10 types of toilets you may like

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Human is a sophisticated species that has a brain larger than any other species on the planet. From the beginning of the earth, they have this unquenchable thirst for knowing things and desire to make the world a better place.…

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How to make a green bathroom

Ann R. Kelsey1348 Views

We are all conscious about making our environment more habitable. To do this we make our house, working place more green, eco-friendly. We try to make these places more energy saving, eco-friendly and suitable for human health. While talking about…

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How to Clean Chrome Bathroom Fixtures

Ann R. Kelsey1229 Views

Do you love to keep everything of your house clean, from the kitchen sink to bathroom faucets? Your efforts might seem wasted if your bathroom fixtures, fittings, and sinks are all dulled by debris and film. When it comes to…

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How Tall Is A Standard Handicap Toilet?

Ann R. Kelsey1360 Views

A handicap toilet (some time also called accessible toilet) is for those who are physically disabled in some ways. The disability can be mobility or any other shortcomings which prevent to walk and move freely like an ordinary person. A…

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How to install bathroom wall cabinets step by step

Alexander B. Martin1286 Views

Bathroom wall cabinets work like a clean storage system in a tight space, in which case, making extra room on the floor is more like having a traffic jam on the flyover. Nowadays, people are more concerned about making functional…

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Top 10 Best Shower Room Ideas In 2018

Alexander B. Martin1259 Views

Shower rooms are getting more popular, and a stylish well-designed shower room can be a great value. There is nothing as refreshing as a pleasant shower. Whether it is a refreshing early wake-up shower, a cold midday shower or relaxing…

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