American Standard Evolution Bathtub Review

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American Standard Evolution Bathtub

    The choice of having a bathtub reflects your consciousness towards your bathroom and precise health. American Standard Evolution Bathtub offers you a luxurious bathing and soaking experiences. Think beyond your typical showering and compare with other bathtubs after reading this complete American Standard Evolution Bathtub review.

    The main advantage of having a bathtub is that you can stretch out for a long time. Besides, evolution bathtub accelerates your sense of relaxation. The American Standard Evolution Bathtub is entirely different, universal and better fits for your bathroom. This bathtub is a supplement with your furniture as it has an ergonomic architectural design. To know about this bathtub, continue reading our American Standard Evolution Bathtub review.

    Curious about the manufacturer! American Standard is the dominant name for their unique design and quality products that have served for 130 years. American Standard designs to make your life easier and more comfortable. Every creation of American Standard is good enough to be an excellent addition to the bathroom. In this American Standard Evolution Bathtub review, we are trying to justify if this tub is like the others from the manufacturer’s lineup of products.

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    01 American Standard Evolution Bathtub Overview

    American Standard Evolution Bathtub is acrylic bathtub made of fiberglass. The design of this bathtub is pretty good and very much influential. It features two-sided molded-in armrest and backrest for your utmost relaxation the moment you walk in it. The fiberglass-reinforced acrylic material provides strength to add extra inner peace and comfort.

    The shape of this bathtub is rectangular, and size is 72 inches by 36 inches. We know that rectangular bathtubs are most reliable and classic model. Most of the people prefer this traditional design. Additionally, American Standard Evolution Bathtub has a pre-leveled tub bottom.  It offers you a drop in or under mount installation option.

    Having 21.5 inches in depth, this bathtub allows you to enjoy at least 3 inches deeper soaking bath in this bathtub. The drainage system is quick and even. American Standard Evolution Bathtub has reversible drain outlet which cleans water fast.

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    05 Final Verdict

    The negative we have mentioned is not an actual major problem. You may prefer other liners except acrylic one, or you might choose bathtub refinishing.

    Let us recap its features again. American Standard Evolution Bathtub is acrylic made and white bathtub. It has backrest and two molded-in armrest which represents its luxurious and elegant design. It is easy to install and offer under mount installation option. The drainage hole is perfect for quick cleaning of water.

    In this American Standard Evolution Bathtub review, we are trying to say that this evolution bathtub might be the right solution for your bathing experiences. Hope this helps!

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