Mr. Heater F260550 Natural Gas Unit Heater

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    Mr. Heater F260550 Natural Gas Unit Heater

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    Evcon furnace works great during deep freezing temperature. Users comfort and satisfaction are the primary goals of Evcon. Evcon furnace delivers money-saving efficiency and outstanding value. In this product review, we will discuss Mr. Heater F260550 natural gas unit heater. This heater is quiet in operation and vented for easily heating a 2-to 3-car garage. To set up the heater, it requires only 1in clearance from the ceiling. It comes with an LP conversion kit for easy conversion. Two angle brackets are included with the heater for positioning it up and out of the way.

    The heater covers 1250 sq feet with 50,000 BTU per hour capacity. Now take a look at how this heater works. It has a built-in electric high-velocity fan. The fan pulls cool air into the rear of the heater, across a heat exchanger and then forcing warm air into the surrounding areas. The heater is 115v AC powered and can be vented either vertically or horizontally.  Measuring 25x 18.5x 17 inches the heater weighs 63 pounds.

    The heater comes with spark ignition features. Fuel type of the heater is natural gas. There are certain benefits of using natural or propane type heater. One of the benefits is the heater does not require a high current electrical supply. This heater, for example, requires only 115v AC. This is to power the fan and electric ignition spark.

    Similar to Evcon, other manufacturers also come with different types of gas furnace. One such company is Goodman. Its gmss960803bn furnace has one of the best warranties in the indoor home comfort industry. The AFUE rating of the gas furnace is 96%. What does it mean is that 96 cents of every $1.00 of heating energy expense warms your home? Another Goodman product is an electric furnace for a mobile home.

    The functionality of a mobile home electric furnace and a standard electric furnace is similar. However, these furnaces are typically smaller and less powerful because they have to cover a smaller amount of space to heat. If you are looking for an air handler, then Goodman have a solution too. Its aruf37c14 3-ton standard multi-positional air handler can serve your purpose well.

    Our Remarks

    If you have a garage or barn and you want to turn it into a working space for all year round, then all you have to do is finding a quiet and reliable heat source. If the situation is that, then Evcon furnace is a good solution for you. The furnace has 50,000 BTU per hour heating capacity and can cover 12,50 square feet. It has easy outside access to the thermostat and A/C terminal gas connection.

    Evcon furnace is considered to be the more comfortable type of gas furnace. Its powered exhaust allows for vertical or horizontal venting. The furnace comes with limited 3- year warranty on parts and burners.

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