply move up and down or back and forth your hand in front of the sensor to start and stop the flow of water. So, even it necessarily eliminates even touching of the faucet handle or spout that many other touch faucet features. As a result, spreading of germ from simple contact becomes impossible with this glacier bay kitchen faucet.

    The pull-down spray head of the faucet features a white LED light that runs off the energy generated from the flow of water. The LED adds aesthetically pleasing design to your kitchen. Use of LED spray head keeps your pots and pans spotless. The faucet originates with a matching soap dispenser to easily access soap. This faucet also features a ceramic disc cartridge and limited lifetime warranty.

    For sensor functionality, 4 AA batteries are included with the faucet. The faucet has two spray modes- full and aerated stream. With 1.8 GPM water flow, it maintains CALGreen certified water flow. The faucet’s high arc pull-down spout swivels 360 degrees to use either in large or small sinks. But the most striking feature of the faucet is its automatic shut off feature to conserve water. It has 3-minute auto shut off feature to prevent excessive water use.

    Glacier bay sinks can be used in conjunction with this touchless faucet. The sink is constructed from 20-Gauze stainless steel for durability. Besides making faucets, Glacier bay produces toilets and toilets accessories too. For example, glacier bay one piece toilet comes with the minimalistic look with the contemporary visual appeal. Among the glacier bay toilet accessories, glacier bay toilet handle performs well to provide consistent flushing functionality.

    Our Remarks

    Glacier bay kitchen faucets bring significant changes in bathroom and kitchen faucet industry. These faucets are reasonably priced on the one hand and technologically savvy on the other. This single-handle pull-down sprayer kitchen faucet with LED light in chrome, for example, gives users touchless experience which is one step further than touch kitchen faucet technology. Any physical contact is unnecessary here. Simply a wave in front of the sensor activates the water flow.

    There is a term called germaphobia which is used by psychologists to describe a pathological fear of germs, bacteria, microbes, contamination, and infection. Surprisingly, many people are affected with germaphobia. They believe they may develop the contagious disease by touching an object that is also touched by other people. For this group of people, Glacier bay kitchen faucets are great products. Because these products give people unique touchless experience.

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