DELTA FAUCET Delta 9159T-AR-DST Trinsic

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    DELTA FAUCET Delta 9159T-AR-DST Trinsic

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    Delta touch faucet comes with Delta touch20 technology. What this technology means is that the faucet dispenses water when touched with any part of your body and then shuts off when touched it again. So, as the faucet does not require any direct manual handling, touch20 technology keeps your faucet clean while your hands are not. Delta touch kitchen faucet features TempSense led light.

    The light acts as an indicator. It shows three different colors to indicate three different water temperatures. For example, blue means 80-degree Fahrenheit, pink is 95-degree Fahrenheit and red is 110-degree Fahrenheit. So, you will not be surprised or feel discomfort after touching the faucet handle and getting cold or super-hot water.

    Like a simple touch anywhere on the spout or handle activates the flow of water in Delta touch faucet, the faucet is also touched clean. This means the faucet has soft rubber spray holes. If there are unsightly mineral residue build-up on rubber holes, the residue can simply be wiped away for giving an instantly fresh look.

    For securing locking of faucet spray wand, magnetite docking technique is used in the faucet. The technique uses a powerful integrated magnet that snaps your faucet spray wand precisely into place and holds it there. The wand stays locked when not in use and does not dangle over time. It can either spray or stream water.

    Delta touch faucet is battery operated. 6 AA batteries are included with two-year battery life. In order to convey or reveal information it an elegant look, it has artic stainless finish. Bronze is used as the construction material of the faucet. Bronze is an alloy primarily consists of copper and addition of other elements for example tin make it much harder than any single element itself. A number of advantages can be achieved from bronze products. Bronze resists corrosion and thus durable and conducts heat and electricity better.

    Installation of the faucet is not an easy task. You have to follow a series of instructions that includes removing your old faucet and installing this one with the electronics that control the touch-sensitivity. During installation, it is better if you have two people. One person will align the faucet correctly above the sink while the other will tighten it below. The faucet has a 5-year limited warranty.

    Modern technology tries to introduce new things in manufacturing kitchen faucets. Touchless technology is one of the biggest revolutionary change. Because this will make kitchen an easier place to cook and more hygienic. From this standpoint, currently, Delta has two similar products delta touchless faucet and delta touchless kitchen faucets.

    Our Remarks

    Delta touch faucet available in four finishes. These are chrome, artic stainless, Champagne bronze and Venetian bronze finishes. The max flow of the faucet is 1.8 GPM that is more than enough to clean the stains and spots off of dishes. Delta applied some of their best modern technologies in this touch faucet. One of it is Magnetite docking system that uses a magnet to secure the spray head in place when not in use and the other is diamond seal technology that embeds the valve with diamond to prevent corrosion over a long time.

    Delta touch faucet is more hygienic to use. It can be kept always clean. Besides Touch20 functionality the faucet also operates manually. In conclusion, this is a high-quality faucet with both touch and manual functionality.

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