Heatwave Infrared Sauna

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    Heatwave Infrared Sauna

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    These days, home improvement becoming popular among ordinary people. One way of improving our abode is adding a bathing sauna for more relaxation. One particular piece of home furnishing is setting up a Dynamic infrared sauna. An infrared sauna uses the process of infrared heating; the same process t is used in other devices like electric heaters, heat lamps.

    The Heatwave Tucson 4 Person CORNER Hemlock Infrared Sauna comes with 10 carbon heaters. Location of these 10 carbon heaters is 3 carbon heaters on the left back wall and the right back wall, 2 on the front of the bench and 2 on the floor. These heaters are responsible for evenly bask you in soothing infrared heat. Operating temperature of the Dynamic infrared sauna is 141 degrees Fahrenheit. This infrared sauna uses 120 v/20-amp power. Appliance type -20 Amp-LEFT SLIT outlet. Electrical modification may be required during installation of the sauna.

    These dynamic saunas include towel hooks & magazine racks, CD Player with mp3 plug-in, backrest, color therapy light and an oxygen ionizer. The home sauna is equipped with dual easy-touch interior and exterior LED control panels. Simply adjust your sauna settings from inside or outside. The door and glass panels on saunas are made of beautiful 7 mm thick, bronze tinted tempered glass. It is decorated with interior and exterior lighting.

    The sound system of the sauna comes with standard AM/FM stereo radio with CD player and AUX mp3 connection with built-in speakers. The sauna feature color therapy bulb. You have two choices: either basking in rotating colors or choose a steady stream of one of the 6 available colors. The personal sauna includes 4 backrests. To purify the air in your sauna, the ionizer releases negative ions. Towel hooks and magazine rack be found inside to keep these things.

    Our Remarks

    The techniques used in the Dynamic infrared sauna is creating infrared light in order to generate heat in a small area. The intent of sauna use is human beings can experience a great deal of heat for various reasons. Exposing to heat causes sweating which many health experts claim is beneficial to health. Sweating purges toxins and forces body to burn calories. In addition, researchers found that regular use of infrared heat soothes the pains related with rheumatoid arthritis and other forms of chronic caution experienced by many people.

    The Tucson dynamic infrared sauna comes with all 10 carbon heaters, LED control panel, oxygen ionizer, sound system, etc. The exterior measurement of the portable sauna is 59 W X 59 D X 75 H and interior dimensions 55 WX 55 D X 68.5 H. Heaters of the sauna has 5-year warranty while radio/cd player and the light bulb has one 1-year warranty.

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