Tanita Hd351 Digital Bathroom Scales In 2018

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    Tanita Hd351 Digital Bathroom Scales In 2018

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    May you think that is it really important to have a weight measuring machine? Then the answer is yes, it’s important. It may be important only to be updated about your weight or in the broader way you are worried about your growing weight or much more alarming point you are going to be obese. Now, I am sure you are feeling the necessity of a weight measuring machine.

    Tanita Bathroom scales are lightweight and handy machines. Don’t set on the name (Bathroom scale) and define this as only used in bathrooms; you can use this everywhere indoor or outdoor but its specialty is you can use this in bathrooms too leaving all your heavyweight garments for accurate measurement. It has added a digital display to show you instant result.

    Its inbuilt memory provides you previous and current measurement records.it has delicate off-white color to recommend your stylish drawing, bedrooms or else. The extra-large surface area helps you to put your legs properly and perfectly to make you stable on. Standing without shaking gives you the more accurate result.


    Product Dimensions19 x 15 x 4 inches
    Item model numbeHD 351
    ItemHD 351
    Display2inch, 2 Line extra-large display
    Batteries4AA Batteries

    Common Questions and Answers

    Question : Is it made in Japan?

    Answer :

    Yes, it’s made in Japan. You can verify this piece online. You can see the trademark sticker over there.

    Question : How accurate it measures?

    Answer :

    It measures perfectly; as I measured in my doctor’s chamber and other places. It has a large two-line display to show you the result.

    Our Remarks

    To make you healthy, it’s important to measure weight every day. Tanita Bathroom scales are awesome to scale weight instantly. It’s a complete digital machine with the extra-large digital display. The 2 line digital display shows you the current weight and the previous as well. It’s an off-white colored device with a delicate design.

    The body analyser scales are heavy built to carry maximum weight but still durable to provide you long service. It’s a low profile device to operate it easily with ease and peace. It's a Japanese brand product you can trust at once. For more versions and curies, please search; Asda bathroom, bathroom scales Asda, Asda bathroom scales, Asda scales, Asda bathroom accessories, Salter weighing scales and more.

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